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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's Wrong with Argentina?

What's wrong with Argentina?

GDP per capita (purchasing power parity): $14,200 (2008 est.)

This is tied with Mexico, and just behind Libya. Other luminaries that are richer than Argentina include Gabon, Malaysia, Croatia, and Oman.

Household income or consumption by percentage share:
lowest 10%: 1%
highest 10%: 35% (January-March 2007)

That produces a gini index score of 49, the 27th most unequal wealth in the world. First is Namibia, second is South Africa, and Zimbabwe barely squeaks ahead of Argentina at 24. Wealth inequalities such as these generally denote corruption and tyranny, but sometimes they are due to two hugely differing races with differing IQ and thus wealth-creating power inhabiting the same living space. Could that be Argentina's excuse?

Ethnic groups:
white (mostly Spanish and Italian) 97%, mestizo (mixed white and Amerindian ancestry), Amerindian, or other non-white groups 3%

Nope. Argentina is practically the whitest country on earth. 97% white! And the remainder are nearly half white! By God just look at that number. It's every white nationalist's dream. Heck, I'd be willing to include far more non-whites than 3%. There are no blacks driving down Argentina's economy, crime rates, unemployment, and so on. There are no evil muslim terrorists plotting bombings or airline hijackings. There are no sharia finance institutions or burqas assaulting women's rights. There are no hispanic gangs, drug problems, or illiteracy, everyone there speaks Spanish so there's no language barriers, and so on. Every single problem whites gripe about concerning minorities does not exist here. And yet for all that, Argentina is managing to TIE Mexico in GDP, have a less fair distribution of wealth than Mexico (a stratified society with whites at the top and hispanics underneath), have high unemployment, a shaky democracy constantly punctuated by dictatorial coups, and so on. What the hell is wrong with Argentina? There is not a single factor whites can pin on 'under-performing minorities' as the vector of this strangely demented and failed state.

But an antisemite wouldn't be surprised:

nominally Roman Catholic 92% (less than 20% practicing), Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%

Like every country infected with jews, Argentina is a basket case. Politically, economically, it tosses from crisis to crisis, all for seemingly no reason, but always somehow fitting jewish stereotypes.

"Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Although one of the world's wealthiest countries 100 years ago, Argentina suffered during most of the 20th century from recurring economic crises, persistent fiscal and current account deficits, high inflation, mounting external debt, and capital flight. A severe depression, growing public and external indebtedness, and a bank run culminated in 2001 in the most serious economic, social, and political crisis in the country's turbulent history."

What happened? Why was such a seemingly wonderful country brought to its knees? Bank runs, hyperinflation, massive debt, horribly unequal wealth distributions -- why this sounds like the mirror image of Weimar Germany! Half a world away, across an ocean, it's as though the same exact narrative was playing out before our eyes! What could have possibly changed at the turn of the 20th century to bring about this sad, sad tale?

"In the late 19th century, a third wave of immigration fleeing poverty and pogroms in Russia, and other Eastern Europe countries, moved to Argentina because of its open door policy of immigration. These Jews became known as "Rusos" and became active in Argentinian society."

"Between 1906 and 1912, Jewish immigration increased at a rate of 13,000 immigrants per year. Most of the immigrants were Ashkenazi Jews from Europe, but a number of Sephardic Jews from Morocco and the Ottoman Empire also settled in Argentina. By 1920, more than 150,000 Jews were living in Argentina."

Say no more! I think I'm getting the jist of it already. Jews had worn out their current hosts and sucked them dry, and were looking for new healthy prey that was still too naive to grasp the danger of allowing in this particular set of immigrants. This is the jewish modus operandi. Destroy your host nation, then immigrate to a country that hasn't recently felt your sting and can't connect the dots. Repeat. Eventually jewish malfeasance becomes such an ancient part of the country's history (like how in the UK jews had not been in the country for centuries before Cromwell invited them back in), that they forget all about it, see a bunch of poor innocent victims yearning to be free, and clasp them back to their bosoms like long lost brothers.

Now, people will say, correlation is not causation. A sudden influx of jewish immigrants leading to the fall of a great, prosperous, and all-white nation and then into a state of seemingly perpetual economic and political chaos, why, that could just be pure coincidence. Yes, maybe it could be. But at the same time, that implies there must be some other explanation for this sudden U-turn of Argentina's luck. And it can't be because of blacks, muslims, hispanics, or any of the traditional scapegoats jews like to wave in front of our eyes to divert our attention from the real problem. So what was it? Oh, I can hear the chant already: "We did it to ourselves!" Yes, all of a sudden, starting at the beginning of the 20th century, whites decided they didn't want to be a wealthy country, they wanted to be paying usurious debt fees on everything instead, debase their currency, and nationalize/destroy all of their savings. This is because the very nature of white genetics is always yearning and striving for these policies, from the year 2,000 BC starting in the first homeric epics to the modern age, all whites ever talk about is their love of usury, debasing currency, and bank runs. It's just such a natural and unchangeable aspect of our character, we can't drive it out no matter how far we run or wherever we hide on earth. Come on! Who does this sound like? Which stereotype does this fit? Which history of previous behavior does this fit? Which tribe does this more accurately describe?

If there is not a good chain of evidence connecting correlation to causation between the arrival of jews in Argentina, and the fall of Argentina's relative fortune vis a vis the world, there is an even LOOSER chain of evidence connecting a sudden white psychosis at the beginning of the 20th century, which would lead them to do all of this to themselves. For people interested in finding out the truth, occam's razor would at least give a provisional conclusion: "Between the two theories, the jews are more likely to deserve the blame." All it would take next is a simple social experiment, "Let's see what Argentina would look like without their jews," and if there's a sudden restoration of the economy, well, I guess the question is solved. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to conduct this experiment, and you can bet the forces of world jewry (international finance, international media, political influence) would be leveled on Argentina lickety split the moment Argentina ever tried such a thing. Therefore, we can never get a final answer on this question. All we can do is surmise, based on the facts we have before us, who exactly destroyed Argentina, and made a 97% white country, a place so brimming with potential that it could easily be the greatest nation on earth, equal to Mexico and worse than Libya.

Suicide or homicide? The same question we ask ourselves about Russia, Germany, Rome, the USA, South Africa and Eastern Europe, we could just as well ask about Argentina. But the one factor that never seems to change, is that the 'suicide rates' of white countries certainly shoots up, the day after they invite their jews in. If, magically, it really were the fault of whites, the conclusion would be the same: "Whites have a genetic weakness, the source of all our troubles. Yes, you see, we are allergic to jews! The moment we see a jew, walk by a jew in the street, or even hear a jew's voice, we fall into conniptions. And even though the jews are completely innocent and have never done anything wrong in their entire history, unfortunately, every single white nation they live within, automatically self-destructs. Therefore, due to our own weakness and unaccountable stupidity, we must ask jews to stay away and leave us alone! Just as the extreme weakness of bubble boys is surely to blame for all of a bubble boy's woes, the answer is still to keep all other people a safe distance away from bubble boys. Surely whites, even with this allergy to jews, still have the right to life? Surely we, who do so well whenever jews aren't arround, should not simply be eradicated for this in-all-other-ways-perfect genome that can handle anything else, but cannot handle being around jews, and spontaneously causes us to commit suicide the moment they appear?"

Whether jews have any malice, or even any blame at all for the destruction of the white countries within which they reside, is in the end irrelevant. All we have is a data set of white countries where, inevitably, the well being of whites falls as the population of jews in the country increases. For pro-white thinkers, this data set should speak for itself. There is no real reason to inquire into the causes or seek explanations or even to point the finger of blame -- the data set simply speaks for itself and the conclusion is obvious. Whites are at their best when jews are not around them, they can thrive perfectly well without jews. Whites are at their worst when around jews, they suffer the worst economic and political misfortunes and their culture degenerates into something much worse than what came before. With such a clear track record, the response is also clear -- WHETHER JEWS ARE TO BLAME OR NOT -- the jews must leave, so that we might live.

This is the advantage of results oriented thinking. We don't have to know the root causes of crime -- Chief Bratton with policing alone just reduced crime in Los Angeles by 50%. 50%! He cut crime in half, in a city that is increasingly poor, black, hispanic, unemployed, etc. This is because no matter who is to blame, or what caused it, a firm hand by the government can solve anything.,0,1853323.story

All we have to know is the solutions. The solution is obvious. The long tragedy of white-jewish coexistence, just like the long tragedy of white-gypsy coexistence, must come to an end, so that no more tragedies can ever occur again. We have enough cases, enough history, enough separate and yet clearly correlated events, that the conclusion is inevitable. We are no longer speaking about coincidences here, we are looking at a pattern -- a pattern of hate, violence, poverty, death and ruin that stretches back thousands of years. Enough is enough.

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