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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Power of Imagery:

Read all about it. It turns out that if people are shown a fictional movie, and read a true account of the same subject, they will 50% of the time, one week later, when asked what truly happened, respond with the movie's version of events.

Alternatively, if the movie is the same as the text's true account, they will 50% more accurate in their recollections of the truth.

Basically a massive portion of the populace cannot be reached through the written word and is solely manipulable through tv and movie images.

Who controls Hollywood?,0,3844853.column

Well, here's a jew writing in the mainstream press the same answer we are 'radical', 'conspiracy theorists,' or 'nuts' when we say the same.

Jews control hollywood. If Jews control hollywood and the TV stations (which of course they do), this means they have the power to manipulate 50% of the population to such a point that even when they are given the truth to read, they will prefer the fantasy fiction on the screen.

Is this really an entertainment device? Or is it a weapon held at our jugular? If jews can make half the population believe anything jews want them to believe, in a democracy, this gives them total power over the country. Where do you think all these ridiculous lies come from? This is why jews cannot be allowed near a camera or a microphone, they broadcast poison and they use it to gain power over the rest of us. Whether jews live inside our country, or outside of it, their influence will be the same, if we allow a single one of their movies or TV shows to be shown. Basically, TV and movies are not the harmless 'fiction' that mature responsible adults can enjoy without psychological brainwashing. For the majority of the population, it is a weapon that enslaves them for life into a world of lies. They cannot distinguish between truth and fiction. If they see it happen, it must be true. That's as far as their lowly IQ ever goes. Then these brainwashed zombies turn around and vote for the jewish hand-picked candidates, because of what the movies and TV shows taught them was true and good. This drags the rest of us down with them, whether we were fooled or not. Commonly these zombie masses will exert peer pressure on us to conform to the movie-reality they have been sucked into, or they will divorce us, disown us, fire us from our jobs, and so on.

It's no good to be living in a population of 1/10 manipulators, 1/2 zombies, and 2/5 honest free men. The zombies are doomed due to their own weakness, so we can ignore them if we please. But what about the honest free men who just want to live in the clean air of truth and not be bullied by the losers around them? What about the 2/5 of the population which wants neither to manipulate, nor be manipulated? Do we just have to stand here and watch armies, legions of zombies be produced in hollywood factories to be ranged against us in their battles, peer pressure, economic pressure, elections, etc? If we do, we will be dragged down with them.

This is the curse of anyone who knows the truth, knows what is right, but will not act. He will be dragged down with everyone else. Despite what is inside his head, he will act like everyone else around him, and the consequences of society's acts will affect him just as much as anyone else. It is useless to be free of lies personally, the entire country must be purged of lies, brainwashing, and manipulation, or else you may as well be just as deceived as the next guy. And that means in this case, jews and all jewish thinking from the beginning of time to today must be purged from the country. That is, unless studies show that the inhabitants of said country are responsible enough, mature enough to watch lies for entertainment value, or for the edifying purpose of recognizing lies when they see them, and are no longer misled and controlled. We can hope through self-selection that our homeland would have less fools like the ones reported in the article, and that through eugenics we would soon overtake the IQ of our jewish overlords and thus see through all their trickery -- but at least to start with, what we need is an independent media making our own music, movies, television, religion and myths.

We need our children watching life-affirming values that inspire and reinforce their racial instincts. It could be as simple as showing the earlier Disney films, before jews took the company over -- Sleeping Beauty, Cinderalla. It could be showing Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Braveheart, The Patriot, Gladiator. Stories where men are still men and they fight for something larger than themselves. For a free people, we need an extremely controlled media. It sounds paradoxical, and yet it is crucial. If lies are more believable than truth to the common eye, we can't pollute people's minds with even the most innocent of fictions. We become the guardians of Truth, by ruthlessly censoring any lie that might pass through the screen's pixels before it reaches our populace and changes their attitudes and behavior forever.

Humans were never adapted to look at seemingly real-life events, and assume they were false. This power came from technology just 100 years ago. For a couple million years, people assumed that if they saw it with their own eyes, it must be true. It will take a long time for our minds to catch up, evolutionarily, to the world we face today. Until then, we must treat the technology of motion pictures as carefully as the nuclear bomb. It's simply too dangerous in private hands.

Whenever I say jews control America, or jews control the world, people say that's impossible, there's too few of them, blah blah. And yet, when I point out that the entire world watches Hollywood movies, and that 50% of people when given a true account of what happens, still believe the movie they saw was the true version of events, and that therefore 50% of the world believes anything jews tell them -- they can't see how that yields jews control of the world? When I point out that 50% of the world's religions (by population) are based originally on the Torah, that giant stack of lies we call the Old Testament and the center piece of all jewish thinking, they imagine jews don't in the least control or influence them!

The fact is, you don't need political control over someone, if you have already lied them into supporting you through modern media or ancient scripture. The easily misled, the zombies, are completely tied up in the Jews' corner. And the free men, the ones that can't be fooled, are dragged down with the zombies due to the disparity in numbers. This amounts to total world power. How can it not? The study is right there. It speaks for itself. People have a right to know the truth and live according to its precepts. Whether they are stupid and gullible, or being dragged down by the stupid and gullible, it is still wrong to force them down the wrong path. If jews don't get that, if they insist on inserting lies into all of their news coverage, movies, music, magazines, and tv shows, then people have a right to live without jews and free of all jewish thinking from ever crossing their country's borders. What else can we do? Must we simply bow our heads and be their slaves forever? Must we be their cattle and lick their feet forever, as Israel's Prime Minister wished of us? I'm sorry, but I want better in life than that. I want white children all around the world, to have a better life than that. Whether it inconveniences jews or not.

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Rollory said...

Related: the new movie Inglorious Basterds is all about Jews going commando behind German lines and killing lots of Germans, including women and children, in terrorist style ways. Of course no Jews ever actually did anything of the sort, and neither was the American army this savage nor was the German army full of Nazis (that was what the Waffen SS was for). But Hollywood Jews shall not be denied their revenge porn.