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Thursday, August 27, 2009


According to Ayn Rand's masterpiece, We the Living, the three choices a human being has in the face of tyranny are 1) Kill yourself, 2) Kill your mind, 3) or Leave.

America is in the grip of a tyranny just as bad as communism, in fact worse than Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia, despite grinding its people down as much as it could, never imagined importing a new race of people into the country in order to genocide the native inhabitants. That was an innovation of the West. America took the lead in waging war against its own people through complete and total race-replacement immigration. America is in fact the worst government in human history, the most evil government to have ever lived. Even though China killed 35 million Chinese, they never imagined killing off all Chinese, or replacing Chinese with negroes after the slaughter was done. America, however, has taken an entire continent of whites and thrown it to the wolves. Not only the 200 million or so whites currently living in America, but all the whites who will never be born on our once mighty continent -- larger than Europe and thus holding the greatest potential as the cradle of the white race -- have been murdered forever. It is a crime of unspeakable magnitude, a tyranny beyond any bearing.

This insane behavior has been papered over by a paper-thin excuse, that all people are interchangeable parts, that it doesn't matter who exists and who doesn't, that white people have no reason to live anyway -- and that therefore killing off all whites and replacing them all with browns is not, in fact, a crime. This paper thin excuse does not work -- if people truly believed we were all interchangeable parts, you would not see the segregation of the races that everyone personally chooses in their private lives. The friends they make, the church they attend, the neighborhood they live in, the race they marry, all of it innately rebels against the theory that everyone is the same and interchangeable. Race matters. It matters to everyone. The race around whom we live is one of the most pivotal factors for human happiness possible.

What we are seeing then is not that the excuse is working, all people immediately see through it and declare it false in their own lives. Instead, the excuse is more subtle. People imagine that even though they happen to be racist, that the mythical person 'out there,' 'somewhere,' leads a completely multicultural, multiracial existence, just like the excuse says we should. These people, constantly portrayed in the media and tv shows and movies as absolutely loving diversity and always having a black 'best friend,' and a black 'boyfriend/girlfriend,' must be the majority. So each white individual assumes he is in the minority, and that even though the system does not work for him, it must work grandly for everyone else, or else why would the media have so many shows about it? This placates him, in essence, the white person 'takes one for the team.' The very collectivist loyalty that proves the theory of multiculturalism a lie, allows him to suffer for the greater good of all his white contemporaries who apparently all love diversity and can't have enough of it.

Next, the paper thin excuse is enforced in the same way Communism was enforced in Russia -- you never know when you are being spied on, who will betray you, who is the informer in your circle of friends -- you never know when it is safe to tell the truth. The fact is, everyone is a racist. We are born racist, we are born preferring our race, we are even born hating and fearing people of other races. We are attracted to people like ourselves and hate people who aren't like us. This evolved naturally because anyone who didn't feel these emotions, had no incentive to further their collective gene pool, and lost in competition with those who were enthusiastic pushers of their own collective gene pool. Evolution has so hard wired racism into everyone's brains, that this IN ITSELF proves racism is necessary for survival. That everyone who isn't racist, has already long gone extinct. It also proves that anyone who isn't racist today, is also destined for extinction. It is as suicidal to ignore this natural urge, as it is to stop breathing, eating, or reproducing, in some demented belief that we should 'rise above our instincts' and 'be better than our animal selves.'

So when people gather in a group and denounce racism, it isn't because a single person there believes it. It's because all of them are terrified of being singled out as the racist in the group and attacked by their peers. Their peers, likewise, are terrified when a friend or family member announces they are racist, for fear of guilt by association. They will then denounce in the loudest and most scathing tones their former friend or family member, in order to escape the tar brush of being implicated alongside their erstwhile intimate with the same crime. If you don't join in the attack on your peers, you will join in being attacked by your peers. Therefore we have a foolproof system, where everyone is actually racist, and yet no one can either be a racist or tolerate a racist in their midst.

How has racism become such a terrifying charge? Well, sometime around the 1950's, racism was blamed for slavery, the Holocaust, murder, war, poverty, and every other activity humans find repellent. If racists were responsible for everything that had ever gone wrong in human history, no one wanted to be a racist. There was even a on-the-surface good argument for this theory: The people who took slaves, genocided jews, murdered blacks in lynch mobs, invaded other people's lands, denied people jobs or services, so on and so forth -- WERE ALL RACISTS. This is proof positive that racism is the root of all evil, is it not? But of course it isn't, because they could just have easily said the people who did all those things all believed in breathing, or eating, and that therefore breathers and eaters are the root of all evil. By creating a false correlation between racism and evil (all good acts as well as evil acts were also done by racists), people decided that racism must be the ultimate evil and racists the darkest force in the universe. Just like the Soviets blamed everything on reactionaries and kulaks, today we are told that everything would be perfect if not for all the racists in our midst. Of course, since racism is as natural as breathing and eating, and since racism can only end when a group of people loses all wish to survive and dies just as soon as anti-breathers or anti-eaters would die, there will always be racists to blame for people's woes. Just like self-interest is as natural as breathing or eating, and self-interest will only end when a group loses all survival value and dies, and thus there will always be 'reactionaries' and 'kulaks' available for the Soviet Union to blame.

This game of first identifying a trait that everyone is born with, then blaming this trait for all evil that has ever happened, while ignoring the obvious good it must do for it to have evolved in humans in the first place, then attacking people for possessing this trait, is a tool of tyranny. There could be no better process for a tyranny to keep power than to make people feel guilty for possessing a trait they cannot help but have.

The truth is racism is not only the source of war, genocide, crime, oppression, and all that jazz. Racism is also the source of love, community, altruism, security, prosperity, meaning, identity, purpose, and pride. Racism is an absolute necessity in life and anyone who lacks it suffers and dies within a geological eyeblink. Scientific studies have already verified that people who take pride in their race are happier than those who do not. History has already shown what happens to any country that abandons its own people to foreigners (slavery and death). Putnam has already proven in his book 'Bowling Alone' what happens to the community life in the face of diversity. The very biology of the human being, our love for those related to us and fear of those unrelated to us, has the genetic stamp of approval of God almighty, our creator, evolution, that put it there for a reason. By piling all the sins of racism at racism's feet, while completely denying any of its benefits -- by ignoring the fact that racism like any other instinct can be abused -- that obesity does not mean eating is wrong, nor does hyperventilating prove breathing is wrong -- it has been possible to completely distort the argument to the point that racism is inexcusable and absolutely evil.

How do people deal with the fact that they discover themselves to be completely racist in all their decisions, while also believing that racism is absolutely evil? There is a lot of Orwellian doublethink. People pretend they are avoiding a 'culture,' or a 'bad environment,' when in fact all they are ever avoiding is non-whites. Then there are people who don't make any excuses for themselves, and feel miserable and guilty every day of their lives, self-flagellating themselves in private and public over how racist they are and how they cannot exorcise this inner demon. Then there are the people who manage to find one person they can relate to outside of their race, and thus pride themselves with clearly not being racist, while living in a white neighborhood, going to a white church, married to a white, with 9 out of 10 white friends, and so on. The schemes are various and multitudinous, but it all boils down to living a lie.

Living a lie is humiliating, it breaks the human spirit, it's degenerate. The results are swift and terrible. People who lived a lie in communist Russia fell to drinking, drug use, and the clearest of all symptoms of spiritual despair -- refusing to reproduce. Russia therefore has a third world standard of living among a first world people. They have been destroyed, annihilated, by living a lie, by living under the tyranny of a lie, by being made to feel guilty for who they are, by being forced to rebel against nature and reality, which made us the way we are for a reason. Now look at America and Europe -- alcohol and drugs used to be legal in our countries, there was even heroine available for consumption by all and sundry -- and yet not many people abused it. There were around 100,000 drug addicts in the entire United States when drugs were banned in the 1920's-1940's, less than 1% of the population. Now drugs, which we vigorously persecute and control with millions of law enforcement agents, are being used routinely by around 40% of the population. Alcohol used to be served to kids regularly and drunk every day by the peasants and nobility alike. They never had a problem with alcoholics like we do today, even with all our attempts to control alcohol consumption and keep it away from kids. The bars and New Year's Day celebrations of Russia and Britain today were never imagined by the rudest peasants of Russia or Britain of the 1800's.

Russia and the West have experienced convergent evolution. Even though different environmental factors were being applied to them, both peoples have adapted in the same way. The response to tyranny is always the same -- kill yourself, kill your mind, or leave. The response to feeling guilty, to living a lie, to being humiliated and ashamed, is always the same -- kill yourself, kill your mind, or leave. Both Russia and Europe has had a great exodus of people escaping to the far corners of the Earth. But there is another way to 'leave,' and that is not have children. If children are not born, they will effectively 'leave' this society, as will you, in time. People who can't bring themselves to commit suicide, can silently make sure they will not live in any sense of the word in the future, that no part of them will still exist to be oppressed and abused in the future. The birth rate of a people is a clear sign of their happiness, their spiritual health. When people feel confident and happy with themselves, they go on to have large families, like the baby boom after WWII. When they feel insecure and depressed, they have small families or none at all. This is where we stand today, and for the last 30 years this is where the West has stood. It is the greatest die off in our history. Worse than the black plague. Both Russia and Europe are killing their minds, they are rife with alcohol and drugs. Both Russia and Europe are killing themselves, suicide is much higher in modern life than it ever was in the 1800's or earlier, when people ostensibly had much lower living standards than today. It is spiritual health, mental health, not physical health, that determines suicide rates. Our technology has made us prosper materially, but nothing has nurtured our souls for a long time. The results should have been obvious as to what would happen if we rejected Nature and reality in favor of lies and tyranny, they are now clear from the simple facts of life all around us -- we are living in Hell and most of the West has already given up rather than live in it any longer.

Another way for people to 'leave' a tyrannical world, is to simply retreat into a tiny hole where the outside world can no longer touch them. Monasticism, secular style. These people feel completely alienated from the world, want nothing to do with it, and are in pain whenever they do have to interact with it. To divert their minds, they watch TV, play video games, read books, who knows what. Anything that doesn't involve the outside world is fine by them. These are the NEET's (Not in Education, Employment or Training.) and there are millions of them. People love to blame the victims, the NEET's themselves, for the phenomena of their existence, just as people love to blame suicides, alcoholics, and drug users for their choices, and yet it's obvious that it cannot be the individuals to blame. If the phenomena were all due to the failings and weakness of individuals, then the rates shouldn't change over the centuries, the same amount of people should have these failings and weaknesses every generation -- unless you can provide some sort of biological explanation for how one generation can be completely genetically unique, across the board, from all the generations that came before them who lacked these weaknesses. The alternative explanation, that society, the environment, has so drastically changed, that people who would have lived ordinary healthy lives in the past, are now driven to become NEET's, druggies, alcoholics, childless couples, or suicides, is the only explanation for this sudden upsurge in self-destruction.

Racism cannot possibly be to blame for societal self-immolation, as racism is always directed outwards against others, not inwards against one's own. In fact, it is the very lack of racism that is to blame for all of this. Racism is a society's immune system. It protects us against selfish individuals (cancer cells) from within, and from foreign invaders (viruses) from without. Just as there can be auto-immune disorders, racism can sometimes over leap its bounds and cause more harm than good -- look at the petty ethnic interests that sparked World War I and World War II for instance. But a total collapse of the immune system is not the solution to auto-immune disorders. Allowing selfish people to run roughshod over everyone around them, because 'individuals are all that matters,' allowing foreigners to invade, conquer, and despoil your lands 'because we are all equal,' is just as destructive as racism gone amok.

For fifty years now we have all been told to not be racist, that racism (and sexism, and anti-semitism, etc) is the source of all evil. For this reason, not a single inch of racism (or sexism, or anti-semitism, etc) has caused any of the problems of the modern era. Racism (or sexism, or anti-semitism, etc) cannot possibly be to blame for any of the hellish circumstances we find ourselves in today. And as it turns out, the world is now MUCH, MUCH more evil than it ever was before. This is not just a subjective statement of preference, it is objectively born out by the statistics of people's self-destroyed lives. Never have people been more depressed, more unhealthy, more self-destructive than today -- not once in history have birth rates depopulated a land more thoroughly than the black plague. It's a simple matter of cause and effect: First we banished racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, etc from the public sphere. Then we became the unhappiest people on earth and proceeded to kill ourselves off at a pace faster than the Black Death. Only a return to racism, sexism, and anti-semitism can possibly save us, because only by banishing these attitudes did we get here in the first place. C.S. Lewis once explained, that sometimes when people find they are lost and have strayed off the path, the only possible solution is to retrace their steps, go backwards until they have returned to where they started, and only then can they proceed forward again. In other words, progress is often simply returning to where we came from, when mistakes are made, there is nothing better than undoing the mistake.

When we got rid of racism, sexism, and anti-semitism, we doomed ourselves to today. A day where women have destroyed the family, children are no longer raised correctly, couples can no longer have meaningful and lasting relationships, and life can no longer be brought into the world. Where jews have destroyed our souls, by vilifying our history, replacing our uplifting epics with their degenerate lies in Hollywood and the media, and making us worship in their temples of holocaustianity, judeo-christianity and political correctness. Where other races steal the bread from our tables, the land from our ancestors, the birthright of our children, the language we speak, the government we ran, and even the wombs of our women, leaving us with nothing and nowhere for ourselves and our own. There is a direct link between all the problems society faces today, and the last fifty years we have lived in denial about the facts of life and the wisdom of our ancestors. (Who, UNIVERSALLY, were all racist, sexist, anti-semites, who I can quote ENDLESSLY from proving all of these points.) For anyone who wants a 'return to the good old days,' but refuses to return to the attitudes and philosophies and ideals that created the good old days, you are either cowards or hypocrites. A bunch of rotten fools who demand the benefits of something without ever undertaking its costs, its responsibilities, its actual creation.

It's clear as day that racism would not allow foreigners to waltz into our country, vote themselves welfare and take our jobs while raping our women.

It's clear as day sexism would not allow divorce, adultery, single motherhood or slut-spinsters who make a mockery of love.

It's clear as day that anti-semitism would not allow bank bailouts, media lies, filthy movies, or foreign wars for Israel.

All the ills of today would have been laughed away in scorn or slapped down with an iron fist of disdain a hundred years ago. No one would have stood for this shit, not for a single instant. When you take away all sanity and reason, every ability to protect ourselves and our society, what once was laughably simple and laughably easy to solve, is now an insurmountable dilemma threatening to drive us all to extinction. What a border guard or quiet talk could have solved yesterday, now requires an all out war today. This can't go on. What can't go on, won't go on. Either we continue our descent until every last person in the West has 1) killed themselves, 2) killed their mind, or 3) leaves, or we reverse our descent and return to the healthy society that once conquered the world and now can conquer the stars.


Anonymous said...

You're a really good writer. I'm going to be printing out and keeping a lot of this stuff.

Diamed said...

Thanks, it's good to be appreciated.