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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to Save the World Without Harming a Single Hair on Anyone's Head

As a moral principle, it is fatuous to say nothing can be done if it means having to hurt someone. This objection is ridiculous, when the benefit outweighs the cost there is no reason not to hurt someone. However, potential racists, especially women, may find this moral holdup simply overpowering. They would like things to be different, they would like everything we promise, but they'd rather all lay down and die, they'd rather close their eyes and wish all their worries away, than harm a single other person. As a thought experiment, couldn't we at least try to soothe these people and coddle their ridiculously oversensitive moral compasses? If we could save the whole world without harming a single person, surely then they would start helping us and join in the salvation and survival of our own people? The people who are largely their friends, lovers, fellow believers at church, classmates, family, and the progenitors of their culture? Even in this majority minority America, whites mostly stick to themselves and de facto segregation is present everywhere. Whites Want what we have to offer. They guiltily indulge in the joys of monoracialism and monoculturalism, keeping it secret from everyone how comfortable and happy they feel in the company of their own. Overly effiminate, or simply raised with the ridiculous squeamishness of the modern world, their objection isn't our ends but our means. For those of us who realize the ends justify the means, this is just nonsense. For those who don't, it is a brick wall they can not cross.

Let's take this in context. As we speak, 40,000 Americans die each year to car accidents. Americans as a collective have agreed that the death of 40,000 Americans, many of them children or teenagers just starting the brightness of their lives, are worth sacrificing each year to the convenience of being able to drive everywhere. The economy would be hampered without cars to get us places quickly carrying large loads, and therefore, each year we sacrifice 40,000 virgins to the dark car god in the sky. Whether people consciously or unconsciously decide their deaths are 'worth' it, their blood is on our hands. Under a different social system, not a single one of them would have to die. We could have required only public transportation with much higher safety margins, or torn down all our cities and lived in villages where everything can be reached on foot, etc. Instead we cavalierly declared there were plenty of people to spare and let them die, I want to be able to drive to work, to my girlfriend's, to the bar, to the grocery store. Infants who never themselves chose to be driving anywhere are dying in car wrecks, wholly innocent and undeserving of death, victims of parents dragging them into the car and locking them into baby seats they can't escape, and an uncaring public who does nothing to protect them!

Therefore, let's not take people's compassion and chivalry to seriously. They're perfectly willing to see people die, so long as it cannot directly be traced back to their decision. The collectivization of risk Americans create on the roads makes them feel unresponsible for these 40,000 deaths each year, and yet the people are still dead. I honestly believe that if an inner racist circle went around killing 40,000 people a year and then listing in the obituary "death by car accident" in order to create a racist society and achieve our goals, the rest of society would gladly accept the state of their country and be absolutely happy with the way things were. Relist those people as 'liquidated as enemies of the state' and they would go on riots about how horrible things were. "What's important is the principle of the thing," etc. No, what's important to them is they feel good about themselves. They are good, decent, honorable people who would never hurt anyone, and need everyone else to know this. So no, I don't take their conscientous objections seriously. I don't see anyone campaigning to stop car traffic on our streets, I don't see any conscientous objectors refusing to drive because 'miles are murder.' Just a lot of self-righteous egoists.

To these self-righteous egoists, I say, (okay beginning super-sacharine mode:) welcome aboard! There's nothing to fear here! We have a Plan that will take care of everyone and leave everyone happy. You see, it's simple. White countries pay a handsome annual sum to legal immigrants and return them to their native lands. The money will make them welcome guests of their host country. Illegal immigrants will be deported. A mixed race and diversity loving multicultural hippy-land will be given territory and formal independence, a new Swaziland as it were. We will carve it out of our own countries, out of sheer generosity, and hand it over infrastructure intact, debt free, free of charge. Politely but firmly, all those who simply wouldn't feel at home in a racist society will be moved to their new homeland. There they can have whatever laws, whatever religions, whatever immigration policies they want. Children born into our racist societies who cannot stand our way of doing things and wish to rebel and embrace their human race brothers, are more than welcome to move to their respective Swazilands as well. And children stuck in Swaziland of pure race and good credentials, can also leave their parents and rejoin Racism-land. This way no one anywhere is hurt, everyone gets exactly what they want in life. Freedom for all, peace, joy, love, the whole works. Since most of the immigrants came to our lands to seek money so they could feed their families etc, they should have no objections to having that same money in their own countries, where they feel more at home anyway. After all, subjecting foreigners to constant racism all the time we are told absolutely ruins their lives. In their own country, surrounded by people who know and love them and understand their feelings and language, all that can be restored to its natural state. This way, they'll just have money too. They'll be the local princes and benefactors of their city block. Furthermore, the destabilizing drug wars that wrack south America and central asia will be gone, because thankfully Racism-land will patrol its borders and not allow any further drugs or drug use in their borders. The market will crash, and all those mean thugs who terrorize your countries will be out of a job. They'll have to pick up the car or garment industry and leave your lands in peace. This not only helps out the third world, but now the vulnerable children of Racism-land can breathe easy. No longer will a constant supply of drugs and an open cultural pushing of drug use tempt them into addiction and self-destruction. We offer them a much more wholesome life, with much higher ends, that can occupy their boredom, depression, and ennui. We will have stable homes with good role models that make drug use sound as silly as it really is. Tens of thousands of lives a year will be saved both in Racism-land and the third world by this change alone. A wonder what controlled borders will do for you.

Where will we get this money you ask? Well I'm glad you asked. The Plan has taken care of everything. Initially, it will be simple. We will go into debt, as massive as it takes, even if it means half our paychecks for generations, for the great blessing of our ensured survival, peace, and prosperity of the future. With the knife off of our throats and the jackboot off of our heads, currently angry-white-males will be much more generous and caring than you ever imagined. We can even be friends--albeit penpals. However, something miraculous will occur that will make the money almost generate itself. You see, without all those billions spent on health care, education, higher housing prices, strained water and electricity costs, an imperialist foreign policy interfering with the inner workings of other countries, crime, law enforcement, drug use, alcoholism---well you get the idea. It will turn out money we never knew we had will be sprouting up everywhere. We will be saving trillions a year on the high costs diversity led us into. Affirmative action alone being gone, and merit actually getting the positions they deserve, truly the possibilities are endless. And we will pass all these savings off to the generous immigrants who left our shores. Rather than greedily hogging these wonderful benefits immigrants gave us by leaving, we will pass all these profits back to those who deserve it, the kind and understanding non-whites and mixed-whites and diversity-lovers who all moved back to Mexico or joined the socialist utopia Swazilands. And we whites, we don't even need a thank you. We've been poor before, much poorer than half our paychecks, and we were still happy then--because we had each other. And when love is in the air, the rest can take care of itself. You know?

This isn't all though. If you sign up for the Plan (tm) today, we will throw in a 'third-world-revitalization project' that will not only make your transitions back to your countries and new swazilands safe and affordable, but will actually change the entire world for the better and lift all boats. Here is how it will go. Incredibly bright and caring whites will be paid to go into your countries and start translating our wisdom and technology into daily results for your own people. We will cure your diseases, raise the efficiency of your farms, teach you how to take care of your environment, build roads, hospitals, schools, anything you want or need. You may not have the company of all those dastardly racist whites who kept oppressing you and keeping you down, but aside from that, it will be like a home away from home. All we ask is you don't rape or eat our emissarries we send over there expressly to help you. Naturally, we will offer methods to prevent AIDS like safe sex, we will help employ women and increase their ability to farm or get educations or property so they aren't locked into childbearing prisons, and we will offer new medical technologies that for instance fertilize a dozen of your eggs, genetically test to see which of them is the brightest, healthiest, and most beautiful, and then That child will be the fruit of your loins. Entirely natural, entirely you, just the best in you. What anyone would want for their children. And as the years go by and your countries improve, and our technologies improve, together, we can offer you even more generous and helpful products, like designer babies, fusion power for cheap, robot chore-doers, robot girlfriends for when you just absolutely need to rape someone like the good old days with built in life-like screaming and kicking. I have so much confidence in the genius of white accomplishment, that you can bet almost every christmas you will find some new cool thing under the tree courtesy of us. Courtesy of our love and gratitude for all of you who decided not to come here, or who decided to go back to where you properly belong among your own people. Maybe if East Asia is feeling generous (but you know how those curmudgeons are) they could chip in too, but in any event, the whole world down to the very last slum in India will be better. Cleaner. Safer. Richer. Better Fed. More environmentally sustainable. With prettier girls than you ever saw before, smarter, more peaceful and industrious boys than you ever hoped for, and all of it with the same skin colors you are used to and the same festive dances and holidays. The only difference you'll see is that your race is better at being itself. It will be whatever you want it to be, just as we'll be whatever we want to be. A truer expression of our race than ever before. That is the joy of looking inwards instead of outwards, a world of development instead of competition, love not hate.

And someday, whites will simply leave, and you can have the entire world to yourselves. We will leave a big thank you card and flowers in our gardens. We know how hard it is on you that so much land wasn't inhabited by your people and that we racist-lands unfortunately, were still physical beings who needed our own space to breathe and play in. But we will make our amends for that too. We will put our space program back on track, just like the entriprising white Americans, Germans, and Russians who got us there in the first place, and this time we'll find earth-like planets to inhabit, in stars far far away, and we'll simply pick up and go. This is maybe 500, maybe 1,000, maybe 10,000 years away. But is that so bad? Jesus was born 2,000 years ago and people are still patiently waiting for his resurrection. So what's another 2,000 years of waiting for whites to leave? The land is patient, it has lived and breathed for 4 billion years. The sun is patient, it will still be shining on the green banks of the mississippi and the Rhine and the Volga and the Danube and the St. Lawrence 2,000 years from now when you arrive. The snow is patient, it will fall each winter for you to make snow forts in, sled down, or whatever you wish to do. It will be like we were never there, all intact and ready for the third world to own everything. Consider us renters, just taking a small break on our sojourn. Don't worry, we won't come back. As you can see, all our interests are ultimately compatible. In the end, all we ever wanted to do was give you things. We're just those kinds of guys. All you have to do is let us give you what we can, and keep what we must, and you will see how very reasonable and peaceful we always were. It's your choice, your call. The ball is in your court. Can't we all just get along?

(end super-sacharine mode)

In truth, all whites need is a healthy mindset, an enterprising spirit, their already quite remarkable genetic code kept intact, and a land of their own to translate those goods into a concrete reality around them. This land must be sufficient such that no amount of military might or economic sanctions from the non-white would could bring us under. We will also need a sort of barrier against mental attacks, something that prevents the same seducing theories to enter our brains and infect us again. Jews, especially, and jewish thinking and all previous jewish thought, should never be allowed back into the white world. Yes this means a restriction of free speech, and no I don't care. After two thousand years of lies we really don't need to know what jews will be saying next. I can pretty much guess anyway. We have been the hosts to those seductive smooth talking parasites for 2,000 years now and I personally am sick of it. Country after country has collapsed under the weight of their speeches, and enough is enough. They killed 100 million people with their communism, and the new egalitarianism of Boaz and multiculti crowd of the ADL, SPLC, ACLU etc are directly responsible for the genocide of the entire white race on earth. Not to mention the horrendous atrocities done to Germans, many not even living in Germany by the American Jews like Morgenthau and the Soviet Jews like Ehrenburg. Now, referring back to our bare essentials, I honestly think with these safeguards in place, whites will flourish like never before. The scientific method and the Enlightenment, after the horrible derailment of the jews, will be set back on course to the glorious heaven we were about to create for ourselves. Cleanse our system of the poisons and the degeneracy, start the engine back and watch it play out the way it was meant to the first time. Whatever costs that are imposed on us by keeping the rest of the world around and constantly helping them out is nothing in the face of an unobstructed path we can boldly walk forward into--united and assured of our goodness. Basically, if you get what you really want, it's okay to give up what you never really needed. And emotions which are currently ragged by how much abuse we have taken, will in time be at peace when surrounded by the comfort and joy shining in all the white faces in our pure white cities and towns and media all around us. In time we will forget any animosity we had for anyone, and it will feel good to help the same people that were out to destroy us. However, something will be different than last time, because this time we will realize we are one people, united under a common destiny and common nature, that can never be shared with outsiders. This time we will love ourselves too much to defile that pact with anyone else. Like a monogamous marriage, whites will realize any addition of extra lovers only dilutes the love they already have. That more isn't better, and sometimes, a secret is better left kept. A sense of the sacred will touch our hearts and keep us pure, where hate currently keeps us burning for the same separation. And that is something boy and girl alike, effiminate as they come, can share, and not feel guilty for. I dearly hope.

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