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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Questions [And Answers] for White Nationalism:

Earlier at Guywhite's site, I posted a rather lengthy comment because I wanted to know what he thought about these issues. I agree they are the trickiest questions in the white nationalist world, and that people of good character and sound thinking can have multiple and conflicting answers on any of them. I think I have an answer to these questions, but unlike more basic questions like 'what causes black crime?', I do not think I have all the answers, or that my answers are necessarily the Truth.

In case people were wondering though, I'll answer the questions in brackets, which was not included in my comment to Guywhite:

The Color of Crime and Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait available at says basically all we need to know about blacks and hispanics.

Alternatively, people could read admirable books like IQ and Global Inequality, Race, Evolution, and Behavior, or The Bell Curve to learn the definitive science on the issue of whites vs. 'the rest of the world.' Rushton, Lynn, Jensen, and others have heroically researched and proven that IQ is the best predictor of a person's or nation's success, and that it is genetic and thus outside the reach of socialist reformers.

The arabs, pakistanis, and persians have a double whammy of low IQs and one of the worst cultures/religions on earth. It is obvious they are a menace to the outside world and a misery to themselves.

There is no need to belabor these issues because they are all clear as day for anyone to see who takes the most cursory interest in the field.

The only mysteries of racial thinking concern Jews, Whites and Asians.

I think the deepest mysteries about race are this:

1. Why are Asians, who are so smart, so prone to bad government and the resulting poverty?

[They are closer to a hive mind than the rest of humanity is, like ants and bees. They respect authority too much and groupthink leads to boxes of bad policies they cannot climb their way out of, for lack of any creative dissident pointing the way.]

2. Why are Asians, who have such low crime rates, so prone to cruelty, oppression, and genocide? (Japan vs. China, Mongols vs. the world, China under Mao, etc)

[Individual life means little to Asians, who think of things in terms of groups. The slaughter of 1/3 of Cambodia's population was quickly made up for by population growth in the following decades. If the new population is more politically ideal than the old one, what was the harm in it?]

3. Why are Asians, who are so smart, so under-represented in the fields of Human Accomplishment?

[They are not abstract thinkers. They never developed, for instance, the rules of geometry, which Euclid did in Europe before Christ, or tried to decipher the rule under girding the motions of the planets, like Newton and Kepler did after Christ. They just made mechanical birds and star charts instead. Abstract, creative thinking that deals with issues invisible to all but the mind's eye is the true fountainhead of greatness.]

4. Is there an environmental solution to the above problems facing Asians? If so, what? If it is genetic, could interbreeding Asians with whites or Jews remove those genetic disorders and create a superior breed of mankind?

[I think intelligence is fluid enough, and that furthermore whites have given them such a head start (by introducing them to abstract thinking, individual rights, the scientific method and so on), that Asians can take it from here. They could right all their wrongs just through a change in education and governmental policy. Asians are within striking distance, if they just don't mess up, of conquering the world and making it a wonderful place to live in besides.]
* * * *

1. Why are Jews, who are so smart, so prone to support bad governments and the resulting economic and political chaos?

[Because while it hurts everyone around them, it enriches and improves the fate of jews as a group. The only question they ever ask themselves is, 'Is it good for the jews?']

2. Why have Jews lived among whites for two thousand years, been hated and persecuted this entire time, but refuse to either a) leave or b) assimilate into the white race? Does any minority have a right to live alongside a majority while not assimilating to it?

[Starting with a religion hellbent on separatism and double standards, followed by hundreds of generations of intra-jewish breeding that relied on outwitting or somehow despoiling their goyim neighbors, Jews have both a genetic and cultural evolution towards parasitism and group conflict. The answer is no, minorities don't have a right to live among a group with which they have nothing in common.]

3. Why is it that whenever something really bad happens, a jew is nearby? ((1965 Immigration Act, Weimar Germany, Russian Revolution, fall of Constantinople, invasion of Spain.))

[It could be a coincidence, simply because jews are everywhere, in good times and bad, and we are simply magnifying the averse role of jews compared to other groups. Or more likely, because every single time jews decided these disasters would be 'good for the jews.']

4. Is there an environmental solution to the above problems facing Jews? If so, what? If it is genetic, could interbreeding with whites or Asians remove those genetic disorders and create a superior breed of mankind?

[There doesn't seem to be any environmental solution. Jews are stubborn and headstrong, and refuse to ever take responsibility for their actions or apologize to others for their wrongdoing. In addition, jews wield such power, that they are never even confronted or taught that what they are doing is wrong, so they blithely go on doing it without the intellectual/moral challengings that would lead to jewish enlightenment on these matters. I am heartened by jewish intermarriage rates, around 50% of all jews per generation are casting their jewishness aside, and most of those children go on to marry non-jews as well. This is the longterm genetic solution to the problem, which only a jewish resurgence in anti-miscegenation racism can now stop. Unfortunately, this long term solution will probably be too little too late for the white race, which is approaching its own endgame simultaneously.]
* * *

1. Are the whites of today in any sense related to the whites of our ancient and glorious past? Or is our generation the dysgenic and decultured remnants of our forefathers? More particularly, did some event like the urbanization of our population, the two World Wars, or modern technology create such a massive overhaul on our environment/gene pool, that it caused us to evolve towards an entirely different, and seemingly inferior, mold?

[I don't know what it is, but I do have a very strong sense that we are not what we used to be. Though soft-hearted universalism can be found in our earliest American and European thinkers, I can't imagine anyone in the past going to such lengths of self-destruction and self-excoriation as we have today, this is unprecedented in all of white history. The fact that sperm counts and male fertility amongst whites continues to decrease every generation points to a more primal explanation for the effeminate politics we have today.]

2. Given whites are the premier leaders of Human Accomplishment, why do we score lower than Asians and Jews on all the IQ tests, and why are we poorer, less represented in elite institutions and more prone to violent crime than the Jews and Asians who live among us?

[There is a nobility to the aryan mind not yet captured in IQ tests. It has little to do with raw processing power, and more with how we view the world and what seems beautiful and desirable to us. Our love of truth and fearless devotion to unpopular or unlikely causes is our greatest strength. No jew or Asian has ever nailed his objections to his church on the door with his name signed to it like Martin Luther. The offset to these advantages is we failed to develop the strengths the other races have, and don't seem to be effective in direct competition with them.]

3. What will become of the white race? We are the only race on earth threatened with extinction, because we are the only race on earth that has embraced its own extinction. ((Remember the people of Portland cheering when Bill Clinton announced America would soon be majority non-white?)) Is this strange white psychosis that stretches from New Zealand to Iceland, America to Brazil, and is absent from all other races, proof that we deserve to die?

[Ultimately, yes. Evolution is pitiless and I hardly wish to entrust the universe to a race so wishy-washy that it cannot even keep itself alive, reproduce at replacement levels, guard its own territory, have some pride in itself, and so on. If whites are destroyed, good riddance. Hopefully a remnant of a remnant that never bought into all this egalitarian heterogeneous nonsense will survive and restore the white race to its former glory. If whites do try to escape their doom with violent resistance at the last moment, expect the same story as WWII, a tiny but plucky nation taking on the entire world and ultimately doomed to defeat. It would have been better if we had resisted through a peaceful political process when we still had the chance -- in the 1960's. Now, as Yoda said, matters are worse.]

4. Is there an environmental solution to the above problems facing whites? If so, what? If it is genetic, could interbreeding with Jews or Asians remove those genetic disorders and create a superior breed of mankind?

[There are of course dozens of environmental solutions, starting with separatism, a retooling of our education system, a citizen's dividend, a return to gender norms and the centrality of the nuclear family, and so on. But without the political will to impose these environmental solutions, I see little solution but a giant genetic purging of all the fools who got us into this. Not by us, but by nature and the other races that are feeding on our corpse! Once they have stripped away all the dead wood, so long as racists have a fierce will to survive and carry on, they will one day be a polished diamond in both environment and genes. Perhaps by interbreeding with jews and asians, we could gain a little of their ruthlessness, clannishness, and intelligence, things we desperately need to survive in the modern age. But it can't be so much, that we lose the good traits we already have. It would have to be a very precise dosage indeed.]
* * *

Is all racial thinking irrelevant because soon genetic engineering will completely obliterate the current genetic distinctions between groups? Should we simply ignore race, sex, politics, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and all other topics and become 'Futurists' who rely on a technological solution instead?

[Yes and no. When the futurist options become available, we should of course endorse them. But if they become available is a big question, as well as when. Meanwhile, we still have to survive to reach that day, and furthermore, we are surrounded by the suffering victims of the current era who get little consolation that hundreds of years from now everything will be alright. We are Gondor, technology is Rohan. Gondor had to fight every day to survive long enough for Rohan to arrive. If Gondor had not kept its mind on the present, its citizens would never have reached the future. There is no reason to abandon the fight just because Rohan is riding to our aid, in fact, that makes us have every reason to redouble our efforts and fight to the very last breath, because there is more hope that final victory will be ours in the end and it's not all in vain.]

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