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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Deconstructing 'Reconquista'

First off, here's the link to the essay I'll be taking apart line by line, simply because it angers me too much to watch so many lies strung together in a row without anyone brave enough to challenge him on them. Since almost all anti-anti-semite arguments sound the same in the end, it's a good chance to address the entire boatload of these thinkers by attacking in detail a single version of their endlessly repeated nostrums. It's truly amazing how often people can connect all the dots when it comes to racism, but fail at the most crucial and important step. Is it truly ignorance? Or is it simply cowardice? I guess we'll never know.

In any event, the best way to address this essay is to simply interject my counter-arguments in brackets wherever I see he is going wrong, while allowing the speech to flow interrupted where I am uninterested or in agreement. So if it's not in brackets, it's his voice, when it is, it's my voice. Simple enough?:

From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race

By Reconquista

4. Slaying David, Crippling Britannia


So far in this series of essays discussing the serious predicament the white race currently faces, I have tried to explain what I believe to be the lemming-like suicide of the white race and by lemming-like I am asserting that the white race is knowingly choosing to behave in ways which will assure its own destruction.

Central to the series is the way Marxist ideology has been embraced by the white race whose societies impose Multiculturalism and Liberalism in the trivial pursuit to establish equality between all races and all peoples. I have attempted to describe how these ideologies are being imposed upon white societies through the creation of numerous minority groups - e.g. blacks, asylum seekers, criminals, Muslims, homosexuals, women, animals, planet earth etc. - groups who are portrayed as oppressed victims of the powerful strong majority. [Who championed these minority groups? Who portrayed them as oppressed victims in the media? Who funded their campaigns for equality and liberation? How do powerless people overthrow the powerful oppressors? Wouldn't they need powerful allies, since they obviously were helpless and oppressed up until this point when left on their own?]

Multiculturalism and Liberalism is being forced upon white societies by force and by deploying a moral inversion that is fundamental to Christianity and identified by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche whereby the strong and the powerful are always portrayed as immoral and the weak whereas the wretched and the oppressed are the moral and the good. Nietzsche described Christianity as "The religion of pity" because of this flaw and he predicted that the West - white societies - would abandon the Christian religion but cling steadfastly to this moral inversion of the weak and oppressed as being moral and noble.

I firmly believe Nietzsche's analysis of Christianity and his prediction of how the West would maintain the moral inversion he identified were both totally accurate and it is this pity for the weak that is enabling alien invaders to colonise and flourish throughout the West along with the destruction of traditional values and morals that once made the west so strong. [Strange that he ignores the part where Neitzsche denounces Christianity as the invention of jews full of ressentiment for being conquered by the Romans, and that Christianity was always designed as the spiritual revenge of world jewry on their Roman oppressors. Strange that he ignores the fact that Neitzsche hated jews and the Christian religion they created as a poison for the healthy and noble European west that existed until that time. I mean, if he fully agrees with Neitzsche, why exactly is he attacking anti-semites? Practically every important philosopher in European history has been anti-semitic, from Voltaire to Kant to Fichte. As far as trusting the word of the great philosophers of the past go, our conclusion should only be one thing -- in the company of such giants, far be it from us to disagree.]

But there is one minority group that is singled out as being the root cause of the West's problems. They are a minority group despised by Marxists and Liberals and, I'm sad to say, equally despised by a section of British Nationalists and other nationalist groups. The Marxists despise them for the very reasons I am describing in these essays, some Nationalists hate them for this reason too but they also hate them for a very different, convenient but ultimately self-destructive reason as we shall now see.

I am of course talking about the Jews and as a very proud, white British Nationalist who is absolutely fed-up of reading ill-informed, hate-filled and often asinine comments around British Nationalist blogs about Jews I believe it is now time for the various myths and excuses trotted out to justify Jew hatred to be challenged. [If only! The only myths and excuses trotted out are strawmen he finds useful to challenge and confront. The honest and actual reasons to hate jews are conveniently ignored, because he cannot refute them. Quite typical of anti-anti-semite arguing styles. Attack the weakest link -- ignore everything else.] Because if this nonsense continues it is going to damage British Nationalism and therefore, serve to promote the interests of all of the enemies who are destroying our land.

Know Your Enemy

So who are the enemies of Great Britain and how do British Nationalists empower our enemies by joining in with this nasty Jew hate-fest? It is vitally important to identify our enemies because if we do not correctly identify them then we handicap ourselves. Here in no particular order are the enemies who are busily destroying Great Britain along with other Western societies in the pursuit of their desire to first turn whites into a minority, then to wipe them out:

The Left - Marxists, Communists, Multiculturalists, Liberals, Socialists. Not all are malicious, along with the dyed-in-the-wool West-hating Marxist/Socialist raving red nutjobs are the well-meaning but totally misguided and terminally naive Liberals. Useful idiots who provide oxygen for the enemy, an enemy who will one day turn on them too. [Marx was a jew, as was Boaz, as was the Frankfurt School. The founders of leftism, marxism, socialism, egalitarianism, etc, were all jews and their main backers have always been jews. Jews voted 80% for Obama and funded over half the democratic party's campaign. Jews are directly responsible for Obama's victory, and the victory of the democratic party in general, and boast quite openly about this. It is absurd to say 'leftists, not jews are the enemy' because the terms are synonymous. Obviously when we speak in generalizations, we do not mean every single jew is a leftist marxist liberal, we just mean jews are the leadership and vanguard, the most powerful section of the leftist, marxist, liberal scene. Confronting the left without confronting jews would be like trying to sack everyone but the quarterback of the opposing team. That's a rather fruitless defense if you ask me.]

Islam - The goal of EVERY Muslim is to establish the single global ummeh - "fight the infidel until the world belongs solely to Allah" . There is nothing more they desire than the conquest of the West and they are prosecuting Islamic jihad in a number of ways both violent and non-violent. Islam has declared war on Great Britain - unlike Judaism - and presents perhaps the most serious threat to the entire West and and that includes Israel. [Islam, like Christianity, is an offshoot of Judaism and shares many of the same characteristics. Judaism says in the Talmud 'even the best of gentiles should be killed.' Islam likewise says 'slay the infidel wherever you find him.' The religious and racial hate of 'us against the entire world' is transferred perfectly between the two religions. The call for genocide of their enemies and their boasting of the massacres they did for their God and their religion are in both the old testament and the Koran. There is no point condemning Islam if you aren't equally willing to condemn Judaism. Half the Koran is practically ripped from the Bible/Talmud and inserted word for word. Why would people so evil as muslims rely so heavily on a judaic source? The answer is obvious, they're peas in a pod. Here is Menechim Begin's dream of a world jewish caliphate:

"Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

(Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982)

Hard to tell apart from muslims, aren't they? But of course, they both come from the same semitic stock, so it's hardly surprising how many similarities they share with each other.]

The Black Race - Look at what has happened to whites in Africa since the end of colonial rule and look at what blacks have done in the US and the UK. Blacks blame whites for all of their many failings and the level of racist hatred blacks have directed upon whites in Britain, the US, South Africa and Zimbabwe is appalling.

Global Capitalists: Note the word GLOBAL. There is nothing wrong with Capitalism, but Global Capitalism is evil and it is causing enormous harm to the West. In this I include the huge banking corporations who thanks to their greed and incompetence have had to be bailed out by taxpayers. Politicians of all faiths and all parties betrayed their people and instead of serving their own people served the Global Capitalists instead. Not content with that they then allowed cheap foreign labour to take the jobs of British workers during a recession. Thus, each of the main political parties have sold-out their own people and along with their support for the colonisation of Britain via mass immigration, are ipso facto now at war with the British people. [But who are these mystery 'Global Capitalists' and 'huge banking corporations' ? Are they perhaps related to the Rothschilds? Do they have something to do with Goldman Sachs? Who are the most famous international bankers of all time? Jews! Obviously not all bankers and global capitalists are jews, but again who is the vanguard and core of this group? Who are the real power players within this group? Are they disproportionately jewish? Majority jewish? Either way, again all we are denouncing here is jews, with a ridiculous smokescreen thrown in-between to obfuscate the very clear and simple issue that stands before us.]

The Western Media - From Hollywood movies to Porn flicks, from commercial broadcasters like Sky to state broadcasters such as the BBC, from world respected newspapers such as The Times to the free local papers, the media is now a Multicultural propaganda machine that makes Pravda look like The Beano. [Who controls Hollywood? Who produces/directs/edits Hollywood movies, either majority or disproportionately? Who stands at the heart of the porn industry? Who owns or edits most newspaper companies, tv news stations, news magazines, etc around the world? Jews! Again perhaps not every single newspaper, tv station, magazine and hollywood movie is a jewish production, but who is the vanguard and core of this group of malefactors? Who is the driving force? Is it disproportionately jewish? Majority jewish? It doesn't matter, the point remains the same.] As they brainwash the British people with a continual stream of lies and deceptions to condition the British people into accepting their own demise, the Western Media have also declared war on their own people. Not all of the Western media is owned by Jews [ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are all owned by jews. Fox news is the only holdout. So yes, not 'all' the western media, but who cares? 'Almost all' is sufficient to get the job done. What a useless caveat, who cares if all, most, or simply a disproportionate number of our enemies are jews? If jews are worse than average, that is more than enough of a reason to hate jews as a group, just like we would any other group that is worse than average -- like black criminals, Islamic terrorists, or Mexican drunk drivers. Why does this logic suddenly disappear and require a whole new standard of evidence to be worthy of criticism when it comes to jews?] and it certainly is not predominantly staffed by Jews, not by a long chalk. [Who cares whether the gophers and handgrip #3's are jewish or not? The people who decide the content are jews, and they're the only ones who matter. This is the kind of bullshit reconquista attempts as refutations of the facts simply staring us all in the face.]

Now I can hear the cries of Jew-hating Nationalists as though they were next to me: "Yes Recon, they all are, but the Jews are behind all of this, they control the world, they're responsible for all of it IT'S THE JOOOOZ!" [Why do they always assume we can't spell jews right? It's the Jews, not the Jooz. Furthermore, there is no need for jews to be behind it 'all', or for jews to control the world. All we need to establish is whether they have a disproportionate impact on the world over and above their numbers, whether they are an overall net negative to white interests, and thus whether jewish power is a welcome or unwelcome reality. Do jews control the entire world? The majority? Or a disproportionate amount? Either way the point remains the same. Are jews behind all of it? The majority of it? Or a disproportionate amount? Either way the point remains the same. Like usual anti-anti-semites want to challenge a ridiculous belief like jews are behind 'all' of it or control the 'whole' world, while refusing to discuss whether jews are behind a disproportionately large part of it or control a disproportionately large power hold in the world. When will they stop attacking strawmen and start addressing the real fears and concerns we anti-semites have about the jewish influence in the media, the financial sectors, among the leftist/communist circles, in American politics, etc? Is it ever a good time to confront the jews, regardless of how little they are to blame? If they are even 1% to blame, then we should criticize them at some point, right? Right?]

To which I simply respond by highlighting the worst of our enemies, the enemy who is doing more damage to Western societies and the white race than any other:

OUR OWN PEOPLE. That is, the majority of indigenous Britons who have willingly accepted guilt, self-loathing, treason, cowardice and pity as worthy virtues and who have swallowed the Multicultural vomit spoon-fed to them by the ruling elite and who simply do not have the wit or the will to defend the freedom paid for in blood that they deem to be their right. Let's look at this in more detail. [Who here doesn't have the wit or the will to resist the PC vomit he has been fed? This very author is too PC to confront the real danger to the white race, the jews, and spends his entire time attacking the symptoms of our decline instead of the cause -- the secondary infections instead of the primary infection. Every country that has ever allowed jews into their country has eventually collapsed, or thrown them back out. Every single one. Germany did not willingly accept guilt, self-loathing, treason, cowardice and pity as worthy virtues. Half of Europe marched as their allies into Stalin's bolshevik evil empire, standing up for pride, self-veneration, duty, courage and ruthlessness. Who stopped them? Who broke their will and bombed their cities to ruins? Who butchered millions of them even after the war was over in an endless orgy of revenge? Not all of 'our own people' are to blame. A good many of them in the present, a great deal of them in the past, are utterly blameless for what has now occurred. As the song goes, 'if only it hadn't snowed.']

If I Were A Rich Man

The most common smear I hear against the Jews is the charge of avarice, and it goes something like this: "The Jew is motivated by greed and money and the Jew is never satisfied. They own all the world's banks and control most of the world's money." [Is this really the most common? If so, it's certainly not what I'm interested in. My greatest objection to jews is their backing of evil political, religious, and philosophical movements that undermine and destroy anyone who adopts them. They spread poison with almost every word they speak, whether it is Christianity, Marxism, Boazian Egalitarianism, Libertinism, Homosexuality or Feminism. It's always the jews with the most outrageous, most obnoxious, and most seductively convincing lies that destroy everyone who listens, like the Sirens of the Oddyssey. Only a country free of jews and all jewish thinking can forge a healthy political environment, philosophy, and religion for itself. Sadly, this hasn't been an option for whites ever since the days of Rome -- O for a crown of unstained air! What a jubilee our children could have if they were ever freed from jewish lies forever!]

First, if anyone seriously believes that only the Jews are avaricious then they must be barking mad! ALL races containing multiple faiths are motivated by money, the desire for wealth is not limited solely to Jews and to suggest so is plain folly. There are avaricious Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc. [This is absurd. It's like saying there are criminals among all races. That was never the issue or the question. The question is, are jews disproportionately avaricious, money-hungry, greedy, deceitful, cheats, frauds, etc? Just like the question is whether blacks are disproportionately criminal, or muslims are disproportionately terrorists. What a false equivalence, what an obfuscation! It's always the same with this guy.] but look at the group who will most often use this smear against the Jews, those moral beacons on the left, our socialist enemies. Whilst telling all and sundry "everybody is equal" they were were busy plunging their grabbing grubby paws into the public purse lining their own pockets to pay for all manner of luxuries, not forgetting socialist politicians who were busy playing the property market with tax-payers' money.

The black race is also as avaricious as any other. [What, are you seriously saying that every single race is exactly equally avaricious? What does 'as any other' mean? Who else is the most avaricious in your viewpoint? Where do the jews score in this scale? Top? Middle? Bottom? Please tell.] The problem with blacks is that they will steal the white man's wealth - and they have just look at Rhodesia and South Africa - but won't contribute anything whatsoever to take humanity forward. Unless of course you consider gangsta rap with its lust for bling and violent sex as being an enriching contribution?

Hmm, not contributing anything of worth to humanity yet demand riches - no wonder African blacks embrace Marxism so readily, they have so much in common. Stealing the wealth created by others because they are incapable of creating anything of worth to earn it being the most obvious. [And yet this is exactly the complaint of whites against jews. Jews never create wealth, they simply steal it from others, using various tricks like usury, fraud, lawyering, political pull, insider trading, etc. You never see a jew pushing a plow or banging some iron with a hammer, it's always the same thing -- buying and selling, buying and selling, moving money around, advertising this or that, but in the end -- never making a damn thing of value. Blacks are incompetent at the whole 'produce nothing but demand great riches scheme,' whereas jews are extremely competent and effective, one of the richest groups of people on earth. Between the two, which should we be more worried about?]

Perhaps the second accusation, that the Jews control the world's money flow because they own the banks carries a little more weight. Without doubt many financial institutions are owned or controlled by Jews but the Jews no longer exercise as much control as people think. It is also prudent to realise that not all Jews are Jews just as all Christians are not Christians. [What a hopelessly deluded statement! Not all jews are jews??? What the hell does that mean? Not all cats are cats, some are actually dogs? Jews are a race, not a religion. Many jews are in fact atheists. If a Pole abandons his religion, does he cease to be Polish? Do Jews just lack any ethnicity? And yet, genotype mappings can always distinguish jews from other ethnic groups -- you might want to discuss this theory of 'not all jews are jews' with said computers. As for the rest of us, we can only stare in wide-eyed horror at the sheer stupidity of such a statement.] The Jews, just like whites, are affected by self-loathing, guilt and self-hatred and are also cursed by Marxism-Liberalism. More on this later, but do please be aware of the existence of JINO: Jews In Name Only. [Jews in name only? A jew is a jew is a jew. Whether the jew hates jews, or calls himself a martian, or converts to Islam, he will always be a jew because no one can change their own genes -- I can't stop being white, a black can't stop being black, but somehow the magical jew is a chameleon who can be any race/ethnicity they choose to be. What a marvel the Chosen people are.] They too hate their own and are going about destroying their own as well.

The biggest transfer of wealth in human history - a transfer that is ongoing - has been the transfer of US$13 trillion from the oil-thirsty West to the Middle East. [Nonsense. The biggest wealth transfer in history has been Social Security and Medicare, from young people to old people. Or the fact that most dollars are earned by men, but spent by women, would easily qualify as the largest wealth transfer in history. Or heck, all the money spent on children rather than the parents who earned the money, would easily qualify as the largest wealth transfer in history. First define your terms, before this statement can make any logical sense. How is a business transaction freely enacted by both parties a wealth transfer anyway??] It has resulted in a catastrophic resurgence of Islam - that's Islam, not misnomers such as "Radical Islam" or "Militant Islam" or "Extreme Islam" - and one country in particular is using its enormous unearned wealth to spread Islam in the West: Saudi Arabia. [Unearned wealth? Fine, but only if we admit all the money we make from our natural resources are also unearned. All of our water, farmland, fish, steel, etc that we are blessed with should also go into the unearned category and then we can see where the exact trade balance lies. Until then, this is just a rhetorical slap in the face. I don't see American, British, and Canadian businesses giving away for free the oil they dig up on our own soil, but apparently this is what we want from the middle east. Funny how that works.]

Saudi Arabia is at war with Britain - make that the West but let's keep it to Britain, after all we're British Nationalists. The Saudis are funding the building of Mosques throughout our land, they are funding the establishment of Islamic Centres in our towns and cities, they are funding legal jihad and provide the financial clout behind organisations working hard to promote Islam and silence critics and who now wield considerable political influence in British politics - e.g. Lord Ahmed who threatened to mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims should Dutch MP Geert Wilders be afforded free speech in the House of Lords - and Islamic lobby groups and organisations such as The Muslim Council of Britain. With the oil-weapon, the Saudis can manipulate the oil-dependant West and does so frequently.

And let's not forget that Saudi Arabia committed an act of war on September 11th 2001, murdering 3000 people in an act of Islamic jihad committed predominantly by Saudis. [Since when did rogue criminals who happened to be Saudi mean the legitimate government and people of Saudi Arabia are collectively guilty for their actions? How did Saudi Arabia declare war on us because a handful of terrorists happened to come from Saudi Arabia? Under this logic, Israel declared war on the United States when their jets strafed our USS Liberty during the 1967 war. Heck, they were even the official air force of Israel, and yet we give them a free pass. But when terrorists who are not acting on the behalf of the state come from a muslim land, suddenly that means their entire country is at fault and at war with us.] It is the Saudis who are bankrolling Islamic jihad terror groups such as Muslim League Worldwide, International Islamic Relief Organisation, Islamic Association for Palestine, Al Qaeda and The Taliban, those lovely examples of Islamic tolerance and peace who not only commit the most heinous acts of barbarity against their own people, the Taliban are sending British soldiers home in coffins much to the delight of Muslims in the UK who also enjoy abusing British soldiers returning from active service over in Iraq and Afghanistan. [They're killing British because the British are over there, just like British would kill Afghans or Iraqis if Afghanistan's or Iraq's army attempted to invade the UK, overthrow the government, and put in a new one then occupy the UK for 50 years to make sure the country was 'stable.' What an absurd accusation: "We invaded their countries and then they started shooting at us, those bastards! The perfidy! The utter evil of the Islamic world is finally laid bare to the world!"]

Amazingly, Saudi Arabia is deemed an ally of Great Britain and the United States. Oh, and Saudi Arabia forbids Jews to enter their Kingdom and if you think you as a kuffar fare any better, think again. Kuffars are forbidden to enter the cities of Mecca and Medina on pain of death [Isn't that better? Jews can't enter the entire kingdom, but the rest of us can go everywhere but two cities in the country. How are the two equivalent?] and I will bet you a pound to a pinch of the proverbial that you will not find many Christian churches or Christians in that delightful country and if anyone was stupid enough to preach Christianity there and demand Saudi school-kids be fed pork and study Christianity they'd be killed in a heart-beat. [Didn't this article start with the premise that Christianity has destroyed the west, like Nietzsche warned? Why are we suddenly worried about Christianity not being allowed to be spread? Wouldn't this rightfully be seen as a self-defense technique against an already admittedly evil and poisonous creed?]

And as Christians are persecuted and driven out of almost every single nation in the Middle East, only one nation provides a safe place for Christians to practice their faith in the region. [Again, didn't we earlier establish that Christianity is pure evil? What's so bad about driving it out of the middle east? Shouldn't we drive it out of the whole world? Furthermore, how on earth do whites find themselves magically teleported to the Middle east where they can no longer worship their giant jew in the sky? Why is this such a pressing issue for the white race, that we be allowed to worship the divine jew-boy jesus, in countries we don't even live in and never will?] It's the same one Jew haters throughout the West marched against in their millions in 2009, screaming for the Jews to be sent back to the ovens or to the gas in reference to an event in Jewish history that they often claim simply didn't happen. [The two statements are not in any way contradictory. Whether the Holocaust happened or not is a factual question, not a moral or ethical question. "Jews to the gas" is a moral/ethical/political argument, concerned with the present, completely independent of what exactly happened during WWII in various concentration camps. Many of the leading scientists in the Holocaust Revisionist camp are not in the least anti-semitic or even racist. David Cole is even a jew! The factual question, and the ethical/moral questions surrounding it, can never be conflated, and should never be.]

So to those who hate the Jews let me ask this:

Are synagogues being built throughout our lands and are Jews committing acts of terror against Britons to establish Judaism as the dominant religion? [Dominant religion? No. Dominant race? That's another question. It was jews who blew up the british King David Hotel and killed plenty of British in the 1940's. Jews were quite willing to commit terrorism against Britain when it suited their purposes, and they have always honored and defended those acts, even made the perpetrators high ranking officials in their government. Will you condemn their terrorism?] Is Israel - a country facing exactly the same Islamic jihad as the West - funding Jewish terror organisations enabling them to commit murderous acts of violence against innocent people in every country where Jews co-exist alongside people of other faiths? Are your children being force-fed kosher meals in schools, [No, but God help someone who wants to buy non-kosher pickles at the supermarket!] are Jews raping your teenage girls [Well, to be fair, they are leaders of an international sex-slave ring that kidnaps or tricks teenage girls into forced prostitution for life, does that count?] and are Jews waging a legal war against anyone who dares criticise the Jewish religion? [You mean, like all the people who are currently in jail for denying the Holocaust or criticizing jews in any way? The jews are the master of speech suppression and the most oppressive thought police of all. Islam is only trying to use a tool long since put into place by jews for the sake of jews. Call it the law of unintended consequences.]

But the evil Zionist-Jew-Nazis are controlling the world, right? [Or maybe they're a disproportionately powerful group within the world, who have a net negative influence on the world? The world is not pure black and white you know, it's possible for there to be a shade of grey -- somewhere between jews control the whole world, and jews have no power whatsoever and have no influence whatsoever on the course the world has taken. Just a thought.]

More food for thought:

Of the 13,155,000 Jews in the world, 300,000 live in the UK. Of the estimated 1.3 BILLION Muslims, two million live in the UK and I can tell you that along with their 1 billion fellow Muslims they will not be controlled by Jews, "the descendants of apes and pigs" as their prophet Mohammed referred to them, no way whatsoever.

Hate Not Reason

I find it very difficult understand this rabid hatred for the Jewish people displayed by a few British Nationalists. With the left-wing red rabble I can understand it because the reds absolutely despise success because success is evidence of inequality. Since the Jews returned to their homeland of Israel from around 1870, Israel has developed into a first-world nation, the sole democracy in the Middle East and a nation that shines like a beacon when compared to the brutal and retarded Islamic garbage dumps that surround it. [What would you expect? Ashkhenazi jews have an IQ of 115 on average, arabs have an average IQ in the 80's. What kind of achievement is it to outcompete arabs at anything? The real comparison is Israel vs. Europe, Israel vs. the USA, Israel vs. Australia, or Israel vs. Japan. As it turns out, given their IQ potential, Israel has made a piss-poor show of itself and has typically shown itself incapable of crafting a viable nation anyone would want to live in. I'd rather be among whites or asians than jews any day. Envy their success? Spare me, Israel probably won't last even 50 more years.]

Yet the Jew-haters will rant and rave about Zionists as if these people are the most evil people on planet earth, indeed, they will claim the Zionists are controlling the entire world and that they are going to destroy all non Jews. I'm sure you'll have heard some unbalanced individual spewing out numerous Zionist conspiracy theories all based on suspicion and the flimsiest of evidence, e.g. that the Mossad were behind 9/11. [I never did understand the word 'zionist.' It's no more wrong to invade and occupy Israel than it is to invade and occupy the Americas or Australia. It was an underdeveloped landmass full of primitive peoples who didn't deserve it, and the Jews took it from them. Good for the jews. Now if only all of them would go to Israel and complete their conquest -- out of our hair and lives forever. Hitler was a Zionist. He helped fund and support the transfer of Jews to Israel before the war started. No one's problem is with jews in Israel who mind their own business and take care of their own lives. Our problem is with the jewish diaspora that undermines their hosts wherever they go, and stubbornly refuses to leave. Jews, not zionists, are the issue. As for the 9/11 conspiracy, the jury is still out on that. Given that jews have already performed two recent false flag attacks -- the USS liberty and the Lavon affair, it's hardly beyond their moral faculty. And given the USA has lied about several other war-starting events -- the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Zimmerman Telegram, the Gulf of Tomkin, the Boston Massacre, the Kuwaiti babies in incubators, the WMD in Iraq, etc, etc, it would be no surprise if they lied to get into this War on Terror either. Only the facts can discover if this was an internal or external attack -- and these facts can only be gathered once we open up a new, complete, and thorough investigation of 9/11 that gives equal and transparent information to both sides of the issue.]

These are the same people who cannot wait to label the Israelis as "Nazis" whenever Israel has the affront to defend itself against Islamic jihad, a jihad waged by proxy by Iran and, yes,you're right, Saudi Arabia who finance and equip the fanatical Muslim jihad organisations HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah to "drive the Jews into the sea" in full accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Funny how the Western media and the Jew-haters never mention how Sharia law is the core reason for this conflict isn't it? [Isn't the core reason for the conflict the fact that the jews invaded Palestine via mass immigration then conquered massive additional territory in a series of aggressive and expansionist wars? If the jews weren't there, ipso facto, there would be no conflict either.]

That most people in the West believe this jihad is all about the persecution of "Palestinians" and their "right of return" to their state of "Palestine" that is being "illegally occupied" by Israel shows how clueless the West is about Islam and how eager Jew-haters are to give vent to their intense anti-Jew hatred instead of understanding how this conflict is being played on the world stage to establish the global ummeh, therefore, how this conflict affects Britain.

I have written about this previously but the fact that there has never ever been a state called "Palestine" and therefore, no such people as "Palestinians" doesn't get in the way of the haters. [Before humans left Africa, there was never a state called 'Britain' and no such people as 'British' either. Does this mean a British people and a British state can never emerge in the future? Befuddling logic. The fact is, the recent history of the Palestinian people has shaped them into a distinct ethnic group and territory, they exist now, so it hardly matters whether they ever existed in the past. If Kosovo and East Timor deserve their independence, why doesn't Palestine?]

Nor does the fact that the Saudis and their puppet Yasser Arafat used the threat of Islamic terror to force Europe to not only fund with taxpayers' money the "Palestinian Cause" but also to increase Muslim immigration into Europe and the Europeans cowered and they still cower.

So Israel defends itself against an Islamic jihad being funded by the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Iran and is labelled as "Nazi Jews" for doing so.

But what's been happening while the Jew haters have been chewing their comfort blankets [Huh? Isn't this a little much?] and blaming the Jews, is that Muslims around the world are committing the same heinous acts the Jew haters lyingly accuse Israel and the Jews of. And those who worship a prophet who was a paedophile and a murderer of Jews hate the Jews more than anybody else does and you know what? They hate you the dirty kuffar even more [That's impossible by definition, they can't hate the jews more than anyone else, and hate us even more. . .], and it doesn't matter if you hate Jews or not.

First comes Saturday then comes Sunday, first the Jews then the Christians. Then the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Sikhs the Zoroastrians, the atheists, the Liberals, the Multiculturalists - ALL KUFFARS until all of the world belongs to Islam. And all of the groups mentioned in this paragraph are being enriched by the "religion of peace" as you read this essay. [Yes, assuming muslims were any threat to the white race, their announced goal to conquer the world would be frightening. But honestly, who's afraid of a bunch of retarded desert nomads who are stuck in the dark ages? The real threat is the race that has 115 IQ, far smarter than our own -- not the one with 80 IQ we could wipe out whenever we pleased. Who is stopping us from resisting Islam? Who is preaching love of the stranger, arguing for mass immigration, campaigning for pacifism and surrender? Remove the jewish poison in our midst, remove the jews and all their jewish thinking, from Christianity to Communism, and Islam would never be a threat to us. Nor would anyone or anything else. The source of all threats and our only vulnerability is jews, and jewish thinking -- get rid of that, and everything, everything else is cleaned up with them.]

This conflict in the Middle East begs a question:

If the Jews are trying to control the world why is it they can't even control Israel? [Maybe their best method of control is from the shadows, not direct government? Just a thought.] They've already given up the Sinai, they've given up Gaza, they pulled out of Southern Lebanon, they've allowed Arab refugees - not Palestinians - to flourish in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank as the Muslims and their allies want you to believe) and they've also given them a third of Jerusalem. This in addition to the loss of Jordan, half of the land of Israel which was originally promised to the Jews. And in Israel, these Arab refugees enjoy more rights and freedoms than they would be afforded in ANY Islamic country.

For all of this, the Israelis and the Jews have earned the hatred of the world and the murderous terror attacks of HAMAS, Fatah and Hizballah. If Israel and the West had any sense at all, they would kick-out every single Muslim back to the Islamic cesspits where their beasts spawned them and where they and their retarded, brutal evil death cult truly belong. And if they dared attack any other nation then they face the severe consequences.

But we can't have that can we? Oh no, instead, whites join in the Jew hate-fest whilst pandering and cowering before an evil enemy who not only imposes Islam on the West, it gets the myopic, gullible, Liberal-Multicultural fools to pay for their own destruction. These the same simple-minded hate-filled useful idiots who scream "Kill the Jews!" as their own society is destroyed by Muslims before their very eyes. [Is it wrong to fight AIDS when we're continuously infected with Tuberculosis? Or are we only allowed to ever fight tuberculosis and never, ever address the root cause?]

So blinded are they by their hatred and stupidity they cannot see it. They cannot see the thousands of Buddhists slaughtered in Thailand. The millions of Hindus slaughtered in India - who also lost a large part of its land to Muslims. They cannot see the extermination of the Zoroastrians and Bahias in Iran. They cannot see the Jews murdered by suicide bombers in Israel or Jewish children cowering in fear from rocket attacks deliberately launched at them as they are on their way to school but they're Jews so who cares and besides, those "poor oppressed Palestinians" are only firing piddling little fireworks right? Nor can they see the thousands of Christians executed and mutilated in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia, The Sudan. [Are they white Christians? If they aren't white Christians, why the hell should we care?]

Of course they can't because IT'S THE JOOZ innit?

Please. Instead of hating the Jews, let's wake up to the very real nightmare of Islamic jihad before it's too late. [How are we going to wake up when Jews still control the media and still preach nothing but love and tolerance and political correctness from dawn to dusk? Isn't this putting the cart before the horse?]

Lessons From History

One aspect surrounding Jew-hatred involves a quite nauseating and frankly misguided admiration of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. I have read on various Nationalist blogs comments about Adolf Hitler being some kind of champion for the white race. This is the same Adolf Hitler whose insanity [What credible historian thinks Hitler was insane?] caused the deaths of millions of whites right after millions of whites had been slaughtered on the killing fields of France and Belgium just 20 years previous. [Wasn't it France and Britain who declared war on Germany? Who exactly caused the deaths of all those millions? We're the ones who firebombed Dresden.]

But many of the people making these comments do not seem to understand that Hitler was not about "White supremacy" but Aryan supremacy. He held all other races - including Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Picts [Bullshit, Hitler had a deep admiration for Britain and never wanted to go to war with the UK. He never once categorized the British people as inferior.]- as biologically inferior to the Nordic Aryan [You idiot, anglo-saxons ARE nordic aryans] and would've had no trouble at all in exterminating inferior non-Aryan races [Considering he had no such plans or statements to that effect, this is quite a stretch, don't you think?]- who many of these Hitler admirers belong to - but why let facts spoil a good "sieg heil" from these misguided, wannabee Nazis.

There are also the questions surrounding the Holocaust, those who deny it ever took place and those who like to have a pissing contest [Huh? So it doesn't matter whether 1 million or 6 million died due to an unplanned accident or a planned brutal homicidal campaign intent on genocide? That's just a pissing contest?] about what the real numbers of victims actually were. But whose history is being denied here - is it solely the Jewish history? [Not at all, I also deny the soviet history that claimed Katyn was done by the Nazis. The Soviets lied about that, just like they lied about the Holocaust, just like they lied and pretended they were victims of WWII when they had already drawn up attack plans on Germany and were marshaling their forces for an attack into Europe themselves before Hitler's preemptive strike got a leg up on them.]

Most definitely not because it also denies British, American, Canadian, Polish and Russian histories because it was their soldiers who liberated the death camps [Only Russians ever liberated 'death camps.' Every camp freed in the west was a concentration camp with absolutely no gassings. All Holocaust scholars agree there were no gas chambers or gassings in any of the camps liberated by non-Russians.] and who the deniers accuse as "liars". [I only really need to accuse the Russians of lying, something the Soviet Union constantly did throughout its history.] Are we seriously to believe that after almost a year of heavy and intense fighting the allies and the Russians decided to embark on such a grand deception? And how convenient of them all to agree, along with the support of the International Red Cross [What are you talking about? The Red Cross reported over and over again the concentration camps were humane and the nazis weren't conducting a genocidal campaign against the jews], the International media [you mean the jewish dominated media?], the citizens imprisoned in the camps [you mean jews?] and of course, the Nazis and the German people [you mean the Germans tortured into confessions before being hanged?], including those who committed the atrocities and those who witnessed them along with those white Germans who were victims of their own master race.

Isn't it a tad odd that only this aspect of WWII is denied? There is no denial of British WWII history: Dunkirk, The Blitz, Arnhem, D-Day, or the dreadful abuse endured by allied POWs in Japanese camps. [Yes, because all of these things are well documented, with video evidence, actual corpses, and so on. All we have for the Holocaust is eye witness testimony that claims all the corpses of this awful atrocity were turned to ash and dumped into a river, all the documents detailing the massacre were burned or written in code, etc. We have zero physical evidence of the Holocaust, we have all the evidence we need of every other event during WWII. Why shouldn't we doubt people who only offer their own 'word' as proof of such a heinous and unfeasible claim?] Only the "Jewish" holocaust - Jewish history - is denied. And along with denying the "Jewish Holocaust", the history of other victims is denied too. Ignored by these Jew haters are the 4 million other victims of the Nazis: Gypsies, Slavs, the mentally and physically handicapped, the political dissenters, Christians, members of the white race including women just take the camp at Ravensbrueck, where Jewish prisoners were the minority, as being one notorious example from the 55,000 concentration camps established by the Nazis throughout Europe. Kind of all those European nations to play an active part in creating this "Jewish Myth". [No one denies concentration camps -- America also had concentration camps. The question is whether the jews were gassed in genocide death camps or not. That is the unique evil of the Holocaust, everything else is completely unimportant.]

That number doesn't include the death camp at Jasenovac, run by the Croatian Ustashe, the beloved allies of the Nazis. I wonder if this is denied too? If so, we can add the Serbs to our growing list of liars and deceivers.

What is telling for me about the Holocaust is that those who perpetrated it didn't deny it, indeed, many were defiant about it to the end, monsters such as Irme Grese and Adolf Eichmann. [Eichmann? Who confessed to ridiculous things after being tortured at the hands of Israelis? Give me a break.] The trial of Klaus Barbie in France in the late 1980's also re-enforced this because the prosecution didn't deny that he'd committed war crimes but that those who aided him were still at large in the very government that was prosecuting him.

One thing I will agree on with the Jew haters is that the Jews have hijacked the holocaust and depicted it as solely an atrocity committed against Jews when it most certainly was not and stating so does not diminish from what the Jews suffered but by hijacking it they diminish the suffering of other races and peoples and I condemn them without reservation for it. [Gee. thanks. Could you also condemn them for pretending the Holocaust was the worst slaughter in history, even though Stalin, Mao, Japan, Ghengis Khan, Islam's Jihads and the Aztecs all did far worse? Could you condemn them for shoving the Holocaust down white children's throats who never did these crimes, aren't even related to anyone who did these crimes, and yet are taught from age five up to feel guilty for them?]

Another accusation thrown at those who defend the Jews is one of re-writing history, an accusation I find somewhat amusing. If the Jews have been such a threat throughout British history and they damaged Great Britain so badly, well how did Great Britain manage to build the greatest Empire the world has ever seen? [You do realize that British people also rose up and massacred the jews in Britain throughout British history, and that British monarchs seized jewish property and even expelled all jews from England for centuries? Perhaps the British Empire didn't tolerate jewish malfeasance back then as much as they do now.]

Yet these are the people who vote for the British National Party because they want to make Britain great again! I'm really glad they feel this way, I do too but I wish they'd drop this glaring contradiction. The British Empire was so mighty because it was built largely on Judeo-Christian foundations [No, it was mighty because it was built on anglo-saxon foundations, combined with the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Those two filthy religions were never of any use to Britain at all.] and let's remember that the systems of commerce that brought trade all around the Empire and contributed to Britain's wealth were developed in the main by Jews. [Hello? Adam Smith?]

Blame Game

When discussing the current dire situation the West is now in, the blame for the situation is always laid at the door of the Jews. When it comes to Marxism, Jew haters will claim Marx was a Jew but fail to mention that his family had converted to Lutheran Christianity. [That's because Jew is a race, not a religion.] But Marx isn't the only figure to have influenced the left, the philosophy of Antonio Gramsci, founding member of the Italian Communist Party is also greatly admired by the leftards and he was not a Jew.

Jew haters conveniently blame the Jews for the current situation the West is in and will claim Multiculturalism for example, has been imposed upon the West by the ruling Jewish elite who want to destroy the West. I reject this absolutely. Jews are not responsible for the nightmare of Multiculturalism and to single out one race for blame is ridiculous. Are some Jews involved in enforcing Multiculturalism? Of course. But there are also blacks, Asians, Orientals, Arabs and of course whites including leading Christians who are all involved in inflicting this unnatural and destructive social experiment upon the British people. [But who is at the vanguard? Who is disproportionately represented? Who forms the hardened core of the enemy? Who has the intelligence to actually be dangerous?]

But the elite who are imposing Multiculturalism in Great Britain have only been able to do so because the majority of the British people have chosen to accept it. In addition to the malicious - the Marxists and the Socialists - there have been the naive Liberals who went along with it because they truly believe in the fantasy of a rainbow utopia, a Shangria-La where the lion lies down with the lamb, where all of the races live side-by-side in peace and tranquillity. All races that is except the Jews because they'd only spoil it no doubt.

I'm sure Jew-haters will now say something like: "Yes, but these naive fools have been betrayed and lied to, they trusted those who brainwashed them and those doing the brainwashing are the Jews."

To which I say: Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity and it isn't just the Jews who are doing the brainwashing, other races have noticed the suicidal stupidity of the West and are busy exploiting it.

This last point is absolutely crucial to this essay and is something every British Nationalist I believe needs to have a very clear awareness of. Blaming the Jews is nothing more than an excuse, it is an opt-out, a get-out-of-jail card that absolves our own people from the responsibility of the mess THEY have created. Throughout these essays I have tried to explain how the white race is behaving in ways that fly in the face of nature by WILLINGLY accepting the Multicultural ideology, indeed many British people - and of the white race as a whole - are amongst the most vehement defenders of this destructive and unnatural ideology.

Let me make it clear: The Jews didn't force Britons to gorge themselves on porn, to sink themselves into ever-increasing debt, to consume with insatiable greed the cheap foreign goods that flooded Britain. The Jews didn't force Britons to watch their Hollywood movies, to read Jewish and Marxist-Liberal propaganda through their media and the Jews didn't force anybody to vote for corrupt, devious, treacherous and avaricious politicians - politicians who come from a variety of backgrounds - native Brits, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, blacks, Muslims and Jews. The Jews didn't vote them in and what these traitors have done to their own people wasn't solely conducted by Jews and it has caused Britain far more harm than any other race has, including the Jews. [Force or fraud, it's the same either way. Jews lie, people die.]

Clear evidence of this was provided in a timely manner by the good people of Norwich in the recent by-election. In a year where the economy has collapsed, where taxpayers bailed out the banks, where slave ships returned to British ports and where the sickening greed of politicians from the lib/lab/con one party con-trick was exposed for all to see - ironically, in the Jew-controlled media - these rational and intelligent Britons did what they have always done and voted for these incompetent, greedy, self-serving, duplicitous thieves in their thousands. The Jews didn't put a gun to their heads to make them vote this way, they voted willingly and in full knowledge of what the politicians had done to them. [After fifty years of being conditioned that racism and anti-semitism were the worst crimes on earth, who exactly is left to vote for their own rational self-interest? Who hasn't been brainwashed to self-destruct via the education system, holocaust literature, social ostracism, peer pressure and the lying media to vote the wrong way? Voters can't help voting the wrong way when they are fed lies and threats from the day they're born to never, ever vote BNP. It takes people with great wit and great will to oppose such forces, usually at great cost to their own personal lives. It's a miracle anyone votes BNP, expecting everyone to do so is just ridiculous.]

In the last essay, I discussed Einstein's definition of insanity and applied it to the behaviour of the white race. And Norwich provided the perfect example of people doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. It is absolute insanity, no question about it.

The Jews are infected with this suicidal madness too, Jews like George Soros and the anti-Israel "Jewish" lobby group J-Street who continue to make demands on tiny Israel to give up its land to the Arabs in return for a non-existent peace. In so doing, these juicidal Jews are aiding the current global Islamic jihad and they are far more useful to the enemy than any other Jew.

Diverting Attention

Blaming the Jews doesn't just detract from the root cause of the problem - the suicidal stupidity of the majority of the white race [And yet we can't help being stupid. Intelligence is genetic and we are stuck with a 100 IQ average, 15 points behind jews who can therefore lie and lie and lie and we'll never catch on. I've endorsed eugenics to get rid of our suicidal stupidity. How about you? In the meantime, what do you propose to do about it? Continue getting taken advantage of by high IQ lying jews for another couple centuries and hope we somehow survive to see the eugenics program bear fruit?]- it also diverts attention greatly from the responsibility other races bear for the grave damage they have maliciously inflicted upon Great Britain. Races such as the African and the Afro-Caribbean black, parasites who have invaded our nation, sponged off our welfare system, introduced their retarded culture including gang culture with its drug abuse and tribal violence. Then there are blacks who've made careers out of being black, blaming the white race for all of the many failings of blacks and screaming "WAYCISS" at anyone who disagrees with them, demanding more and more "positive discrimination" to handicap the native Briton so the black invader prospers - at the expense of the now weakened indigenous Briton.

Blacks never accept responsibility for their failures, they always blame another race, another tribe, another person for their own short-comings and I reject this absolutely. Blaming the Jews is exactly the same as blacks blaming the whites and throughout the West, [It's not exactly the same, for the precise reason that we are telling the truth, but they are lying. Suppose a girl claimed her life had been devastated by the continuous sexual molestation her step-father had done to her as a kid, but it turned out to be completely false and he was innocent. Now another girl says the exact same thing, but this time we have dna evidence, video tapes, and it's absolutely certain she's telling the truth. Is her accusation the exact same? Is she on the same level as the girl who lied and has no excuse for her emotional problems? Or is she allowed to protest abuse and injustice and ask for help against the pain that has been inflicted on her? Apparently not, according to Reconquista.] blacks are using the hate-crime of racism to colonise us whilst deceitfully blaming whites for the mess Africa is in.

Yet back in the lands of Africa, the whites have been almost ethnically cleansed from Zimbabwe, the Boers are facing an ongoing genocide and whites in South Africa are facing an escalating violent and anti-white racist crime-wave. All in addition to the appalling horrors blacks inflict on their own people. The behaviour of blacks has nothing to do with the Jews, blacks and blacks alone are responsible and nothing should distract from that uncomfortable truth.

Along with many other parasitical races who see Great Britain and the British people as a life-support system, who invade our land, grab as much as they can and give little if anything in return, these white-hating invaders present a much more serious threat than the Jews and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted from that. [Jewish parasitism is much more insidious because it doesn't just stop at your money. It seeps into your very brains and makes you want to serve jews -- witness the evangelical christians who would do anything for God's chosen people and Israel -- or this very author who would do anything to excuse jews for the many sins they've committed against our people. A nation can survive its fools and even its ambitious, but it can never survive treason from within.]


Blaming the Jews for the plight of the white race will only render British Nationalists powerless. [That may be true, that's certainly why Nick Griffen gave up talking about the jews, even though he knows the score. Nick Griffen denied the Holocaust and hung out with David Duke/Don Black in the past, but now he sings the merry old tune that Jews are the best thing since sliced bread. This is obviously just a tactical maneuver, but you seem so stupid that you actually believe in it. I don't believe any political party will ever succeed that doesn't tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But in any event, we should agree to at least not tell lies. A healthy blanket of silence, a complete refusal to comment one way or the other, is infinitely preferable to lying and groveling at the feet of our jewish handlers. Have some self-respect, at least enough dignity to say nothing at all. Don't attack us on the right with the courage and sacrifice that dared to oppose the most powerful people on Earth, for your sake, not our own.] The Jews are not responsible for this situation, whites are. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we accept that we are responsible for what has happened and therefore we accept that we and we alone are responsible for getting ourselves out of it. Blame is an excuse and an admittance of inferiority and there is no way I will ever admit that I as a white man - a proud white Briton - will ever admit anyone from any other race is superior to my own and that includes the Jews. [I'll readily admit a group is superior to me, if they are superior to my group. It's only objectively fair. However, jews are only superior at lying, at ruthlessness, at cheating, and other such traits. Their intelligence is largely used for one purpose -- how to lie, cheat, and poison everyone around them. I hardly want to be superior to Jews in this field, and therefore I quite readily cede the entire field to them. Who wants to be the best evil doers on earth? They can have it. The white race is the greatest race on earth, when it comes to things that matter. Our love of truth, our love of love, and our love of beauty is absolutely unparalleled. Our contributions to all three fields are absolutely unmatched. Just read Human Accomplishment if you have any doubts. Blacks can run faster all they want, and Jews can lie better all they want, I'm content with what I have, the most moral race on earth.]

What I resent the most when I read Jew-hating comments on BNP supporting blogs is the damage that they do to the efforts of all the BNP supporters and activists who are working tirelessly and determinedly to try and save our country and our people from being destroyed. All of their good work can be scuppered in a moment, all undermined by this crass and self-destructive hatred of a people who do not present anywhere near the level of threat to Britain as either Islam or mass immigration or the EU. Yes I know some comments are left by the red retards who will do anything to damage the cause of British Nationalism but still Jew-hating nationalists remain. This Jew hatred turns people off from the more important message that the BNP are trying to promote: That Britain is for the British people, that the British people have a right to their identity and their nation and the world has to accept this.

Those who do not are our enemies no matter what race, creed or colour they are and that includes those who have placed our people in great peril: The white race themselves.


Racism is pretty well established, but anti-semitism is still hotly debated. I don't think anyone needs another article proving blacks are stupid, Islam is evil, or Mexicans are drug dealers. The only topic that still seems up in the air, among all the racist circles of the world, is the precise role and place of Jews in all this. Because jews are intelligent and gain most of their money through legal, though not moral, means, whites are continuously deluded into thinking they are a benign or positive enrichment in our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. The same horrible catastrophe that struck Weimar Germany, Soviet Russia, Rome and Egypt will strike us down too. It's only a matter of time. We can fight AIDS or TB, the primary infection or endless secondary infections, the root cause, or the symptoms. One way, we at least have a chance at victory. The other way, we are doomed to die. How hard a choice can this be?

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