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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The End TImes are Coming

The End Times Are Coming

April 20th, 2009

There is something fascinating about this era, that makes me glad I was born during the 20th century rather than any previous one. I’m not that interested in the air conditioning, the good food, the antibiotics. Psychology has already shown that people adjust to their living environments and happiness is not based on external factors but purely internal ones. A lot of it is simply genetic, the rest is based on your outlook on life. Hope and gratitude get you further than any number of air conditioned rooms, good meals, and antibiotics. In fact, when you take everything into account, I’m firmly of the opinion that people were much happier in the past than they are today. Life was simpler, you were always surrounded by family, you knew everyone in the village, you had an assured place in life, a farm or a trade you could inherit. There was little crime, very little divorce. A man kept his word, and a woman kept her virtue.

These, however, are gloomy times. When I look at people drinking or dancing like the world is some big party and they aren’t worried about anything, I feel like I’m watching a horror movie and can only think about how soon it’s all going to come crashing down. If you’ve ever watched Terminator 2, you know what I’m feeling. Kids playing on the playground, making sandcastles, going around and around on the merry-go-round, swinging on the swings and sliding down the slide. They won’t listen to the girl screaming at the fence, they ignore her, even though she’s shaking it as hard as she can to get their attention. Like so many ants all about to be squished, so much activity but none of it, NONE of it in the least helping to save their lives. And then BOOM, the nuke goes off in the background, the heedless children who did nothing but play until it was too late turn to skeletons, then ash, then it’s just light and flames everywhere. This is the future I know is coming, but no one else knows. Watching people party is just macabre. Watching kids play is horrifying. Watching the world tick, tick, tick to judgment day.

Currently the USA is slated for judgment day on 2042. On that day whites will become the minority of the country and lose the ability to control their lives. They will be surrounded by hateful, envious, vicious minorities all intent on vengeance for the centuries they were ‘oppressed.’ I already know what’s going to happen. I may as well be a visitor from the future. There will be massive, back-breaking taxation. No white will be allowed to keep their money. There will be enormous, out of control crime. Discrimination on all levels of schooling, housing, employment, etc. But none of this will hurt the elites, the traitors who helped make it all possible. They will still be at the top, spinning their webs, escaping all the ruin around them. This slow death will then trail along, an endless whimper like a trapped animal doomed but still alive. Whites in the USA will be trapped inside our borders, trapped and doomed to all the ‘democratically passed’ laws the non-whites will vote in as the legally authorized majority. Trapped by the slavish army conditioned to turn on its own people because they are ‘racists’ and ‘bigots.’ Homeschooling will be banned and our children will be trapped in the liberal indoctrination camps. As early as 2 or 3 years old they will be reciting anti-racist slogans and taught to renounce their parents and report on their parents if they ever say anything ‘racist’ or ‘hateful’ to their kids. Then those kids will be taken away from their parents, because some nanny state official will say it is an ‘unhealthy environment’ for them. And you will never see your children again. They will be taught to hate you just like everyone else does. Just like the janissaries. Christian children kidnapped as kids and raised to destroy their own people, to hate their own people, and serve willingly their evil overlords. However, nothing is keeping this timetable from being accelerated. 2042 is just thirty years away. Just think about that for a second. Thirty years ago was 1979. Carter was about to lose re-election to Reagan. Star Wars: A New Hope had already come out and Empire Strikes Back was about to be released. Pink Floyd and other popular bands still performing today were releasing their albums. That’s thirty years. Thirty years is NOTHING. Not even a third of someone’s life. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And yet, even thirty years is far too optimistic. Judgment day is coming much sooner.

Obama will pass his amnesty, and 60 million hispanics will flood into the USA. After that, whites, still divided as ever, will continue to lose every election to minorities who aggressively pursue yet more immigration, taxation, and discrimination to keep the white man down. In just a decade it could all be over, history could be ‘accelerated’ and ‘30 years’ could be made true in an instant. What will happen to us then? We won’t die, it won’t be that simple. Many whites will be richer and more powerful than ever. They won’t even notice any changes, or will celebrate them. Many whites will feel exactly the same because they are such sheeple, that they never notice anything a damn day in their lives. But something will die. Something will go extinct that day.

Do you know the story of the olympic torch? It was always kept burning. The fire from the last olympics was then used to light the torch of the next olympics. This way the same fire was transmitted across time, overlooking the holy rites of the olympics in one continuous span. All the athletes, all the fans, the entire greek nation was participating together, across time, in an eternal devotion to God. When you were at the olympics, you were at ALL olympics, and all olympics were with you, right at your side, participating like ghostly legions ahead and behind you. Now forget about the olympics, it’s just a sports event in the end. There was a much more important flame that was always kept burning ever since Greece. This was the spirit of freedom. The spirit of innovation. The spirit of reason. The spirit of beauty. The spirit of art. The spirit of intellectual inquiry. Philosophy. Sculpture. Mathematics. Science itself. The spirit of a military so developed and a people so brave they defeated the entire Persian empire at Marathon, Salamis, and Thermopylae. The spirit of Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth. . .the spirit of Aeschylus, of Hesiod, of Euclid, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, Homer. This flame was transferred intact to the heart of the Roman Empire. There it burned for centuries on end, overlooking the greatest, most powerful Empire the world had ever seen. Legions added to its luster, each sporting an Eagle banner and a fearsome reputation to all barbarians of invincibility, roads were built spanning continents, Virgil wrote the Aeneid to follow after the Oddyssey. Plutarch wrote his essays on the “Lives” of greek and roman heroes. Tacitus wrote his history. Cicero made his fiery speeches for freedom. Cato taught the world how to live honorably. When the Roman Empire began to fall, the flame was transferred to Byzantium. There it burned, untouched, another thousand years, this time with the symbol of the ‘double-eagle.’ The greek and roman classics were still taught, the great literature rested safely in the great library. The law code, the most developed on earth, still oversaw the Empire justly. The Hagia Sophia was built, one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. And just before Byzantium fell, as though God stepped in again, the sacred flame was saved by Italians interested in their history like Petrarch and Dante. They took all the documents, all the art and sailed it back to Italy, where the Renaissance began. Now the flame added in Michelangelo, and Galileo, and burning outwards into the rest of Europe it consumed Paris, and London, and Germany. Russia married into the Imperial line of Byzantium and proudly sported their own double-eagle. Soon it was producing Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy, and the 1812 overture. Is there any song like it? Is there any other Tchaikovsky on earth? The flame was everywhere, it sailed with Columbus to the new world, it sailed on the voyage of the HMS Beagle as Darwin put together the clues to evolution and survival of the fittest, it sailed in the heads of our founding fathers as Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington framed the Constitution of the most glorious, free, happy, and prosperous nation on Earth. And what did we choose to symbolize our new nation? The eagle! And what did all our founding fathers study when they were young? Greek and Latin! They read the classics, they wanted a new Athens, a new Rome, they believed in liberty because the flame had never died, and here it was across an ocean blazing forth into the hearts of all Americans. The flame was at its height, it was everywhere, it had conquered the world. It had proven its innate superiority. It had proven its divine nature for all the world to see.

But what happened? First it was Russia, the double-eagle and the line of the tzars, cruelly cut off and replaced with the blood red flag of the hammer and sickle. Then it was Nazi Germany’s turn. The iron eagle torn down and the country dismembered, half of it given over to communism, all of it bombed to oblivion. Now the last eagle in the world, America teetering on the brink, with a black president intent on overwhelming us with browns. One single fire has kept all whites on earth together, basking in the same light, enjoying the same fruit, everyone contributing to the pyre and everyone also benefiting from it. It has, unbroken, gone from the utmost mists of the past, the very beginning of literacy, the Iliad, to this very day. Incredible greatness has flourished along the entire line, and THIS, THIS is what will die in 2042. Whites will still be wandering around the globe, wandering around the country, wandering around their neighborhoods. But they will be cut off. Cut off from their destiny. Cut off from their future. A branch withering on the vine. Cut off. Cast away into the fire. To die the second death! Because we will have died that day, never mind the rest. Never mind all the hundreds of millions of whites who will still be wandering the globe. The last eagle will have fallen, the last wings plucked, and forever after no white alive will know a damn thing about the fire that burned in the hearts of all their ancestors for the last three thousand years. They’ll know nothing about it. They’ll care nothing for it. It will be dead to them. They will be dead to it. The special, unique quality that made whites split the atom, land on the moon, describe the orbits of the planets, discover the double helix of DNA, discover the germ theory of disease, discover the principles of human rights and liberty — it can’t live on in a white race of slaves. It can’t express itself as a tiny, taxed, abused, janissaried minority. It didn’t live anywhere in the Ottoman Empire. It didn’t live anywhere whites were slaves or conquered people under the Barbary Pirates. It didn’t live in any of the Communist-controlled countries of Russia and Eastern Europe. It died. Whites may continue to live, but they will no longer be white. White qua White, the beauty and ideal that inspires our greatness, is much, much more vulnerable.

Judgment Day is coming, it will be within our lifetime. But this is all just one potential timeline. This is why life right now is so fascinating. Within my lifetime humanity will either transcend into demigods or descend back into apes. At the very least, the corner will have been turned and it will be obvious for everyone to see where we are headed. But it has not been decided yet.

Currently the world is vastly overpopulated. In just ten years, the stock of food the world has in excess to its needs has halfed. From 120 days of food stored up in excess, to just 60 days of food. We are getting closer to humanity living hand to mouth, on the constant brink of starvation. Why is this happening? It’s simple. Farmers are not practicing sustainable agriculture. It takes hundreds of years for the earth to produce a single inch of topsoil. And yet we consume it in a matter of years. We are draining aquifers. It took hundreds of years for those pools to collect their water, but we are drilling it up in a matter of years. And we are, if global warming is to be believed, heating the world to a point where crops will cease growing due to the oppressive heat. Studies have shown that even a single degree fahrenheit rise in temperature would mean a 10% lower crop yield. All of this so we can fight a losing battle against time. Even with all these reckless measures, our supply of surplus food has halfed in just ten years. And why? Because while we did all this, the fucking africans were tripling their population. The fucking muslims in gaza were having six kids a piece. The fucking afghans were having seven kids each. The fucking Indians, the fucking Pakis, the fucking endless fuckers kept fucking and fucking and fucking and then they turned around and started draining and draining and draining our world’s finite resources. These worthless fucks who all live on a dollar a day or something, who spend their whole lives naked, abused, hungry, illiterate, unthinking baboons, THESE are the people claiming the very last of the world’s water, the last of the world’s topsoil, the last of the world’s fossil fuels. And WE are the hapless do-gooders handing it all over to them, without a care in the world, not in the least worried that time is running out. If we do nothing, the world will give out, the population will half in a horrible war/famine/plague, and everyone left will be the bug-eaten vacant eyed beasts like you see in all the Ethiopia commercials. This is future A, baboon world. The status quo cannot be kept. The present is inherently unstable. Future A cannot just be more of the same, it cannot be some annoying, but tolerable compromise. It cannot be some aggravating, but get-buyable economy. It is either complete victory or total defeat. This is what moderates need to realize. There is no middle ground. Either we stop the third world from swarming over the earth and eating every last shred of bark and blade of grass, or they bring on a civilizational collapse like nothing the world has ever seen.

In this same century though, trends are ALSO continuing towards Future B. The future in all our science fiction novels. People flying between worlds. Sentient computers living side by side with man. Mutants with genetic powers of super strength, telepathy, etc. Nanites that can repair living tissue and make us immortal and indestructible. The technology keeps progressing. We have decoded the human genome and know precisely what genes are uniquely human as compared to say, chimpanzees. We have computers playing better chess than we can, driving cars on their own through traffic and obstacles without crashing. We have stem cells capable of regrowing limbs and organs from scratch and restoring people from paralysis and alzheimer’s, or sight to the blind. These technologies are already here. And the rest is all coming, and ALSO within this century. If any enlightened white country wished to do so, it could embrace the secrets of cloning, stem cells, computers, eugenics, genetic engineering, artificial tissues, computer implants, fusion power, space travel — the secrets of the future just waiting to be revealed by anyone with the guts to try them. And these people, whoever they were, would ascend instead of descend. Then they could save the world, conquer it, destroy it, whatever they wanted. They would be the ultimate power in the universe, able to judge like gods all the rest of mankind that has so horribly gone astray. And it would still be the End of Humanity (or rather, Baboonanity). Only, it would not be the end of white qua white. It would not be the end of the sacred flame. Instead of hundreds of millions of white baboons wandering around the planet with no hope and no future, acting just like their baboon neighbors and scratching out a meagre existence that looks like the stone age, we would have high elves with the most beautiful bodies imaginable, eager minds, wise outlooks, loving hearts, and honor-bound souls. And they would still hold the classics dear. They would still be reading the Iliad. They would still be reading Henry V and ‘Once more into the breach, dear friends!’ They would still be listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, composed without ever once getting to enjoy his own music, composed solely for our sake and for God’s, who so achingly said on his deathbed, “in heaven I will hear.” And they would still read the opening line of the Crisis: “these are the times that try men’s souls,” and know that their ancestors had been tried and found—triumphant.

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