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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Liberals are right--we should abolish race after all:

"Suppose everything you say is true. Do you take satisfaction in it being true? Does it make you happy? Or do you wish it weren't true and wish it could be some other way?"

This is an interesting question, which gets down to the nub of why, exactly, are we crusaders for the race.

My response to this question is I wish what I believed weren't the case, and that it could be some other way. I have been forced into my beliefs by necessity, resisting the implications mightily as I'm dragged through goalpost after goalpost.

There's plenty of room for condemning evil in this world, without having to go around looking for categorical foes who we can smash with unrelenting fury, all the way down to the infants in their cradles. However if we spare an entire city of evil-doers because ten innocent nice infants are crawling around in it, it is our innocents, our good people, our women and children who are ravished and pursued with unrelenting fury. In a struggle for survival that has reached the highest pitch, we don't have the luxury to sort out the good from the bad. Life must come first, justice later. Do I want it to be this way? Am I glad that I can smash infants in cradles and still be moral? That I could bayonet a pregnant woman and still be moral? I'm not glad about it. And yet there it is.

Am I glad that I have 140 IQ and am living in a world average IQ of 90 or so? That a greater IQ gap exists between me and africans than africans and dogs? Not really. Am I glad that life is easier for me, that I can do things others can't, that ultimately all wealth, power, prestige, and even good health and long life belong as a birthright to me and not to anyone else due to a different arrangement of genes? Not really. The things I love most in life, I wish everyone could have. It takes nothing from me if another person reads the same book as me, listens to the same song, or admires the same mountains. I miss the lost camaraderie. I don't have any special need to rule others, the only particular benefit is more leisure time. Machines could serve that role much better. I'd rather the world were much, much smarter. I feel like then we could sit down and reason issues out like civilized men. I feel like we could all understand reality a little better, and treat each other better, and treat ourselves better. I'm not happy that nature has dropped the ball and populated the earth with mostly primitive savages and that there is nothing I can do to make them smarter or better (once they are born) because it's all genetic. How could I be?

The same on a larger scale. Am I glad whites are the best at everything and no one equals us, am I glad the rest of the world is largely a sanctum for the BEAST, a ravening satanic force that unmakes everything it touches and specializes in every living being carrying as much suffering, starvation, disease, stupidity, cruelty and hopelessness and helplessness as it can? No, I'm not glad. I wish all races were free of the horrible fate they cause themselves. I wish they were free of the genes that make them that way. I wish they had the genes that make us like who we are. That's why I wish the whole world were populated with whites, with genes like ours, so that sort of suffering, that level of misfortune, can't happen again.

And of course, I am not happy with whites either. It seems to me, we would all be happier if we were elves. Am I happy that there are no elves in the universe to supplant our top of the totem pole? Am I glad we have unchallenged mastery of the earth because we are the only half-sane gene combination on earth? No, it's rather sad. If only elves existed, such flawed, truly wretched beings as the white race would no longer have to carry the burden of our existence. I've lived long enough to see that everything about humans, including whites, is so full of evil, that I could wish anyone, anywhere, to replace us, if only they could do better. The cheating, the vulgarity, the needless anger and conflict, the lying, the fickleness, the selfishness, the hypocrisy. . .how could I be happy that we, we flawed vessels, are the best? Who could be?

While we continuously drum into the heads of newbies that these are facts, this is reality, and we must accept reality and act on it without delay, could it also be that we are drumming ourselves in our heads that these are the facts, this is reality, and we must accept reality and act on it without delay? We are the unwilling executors of God's cruel design. We are the inheritors of a broken world and a fallen man. It's outrageous that genocide is all that's left to us. That killing babies is the right decision. That sterilizing billions of women is the best step for the happiness of the world. That even if we meet millions of people, it's doubtful whether we could love a single one because all two million are such scum, such utter filth, have hurt someone else so terribly and so viciously and unfairly and selfishly and unashamedly, that no matter how good they look at first inevitably the truth comes out and they are damned? Who could have chosen this? Who could be glad it works out this way?

Here are the facts. Only a few men have lived truly ideal lives. These people have met every expectation of virtue, been happy their whole lives, accomplished something incredible that will have an enduring wondrous impact on the world, and transcended all limits that tried to balk them. Another, still small segment has lived relatively good lives, been somewhat happy, accomplished something worthwhile that meant something to at least somebody. Everyone else is a net negative. They should never have been born. For their sake, and ours, it would have been better. They are born in the nest of Satan and live out their entire lives serving and suffering his diabolical designs. It would be better if every child born had a loving family, a healthy physique, a beautiful body, a temptationless mind that can overcome all bestial instincts, a supportive culture, a ready cadre of friends and confidantes, a life partner, a guardian angel, an all powerful God arranging his stay in heaven, the intellect to fathom the universe and the heart to love it.

Instead we are a hodgepodge of usually mutant genes full of genetic flaws that will inevitably kill us, we have stupid looking noses, we are too fat, we have no muscles, our eyesight is poor, our parents fight too much or split up long ago, we can't find a stable relationship for the life of us, diseases are trying to infect us and eat us from the inside out, tigers and sharks are prowling around trying to dismember us and eat us from outside, the sun is burning us, the lack of sun is freezing us, strangers plot night and day how to decapitate us, steal our money, or rape us, while friends we should have had ignore abandon and betray us. There is no God but a lot of evidence for Satan, there is no heaven but a lot of evidence for the fact we're already living in Hell, with just the right flavor of hope to keep us kicking so we never buck the system and escape it all through death. There are no guardian angels but you can bet the entire world is a giant conspiracy of false history, false morality, and false reality making sure it will use and abuse you your whole life without you ever finding out about it. The day you were born, around five people thought you were beautiful and would do anything for you. 6.5 billion wondered how much use they could get from you with various lies, threats, flatteries or bribes. Those are long odds.

So am I happy to know how irretrievably fucked we are? That there is no salvation? That the world cannot be made better but is certainly being made worse? That only evil can fight evil and good is simply too naive for this hellhole of a planet? That our children will curse the day they were ever born and our grandchildren will never be born? No I'm not happy.

It's important to accept the facts for what they are. The only way anything can improve, is for us to correctly diagnose what is wrong in the first place. Genetics are the source of all our woes, so genetics must be the path out of them. There's no need to glorify or approve of how things are though. There's no need to exult in reality. It's actually horribly depressing. There's no need to give Satan a pat on the back for the fine work he's done. If there were a way to give every baby the list of goods I mentioned above, I'd want them, whether they're black yellow red or brown. If there were a way for whites and non-whites to coexist peacefully, I'd want to, whether they're black yellow red or brown. If there were a way for whites and non-whites to work together to create new heights of accomplishment, I'd want to, whether they're black yellow red or brown. If a black and a white mixed together produced a high elf, I'd bless the couple and ask for pictures. That just isn't reality. I didn't make the world, and I hate it, and I want to change it--so don't blame me for it!

If the environmentalists would just admit the truth, accept the truth, if the nurture crowd would ever stop condemning us and start working with us, we could change the world. With eugenics and genetic engineering, we could make every race better. We could abolish race entirely and make ourselves into an entirely new species, we could be equal, we could be good, we could be loving, compassionate, peaceful, empathetic, anything they wanted. With whites in charge, we could teach uplifting, decent values and ideals. We could give children fair, honest cultures that cultivate our virtues. We could immerse our people in the products of our highest minds instead of our most lizard-like instincts. Instead they give us the bitter, absurd job of choosing between ourselves and everyone else. The last light of hope, and all the people our hope could shine upon. The last good thing on earth, and all the good on earth we could do. It's a false either-or. And therefore, let's not be happy with reality. Let's insist we are all the victims of reality. That no one can be happy with the way things stand. That it revolts us as much as the next guy. And that we racists, we whites, are the only people who can ever do anything about it. The truth may be agonizing, disgusting, depressing, and cruel---but the truth will set mankind free. After we've discovered what evolution wants, what our instincts are asking for, what in the game of life would lead us to victory -- there is still one more question, and that is, should we continue playing by someone else's rules? Or should we take matters into our own hands? The races are different, and can never be the same? Then let's abolish race. That's something liberals can agree with, right? They've spent the last century trying. Let's abolish race the only possible way, by rewriting it from the ground up, one SNP at a time, one child at a time. Just to sweeten the pot, we can plant a tree each time in some urban blighted area and build a non-polluting tidal power plant underneath the ocean. Surely this is better than bayoneting babies? Come on liberals. Let's make up.

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