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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yay BNP!

Finally the Euro-election results are in. The BNP has won 3 local county council seats and 2 Euro MEP's. It was a close call but Nick Griffin barely squeezed in to the last seat of the northwest. This is great news, a big step forward from the BNP's previous performance of 0 councilors and 0 MEP's.

I give my heartfelt congratulations to the BNP and their activists and voters, and the proportional democratic voting system that allowed the BNP to gain seats in districts they were never the majority in. Nick Griffin got his seat polling at only 8% for instance. This kind of electoral victory could never occur in America, where one must win the plurality outright to ever get any representation.

However, 2 MEP's is nothing in the large scheme of things. Here we are in a worldwide depression, immigration is out of control, all the ruling parties are caught red handed in corruption scandals, and the sleepwalking public decides to elect 2 nationalists to office. What does it take? What will it take, how bad must it get, before people stop sleepwalking and start realizing what's at stake each and every election?

What troubles me is no democracy has actually forestalled an immigration takeover in the past. Rhodesia didn't save itself, South Africa didn't save itself, Serbia lost Kosovo to demographic change, and Brazil is barely above 50% white, but none ever forestalled their demographic defeat. Why do we imagine that if things simply get worse, if the percentages of non-whites get higher, if crime goes up or the per capita GDP goes down, that nationalists will eventually gain the approval of the voters? We just aren't seeing that reflected in the elections.

"Worse is better?" Things have gotten much worse, the nationalists have done slightly better. This kind of correlation does seem to exist, the question is, is it a strong correlation? Or is it too weak to stop the coming juggernaut? The beast slouching towards Gemorrah, as it were. I am unhappy with these results, just as I'm pessimistic about the future of nationalism and whites everywhere. The election has done nothing to stop the coming death of the UK or the death of the white race. The token resistance of 2 BNP MEP's out of 69, around 1 million votes for the BNP, polling even below the Green party (8.7%) at just 6.5% of the overall vote. 6.5%? 6.5% is not enough to save the UK. So now we wait for the next election, 5 years down the line. And in those five years, another million foreigners will have entered the UK, and another million englishmen will have left it. IE, as many foreigners will have entered in the next five years, dead set against the BNP's rise to power, as the entire BNP vote this year! The entire accumulated power of UK nationalism is equivalent to a few years of boat people continuing to flow in. Worse is better? Only if the remaining british whites wise up really, really quickly.

With 20%, or 40% of the vote, the BNP could have enacted some real changes for Britain's good. They could have stopped immigration and cracked down on crime, stopped the handouts to the banksters and gotten the British army out of its quagmire in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, not so much. The only thing we can hope for is that in the coming five years, things will continue to get worse, and wider publicity and propoganda will continue to spread the BNP message. It could be even now that most people in the UK have never heard of the BNP or even thought about the issues the BNP stands for. After all, around 70% of British people didn't even vote this Euro-Election. That kind of apathy has to stop. The vote is one of the only forces the common people have against the money-elites, who otherwise control everything -- funding, media, jobs, fashion, you name it. The one time everyone has an equal say in the fate of the country, and 70% don't even bother. You can bet the elites bothered, they probably marched out in force to vote for the status quo and the continuation of their unchallenged reign. The commoners have to wise up and do the same. Even if elections never deliver a real victory for the british people, even standing up and being heard can make a difference. A shame no such democratic system exists in the US, or maybe my vote could count for something. Instead, all the third parties in the US poll at around 1% at best. Who cares who you vote for? A vote for any of them is just a wasted vote. The Republicans and Democrats are the only game in town, and they're the exact same party either way you vote. Both are pro-immigration, anti-white, jew-funded status-quoers. I'm so envious of the European democracy, and yet 70% of people in the UK, with the actual chance to make a difference, still don't bother! Sheesh. The sheeple baah again.

As more results come in, I'll take a look at the European nationalists across Europe. Since I speak English and am half english by descent, obviously the UK held the most interest for me. But every nationalist in the European Parliament helps. (Not that I'm really opposed to the EU like most of these Euro-skeptic parties are. I'd be fine with the EU if the EU was anti-immigrant, anti-communist, and pro-white. But that's neither here nor there. The point is the euro-skeptic parties are also racialist parties, and that's the only decisive issue for who gets my approval, the rest is just petty in the long view.)

The overall Euro-nationalist picture promises to be a lot larger than 6.5%. . .I hope! Especially from Eastern Europe, which is odd since they have some of the smallest proportions of foreigners. It could be economics, not the mere number of foreigners, is the largest driving factor behind nationalist thinking. In any event, the numbers simply aren't in yet, hopefully tomorrow we'll know the full story.

Geert Wilders is sending 4 euro-skeptic seats to the EU, but I hardly count their party as nationalist. More like anti-islamist. If a bunch of Christian lebanese or voodoo Africans wanted to immigrate to Holland, I assume Geert Wilders would be glowingly for it and his party would support it full throttle. such are the contortions of these faux-nationalist parties that strive for respectability while also competing for the anti-immigrant and racist vote. I count the victory of 2 BNP MEP's as worth a 1,000 victories of the 4 PVV MEP's. One actually stands, exclusively, and openly, for white people. The other stands for nothing -- basically it stands for opposition to Islam and the celebrityhood of Geert himself. That is pro-nothing, it defends nothing, and it certainly conserves nothing. The dutch people would still die with Geert as prime minister, so who cares if he wins? Oh well, I am being too harsh -- it is, of course, a step in the right direction. The majority of EU immigration is from Islamic areas, and thus Geert by pure coincidence is a pretty strong vote for anti-immigration and demographic preservation. I just think we should beware Greeks bearing gifts, that's all.

Yay BNP, boo for voter apathy and status-quo support, boo for pretend nationalists who will do nothing to save us in the end (like UKIP, who sent a whopping 10 MEP's to the EU but stand for absolutely nothing at all, the most ridiculous party one can imagine, their purpose is solely their own enrichment at taxpayer expense -- but did we learn from their last 5 years of scandals and councilors under arrest? Nope. Not one bit. La sigh.)

If you're interested in following the results more closely, check out this link (where I got most of my info):


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I think one reason that the Eastern Europeans are more nationalist is that they have spent the last century having their nations stolen from them by the various hostile-isms that populate the modern West. You have a great blog. I really enjoy your saying the blunt truth openly.

Diamed said...

Thanks. I really enjoy telling the blunt truth openly. ;).

Dougie said...

I don't think the situation is quite as hopeless as you suppose. Your points wrt. South Africa and Serbia etc. are fine as they go but they're quite different situations. South Africa is in Africa afterall and had the whole world against it. The demographic situation could only have been resolved through mass expulsions. Serbia didn't lose the whole country, just a province. And only then through NATO aggression; Serbia wasn't a democracy in any case.

I agree that the BNP aren't going to magically win power outright, that's just impossible. The real value of the BNP is in forcing mainstream parties to adopt the more politically popular BNP policies. That's what's happened in Denmark and Netherlands.

I agree with you that "only" a million votes for the BNP is disappointing but to put things in perspective, it's a huge gain. Britain's economy is in serious trouble and the immigration situation is becoming critical. Collapse has become inevitable. However, most people in Britain just don't see it yet. Most people don't like the scale of immigration but they don't feel it's a life or death issue yet. As things get worse, ultimately, they'll change their minds or enough will to allow the BNP or an other ethnically centred party to take power, at least at a local level. As ever more authoritarian measures are required to keep society together, the more the average voter will become alienated from the current cartel.

Ultimately, Britain will break up into ethnic factions like Bosnia did and Lebanon before it. The BNP can't stop that process but they can help win some time to prepare and to salvage something when the shooting starts.