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Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Collective Guilt

I agree with Solzhenitsyn: we are all responsible for the actions of our group. We are all guilty for what the least of us does. This is where libertarians and individualists balk, claiming we are all atomized egos with no connection to anyone else, and we have nothing to do with the actions or decisions of others. We aren't responsible for what our ancestors did, our descendants do, our nation or our race. We aren't responsible for anything!

Whatever fantasy world libertarians live in, this is the truth:

"No man is an island, we are all a part of the main. Therefore ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Man is a herd animal, no one exists on his own, we form groups and think in terms of group consensus. The pressure to conform and be liked by our peers exerts itself on everyone. How we are raised will have a dramatic impact on how we lead our lives in the future, the values we are taught and the beliefs we are given, whether in school, church, or the media, control us, make us who we are. If one person, somewhere, anywhere, does something -- you can bet ten people told him to do it, ten thousand people approved of what he did, and ten million people have thought along the same lines at some point in their lives. There is no such thing as a person acting in isolation.

A palestinian suicide bomber is not an isolated whacko, he is an emergent force from the culture of his community. After fifty years of vitriol against Israel and praise for martyrdom, after 1400 years of Islam and stories of paradise for those who die for Allah, after tv sets, charitable donations, and international sympathizers all agree Israel is in the wrong and deserves to be bombed, a palestinian suicide bomber is an inevitable end result. Just as unstable elements decay randomly but their half life is predictable by a mathematical formula, a culture will create suicide bombers at random among a random assortment of 'individuals,' but the mathematical inevitability and perfectly predictable occurrence of these suicide bombers was set up well in advance -- by the community.

Nothing happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason. Every effect has a pre-existing cause, all the way to the Big Bang. This world is determined, not chaotic, and thus it is pointless to say someone 'acted on his own, as an individual.' Nonsense. When the earth was just forming out of a bunch of interstellar dust, it was already laying down the pre-conditions for that person's mentality and decisions. If the environment were different and history had played out some other way, people's decisions in the present would also be completely different. If people's genes were different and they had different ancestors, their inherent predilictions and mindsets would also be different. An individual is the end product of an endless chain of causation, all of which had its part in determining that 'isolated individual's' choices. If the person has a gene for schizophrenia and goes on a crazy paranoid rampage, it isn't because he individually chose to do it, it's because his parents gave him that gene, who in turn inherited it from their parents, and so on. And the gene was never bred out of that line because the environment made mild forms of schizophrenia mildly advantageous. Perhaps it made people more cautious, or more objective and less likely to go along with the crowd, maybe it gave people higher IQ. In any event, the entire world, through evolution, selected for that child to be born with schizophrenia. Then when he acts upon this built-in brain disorder, we go up in arms declaring it a 'lone psycho on a rampage.' Nonsense. He was never alone. He was part of the tapestry of life since the first fish crawled out of the ocean. He has been shaped by ten million generations of living beings each of whom had a role in the final genetic template he would be born with, and an environment that made his genetic template so successful it has survived all the way until this very day. That's four billion years of successful life this world has nurtured, going on a crazy rampage. A lone individual??

Once we understand that our genes are shared with those 'lone psychos' or 'evil villains of the past,' that we are essentially the same as them, only transposed across time, it is nonsense to say we have nothing to do with them. Inside us are the exact same genes that in the past committed horrible atrocities or crimes. If our white ancestors, or our white descendants, or our white neighbors do something reprehensible, the first thing we should do is seek to understand what part of our collective white identity may have been responsible for his actions. As solzhenitsyn said, we all all guilty, and our recompense, our restitution for our collective guilt, must be to understand what just happened. And upon understanding, guard against making the same mistake ourselves, we who have so much in common with the 'isolated individual' sinner both biologically and culturally. Furthermore, we must make sure nothing in our culture is causing these 'aberrations' and 'atrocities' with clockwork regularity. This is the amazing deceit practiced by Islam every day on TV: "This is not Islam. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Most muslims aren't terrorists. These aren't real muslims." And yet, almost all terrorism on earth IS perpetrated by muslims. Islam DOES have something to do with terrorism. Deny it all they want, it is impossible for such a pattern to form ex nihilo, purely randomly. What muslims are doing, is not taking collective guilt for the actions of their tribe, and thus making it impossible to reform Islam in such a way that terrorism would stop occurring among its 'isolated nuts,' making it impossible to understand what could be wrong with Islam, making it impossible to find the evil in our own hearts and blindly believing we are perfect just because we ourselves have not 'cracked' (yet). If we do not use the opportunity of the wrongdoing of others to improve and guard against ourselves, what will we wait for? Until we have done evil too? How is that fair to the victims of our crimes?

"Sorry, I knew there was something dark in my genes, when I saw that blacks were ten times as likely to be murderers than whites, and I knew the ghetto lifestyle glorified violence and excused anyone from bad behavior with various blame whitey kneejerk responses, but I did nothing about it. I figured, sure evil triumphs in the hearts of other men, exactly like me, who have the same exact culture as me and grew up learning the same values and beliefs I did -- but it could never happen with me.

Bullshit. It could happen to any of us. That is why, when it happens to any of us, we must all admit that this was not a lone individual's actions, but a set of genetic and environmental factors that had a 100% of occurring, then randomly rolled to see through which of us individuals it would be expressed. As in, if you are not the murderer today, it isn't because you are different or better than the murderer, but simply because evil has a 1/10,000 chance of rolling you or one of the 9,999 people just like you, and today it rolled one of the 9,999. Is the person rolled more guilty of the murder than you are? Not really, more like less lucky, that is all. Between the 10,000 of you, all of you are guilty, collectively, but only a little -- you are all guilty of 1/10,000 of a murder. That doesn't make you very evil, maybe it makes you almost purely good, and yet there is a stain. There is an error in the world, and we are all culpable. . .we are all potential victims of this error. Until and unless we address the evil in our own hearts, we will always be capable of repeating the actions of those who have gone before us, or followed after us, or stand alongside us, and have done evil.

Collective guilt is the only path to moral rejuvenation. We cannot wait until everyone at some point in their life has abused a slave, raped a woman, rounded up people into a gulag, cheated on their husband, abandoned a child, or kicked a kitten before we start reflecting on our beliefs, values, and genes. Know thyself, was Socrates' most vital lesson. Alongside that goes the phrase, 'the unexamined life is not worth living.' When our ancestors committed horrible atrocities, the sin stays with us to the tenth generation. When whites took blacks as slaves and peopled the Americas with blacks with no rights instead of free fellow whites who could negotiate for their labor, advance themselves through education, marry whoever they pleased, vote for who would represent them in government, and so on -- we unveiled something dark and evil about the white race on that day. To this day, if we do not take collective responsibility for this sin, we will never learn from it. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it -- look what we are doing now! Flooding America with non-whites who can't vote and have little ability to negotiate their contracts, since they are illegal immigrants, people without even a high school education ghettoized by language, racial, and cultural barriers from ever assimilating with white America. What does this sound like? To me, it sounds a lot like slavery. It sounds a lot like the white genome expressing itself like it always does, the will to power, the will to substituting free and fair competition between whites with a pliant, uncompetitive, controlled labor force we can lord over in our plantation mansions while the untermenschen PICK OUR CROPS. I swear to God, the more things change the more they stay the same! This atrocious sin, this return to slave labor, is all because we as a people have not reflected on why slavery is evil, on why whites are so prone to rely on slave labor, on why our culture inevitably leads to slave labor, and so on.

Instead I keep hearing the whiny white excuses: "My ancestors weren't slaveholders." So what? We are all related genetically, we are all basically cousins, the entire white race. if any white anywhere had slaves, you are genetically related to that slaveholder, just as much as a great-great-great-grandchild is related. IE, very little. And yet, there it is again, the spread out, diffused collective stain that is expressed in only one person, but that person is no more evil or deranged than the rest of us, just unlucky that his number was chosen to express this collective weakness in our kind.

"I come from Ireland after slavery was abolished in the USA, I'm not to blame."

Of course you're to blame. Are you saying that if you'd come from Ireland before slavery was abolished, no Irish would have taken to slavery and holding slaves? That's just factually untrue. There were Irish slaveholders, there is nothing unique about the Irish culture or genome, that would have resisted the urge. You are as much responsible as anyone else is, because you are white just like we are.

"Other people took slaves too!"

So what? Does that somehow excuse us for doing it? Slavery hurts whites more than any other race, because it corrupts us, forces middle class whites into penury trying to compete with the unfair system, and ultimately leads to race-replacement and extinction. Your sin isn't somehow offset when a muslim takes a white slave, a black takes another black slave, or a jew ships a black slave across the ocean.

"I come from the North, we fought to end slavery."

So what? If your ancestors had lived in the south where the intensive farming economy was needed, do you think they would have held the same high-fallutin' values? Of course not, there is nothing genetically distinct between the north and the south, economic conditions were the only difference that led to slavery being practiced where it was economically viable, but not where it wasn't. In fact, hilly regions in the South were also anti-slavery, despite being the next-door neighbors and genetic kin of the slavers. Is this due to their virtue? Did they for instance decide, "I'll never hold slaves, so instead I'll find the worst farmland I can find in the south, full of rocks and with little rainfall, and thus have no need for slave labor to pick my crops."

More likely they were the unfortunate who couldn't get the choice land, resigned themselves to never having slaves or fields that needed slaves, and then made a virtue of of necessity by insisting everyone else shouldn't have slaves either! This is how the real world works. This is the world of collective responsibility, where no man can abjure his share of sin, his duty to the world and his moral need to examine and reflect upon his life and soul.

Once we understand that we are related genetically to every member of our race, whether in the past, present, or future, and that genes largely determine our personality and behavior, our very values and ideals, we cannot escape being in some part just like the sinners all around us. Furthermore, insofar as any cultural artifact or religious belief or ideology contributed to these actions, we who cleave to this culture, religion, or ideology despite its failures and wrong-doing are collectively guilty for their crimes. Did Christianity do evil in the name of Christianity? Indubitably. From the prosecution of Galileo and Bruno, to the 30 years war, to the witch hunts, to the sacking of Constantinople during the 4th Crusade, to every pope who sold indulgences or abused his power and wealth, to every king given the right to abuse and impoverish his peasantry through his 'divine right' to rule and every bishop who crowned an unjust emperor as God's secular representative. Those who are Christian today, must like inside their hearts, study Christianity deeply, and discover where Christianity went wrong, how it can be enacted differently, and what should be changed or interpreted to reach a better world. Otherwise, they are just as guilty as those who came before it. There is no difference between an evil-doer and those who endorse the crime, they may as well all be strung up together. Therefore, for anyone who embraces an evil culture while refusing to correct it in their own lives and time period, are simply carte blanche endorsing every single sin in the entire history of that religion, ideology, or culture. Islam is the very worst. Their jihadi wars, which still haven't stopped even today, have killed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of innocent people and enslaved billions to an evil, destructive ideology that lowers the quality of life for everyone under it -- both believers and conquered dhimmis. Anyone who is Muslim today, who does not rebuke the evil inherent in Islam, who does not condemn Muhammed and the Caliphs, who does not denounce the treatment of minorities and suppression of science and literacy within Islam's borders -- is collectively guilty for all the sins of Islam everywhere, and across all time. They are an adherent to an evil they refuse to disown, and in fact support every day of their lives.

The same is true of Communism, and Nazism. Those who adopt these ideologies, who slaughtered millions of innocent people, while not criticizing any aspect of them or showing how they would do things differently if they ever achieved power, are simply the exact same people who did those killing 50/80 years ago. They clearly wouldn't have minded starving millions of kulaks to death, or deporting innocent millions to destinations in siberia they never survived to reach, they would have been right there smoking and laughing with the rest of the Berias, Stalins, Trostkys and Kaminovs as the Russian nation was brutally murdered from stem to stern. We must take responsibility for the cultures we embrace and practice. If there is a darkness in our culture (and what culture has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong, can a system invented by human beings ever be purely Good -- the product of such imperfect and faulty vessels as the human mind?), we cannot simply look the other way and say "mistakes were made." Or "that was then, this is now." Or "I didn't do any of that." Nonsense. It doesn't matter what you have done, it matters what you would have done given the same circumstances. That is the question. And when the day of similar circumstances arises, where will you stand? In the camps, starving and diseased? Or guarding the camps, in a tower surrounded by barbed wire, watching the people inside starve and die without compassion or remorse?

I am still angry with China for their practice of foot binding. Chinese today should be ashamed for their rejection of the human body, the deliberate crippling of women, and their sense of luxury that meant it was honorable and praise-inducing to lack the ability to walk and have to be carried everywhere by personal slaves.

The Japanese are my favorite people on earth, and yet 50 years ago they set about genociding, torturing, and summarily executing innocent people all around them in the tens of millions. Today they refuse to take responsibility for these crimes and shield their children away from learning about them. And yet, there are still Japanese living today who participated in these crimes!! That is how little distance exists between the Japan of then and the Japan of today. Is there any part of Japanese culture that could have created this warlike barbarism? Is there any part of the Japanese genome? Should Japanese be searching their hearts for answers, seeking to understand how they came to such murderous intentions, and making sure the conditions for such a maneuver being endorsed by the government and the people wholeheartedly never arise again? If not, it will simply lurk there, festering inside the japanese soul. I love Japan too much to see them sin again, not when they offer such wonderful values as seen in One Piece today. But if nothing is done to distance the Japanese spirit from its plan to conquer China and rule half the world through blood and terror, what's to stop them from trying again?

And now for you, oh Chosen people, you jews! Do not give me this crap, "I'm not responsible, those were jews in Russia, isolated individuals, and atheist communists. I'm a jew in America, I'm orthodox religious, and a capitalist. Do not seek to escape collective guilt. Because somewhere in the jewish genome, the same story plays out again, and again, and again. There is a pattern to jewish behavior, it is never isolated or a scattering of individuals. It is supported by world Jewry as a whole, and would never have succeeded without the jewish mass movements that undergird them. When a century's worth of jews all insist that IQ is not genetic and blacks are equal to whites, it is no longer an isolated individual. It is a collective movement. When jews all across Europe led every single Communist party as well as the Bolshevik revolution, it is no longer an isolated individual, it is a collective movement. And when jews wantonly murder and ethnic cleanse Palestinians, it is not just the actions of "Israel," but all the world's jews who support Israel, argue for it, and worship the same Deity and Torah that ordered the jews thousands of years ago to slaughter all the Palestinians of that time as well. The same jews who celebrate as religious holidays slaughters like Purrim where 40,000 babylonians are killed, or slaughters like Passover where every firstborn egyptian was killed, even newborn babes! The same jews pushing multi-culturalism and muslim 3rd world invasion of Europe today, were the jews opening the gates to Spain and joining the muslim government of Andalusia. Do not forget, oh jews, how very alike you all are, across all time! Your collective guilt may well be the heaviest of all. For you are very few, and yet your sins are so very high. The blackest hearts in the world, or at least the people with the most ability to express the blackness in your hearts, belongs to you. And thus, the most introspection, the most care, the most reformation is your burden, your onus, your duty to the world. For the sins of your ancestors in Israel, for the sins of Israel today, for your sins against Europe and Russia, for the sin of the slave trade, for the sin of usury and over-taxing our innocent abused peasantry in Poland, atone, and repent! You owe everyone an apology, a reformation, and a change. From your religion, from the evil ideology of Marxism, from the nonsense of Freud, from your sexual revolution, from your Boazian anthropology, from it all. A clean sweep. Jews, cease being jews! The only way to eradicate your collective guilt, is to end the cursed genetic line that keeps creating these sins. Stop inter-breeding. Join the rest of the world, and diffuse the great evil that lurks in your own, concentrated genes. For the heroic jew who wishes to abolish every part of his culture, from his religion to his politics to his values, and embrace some new healthy alternative, more power to you. But is there any proof your children will be the same? Is there any proof you can even maintain such a change, when your genes all point another direction and desire something quite different? In the end, when a race has so much to answer for, one must question if there's any retrieving them from sin. If the guilt is simply too high to be forgiven. At a time like that, it is time to stop perpetuating such a bloodline -- just like all of Cain's children carried with them the 'mark of Cain,' as well, and were themselves cursed. Jews are good looking enough, rich, smart, and have plenty to offer some gentile or other. For the good of humanity, stop interbreeding and begin a new genome, something cleaner. Without tay-sachs disease, without breast cancer, and without the satanic love of lies your own genes cause. If you don't do it, how long do you think the world will bear it? Toleration of jews has always been a close-run thing, and sooner or later your luck will run out. Somewhere in your hearts, you must realize this. Judaism and the jewish genome are sinking ships. Get out while you can, and save both yourselves, and the gentile world, a river of tears.

Anyone who shares genes with a sinner, is partially that same sinner. Anyone who shares a culture with a sinner, is partially that same sinner. Anyone who refuses to condemn or endorses the sinner, is partially that same sinner. Anyone who contributed to the conditions the sinner reacted to and performed under, is partially that same sinner.

There is such a thing as collective guilt, and all races and peoples and beliefs and religions labor under it. With guilt comes the duty to expiate our guilt, and the only expiation we can give is to understand -- and upon understanding the cause of our sins, to reform them. We are a tribe, and tribes are responsible for all our members. We aren't just the tribe of Newton's and Boswell's. We are also the tribe of Hitler and Nero. Sometimes, the same culture and genes produce both at once. Sometimes even brothers and sisters become the villain and hero of their age!

Those who seek to escape guilt also seek to escape pride. They forsake not just their guilt by renouncing the collective, but they escape any ties of blood, of ancestry, they reject all the efforts of their forebears who gave them the life and fortune they have, they reject their language, their nation, their religion, their songs and stories and history and everything else. They are a pure individual, with no connection to anyone or anything else, no love for anyone, no duty and no obligation to anyone. Amoral, disconnected, nihilists who value nothing but themselves. This is the price one pays to escape the guilt of others -- they must escape also the love of others, the glory of others, the affirmation of others, the wisdom of others -- we must become nothing but ourselves. A tiny, weak bare branch unconnected to any tree. We are a tribe, all of us, all our members. We mourn when they suffer, celebrate when they triumph, and repent when they sin. This is the true nature of solidarity, not some faux 'collectivism' that adopts only winners while rejecting any connection to losers. As though any of us are perfect and descended only from Newton and Gauss, rather than Caligula or Heliogabulus! We are a tribe, and life is as much tragedy as comedy. The rest of the world is also full of tribes, and if they will not answer for their tribes' wrongs, then we must make them answer for them. If they will not clean up their own houses, and reform their own people, then we must do it for them. They are collectively responsible for the actions of their individuals, and thus for every terrorist bombing, we can answer with a nuclear bombing on their capital cities if we please. For every jewish lie, we can round up all jews in America and kick them out. For every black criminal, we can lock up all blacks and tell them to come back when they're civilized a million years from now. Either expiate your guilt collectively, or we will expiate you collectively, because only one thing can be certain -- the only way to stop the random decay of a radiating tribe is not to seek to discover which member will 'explode' next, something not even our finest microscopes have ever predicted while watching a slab of uranium, but to address the entire tribe as an entity with certain properties, whether it's lying, crime, or terrorism, that go off at a predictable rate, regardless of its random location in spacetime, and deal with the tribe accordingly. Collective guilt is the moral solution to tribal conflict. Avoid it, and the only remaining solution is collective reprisals. Who wants to go there? Not me!

The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

"For every black criminal, we can lock up all blacks and tell them to come back when they're civilized a million years from now. Either expiate your guilt collectively, or we will expiate you collectively, because only one thing can be certain"
what is the final solution to the white and Hispanic Criminals(ps it is not a RACE by the way, a hispanic can be BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN); you seem to ONLY focus on Niggers in your thesis, pointing out they are not human, lack mental capacity etc... Those FACTORS may or may not be true (keeping an open mind here) but why is the focus ON BLACKS as criminals rather than ALL WORTHLESS CRIMINALS (you don't seem to have a problem with Criminals,it just upsets you if they are black).

Diamed said...

I dislike all criminals of course, but only black crime is so common that it disrupts the workings of ordinary, everyday life and makes life impossible for everyone else.

What you are looking at is a threshold scenario. Suppose a quilt can withstand only so much pressure before it is pierced and thus ruined. A kid throws a nerf ball at it and it harmlessly bounces off. Then another kid grabs a knife and stabs a hole through the quilt.

Do you want me to condemn the kid who threw a nerf ball at the quilt equally to the kid who stabbed a knife through it?

Sometimes a difference in degree creates an entirely new phenomenon.

Ice that is -30 degrees, or -20 degrees, is the same old ice. But ice turns to water if you come from -5 to 5 degrees (celsius). What you just saw was a change in temperature's quantity creating a change in temperature's quality.

The sheer magnitude of black crime gives it a different quality compared to the rest of crime in other races. 1/3 of all black males have served time in prison. There's nobody else like that on Earth.

Anonymous said...

"I dislike all criminals of course, but only black crime is so common that it disrupts the workings of ordinary, everyday life and makes life impossible for everyone else."
(um BLACKS are the victims of 43% of murders commited by other blacks it's not like blacks are out Murdering other races as you would have us believe). You make it sound as though "Blacks" are out commiting the MAJORITY if not all SERIAL crimes that would mean that blacks are out KILLing people every 4 second of everyday (they are only 13% of the population) that is just inconceivable. the theory that more "Blacks" are incarcerated because they commit more Serial crime is completely misleading when you don't take ALL contributing factors into account, and therefore fallacious (if your goal is to SEEK truth/Ultimate reality/pure unadulterated/OBJECTIVE truth- which is preposterous by the way because we are all Ignorant though to varying extents)
1. You have chosen just one model of deviance - Cloward and Ohlins - Interractionist theory that there is a sub cultural inequality of access to criminal skills

2. The conflict model theory supplements my explanation the. ideas:
a) that the crimes of the powerful (fraud, and other financial forms of deviance- more prevalent among upper middle class and top 1% of Anglo Americans) are less likely to be labelled as serious crimes even though they harm more people..
b) that the more powerful are able to not only to commit crimes and get away with them more easily but also to control the official definitions of what criminality (and crime) is...(is it so mysterious that Poor blacks get MORE SEVERE sentences for the same crimes that Middle Class whites commit ie: possession of drugs, public intoxication you name it...)
c) that the several steps in the criminal justice process from policing to sentencing are biased both in terms of class and ethnicity

I do find your readings quite fascinating, though they would resonate alot better if you make EVERYTHING about race/ethnicity (makes you sound like a bitter old fart ranting) lol.