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Friday, May 29, 2009

9/11 Truth

Watch this video, and then you tell me what the truth is.

I still don't know. I've watched many videos like '9/11 missing links,' 'loose change,' and read many sites claiming irrefutable proof 9/11 was an inside job. None of them approached the level of convincing to me. However, this video is different. Finally there appears the smoking gun, forensic evidence that is direct instead of circumstantial: traces of thermite byproducts in the pulverized dust from the world trade centers. There can be no innocent explanation for these chemicals. But can I trust this website? Maybe they are simply lying, or fabricating their data. How can I, a non-expert, know the technical issues they are discussing? Will other experts come in and show that these experts are full of shit, and I've simply been hoodwinked? Over and over again experts across the field have claimed a fire brought down all three WTC buildings and used all sorts of fancy jargon and computer simulations to prove their point. Are they lying? I'd prefer to go with my gut. Freefall collapses that look like controlled demolitions that fall perfectly inward three times in one day are probably exactly what they look like. Occam's razor should apply in all such controversies, and this one falls decidedly on the '9/11 Truthers' side.

I have always found the issue suspicious. Considering our history of false flag attacks and lies that have gotten us into practically every war in our history: the gulf of tomkin, the WMD that were supposedly in Iraq, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor being deliberately provoked and deliberately leaving the people there vulnerable even though we knew the attack was coming through decoded intercepts, the mysterious sinking of the Maine -- our entire history is riddled with lies and false flag attacks. It would not be extraordinary or even surprising to find out yet another lie lies behind the inception of this 'war on terror.' The whole world is living multiple lies and delusions, there are nine lies being circulated in 'popular culture' for every one shred of truth. It is a lie that all races have equal genetic potential for high intelligence. It is a lie that any jews were gassed in the Holocaust, much less 6 million. It is a lie that men and women are the same and interchangeable. It is a lie that the gay lifestyle is healthy and normal. (In fact, it is so unhealthy that gays have a lower lifespan due to their behavior than smokers or drinkers could ever dream of -- perhaps as low as in their 40's. Nor is it 'healthy' for the society around them, gays are ten times as likely to be pedophiles, they have much higher rates of crime and mental illnesses in general, and every society which has embraced the gay lifestyle has soon after collapsed)

So would I be surprised if 9/11 were another lie? That liars at the top of our society have masterminded the murder of 3,000 people in cold blood, then used this lie to justify foreign wars that have killed hundreds of thousands more? No, that doesn't surprise me. There have been many more lies, all larger than this one, that are responsible for the deaths of millions. We would be naive to believe elites have ever once cared about their underlings, or treated us as anything but disposable trash, across history. It was a lie that the communist revolution would bring a worker's paradise. Instead it brought the deaths of 100 million innocent people, and the impoverishment of all the rest. Did that stop the liars from enacting their plans? Does it ever stop the liars from enacting their plans?

Maybe Gage is simply falsifying his data, maybe there's some innocent explanation for all this I can't fathom because I'm not an expert. Maybe. But this is the best video for 9/11 truth out there, nothing else even approaches the quality and expertise displayed by this presentation. The fact is new information is slipping out every year that keeps casting doubt on the official story. The fact is the government is hiding evidence from us, starting with their recycling of all the steel from those towers so that not a single investigator could check for evidence of explosives before the entire crime scene was whisked away. The fact is no independent investigation has been given full access to the on-board flight tapes or other relevant information like video tapes showing the pentagon attack, and that it's pointless for the government to investigate itself, when it's the main suspect of the crime!!! Absurd, and yet, this type of commission keeps churning out 'reports' on how innocent it is, as though we could trust a damn word they said on the matter. The fact is hundreds of eye-witnesses report explosions and molten steel, things a fire cannot produce. The fact is not a single one of the planes was intercepted by a seemingly criminally 'inept' air force--were they given a stand down order or something? Or perhaps they were distracted by the four simultaneous 'drills' the government inscrutably scheduled to be carried out that same day during the attacks. How fucking suspicious is that? If that doesn't raise alarm bells, what will? The fact that 'anti-terror' drills were also being done on 7/7, the day of the London bombings? It's as if we know ahead of time when these attacks are going to happen. Hmmmmmmm.

What relation does Al-Qaeda then have to the theory of a controlled demolition planned months in advance and merely set off under the cover of the plane strikes on 9/11? I have no idea. Every explanation possible sounds ludicrous on the face of it. Perhaps instead of speculating, it would be better to arrest and interrogate the members of our government and just find out what exactly they were thinking, how they planned it, what relations they have to Al Qaeda, etc. Then they can tell us directly how it happened, instead of us trying to piece it together in total darkness. I hear waterboarding got Khalid Sheik Mohammed to admit to planning the 9/11 attacks. Let's start waterboarding Bush, Cheney, Armitage, Feith, Rice, and all that gang and see if it yields equal fruit. What have we got to lose? I hear it's not even torture and just some harmless act of 'enhanced interrogation.' If they're innocent, surely we'd find out soon enough.

But our government would never attack our own people right? They would never kill innocent civilians, right? Tell that to the branch dravidians at Waco. Tell that to the wife of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge. Tell that to the nearly 200 people who mysteriously died that were connected to Bill Clinton in various sleazy ways on the Clinton Death List. There is an undercurrent of murder by our government constantly hovering in the background, the lies are simply overwhelming and many who have spoken out have ended up dead. Car accidents, plane accidents, 'suicides', and 'unexplained deaths' have claimed the lives of numerous opponents of the powers that be. George Patton. George Lincoln Rockwell. Jorg Haider. (and that's just the George's!! O.O) Charles Lindbergh's child. Huey Long. Pim Fortuyn. The more you look into it, the scarier it gets. There is another world operating beneath the world we are painted by the media, full of governments murdering political enemies just like we saw with the Communists. It is pure naivety to believe anything different. 9/11 fits perfectly well into this shadow world of death and murder for political ends. In this world, it isn't extraordinary, it's predictable.

Did the jews pull off 9/11? It's quite possible. The jew Silverstein recently became the owner of the buildings just a few months before the attacks. Jewish Mossad agents were caught dancing in glee on top of a white van taping the world trade center's destruction. ((they were, of course, later arrested without explanation and fled back to Israel.)) Jewish security agencies oversaw the flight security systems that failed to catch any of the hijackers before they boarded their planes. Mossad agents were tracking Atta and lived right alongside him the days before the attack. And jews, of course, gained the most from the 9/11 attacks. Because of 9/11, we were sent into two hopeless wars for Israel that have done nothing but waste trillions of dollars and antagonize the muslim world.

But how am I, a layman with no special access to the shadow world of intelligence, spies, government secret meetings, Mossad and so on supposed to come to an informed conclusion about these things? I can't. Maybe someday we will discover in some secret archives documents proving a jewish connection to 9/11 -- just as 50 or a 100 years later we are discovering soviet archives documenting the massacre at Katyn forest, a massacre they denied during their entire reign up until 1990. It's obvious jews couldn't have done it without the US government knowing about it and colluding with it. So in the end, we are back to the same nightmare alliance of jews and white elites with their genocidal campaign against middle class whites all across the world. Is it any surprise that they'd be working together in this matter as well? When are they not trying to kill us, lie to us, or steal our money? Across history, the birth rates of the peasant class in Europe have always been below replacement (considering the constant famine and plagues) whereas the nobility have always been above replacement (it helps to have a harem, or just good health!). Regularly branches of the nobility would end up filling the positions of the ever dwindling peasantry and citizenry (all cities were death traps and population sinks until about 1900) and repeating the endless cycle. They never showed the working class mercy then, they never worried what the human price was of their taxes, tithes, and luxurious living back then. Why would they start caring now? They treat us like cattle, and that's all we'll ever be to them. Sending cattle to the slaughter is the right of all cattle owners, and if it somehow is to their advantage, why would they think twice before giving the okay?

In the end, I am going to continue sitting on the fence. I don't think there's enough evidence to say what happened on 9/11. What I do want is a more thorough investigation, with much more collection and analysis of evidence, than we currently have managed. Eight years after the attacks, most Americans and most people across the world still believe our governments are lying to us about 9/11. It's time to shine the light of truth onto this most mysterious of days and answer the unanswered questions we all have. That there is a possibility it was an inside job, considering the physical evidence we currently have, the eyewitness reports, the lies about everything else our government tells us, the history of false flag attacks that have gotten us into previous wars, and the heartlessness of our elites toward us as displayed by their genocidal policies of immigration already -- is indisputable. If this possibility turns out to not hold water, fine. There is no reason to believe our government is guilty of every single suspicion I hold against it, or every single atrocity that occurs on earth. But if it does hold water, it's part of a larger pattern of lies and atrocities that have spanned centuries. And it's also part of waking up America to the horrible agenda being waged against it on all levels. If the government is lying about 9/11, what else is it lying about?

The truth about 9/11 is thus a powerful tool for the Truth in general. If the government is lying to us about 9/11, people will suddenly realize BIG LIES are running their entire lives. That lies are getting us into wars, costing trillions of dollars, killing millions of people, and that liars at the very top are successfully hiding these lies for decades and centuries from the general public. If 9/11 was a conspiracy, how many other conspiracies are out there, still undiscovered? How many other conspiracies must we be on guard against? 9/11 Truth is a gateway to Truth in general. Therefore a full investigation into all the claims alleged about 9/11 by independent experts from all across the globe is necessary. Furthermore, if the physical evidence is convincing, we must arrest and interrogate all possible members of the conspiracy in the government all the way down to the people who planted the bombs. Only then will the full story of that day come to light.

Frankly, if the Holocaust is a hoax (and all physical evidence says it is), then I can believe anything. Absolutely anything could be a lie. 9/11 wouldn't surprise me at all. Compared to the Holocaust, it's piss in the wind. And regardless of whether it's true or false, it changes nothing about the larger picture.

Whether the Holocaust happened or not, whether 9/11 was an inside job or not, immigration continues the silent genocide of every white nation on earth. Whether jews are good people or not, whether gays are good people or not, immigration continues the silent genocide of every white nation on earth. If immigration isn't stopped, everything else is irrelevant. I am simply terrified by the consequences of this worldwide migration. In fifty to one hundred years, a race as old as time and responsible for 90% of everything good on God's green earth, is going to go extinct. It will be wiped out by a tidal wave of dysgenic, good for nothing mud-sludge monsters, and their elite enablers whose hatred for the white race and the common folk knows no bounds. Our cities will resemble detroit, Bombay or Rio De Janero. Instead of the beautiful fair skin, blue eyes, proud demeanor, and blushing cheeks, we will be surrounded by jungle apes, coal black, short, dirty, squat, fat, ugly, flat-nosed and obviously stupid, shambling from place to place, full of drugs and AIDS and shitting in the streets. Instead of colonizing the stars and tracing a blaze of glory across the universe, our journey will end right here, with the ruins of our past skyscrapers emptied out overlooking a stone age village full of mud huts. It couldn't happen? Tell that to the british who lived in the ruins of the Roman empire, unable to craft the buildings that rotted around them, the glass, the pottery, or anything else. And those were whites. Now imagine blacks and mestizos trying to inherit the culture of the Enlightenment! Try to imagine the half literate moors trying to inherit Paris, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Eiffel tower and the Louvre? Can you imagine? I can't. It makes my stomach churn. I know exactly what it will look like. The buddhas of bamiyan already paint the way!

God, there are none so blind as those who will not see. If immigration isn't stopped, and reversed, then the whole white western world is going to collapse in on itself. And there is no guarantee that the East Asian world won't follow after! Their birth rates, after all, are lower than ours. And the bug of multiculturalism media floats around in their ears and buzzes in their PC adjusted brains as often as our own. When lies like 'diversity is our greatest strength' are pushed on us every day for the last 50 years -- the government is capable of anything. They are all traitors and villains, whether they did 9/11 or not, and they all deserve to be tortured and hung, whether the Holocaust happened or not. Their is no describing the depths of their evil or the horrible damage they are doing to our world -- to each and every white person, white child, and white family that lives on this planet. The very best people on earth are being delivered to the worst tragedy in history, a genocide of 500 million people! It's unbelievable. And yet our own media celebrates it with cheers, and we all march ahead to the slaughterhouse without even a bleat of protest. Without even lifting a hand in resistance.

Questioning the lies our government tells us is our first act of resistance. Uncovering the lies and promulgating the truth is our next act of resistance. Only when the majority of our people are convinced that everything has been a lie, will a new way of life be able to emerge from the rubble. Only then will the people support any attempt at a reformation of our society along new, Godly principles that take into account all the Big Truths of this world. There is nothing more suspicious than the day of 9/11. If this is the weakest chink in the lies of our 'Masters,' then we would be remiss to not fully exploit them. If it isn't a weakness, oh well, let's try and strike elsewhere. If it is, however, then we should plunge the knife in as deep as we can and never let off, not until every last head has rolled. Not until the day of the rope has hanged every traitor on earth. Investigating 9/11 is therefore a pure opportunity, with no drawback. If it's exactly as the official story said, oh well, at least now we know. If it isn't -- bam. We have our first lie to present to the public at large, and the blood of 3,000 innocents directly at the hands of our own government. That, my friends, is fuel for revolution.

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Shakinginmyshoes said...

"Instead of colonizing the stars and tracing a blaze of glory across the universe, our journey will end right here, with the ruins of our past skyscrapers emptied out overlooking a stone age village full of mud huts"

This is the most heartbreaking of it all. If the mudhutters succeed in breeding us out of existence, then forget the dream of a starfaring civilization.

I used to love science fiction as a young woman. Back then, the SF writers fretted about our own technological achievements killing us off before we could develop a star drive. Hah! How they missed the mark! Not nuclear annihilation. Only disgenic devolution.
The end truly would come, not with a bang, but a whimper.