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Friday, January 2, 2009

Is our cause much ado about nothing?

There is a minor subset of people I talk to who know all the facts about racial IQ gaps, child birth rates, crime levels, immigration levels, the whole shebang--but are not in the least concerned about the future.

Could they be right? Here are a few reasons that support them.

A) The economy can only support so many unskilled workers. Once business and economy fixated people notice their quality of life going down per each additional immigrant, once they start going unemployed, facing skyrocketing taxes or property values or too crowded roads etc, they'll decide that immigration must stop regardless of their race. Even assuming businesses will continue to import third worlders so long as it makes them a profit at the expense of the country at large, that is still a finite number. At some point every possible job dumb people can do will be filled, and it would not profit the business to hire any more. This still leaves a large segment of the population that can live off the 100 IQ and up niche jobs. The economy can't replace all whites, so whites will still do just fine under this new population mix.

B) Liberalism, the age of pity and excuses and handouts for minorities, is losing its sway as it continues to fail to deliver the progress it keeps touting. Home schooling and private schooling is up, people are skeptical about global warming, practically every state in the US has concealed carry laws now, a 3 strikes and you're out get-tough approach on crime, and state after state is banning affirmative action. With good laws, whites can live around bad races because they are kept under control.

C) Surely at some point scientists will concede the fact that racial IQ gaps are genetic. With further exploration of the human genome and more studies, a continuous slew of new evidence and proof keeps coming in substantiating race realism. Once all the honest scientists have admitted it, it will trickle down into popular culture as just a 'well known proven fact.' Then people who talk about it will not be racists, but no more exceptional than people discussing baseball or the weather. When the truth is on your side, it cannot be kept bottled up forever. Eventually people admitted the earth was round, and that the earth revolved around the Earth. This is one of those facts that cannot be suppressed forever. Time will weather away the barriers of bullshit between the facts and the public. Popular magazines like Scientific American are even admitting IQ is largely genetic now. How much longer till the dam breaks?

D) Soon enough non-whites will outnumber whites at the voting booth, but it won't matter. Whites outnumber jews at the voting booth, but that has never stopped jews from getting whatever they wanted. In a democracy numbers don't matter, only wealth and publicity with which to gain votes matters, whites will still have that in spades compared to their non-white competition. Furthermore many non-whites don't vote, many will be too young to vote, and so on. It would take an extremely large demographic of non-whites to say, overcome a filibuster of whites in the Senate. Whites would find a way to continue protecting themselves in government from the predations of non-whites. We could also ally with non-whites who largely share our interests, Asians, Indians, etc who don't like poor non-whites either.

E) Miscegenation can help as well as hurt. Mulatto's are smarter and prettier and more decent than blacks, and if those mulattos were to interbreed with another white the children would be 75% white and their blackness virtually erased from the gene pool. With the vast number of whites versus blacks, we could easily marry them out of existence at no real cost to ourselves. Even more diabolical, hispanics could interbreed with blacks, and thus the entire black race be destroyed at no genetic cost to ourselves. With blacks gone, their unique stupidity and violence would also be gone, the hispanics are relatively benign--hardly worse than Irish or Greeks according to IQ measures.

Miscegenenation won't only get rid of our blacks. Jews are marrying out at a rate of 50% a generation. Combine this with the low Jewish birth rate and, essentially, jews are genociding themselves at a pace far higher than the whites around them. With our ancient enemy eradicating itself under the weight of its own egalitarian/marxist/feminism, we can all breathe easier. The population of Jews in the US, if it has 1 kid per 2 parents and marries out 1/2 the time, is quartering itself every generation. At 2% now that means 20 years from now its reproductive population is .5%, and 20 years from then its pure jewish reproductive population would be .125%, etc. I agree jews are supermen and can exert influence vastly beyond their numbers, but surely even jews if scarce enough become ineffectual? Soon enough they won't have enough men to man all those journalist, banking, and politician roles even though they want to.

F) With enough economic growth, even a vast influx of non-whites does not directly endanger the white population of the USA. We are a gigantic landmass and could easily fit a billion people in our borders, so long as there is productive work for them. This means whites could just carry out their normal business and lives regardless of how many hispanics join them. Is it likely we will achieve such economic growth? I'm not certain, but here are a lot of possibilities:

1) a breakthrough in computer technology that allows it to perform more and more complex tasks for far cheaper than human workers.

2) a breakthrough in car technology that allows cars to drive themselves, saving time, preventing accidents, and more efficiently using the roads than humans ever could.

3) a breakthrough in energy technology that gives cheap power for everyone.

4) a breakthrough in food technology that provides nutritious cheap food for everyone.

5) a breakthrough in genetic technology that cures virtually all diseases or any defects we dislike and can add any advantage we want to ourselves or our kids.

6) a breakthrough in space technology which makes space travel cheap and plentiful.

7) a breakthrough in cybernetics that could start adding computer power directly to our brains or machine parts to replace our bodies.

There are universities full of bright people researching all manners of things. So long as this research is being done, the economy can progress in leaps and bounds beyond anything we see today. There is a virtually assured rate of return of like 10 dollars to 1 for every dollar we put into basic scientific research. Just give the research time and it will deliver miracle solutions to all our problems.

G) Religion is going the way of the dodo as each new generation finds it has less and less to do with their daily lives. With religion's passing, people will be seeking some new cause to join, something bigger than themselves. Race is one of those things. Racism has always been a disproportionately atheist belief, and as atheism rises so will racism. Sweeping away the husk of religion will also allow us to discard flawed beliefs like 'turn the other cheek' 'we are all equal' 'evolution doesn't exist' 'jews are the chosen people' and so on. As people have pointed out, liberals are far less pernicious to the white race than conservatives. Liberals have been studiously lowering the birth rates of overseas non-whites, aborting the babies of non-whites in the USA, allowed non-whites to kill each other over drugs and crime, and basically been trying their best to keep the non-whites down. They even oppose wars for Israel. What you really have to fear is a bunch of compassionate conservatives coming in and protecting the lives of every last 'child of God' in America by banning abortions, while getting us into world wars for the sake of Israel.

H) Historically speaking, whites have never been conquered by non-whites, not for long. White countries continuously throw out their jews, the Russians threw out the Mongols, the Texans overthrew the Mexicans, and so on. Supposing every other failsafe fails and whites really are placed into slavery and submission worldwide to a vast non-white horde, that's still no cause for concern. Whites will run out of patience eventually, it is in their blood. Currently they don't see the danger because they still think they're in power. When they are a small minority getting bossed around, however, you will find an irrepressible anger that no motley horde of blacks or hispanics or jews dare get in the way. Unless something radical has happened to our genome, it is not impossible to have faith in whites restoring themselves to power in the future when they've finally had enough of Mr. Nice Guy. The "white beast" will emerge when it's good and ready. When Serbia participated in this kind of activity, other whites bombed them into submission. The same for SA, it was sanctioned and threatened with bombs into submission. But when no whites are left to threaten other whites from rebelling, because the whole world is non-white, you can bet that same rebellious spirit will emerge and it will win in any straight fight with its masters.

I) Japan and China are decent enough countries, their evolution has diverged from ours only 30,000 years ago, and we are so essentially alike, that we could simply hand the world over to them and not worry about ourselves. Perhaps they are superior after all, at least they seem to get the idea of ethno-centrism unlike us. In which case, does it really matter what happens to whites?

Feel free to add more reasons why we've nothing to worry about and all our problems will solve themselves, or alternatively why we're doomed and none of these solutions will save us. The solution of waiting, doing nothing, and going about our normal lives, is certainly a nice one if it works though.


Andy said...

Interesting article, you are obviously an optimist. Wish I could address all the points where I see a flaw in your reasoning. I will point out just one, and that is history. History tells us what happens to multicultural empires. The races interbreed. Ancient empires where this happened include Sumer and Persia, areas that are now mongrelized and low-IQ. The best example is India. The nordics interbred with the native Dravidians, and today have an average IQ of 90, huge slums, and few high-IQ people left, which are shrinking as a percent of the ballooning population. The US is on a similar path, becoming closer and closer to a Brazil. Has there been any resurgence of white culture in Brazil? Will there ever be any? Its doubtful. The most likely scenario is that the US will be Brazil by the end of the century. Another century past that and we will be India. Something that you left out of your calculations is that the high-IQ people that are primarily responsible for scientific breakthroughs have a very low birthrate, substantially lower than the average. The body of high-IQ scientists is and will continue to decrease at a rapid clip. Whites as a whole are something like 5% of the global births, and after intermixing has been completed, will be only a fraction of the gene pool.

I dont want to be defeatist, but I dont see your possible solutions as realistic. In my opinion, the solution can realistically only be a future secession movement, where a part of the US breaks off to form an ethnostate for whites. The Occidental Observer will have a series of articles on secession this Summer.

Diamed said...

I'm as open to secession as the next guy. But so long as it doesn't seem in the cards, looking for less ideal solutions seems prudent.