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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Greatest Vision

The Greatest Vision

April 21st, 2009

I’ve referred to this before, and explained a few times the alternate moral system/governmental model that needs to replace democracy for humanity to move forward. Bantu asked me about this in ‘the end times are coming’ so I thought I’d reply here. But the topic is too big and too complex to cover in a few sentences or an essay. Instead, I just have to refer you, if you’re interested, to the book I wrote that expresses it all quite beautifully. It’s a science fiction novel, that tackles the politics and philosophy and technology needed to enter a ‘new age’ of mankind. Written like this it’s more compelling and more interesting than any non-fiction, non-story essay could make it.

Anyway, no pressure. If you’re interested in the issue, pick it up, otherwise don’t. I’m just providing the opportunity for those who are (like Bantu in his latest comment suggested he was.)

Here’s how to download a copy: Go to Then in the upper right corner where it says: ‘login’ type in ‘’ for email and ‘olives’ for password. Then just scroll down until you see ‘The Greatest Vision’, double click it, choose to download it, and off you go. It’s not too long, and it’s enjoyable every step of the way.

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