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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Carrots and Sticks

How will we recruit the revolutionary vanguard needed to secure a white homeland? Obviously if we already had one, we could simply revolt. Since we don't have one, we must first convince people to become one. What's in it for them? We must show that their lives and their children's lives would be better off in a white homeland, than the USA. We must also provide a feasible plan proving the revolution would succeed if they try. I think the plan offered is feasible. I don't have exact knowledge or need exact knowledge on how the revolution could seize military hardware or nuclear weapons and point them outwards, while securing every street corner with a man with a gun. People better qualified than me, once they JOIN the revolution, can do this planning for us. But looking at it from 'above,' it just makes sense to me. In the end the only enemy America can throw at us is young white men of fighting age. No one else is worth a dime or has any military significance. If we corner the young white men with the guts to fight market, the war is won. It's won by default, whatever our plan is.

This doesn't mean women, children, and old people have no reason to live in a white homeland. They have every reason to do so. It just means that they aren't the people we have to convince. The people we have to convince are the ones who will be doing the killing and dying. Whoever else wants in is welcome, but the white men are going to be necessary.

So, what's in it for a white revolutionary? Why should he bother? What's wrong with America? Length of life is around 78, per capita GDP is 46,000 a year, crime isn't all that high in the suburbs, fancy new toys like iphones and computers are coming out every year, so what's the big deal? To say something like I did, that there is no future for white children outside a white homeland, that the men will be galley slaves and the women harem slaves, what on Earth am I smoking?

Like frogs who are being cooked slowly, whites have lost the perspective to notice the genocide being conducted against them. The genocide is insidious because it is slow and silent. If anyone imagines that in 100 years, these same rosy stats will be true of white Americans as they are today, they are absolutely deluded.

Where do I begin? How about with this. Since 1973, wages for the working class have not risen, even though worker productivity has doubled. Every extra dime you made was simply transferred to the wealthy -- you didn't see a dime out of your own effort and sacrifice for the last 40 years. The minimum wage has not kept up with inflation, you are getting poorer, not richer, as America ages.

Many of the people reading this, hopefully most of the people reading this, were not alive in 1973. They have never in their lives seen a pay raise, even though, and I stress, worker productivity has doubled. Do you think you will ever see a pay raise? Any pay raise that matches inflation, for the rest of your lives?

How do you imagine this pay raise will come about? You are competing with women, who have doubled the size of the workforce. You are competing with offshore workers, all 7 billion of the world's population. For jobs that have to be within our borders, you are competing with every last Jose and Marguerite, who can cross our border unopposed and take any job they like. Even though unemployment is now up to around 20 million in America, millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, are still being allowed in every year to compete for the remaining jobs.

The iron law of economics is supply and demand. If the supply of labor increases faster than the demand, the price of labor must go down to reach an equilibrium. That's your labor, bucko. Your labor will never be worth anything, because they have made damn sure your labor isn't worth anything. It will never improve -- in fact, it will get worse every year. I can simply PROMISE this. Demographics doesn't lie.

In 1950, a less productive economy, far less efficient and without any aid from computers, a man could get a job and support a family of 5. He could keep his same job his whole life, afford a house, a car, the white picket fence, the whole shebang. Then he could retire with a pension plan from his company, social security benefits, and plenty of kids willing to help out around the house. His wife wouldn't have to work a day in her life.

Now you tell me who is richer. 1950's America, or 2009? Sure, the stock market says we're richer. Sure, we have some new gizmos and toys. Sure, the houses are bigger (not that anyone lives in said houses, since our families are small to non-existent.) But are we really richer? Two people work, no job security, can't afford any kids, or anyone to raise the kids, social security is going bankrupt and won't help any of us, and the family is up in its ears in debt, and their nice big home is probably being foreclosed on. Traffic is heavier and we have to commute for hours just to get to and from work, adding yet more work for less pay. Do you get it yet, you poor deluded fools? They've stolen it from us. The American Dream is gone. And all that stock market money, that monopoly money they throw around in the quadrillions, is just a punch of baloney. The real facts on the ground do not reflect this wealth. Debt is not money, it's just playing pretend. Speculation isn't money, it's just playing pretend. Inflation isn't money, it's just playing pretend. Paper isn't money, it's just playing pretend. Real wealth is measured by real quality of life. In the past, a single man working normal hours could afford to support his entire family without going into debt and could retire in security, he wouldn't lose his job before then either.

That is wealth. Numbers are pure imagination, they reflect nothing but the con games of the rich, who use endless arrays of numbers to move money around, produce nothing, and somehow skim their wealth off the top of the frothy mess. Even supposing America was much richer today, who cares? Who cares if only 1% of the people ever see any of these riches? Are we really happy because George Soros is a billionaire? What's in it for us? Where's our golden ticket? I'll tell you what, it's never coming. You'll never get out of debt, you'll never get that coveted raise or promotion, because the law of supply and demand is non-negotiable. Look around you, a million new immigrants every year come to take YOUR job. You think this is a recipe for riches? Yes, for the top 1%. For everyone else? Get ready to man your galley, slave.

If it wasn't bad enough being slaves to our corporations, the government is moving in to take what's left of our freedom and labor for itself. The government has decided to put America 72 trillion dollars into debt, a debt we the workers will have to somehow repay. How? God knows how. Nobody knows how. They just assume, magically, that it will work itself out when the day arrives. In a geriocracy where the old outnumber the young, it will be impossible for us, the workers, to ever cut social security, medicare, prescription drug benefits, or any of the curses they have loaded down on us via their pernicious votes. These chains will take out our pay in terms of FICA, payroll taxes, income taxes, until we bring home barely nothing -- which we'll then spend on student loans or mortgage loans or car loans all at 30% interest, and all stuff we never should have had to go into debt for in the first place, in a properly run society. Every rent payment you make is just that much theft -- first they make housing outrageously expensive with outrageous interest payments, then they charge you for not buying an impossible to afford house. When people's take home pay is around 10,000 a year, it's awfully hard to buy a 500,000 2 bedroom 2 bath house.

They've got you right where they want you, paying for nothing, and whatever property taxes the locals levy for their 'schools' (ie minority daycare centers, since whites no longer can afford children, teacher welfare payments, since white kids never learn anything at school, government brainwashing centers, since whites can't be trusted to raise their own kids) is passed directly down to your rent. There is no tax on the rich. Just as the corporate income tax simply adds to the price of our goods or cuts worker pay, property tax is simply charged to the people renting, and sales tax is simply transferred to the purchaser. Disproportionately, the poor have to pay the liquor and cigarette taxes too, because first the rich grind you down with shit jobs and shit respect, then when you try and cope with that by escapism, they nail you again with super high excise taxes. THE GAME NEVER ENDS. The fleecing never stops.

Whites didn't used to need giant houses (where no one lives because we no longer have children.) They didn't need long commutes either. This is the hidden cost of our 'diversity.' The high crime of non-whites leaves whites with two options. They can sit in the center of a third world hellhole, where living standards are as low as Africa, until they are raped or murdered. Many people are forced to do this, and listen to the gunshots and police sirens drone on every day and every night non-stop. Or you can buy a super-expensive home, way far away, where the bad guys can't reach you. And by playing this arms race of home bidding, hopefully you can always stay one step ahead of the minority criminal, one neighborhood ahead, one block ahead of the gunfire. This won't work forever, the federal government has already caught on and given 'section 8' housing subsidies alongside their HUD housing subsidies, so that wherever whites flee, no matter how much they pay, the infinite wealth of the government can plop a few enriching somalis or nigerians into the house next door -- and the gun shots and drug pushing will resume as normal.

Even if it did work, people are going massively into debt to buy something they don't want -- an expensive house -- because we are not allowed to buy the one thing we really want -- security. A safe place for our wife and kids to live and grow up in without anyone hurting them. You cannot buy that, nearly at any price, in today's America. And as the criminals stream in by the millions, the murderous and gang banging hispanics and blacks and arabs and everyone else on earth -- security will decrease every year from here to eternity. Outside a white homeland, no matter how big your empty house with no people living in it, you will never be safe. Your family will never be safe. You will never know when the cell phone call is your crying daughter. South African whites have giant houses too -- surrounded by blacks, it's all meaningless. They are being hunted down one by one. There isn't a single family that hasn't been attacked, or doesn't know someone who has.

What is your money worth if it can't buy a safe place to live? America is taxing you heavier than any government has a right to tax anyone, but it can't grant you the most basic role of the state -- security. It's quite willing to spend 400 billion a year on 'defense' (IE, invading and attacking random nations around the world), but it won't spend a single penny in YOUR defense. So what's the point? America has ceased fulfilling any of its responsibilities as a government, it ceased doing this long ago -- why should any of us support it? When is the last time our government has been on our side?

There is something just as vital being neglected here. If men cannot make a decent wage, something even more precious has been stolen from them: Their pride. A man who makes less than his wife, who lives on the dole, who can't get a job, who can't pay for kids -- who can't even attract a mate because his bank account isn't flush enough -- who is divorced the moment he falls through the cracks -- such men are pale shadows of the 1950's existence. Women can talk all they want about how money doesn't matter, but the statistics show just the opposite: Whenever women make more than their men in a family, the clock is ticking -- divorce rates skyrocket to near 100%. The women in their hearts despise you, and the men in their hearts despise themselves -- both people hate every second of their lives. Probably, they'll start cheating on you with men who make more money, and become more and more flagrant about these 'hints' until you get it and accept a divorce. There's no rhyme or reason to it, it is simply how nature built men and women. Men are supposed to be the providers and protectors, if we cease to fulfill this function, women are no longer attracted to us. They have absolutely no use for us. Women have more satisfying orgasms when they are told the man they are fucking is rich compared to when they are told he is poor. That's how ridiculous it is. When we throw out traditional gender roles, it's not like evolution disappears, or instincts disappear, with them. Instead all we get is chaos and destruction.

You are ground zero of this destruction. Corporations were eager to double the size of the workforce and thus depress wages, women were eager to abandon the hard work of child birth and play 'big shot,' walking around in high heels and coats and thinking highly of themselves with their liberal arts degrees and service jobs, and men? Well, men are sexist if they don't think this is the greatest thing in human history. Fuck men. Men are obsolete, they do nothing anymore, they're good for nothing but the galleys. Maybe they can pretend to be a vibrator if they're lucky.

Without pride, what is life worth? Without a husband and children a woman can love and support, what is her life worth? We are born to play out certain roles, we are only truly satisfied when we fulfill them -- all but the degenerate psychos at least -- but no one is fulfilling them anymore. A happy few here and there? Sure. Probably they hang out with the 1% crowd getting all of America's vaunted wealth. For everyone else, there's adultery, arguments, emptiness and ephemeral relationships that produce nothing but heartache. Relationships have been so skewered, so utterly overturned, by women in the workplace, that I doubt our fertility rate, divorce rate, or anything will recover. The nuclear family is doomed in America, and due to that, every child born in America is doomed to lack a nuclear family, and all the mental illnesses and problems caused thereby. Most children will never be born at all. Women are too 'busy' to do their one and only duty in life! This hurts everyone. The fatherless, the motherless, the childless, the husbandless, the wifeless, everyone. Everyone would be happier if we returned to the old ways. That isn't chauvinism, it's common sense. It's just as good for the women to live natural lives, than men. It's no good for anyone to live like this.

Do you get it yet, slave? Do you get why your 'life expectancy, 78 (years of loneliness and meaninglessness), 46,000 per capita (deposited directly into George Soros' bank account), is nothing at all? That America can offer you nothing and no reason to live? That any child you bring into this world, will only live to see Hell from beginning to end?

So there are the sticks. You will not have a rewarding or fruitful relationship, probably any time in your life. You will never make enough money to pay off your taxes and debts. You will never get ahead because some immigrant worker or outsourcer will always be tearing you back down. You will never be safe because the government will not enforce basic law and order and subhumans prowl your neighborhoods night and day. Your very genetic existence -- whether it is your own kids, or the entire white race, is being snuffed out by low birth rates plus territory destruction. You will literally have nothing left on this earth if you are born today, by the day you die. You will have lived to see every last white family, white nation, white landmark, destroyed and conquered, raped and pillaged from the Earth. If you build something bright and beautiful, you will live to see it torn down and smashed right in front of your eyes by the jealous and feral immigrants who took your land. If you invent something, you will live to see the technology forgotten and no longer maintained, and the products rust away in landfills. If you have children, you will live to seem them raped or murdered before you. If you save up a fortune, you will see it expropriated at the point of a gun. If you do ANYTHING, it will not outlive you. Your actions will no longer have any impact or any meaning -- you will no longer be able to help anyone but parasites and destroyers. You will not live in the heart or memory of anyone on earth. No one will visit your grave or mourn your passing.

Do you get it yet? The death of the white race isn't some theoretical construct. It means your life is meaningless, and no one will ever love you. It's the death of your immortal soul. It's the second death, the death of being forgotten, of the universe wiping all trace of you from its records. It's the worst fate that could ever befall anyone. Is that stick enough for you? Is that sensational enough to get you up off your ass and do something?

If not, don't worry, I still have the carrot portion of this deal.

Here are some carrots -- Freedom of Speech, Freedom to bear Arms, Freedom of Religion. The real bill of rights, the one that we no longer have and haven't had for a century or so. Decent jobs at high wages that you are absolutely assured to get -- no non-white competitors that can take it from you. True security, where crime is completely unheard of and people can leave everything unlocked without fear. A citizen's dividend that always keeps your head above water and out of debt, paid in full to everyone equally -- no special interests -- no rewards for bad behavior -- no minorities -- taken as a giant thank you for being a proud member of our country, mainly from the rich who don't need the money anyway. Lower taxes for everyone. Eugenics that means every generation will be better than the last. A space program that gives our nation a common destiny. Every man can find a wife, and every wife a man, because marriage is mandatory at 20 and two children are mandatory by 25, and while children are growing up, women can't work beyond maybe a part time job (afterwards, knock your socks off). Divorce will not be allowed without grounds. Adultery will not be allowed, period. Schools will teach something useful and be the high point of your child's day, not prison terms. Children will laugh and play outside again.

Your race will be safe, and your memory honored for all time. You will have made the largest impact in world history, because saving the white race is the most important thing anyone could possibly do in history. You can live in a world free of lies and hypocrisy -- you can finally breathe easy and say what you really feel without punishment. The media will no longer be mocking you on TV. The streets will be clean, the houses painted, and the air clear. Everything will look beautiful -- including every person you pass on the street -- white like you with hope and joy in their faces, like the hope and joy in yours. An end to all foreign wars. A nobility of merit, not of greed, that loves their people, instead of hates us, running the show. An end to over crowding, wide open spaces, and houses you can afford.

Can you see it yet? The happiness we can fight for, but will never be given to us? In that case, become a white nationalist, in the true sense of the word, and for Christ's sake, fight for a white nation.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. In the end all of this 'what's in it for me' bullshit has to stop anyway. I just have to look you in the eye and ask flat out if you are going to watch the blonde haired blue eyed children running around in the parks today die forever, or if you are going to do something to save them. Are you going to betray us or not? In one case, I hope I shoot you someday. In the other, welcome aboard.

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