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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yay For Those Other Guys:

After a little research, I'm going to list the rest of the EU election and which parties we should be glad won some seats for our side.

Beggars can't be choosers, so I basically went for anyone who wanted to restrict immigration, had a slogan like 'X for X-ians', or was demonized as far-right. Anyone demonized as far-right can't be bad:

Party: Percentage of Vote: # of EU MEPS Won Country

BNP: 6.5% 2 UK
Vlaams Belang: 10.28% 2 Belgium
Ataka: 11.43% 2 Bulgaria
Danish People's Party: 15.2% 2 Denmark
LA. O.S. 7.13% 2 Greece
Front Nationale: 6.5% 3 France
Northern League: 9.5% 8 Italy
Jobbick: 14.77% 3 Hungary
Freedom Party: 17% 4 Netherlands
FPO: 13.1% 2 Austria
Greater Romania Party: 7.2% 2 Romania
SNS: 5.56% 1 Slovakia

If seats are given proportionately throughout the EU, we can also find out the number of White Nationalists (or something close to White Nationalists) voted in the EU elections this weekend, by knowing how many voted for the BNP. Since the BNP got a million votes and 2 seats, each seat = 500,000 voters.

33 seats * 500,000 votes = 16,500,000 voters. Or, roughly, the population of Chile voted for White Nationalism. That's a decent sized country. Lump in the kids and the like who couldn't vote but would like to have, and we're talking the population of Australia. (or Taiwan, funny how size doesn't matter much.) Good luck getting all these people to move in together and form a new nation though. As a bunch of anti-immigrant nationalists, they'd probably end up warring with each other and would never get along. Just imagine trying to force a common language on these guys. The idea of a pro-white European alliance is fine, but it will always be at arm's reach. Europeans are more interested in their ethnic rivalries (like vlaams belang being anti-wallonian, or the northern league's desire to secede from southern Italy.) than the death of their race as a whole.

33 seats out of 736 = around 5% of the EU parliament will be nationalist. That's not going to make much of a difference, if any. They will perhaps be allowed to make some nationalist speeches that reach a wide audience, but that's about the limit of their power. Everything important will be done without their involvement and certainly without their ability to stop it.

Comparing the overall European nationalist movement to the BNP's success (2/69) we get 5% EU wide, 3% in the UK. So as I was hoping, nationalism is stronger outside of the UK, than inside the UK. But the difference is negligible. Compared to the real political parties of Europe, 3 or 5%, is still just a gnat.

In sum, the worldwide economic depression, soaring immigration rates, soaring crime rates, soaring unemployment rates, and soaring everything else, has done nothing for white nationalism. When will whites learn? By the time we do, will it be too late? Have even South African whites learned their lesson yet? Meanwhile virtually every Japanese member of parliament is anti-immigrant and immigration is basically 0 in the country. That's the model a civilized, common sense, healthy country takes. And yet Europe, more racially aware than the US is by far (hell we elected a black muslim communist. . .), is still flopping around at 5%.

Perhaps it isn't about conditions worsening so that people learn the 'hard way' that nationalism is the equivalent to survivalism. Perhaps the people are simply waiting for a convincing leader to give a good argument for why they should preserve themselves and their people. Or perhaps the vast majority of people simply lack that genetic combination of paranoia, foresight, and ethno-centrism that sells so well for white nationalists. Arguments that make perfect sense to us, may fall on deaf ears to those genetically different from us. Perhaps nationalism will always be a minority viewpoint, shared only by a few 'eccentrics' on the fringe. But then, why did it gain power in Nazi Germany not so long ago? Why all the nationalist independence movements that broke up the world empires and replaced with dozens of states drawn along ethnic borders? It just doesn't add up. People are attracted to nationalism, and they have been historically. Regionalism has always prospered over gigantic, out of touch Empires ruled by genetic strangers. So why such lousy results? Economic conditions? The power of the media and television? It's so hard to know.

In the coming days we should see the nationalist block emerge in the EU parliament, it will be interesting to see how cooperative they are with each other, or if they fall to back-biting and finger-pointing without ever even addressing issues like Turkey or immigration or muslims, things they can all agree on. We have to continue to hope that someday, whites will wake up and smell the coffee, and these dismal election results suddenly skyrocket to 50%. What else can we do? Without the people behind us, violent separatism never works out. Ask the Basques or the Tamil Tigers. All we can do is keep slogging to the polls and keep propagandizing the people about the threats of non-whites swamping our homelands and taking everything from us, our money pride freedom and even our genes. 16 million people with their heads on straight is a start. Now we just need to make this 500 million and we're good to go. Keep fighting. After all, we can't afford to lose this one.

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