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Saturday, April 25, 2009

War and Peace

War and Peace:

April 25th, 2009

Strangely enough, people in the past did not distinguish themselves based on race. In fact, whites are so innately and naively liberal, that Christopher Columbus left men on an island, after a shipwreck meant they couldn’t all return on the remaining ships, surrounded by Indians and promised to ‘come back later’ to fetch them. Of course, the moment Columbus left back for Spain, the poor sailors were slaughtered and eaten.

This didn’t stop whites from repeating their mistakes. Soon after Jamestown was founded the first thing the settlers did was invite Indians to become Christians and work right alongside the whites inside the town. When one day the Indians all rose up in the night and slaughtered every man, woman, and child they could get their hands on, killing a third of the entire colony, whites managed to rouse themselves to a fierce self-defense and kicked them out. Only thirty years later, however, they had invited the Indians BACK INTO TOWN to live and work alongside them again. It took ANOTHER slaughter of hundreds of colonists before it occurred to them that this wasn’t working and the Indians were permanently regarded as enemies. Jamestown, strangely enough, was founded in a salty, boggy malarial hellhole because the settlers felt it offered good defenses against Spanish and French ships. They built a fort to defend against potential European adversaries while dying of malaria and drinking saltwater, all the while inviting every last naked cannibal savage they could find to become their good christian neighbors. What kind of inane behavior is this?

This is hardly new. When the French-Indian War (or 7 years war) broke out, France actually paid Indians for every scalp of a white British. Man, woman, or child, they simply wanted all Americans and Englishmen massacred for the sake of expanding their own empire. French, working alongside Indians, once oversaw the orderly surrender of a British garrison during the war, only to watch complacently as the Indian savages broke the deal and slaughtered all the British after they had laid down their arms. French apparently had no problems with their Indian neighbors but hated British with all their hearts. Both France and Britain employed black africans and brown muslims in their armies to attack Italy and Germany during World War II. As a result, civilians were routinely robbed, raped, and killed by these out-of-control savages while the white French and British looked the other way. It can also be pointed out that Germany during its campaign eastward enslaved and brutalized if not simply wiped out millions of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, and other whites in their occupied territory, for the sake of their particular German ethnicity’s ‘lebensraum.’

Racism is in fact a new idea, never before seen in the world. Before now, Europe didn’t refer to itself as ‘land of the whites,’ it called itself ‘Christendom.’ When they fought africans and asians, it was not because they were non-whites seeking to conquer and ravage our homelands, it was because the ‘heathens’ and the ‘mussulmans’ were trying to destroy the land of Christ. When latin Crusaders answered the cry for aid from Byzantium, it was not because they were fellow whites, but because they were fellow Christians fighting against Islam. Indeed, eventually the latin Crusaders turned on Byzantium and attacked them for being Orthodox instead of Roman Catholic. To whites of the past, this was just as bad as being a muslim. The race of the heretic or non-believer did not even enter into the equation. The Albigensian heresy in southern france was exterminated with the flippant phrase “Kill them all and let God sort them out.” No such merciless or pitiless attitude was ever extended to non-whites anywhere in the colonized world!!! Protestant Germany lost 1/3 of its population in the 30 Years War because Catholics did not consider themselves to have anything in common with heretics, and did not show any mercy or empathy for what were essentially their brothers.

Before Constantinople fell, a Crusade was offered the Emperor if he would simply convert to Catholicism to relieve the turkish siege. The Emperor agreed but his people refused, feeling it was better to be conquered by Turks and continue practicing their religion than being conquered by Rome and the hated catholics, losing their freedom entirely. On such a ridiculous schism much of Europe was lost for centuries to non-white rule. If racism had existed in the past, nothing like this would have ever occurred. The vikings certainly had no interest in their race, preying almost exclusively on other white nations in centuries of bloody raids. Meanwhile Poland and Russia, though often fighting for their lives against Turks and Mongols, still found time to engage in endless border wars and bloodshed. Just like Germany and Italy, just like France and England, just like Spain and Holland, just like Russia and Sweden. . .etc, etc, etc. If there had been any racial consciousness in these people, the idea of spilling blood and treasure in order to take from their own brothers, different perhaps in language, dress, and religion but the same in personality, behavior, appearance, intelligence, and accomplishment, the whole thing becomes crazy. Even supposing it’s worth fighting ‘100 years wars’ in order to eradicate millions of fellow whites to give your ethnicity a slight advantage over the neighboring ethnicity — how can this possibly make sense unless you are even more hostile, even more destructive, even more hateful towards less related groups? Instead we see Britain rushing to the aid of the Turks in the Crimean War to go kill their fellow Russians. We see French allying with Indians to kill British. We see whites taking the side of non-whites just to get at their hated ethnic foe.

While French and British intellectuals were often rooming together like Rousseau and Hume, while Paris and London continuously talked together about their new scientific and political theorems, their motherlands were still warring with each other and killing each other all over the world. While Russians were literally speaking french among all the nobility due to its perceived high culture and artistic worth, Napoleon was invading and attempting to destroy Russia, and instead was in turn destroyed. While German and Austrian composers were charming all of Europe with their masterpieces, Germany and Austria were fighting wars with each other over border disputes. Even though it was obvious to everyone at this point that all of Europe was a divine cradle for a divine race, that exceeded all the rest of mankind one hundred fold in all aspects, the act of fratricide went on merrily throughout World War I and World War II on the most massive scale ever seen. What devil possessed the whites in those trenches, who commonly played soccer together and sang christmas carols together in no man’s land, to go back the next day to machine gunning and artillery shelling and gassing each other to death in the millions? Why did the North and the South have generals who were best friends and comrades in the Mexican-American war, with soldiers who were literally brothers serving on opposite sides, who traded tobacco during truces, mowing each other down like so much wheat to the point that more whites were killed in the Civil War than black slaves were even freed??? Is this sensible? Every war ever waged between whites was immoral and evil. Whoever was the aggressor in such a war was evil, regardless of whatever motive he held. Regardless of whether he was serving his faith, his ethnicity, his ideals, or whatever other bullshit motive he held in the slaughter of his fellow whites. Whether they were vikings raping and pillaging, Romans slaughtering, enslaving, and conquering Gauls and Germans, French, British, Germans, Hapsburgs, or Americans.

Switzerland is composed of three ethnic groups: French, Germans, and Italians. It speaks three different languages. It is even divided religiously, some parts are protestant, others are catholic. Nevertheless, Switzerland has been a stable, peaceful democracy for 500 years. It is the oldest democracy and the most peaceful country on Earth. The Swiss are what all Europe could have been. A white nation. They didn’t care about their religion, their language, their ethnicity, or any fanciful ideals. All that was necessary was for their people to share the same race. They decided that together they were stronger than they would be apart, that everyone in the Swiss federation was valuable and had something to contribute, and then acted as a union for the betterment of all. Their economy is still absolutely top of the line, their self-defense nearly impregnable, and their hands blessedly are completely clean of all the murder of all the wars that mark the rest of our pasts. If they can do it, any of us can. If their differences don’t produce a civil war or foreign war for 500 years, NOBODY has an excuse for what they did.

It is not true that racism causes wars. Racism, in fact, would stop wars. If the European Union took on healthy views instead of its currently liberal ones, it would be the perfect end to intra-white wars. I love seeing so many white nations cooperating and trading amongst each other that previously were dead set on slaughtering each other’s women and children. Who could have ever imagined the same political Union including Italy, Germany, Poland, the U.K., Ireland, and France? How many millions of people have died by each of these nations towards each other? How much hate and revenge is being quietly washed away by the unity of the white race in Europe? The same occurred in America. When the various ethnicities arrived in the US, they carried their emotional baggage with them. Irish, Italians, Poles, English, Germans, and French have all grown to love and accept each other in peace and prosperity. We don’t even notice our differences anymore, if there are any. Race was unity enough, everything else was just a chimera. The illusion of difference without any reality to it. Once America gave living together a chance, it succeeded, just like Switzerland did, just like the European Union could. Compared to the remaining wars racism could spark: wars with our trading partners and intellectual equals the East Asians(why on earth would anyone want to do that??), wars with Islam, wars with black Africa, and wars with the Amerindians, racism has drastically cut down the threat of war on earth. If we actually loved our race, so many hatchets would be buried, so many blunders ended, so many opportunities for meaningless differences would be quashed and put down. And let’s be clear, a racist war on black africa, muslims, or amerindians is all merited in the name of self-defense at this time, due to the mass migration, mass breeding, drug running, welfare leeching, mass crime and terrorism they have committed against us. So racism threatens to bring about war on the very enemies who most threaten us, while assuring an end to wars that were the very worst and most disastrous and pointless in our history. ((the potential thermo-nuclear Soviet-US war, World War I, the Napoleonic Wars, World War II, the War Between the States, the 30 years War, the 100 years War, the 4th Crusade, etc, etc.)) No happier result could be concocted than such a political frame of mind.

It is time to bury all ethnic hatreds. Whites are one race, every nation has some claim to fame. All of us are beautiful, brilliant, and prosperous. We turn every continent we touch into a prosperous, free, secure, and humane nation any of us could wish to live in. Russians are good people. Australians are good people. Canadians are good people. South Africans are good people. Argentinians are good people. Americans are good people. The Confederacy was full of good people. The Union was full of good people. The axis powers were full of good people. The Allies were full of good people. Germans are good people. British are good people. Spanish are good people. Whites are good people, there is no one like us, there never has been, and there never will be. Ethnicity, language, religion, and all this tripe simply causes needless wars and conflicts over nothing. Race, whenever it is rallied to, alternatively causes peace, prosperity, cooperation and freedom wherever it takes hold. This doesn’t mean all whites should become one nation. It is better if we all are free to develop ourselves in our own way. I’m happy for little Slovenia and Lithuania and Andorra to be doing their own thing.

But it does mean whites must be supra-national when it comes to certain things: We must never go to war with each other again. We must share our art and science freely and fund major projects together that might change the world. We should trade freely with each other, and greet each other’s tourists, athletes, performers and internet visitors with love and good cheer. Whites for the first time must view each other as white first, everything else second. And though race traitors are currently our bane and nemesis, underneath their ignorance and delusions they are still just like us. If we ever do become the majority or gain power, it will be due to ‘race traitors’ who see the light and change their views and join our side. Almost all of us were once one of them! The moment we do gain power over them, mercy should be our first priority, not justice; and educating their children and ours in right and wrong will be the long-term cure.

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