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Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's the Jews, Stupid!

Everyone should check out this excellent post at the Council of Conservative Citizens website.

Both videos are short and sharp at making their points.

I'm not convinced that a low fertility rate is particularly bad. The black plague killed off 1/3 of Europeans, but the population quickly rebounded, because population is tied to food production (and more recently energy + food production), not the amount of child bearing age women. Women can have 13 children a piece if they wanted, it doesn't matter if whites are reduced to a tiny scattering of a few million, we could rebound to billions soon enough. The bottleneck is not the ability to reproduce, it is and always has been the wealth to support said children.

So long as we keep control of our government and territory, all of our wealth will belong to us. This wealth can translate into bundles of bright bubbly babies whenever we want. If we lose control of our government, all our wealth will be diverted to our new ruling class -- if we lose control of territory, its natural resources will be exploited to the benefit of others. Those are the two permanent threats to white population levels. Once you lose these things, your population is permanently reduced, not temporarily, because the wealth can never be retrieved.

The presence of minorities presents no threat to the wealth of the majority so long as they don't seize our territory or government. This is why people largely see no harm in tolerating minorities and think we are jumping at shadows and crying wolf. The problem is minorities tend to cluster into ghettos where they form the majority. At this point, they seize control of the local government and the local territory, and drive all the whites out by crime, unjust tax policies, or simply dirty looks and an inability to find friends or lovers. If every single black, hispanic, or muslim minority were distributed evenly across the country, to be a harmless 20% block in every neighborhood, they really could be seen as some sort of diverse colorful vibrant enrichment of the otherwise pasty bland routine. When they become 60, 70, or 90% of the population, the calculation shifts violently to a desperate fight for survival, ala Zimbabwe or South Africa. What a quick transition this can be! One decade all your diverse friends and neighbors are as cute as buttons and harmless as kitty cats -- the next decade they are rioting, raping, and voting in a communist party that seizes all your land and income. What happened? I thought we were such great friends! I'll tell you what happened -- the one law of diversity politics is "Who? Whom?" Minorities know they have to bide their moment when they are still in the minority -- they have no such fear when they're the majority. There's another phrase for this situation: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Well meaning immigrants who just wanted to integrate and assimilate into white societies, do so because it is a fait accompli that they cannot get a better deal. However, when it's obvious that this difficult and slow progress could be substituted by simply seizing the money of a conquered and enslaved producer class, their eyes brighten up and they discard their old morality for the new and better one. Sure, they were fine with the old way, but nothing could convince them to stick to it, when the new prospect opens up to them. As a majority with total power, things start to look very different from the past. Why should I have to be the garbage man and live in the small house? Why should I have to learn their language? Why should I have to practice their religion or respect their beliefs? I'm the one in power here, this is now my country, why doesn't it adapt to me? Why don't whites assimilate to us, the majority?

Therefore, many things change when the scales tip and non-whites gain control of a territory or a white government. Not only the relative power of the two tribes, and their access to the wealth of the country, but the attitudes of the two tribes as well change just as quickly. Previously neighborly, friendly minorities become power hungry, corrupt, atavistic and vicious. Previously tolerant, de-racinated and charitable whites wise up and become stingy, fearful, and extremely race-conscious. A microcosm of this could be seen in the hurricane katrina disaster, where the superdome included bands of whites manning barricades of thrown up junk and protecting the women inside with the men keeping watch night and day surrounded by surly and hateful seas of blacks intent on their murder the moment they thought they could get away with it. Just previous to this hurricane, the same whites were tourists, more or less safe and enjoying themselves, and the blacks were simple townsfolk, going about their work. The attitudes of a race's members change drastically based on the authority structure, on the government that arbitrates between the groups -- it is not a safe thing to rely on, it is not a constant.

Of course, this is not to say that the presence of even one black isn't harmful to whites -- it is. The point is the additive cost of each malthusian place holder mouth to feed (that negates the extra white mouth that could have lived there instead) is minor compared to the threshold cost of losing control of one's territory or government. A great nation can abide a great deal of ruin. In fact, we can even take a little pride in being so rich, so powerful, that even when we throw half of our money away to complete waste and patronize millions of parasitic minorities who have done nothing but hurt us, we end up being the superpower of the world. What a nation cannot abide is the endgame, that last decade where everything is overturned all at once, and suddenly we have nothing left and no future save extinction. South Africa was also once a majority white country. South Africa also took pride in all the good it was doing for the blacks, despite their stupidity and inability to contribute to the greater good. There's no reason why anyone else has to make the same mistake twice. The experiment has already been performed, the results are already in -- we cannot allow such a thing to happen anywhere else.

Unfortunately for Americans, one race is such a good chameleon, that it took power without our even noticing. These white on the outside, non-white in the inside jews already control our government and have since Roosevelt's time. Currently, half the rich people in America are jews. They control the government through a shadowy matrix of campaign contributions, policy think tanks, media editorials, social science proffessors, lobbyists, voters, etc. They account for half of the US's billionaires. They have special protected statuses that denotes the nobility of all time periods -- a commoner cannot insult an aristocrat, but an aristocrat is free to insult a commoner. Political Correctness is just a new term for the same old pecking order. When you look at who is the least insultable in the United States, the answer is obvious to everyone -- jews. The Holocaust memorial was built in our capital before we ever had a memorial to our own troops who died in WWII. What could be a more obvious feature of an occupied government? America had nothing to do with the Holocaust, nor are any of the american jews here victims of the holocaust. We lost 300,000 white American lives in WWII, and yet the first thing we do is build a memorial to European jews who died during the war. How does that make any sense from a white perspective? But of course, if America is a jewish country, it makes perfect sense to mourn the only dead that matter, other jews. Now our schools go about teaching every 5 year old and up the horrors of the holocaust, an event American whites did not participate in, nor were victims of. Why? From our perspective, we should either be taught about the people who victimized us, or whom we victimized, as those are the only subjects relevant to our nation's future behavior.

At the very least, we should be taught of foreign atrocities by their order of magnitude. Therefore before learning of the Holocaust on any 'objective merit,' we should first have covered the reign of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Genghis Khan, the Aztecs, the Thirty Years War, the Muslim conquests of India, and Imperial Japan's slaughters starting from 1930 up until the day we stopped them. All of these atrocities were larger than the Holocaust on the scale of numbers and suffering, so why not teach our five year olds about them? The answer is obvious, it was never about the objective evil of the Holocaust that we must ward our children against, it was always about the subjective suffering of the Chosen people, the ones who run our government and call the shots. They were most interested in memorializing their dead and making our children worship and pity them in every way possible, to ensure their eternal power and control over us, than cataloging anything to do with white history, or an objective tally of world history's crimes. There could not be any better evidence of who exactly controls America than what is taught to our kids as being of relevance and importance from the past. As George Orwell said: He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. Dethrone the jews, and the next thing we can do is tear down all their Holocaust museums, just like the hateful statues of Saddam Hussein the Iraqis got to tear down. They are a symbol of our conquest and the tyranny of the jewish dictatorship whose sole goal has been our enslavement and destruction. Then we can erase the entire Holocaust literature from our schools, and never let our children hear a damn word about it, except in passing or as some irrelevant footnote to true white concerns. What a liberating feeling that will be! In place of the DC Holocaust Museum, we could build a museum to white victims of world jewry. It could start with Egypt and Babylon and just move all the way up to the present day, with the passage of the 1965 Immigration act, all the victims of black crime since the civil rights act could be written on a black marble wall next to our Vietnam wall, ah the joy in sending all our children on pilgramages to DC to get an education about evil jews who persecuted and murdered us for decades, centuries, even millenia. The mirror opposite of the narrative told today!

Because of jews, we were forced into WWI and WWII -- despite popular sentiment both times being completely against going to war. The first time, jews used their media, financial, and political ties to convince Wilson and the US populace to send us to war to support jewish interests -- namely Britain's Balfour declaration and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and freeing up of Palestine for jewish settlement. They trumped up complete lies about Germany to stir up sympathy for war -- the staged Lusitania disaster, the lying zimmerman telegram claiming Germany had plans to invade America through Mexico, etc. The second world war was the same. Hitler tried to avoid war with the United States at all cost, even though the jewish-influenced (his top counselor for instance was Morgenthau) Roosevelt was pushing for war through any means possible, even ordering the US navy to fire on any and all German ships they encountered. Even so, most people were against the war until Pearl Harbor, another artificially provoked event we could've avoided if not for our aggressive foreign policy against Japan.

Jews lobbied for and led the 1965 immigration act through congress. The final bill was the Hart-Cellar act, one of whom was a jew. If not for them, there would be no hispanics in this country -- now they have overtaken two of our states and eventually will take over the whole country. Everywhere they inhabit ruin follows, because they are biologically inferior and culturally completely alien -- something that suits jews just fine, who love the policy of divide and conquer and thrive on the new votes that support their spidery hold on the majority populace.

Jews were half the 'freedom riders' who went south to end segregation in all the marches with the communist fraud MLK. It was a jewish speech writer who coached everything MLK said in public, including his I have a Dream speech. Jews founded and ran the NAACP, blacks were just a figurehead for the movement. All the crime that has followed, all the bussing of white school children to minority districts where they are bullied, abused, and cannot be taught anything in failed public schools, is the fault of jews.

Jews have run the federal reserve for decades, they completely control the monetary policy of the United States. Aside from the inflationary pressure this has placed on our economy as a standard course, the egregious current waste of trillions in stimulus and bailouts is all going from jews, to jews, in an incestuous relationship between banks and government -- private jews and public jews -- or in other words crony capitalism. They've stolen more money from white taxpayers in a few months than the combined cost of black crime in the last fifty years. Just wrap your heads around that. It's hard to fathom, isn't it?

My point is this: The true harm caused by minorities is not their malthusian base resource cost, their placeholder cost that denies that space and wealth going to a new white child. If that were so, jews would be the least harmful minority in America, a tiny, innocuous, and harmless handful of enrichers. Instead they are the most harmful minority in America, the source of all our other woes, the misfortune of the world; and it's all because they have already achieved the dream that blacks and hispanics and muslims currently only dream of -- control of our territory and government. If whites had control of our own territory and government, we could swiftly and efficiently deal with the woes all our other minorities cause. They would be utterly harmless, we could even afford to keep every one of them in our country and bloodsucking away at our flanks, due to our sheer size and majesty. Whites are hurt more by jews than all the other races combined -- and we always have been. More whites were killed by the bolshevik jews than all the blacks, Indians, and muslims combined ever managed. It's horrifying what they did to Russia. It can never be forgiven. Never.

Eventually, someday, hispanics, blacks, muslims, or asians could present a threat as grave to whites as jews ALREADY CONSTITUTE. IE, those races might someday be numerous and influential enough to seize our government and territory. Even South Africa did not manage to do this without the help of jews -- the founders and behind the scenes runners of the ANC. But Haiti, at least, does represent a pure transition of white to black rule. As such, we must of course guard against the dangers of muslim/black/hispanic/asian takeover. We cannot allow them to control our government (heck, it would be better if they had no say in it at all), or populate a territory so heavily that they become the government of that region, and exploit its economic worth for themselves. California is a basket case due to just this sort of transition. But it's all rather elementary, when we've already lost control of our government and territory to jews. It's like closing the barn door after the horse has already bolted. Let's admit it, we haven't had a white America for practically a century; everything has been designed for the benefit of the jews, nothing for our own benefit. Henry Ford was pointing this out 80 years ago, it was already so virulent even then! It's hardly improved since, in fact, their hold has only become more permanent, more established, more unchallengeable, more unquestionable, with each passing year. If we want to free America and regain our sovereignty and territory, it can only be freed, and retrieved, from its current owners. It's kind of hard to ward against alien invasion when it's already occurred. The british may as well marshal their arms today and range out on the beaches to stop the normans from crossing the channel. First we must throw out our current alien invader overlords, our current usurpers and tyrants, before we have any chance at warding off future aliens, invaders, overlords and tyrants. Barack Obama is entirely the product of our jewish minders, just like the NAACP, the entire presidency is a figurehead, a front, with jewish power underneath. There's no possibility this is wrong, the jews even admit to it --

Once jews are thrown out of government, they would become as harmless as any other minority -- a nuisance, but nothing more. In fact, due to their small numbers, they would become the most harmless group in America. We could be as benevolent and merciful to them as we wished, with no threat to our own safety. After all, once we recognize the jews for who they are and take steps to ensure our government belongs exclusively to ourselves from here on, what can they do? Their entire power lay in their chameleon like nature, their white skins that hid as members of the majority while always siding with other minorities. Naming the jew is the same as robbing it of its magic powers. Like cockroaches they cannot stand the light of day. If we want to save America without hurting anyone, it's still possible. Dethrone the jew, undo all the anti-white policies that jews implemented that make us vulnerable to subsequent infections (in the classic AIDS-TB process), and watch your children play in the rolling green fields of our beautiful 50 states. The one thing you cannot achieve, is saving America without ever confronting the jews. That would be as hilarious as launching a revolution without unseating the current government or disobeying any of its orders. The status quo is jewish rule, jews want the status quo to continue, this is the ideal world jews have crafted for themselves. To change the status quo, to remake the world, to put in new rulers, the interests you'll always conflict with, the people always barring your way, will be said jews. How can it be otherwise? It would be like Jupiter trying to become ruler of the gods, without ever confronting his father Chronos, who attempted to eat him and all his siblings to keep him down! Or Luke trying to become a jedi, without ever facing Darth Vader. It's not possible, it's not going to happen. We are doomed to this confrontation, by the nature of reality. Politeness, good wishes, or squeamish fear, cannot stop the inevitable. The war is, and always has been, for the last two thousand years, with the jews, the only minority that has ever threatened the west. No one else has mattered, and no one else matters now. It's the jews, stupid!

The jews are our misfortune! The rest is just details.

p.s. : Be sure to listen to this youtube Saga song, really, it's great and with 1300 comments, it's wonderful to know how many people have rallied to the cause. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Look how many people signed off with 14 in their comments! It's heart warming.

p.p.s: I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks. I'm not giving up. The fire burns bright and true. So don't worry just cuz I'm not posting~

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