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Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama's Insane Policies:

Politics isn't a very interesting topic, because so little ever happens in politics, and yet so much is written about it in a day to day manner. There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, and therefore arguing against one or for the other is a complete waste of time. Philosophy is much more interesting, and I prefer to stick to larger ideas without mentioning politicians or the current debates going on in the media. Quite simply, everything the media says is controlled by the enemy, and therefore no topic worth mentioning ever occurs in that arena. If the media is even discussing an issue, you can be sure it is essentially irrelevant and meaningless -- attention will never be given to the issues that matter.

However, even I am taken aback by Obama's agenda for America. It's rare for a politician to attempt to destroy America in so many ways, so quickly, that the bills start colliding and interfering with each other. Any one of these bills, if they pass, will cripple our economy. Assuming they all pass together, I have no idea how we the people would cope. The economy is already approaching the same levels as the Great Depression from the 1930's. Any other president would be intent on saving our economy, strengthening our capitalist underpinnings, restoring the dollar and getting Americans jobs. Not Obama, he doesn't give a damn that we are currently in a Great Depression. Instead, he's determined to push hyper-marxist laws that America has rejected over and over again, and still disapproves of in every poll, that will only compound our problems and extend our misery for decades to come. That is, if we ever recover. It's rare that even a single bill or idea this disastrous is pushed in Congress, but Obama has at least five on the table he's pushing simultaneously! George W. Bush has to have been our worst president of all time -- but at this rate, it won't take long for Obama to surpass him.

First, Obama has done nothing about George Bush's wars. We are spending as much or more on these fruitless, evil wars as we were before Obama got elected. This is all the more angering because while Obama was campaigning, this is the one thing he was ever right about -- the one advantage we would gain by electing Obama over McCain. In fact, it appears Obama intends to increase the military's budget. It's still an even guess whether he intends to go to war with Iran. If we did, the price of oil would again shoot up, our military budget would devour yet more tax dollars, more young men would die for no reason, and America would become more vulnerable, not less, to terrorist reprisals.

Second, Obama has called for the strengthening of the community re-investment act, rather than its dismantling. The entire real estate bubble was caused by loans given to 4 states: Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and California. It is almost exclusively due to hispanics taking loans they couldn't repay, and banks having to swallow the losses thereby incurred. America has lost trillions of dollars due to the reckless spending habits of minorities who couldn't possibly qualify under fair terms for their housing loans. What does Obama plan to do about this? Stop the bleeding? Stop making loans to minorities? Put in stricter standards to make sure anyone who takes out a loan for a house, can actually afford to repay the loan? NO, of course not. He plans to pump yet more money into minority neighborhoods, give even more free houses away, and let banks stomach yet more losses in an ever expanding cycle. There is no way we can possibly recover from this housing depression until we stop repeating the same mistakes that got us here in the first place. Can someone please tell Obama the statistics on the racial breakdown of mortgage defaults in this country? Apparently he hasn't caught the memo.

Obama's health care plan is another vile concoction. There is only one way to give everyone in America decent health care -- restrict it to cases unrelated to old age or bad behavior. If we were to do that, we could slash health costs to a bare minimum and cover every American out of the public purse. However, resorting to the taxpayer to accomplish the impossible has an unlimited financial cost. We cannot give all old people all the health care they need until they are 'healthy' again, because there is no god damned cure for old age. We cannot make people who smoke, overeat, drink, sleep around and take drugs as healthy as people who diet and exercise while refraining from sin. People who poison themselves have no right to be supported by anyone else! The cost of irresponsibility, if transferred to others, allows it to expand indefinitely. It is a moral hazard on the grandest scale. This health care bill simply shanghais healthy people to subsidize sick people at no gain to themselves. The current estimate for this new boondoggle is a trillion dollars, but of course that's just the beginning. What about illegal aliens who will flood in for the now free health care benefits? What about people living less healthily since they now don't have to pay for the consequences? What about the automatic ballooning nature of government that oversaw the same growth in Social Security and Medicare we were told would never happen when they were implemented?

Now let's look at 'Cap and Trade.' In short, Obama wants us to return to the pre-industrial age. That's all well and good, but does he intend to return to the population levels of that period as well? Something like 1% of all energy generated in America comes from solar and wind. There is no way it could possibly fuel a modern economy or provide for the needs of 300 million Americans. Either we continue to use coal, oil, and natural gas, or we starve to death, freeze to death, and otherwise die until our population is back to the USA of 1700 or so. Most notably, none of Obama's energy plans include new nuclear plants. If we ever did want to get rid of fossil fuels, the simple solution would be to switch to nuclear power. But that isn't Obama's goal. Obama's goal is to eliminate all sources of energy, to simply turn out the lights on America.

Here is a quote: “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

“That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” he added.

Obama literally wants us to starve to death -- that's his energy plan. "We can no longer eat as much as we want." What a far cry this is from the original Marxism, that promised: "Peace, Land, and Bread!" Now we are offered hunger, freezing temperatures, and the end of the automobile as our bright new dawn under our Red-Green overlords.

Cap and Trade is currently another trillion dollar useless program that will not in any way prevent global warming or stop carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. There will be zero, zero, ZERO impact on the Earth's temperature from this bill passing. The only people who benefit are corrupt insiders who stand to gain from the new arcane system of 'carbon credits,' and the government tax dollars they'll find ways to spend on completely different agendas. Even scientists agree that nothing we do will have the slightest impact on global warming, because it is all too little too late. We are locked in to a gradual warming of the earth due to heightened carbon emissions for the next century at least. If we want to cure our climate woes, all we can do is invest in technological solutions, such as fusion power, cheap solar power, atmospheric carbon retrieval programs or giant lampshades to cover the earth. Crippling our economy, removing our very ability to live and work in a technological, energy-intensive age, will only ensure our helplessness at facing these issues.

Of course this isn't nearly enough for Obama. Obama also wants to pass an amnesty for all the illegals in America. The moment an amnesty is passed, 20 million more poor, stupid people will be eligible for all sorts of government benefits. Welfare, health care, education, social security, you name it, they'll get it. Immigrants are net tax consumers, not producers. This is why California has gone bankrupt. It isn't rocket science to realize what a plague these hispanics are upon the land. Even so, Obama wants to give them all citizenship, encourage yet more hispanics to come, and lavish all of them with tons of new benefits courtesy of American tax payers. The cost of illegals and their broods of children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, will continue to be paid by Americans for all time. Once amnestied, there will be no way to deport these invaders save civil war. The results will be higher crime and lower standards of living for the remainder of American history. There is no economic sense behind amnestying these illiterate high school dropout non-english speaking drug dealing gang banging schweinhunds.

The reason is not economic, it's pure hatred. Obama wants to genocide the native white inhabitants of America and replace them with more 'people of color' like himself. He hates us and wants us dead and gone, swept away by a wave of fellow thugs and idiots like his own race. He can identify with them, he can't with us, and therefore we must go and they must stay. In a time of great depression, where real unemployment is already 16%, allowing a massive influx of new immigrant workers into the country is pure insanity. How are people supposed to get jobs when there is a glut of labor in the market? How are the poor supposed to get a living wage when there is an infinite supply of scab workers ready and willing to invade America and work for less? How dare Obama pass an amnesty of illegal workers on us during a time of record unemployment? How dare a single immigrant be allowed into this country while our own people cannot find jobs and are living in tents as we speak? It makes me want to cry. We don't have to read the Grapes of Wrath to feel compassion for the poor anymore -- the stories are all around us, here and now. Only pure hatred could animate Obama's push for amnesty in the midst of this pain.

That's not all, folks! There's more! In 2010, just a year from now, George W. Bush's tax cuts are slated to 'phase out.' At the time, they represented welcome relief and spurred our economy to steady growth even in a time of war and terrorist attacks. However, as the years went by, 'tax freedom day' continued to revert to where it had been before the Bush tax cuts had been passed. This is because state and local governments, seeing that people had less federal taxes, simply increased their own taxes to make up the difference. Now, if all the Bush tax cuts were phased out to nothing like they are slated to, it would represent a gigantic tax INCREASE on all Americans. It would not be reverting to the tax burden of 2001, it would be reverting to a tax burden never before seen in American history. It's common knowledge that increasing taxes hurts the economy, whereas cutting taxes always helps the economy. Sometimes it makes sense to hurt the economy for the sake of some greater good. If for instance, we can afford to hurt the economy, because it's roaring along swimmingly anyway, and we'd like to partake in some form of social justice, cold war, or space race -- then fine increase taxes. In the midst of a Great Depression however, where the only thing we can possibly be focused on is getting the economy back on its feet, a tax hike is suicide. The bush tax cuts saved us trillions -- the corresponding restoration will be a tax hike of trillions, all in a time where no one can afford their current bills. Taxes depress business activity because it is harder to make profits, and thus less worthwhile to make any investments. Fewer people will be hired, and the depression will drag on indefinitely, while the government wastes all the money it stole from us on worthless boondoggles like wars in the middle east, cap and trade, or universal unlimited health care -- that no one wants and nobody can afford.

Under Obama, our economy is doomed. If a new congress isn't elected in 2010 that can stop all these horrendous bills from passing, irreparable harm will afflict America for generations to come. Obama hasn't done a single thing right since his presidency began. I hate his foreign policy. I hate his domestic policy. I hate his stimulus package. I hate his automobile takeovers. I hate his trillion dollar deficit spending. I hate his pledge to donate billions to foreign aid at a time when Americans are suffering in our very midst. I hate that he won't reveal his birth certificate and verify he's even a natural born American citizen. I hate his appointment of Sotomayor, a sexist racist intellectual lightweight who doesn't deserve to shine Frank Ricci's shoes. I hate his hate speech laws that are yet another attempt to stifle the 1st Amendment's right to free speech in this last and only free country on earth. I hate his appointment of a black attorney general who says we are 'cowards' for not discussing race. I hate his appointment of a black head of NASA, some monkey man running the most technological and sophisticated science industry in the world. I hate his wife who has 'never been proud of America.' I hate that he won't salute the American flag when the star spangled banner is playing. I hate his race-traitor coal slumming whore of a mother. I hate his alcoholic marxist kenyan father. I hate his muslim stepfather. I hate his Trinity Church 'mentor', Reverand Wright, who preached "God Damn America!" and said whites are responsible for the AIDS virus spreading like wildfire among a black community too fucking ape-like to keep their genitals to themselves. I hate that his political career was launched by a Marxist terrorist, Ayers, who has murdered Americans and committed treason in the hopes of ushering in a new Bolshevik age of terror into the land of the free. I hate that his primary campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs, a jewish fraud institute that rakes in billions through non-transparent means while all the other banks around them go under. I hate this man, this president, who has done more harm to America in the last six months than Bush did in the last six years.

I hope all his bills pass. I hope he's re-elected. I hope in his next term, he comes up with 10 new amazing bills just as bad as these, and they all pass too. I hope Obama gets a third and a fourth term, hell, I hope Obama revokes the entire constitution and becomes dictator for life. Anything to wake up the idiot masses of America! Anything to break free of this horrible fantasy of a post-racial, multicultural, rainbow love society. Anything, any amount of suffering, if this can at least be the bottom of the well, the limit to our tolerance, and the beginning of the resistance that must form, sooner or later, if the white race is to survive in our own country our ancestors fought and died for. Roll on, Obama! Roll on, Communism! Roll on, the new dark age!

Once the last vestige of civilization is gone, there will finally be nothing left to stop us. Whites don't lose wars to monkeys.

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