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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Sword of Truth, The Haze of Lies

"There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world."
--Thomas Jefferson.

"Live not by lies."
--Aleksander Solzhenitsyn.

The Devil is the "Father of Lies." This should clue anyone in, that lying is evil. That living a lie is base, corrupt, and wrong. That enduring lies and not challenging them is moral cowardice. That anyone serving or propagating a lie is a disciple of Satan and man's mortal enemy. I wrote post after post saying lying is not acceptable, not for any reason. Here is a quote:

"If you adopt only those truths which suit you, while denying those truths which you find distasteful, like some sort of chinese menu, you are a coward, a hypocrite, and a cur."

"People who wrap themselves in their pet causes and start clamoring on about how offended they are, how insufferable those who question their delusions are, how everyone on earth has to cater to them and never speak ill of anything they want, are no better than blacks insisting they’re equal and they built the pyramids or invented the refrigerator."

"So no, we can not accept ’some’ lies for the sake of civility, or machiavellan policy, or any other excuse. Life without truth is worthless. Never ask that of anyone."

The Holocaust is a lie. I can back this up with endless evidence, the most basic of which is there are no mass graves where the jews were supposedly killed. We are still finding mass graves of Soviet slaughters of Croatians, we find mass graves of Serbians, we find mass graves of Iraqis, we find every mass grave that's ever been, even when they are random places with no marker. In Poland, however, we are told exactly where the mass graves are, we are standing on top of the concentration camps, and yet we can't find any mass graves. The only explanation for this is there were none in the first place. The alternate explanation, that the Nazis had magic evidence-b-gone chalk that whisked jewish bodies away into a spirit realm without disturbing any soil layers and without leaving any teeth or bones behind, is ludicrous and an obvious lie. If anyone took ten seconds to clear their heads of all the brainwashing they've been suffering at the hands of jewish media, they would be able to make just a quick assessment and conclusion that the whole thing is a farce. But it requires the mind of Descartes, who banished everything he believed and started over with a blank slate willing to accept anything logic would arrive at, to actually get to the truth in situations like these.

For those willing to give a fresh look at the Holocaust and a complete review of all the evidence of its falsehood and lack of evidence for its claims, I have uploaded Dissecting the Holocaust to my dropbox. To download it, just go to, type in the email of, and the password olives. Download the .pdf file 'Dissecting the Holocaust' and away you go. Trust me, anyone who actually reads that book will be convinced and will change their mind from any previous stance. There is no way, after reading the book in its entirety, for anyone to believe the traditional holocaust narrative afterwards. I took the Holocaust for granted until I read it, and by the end I was absolutely converted. All it took was an open mind. I have an open mind that obeys the Truth, not delusions that are convenient for me, and so the process was quite rapid. For others, they will refuse to ever look into the issue. They are simply cowards or sheep without the intellect to come to their own conclusions. There's a third group that is even more weaselly however. There are people who know full well the holocaust is a fraud, but go on pretending it's true. They enforce the holocaust meme on others and ostracize/condemn those who tell the truth, even though they know it's true. They abandon those who are jailed for holocaust denial and don't speak up for them, even though they know they are innocent of all wrongdoing and simply standing up for truth and justice. This is Uhuru Guru. They do this with various excuses. For the sake of 'respectability.' Or because they don't want to lose their loved ones good opinion. Or because they are afraid to say it due to the authorities. Or because they have a 'master plan' where they will slowly convert people with the easier truths first, and the hardest ones last. Whatever, there's a million reasons to lie, but every single one of them serves the Father of Lies. There is only one reason to tell the truth, and that reason trumps all of them. Truth is an absolute. Truth does not compromise. Truth is not interested in summer soldiers. Either you are a man of integrity and conviction, or a weasel who will say anything at anytime that gains you any advantage. Life without truth is not worth living, this is both philosophically clear and empirically proven. Those who have had to mouth lies all their lives are broken, miserable men on the way to extinction. Not only does it corrupt people's souls and weaken their life-force, but it leads to ludicrous conclusions that no one can counteract that lead to immediate practical harm. For instance, the communists of China felt crops should be planted close together because communism was all about supporting each other and huddling together, and this was just as true of the plant world as the human world. Needless to say, the crops viciously competed with all their nearby 'huddlers' for the nutrients and water, most of them died, and famine broke out killing tens of millions. This obvious lie was known to all the farmers, they had planted the crops distant from each other for thousands of years for a reason, because they knew it worked better that way. But they could not say anything, they could not speak up against the lie for fear of execution, so instead the whole thing was carried out to its inevitable conclusion. A society based on a lie, any lie, will eventually lead to a ludicrous decision like this which will destroy the country. Anyone anywhere who lives a lie is on the path to extinction. The clock is ticking. That is why, from a purely practical point of view, accepting a lie, any lie, anywhere in your society, is a mortal error.

The Holocaust is the only historical event in the world that it is illegal to question. You can have any theory you want over the nuking of Japan, the rape of Nanjing, the firebombing of Dresden, or any older war, but if you question the Holocaust in most of the 1st world, you go to jail. Why? What makes jews so special? What makes their suffering so important that it's blasphemy to challenge it? People can mock and downplay the suffering of Chinese in WWII, who lost 30 million people, not '6 million.' They can mock and downplay the deaths of the Russian people, who lost 20 million people, not '6 million.' But if you mock and downplay the suffering of the jewish people, you are thrown in jail for 'hurting their sensitive feelings' and, basically, blasphemy. The difference is power. Jews currently rule the world, and as a benefit, they get to erect double standards that especially favor them. Holocaust Denial is a crime, no other historical revisionism is. No other country should be homogeneous or control its borders, but Israel has the right to be a homogeneous jewish state with control of their borders. No one else can have anti-miscegenation laws, but in Israel it is illegal for a jew to marry a non-jew. No one else can define their country based on blood kinship, but Israel's definition of jew and law of return is anyone who is descended by blood from a jew, NOT their religious beliefs.

Currently nearly every child in the 1st world is required to learn about the Holocaust in school, there are thousands of holocaust memorial museums, something like 150 movies have been made on the holocaust and multiple new ones come out every year. Not a day goes by without jews reminding us of the Holocaust, how horrible it was, how evil we were for doing it, and how we must do everything in our power to prevent any thinking that might lead to another holocaust someday. All this for the death of '6 million' jews. But what of the 20 million Russians? The 30 million Chinese? The millions of pacific islanders? The millions of Germans? The 10 million Ukrainians and others who died due Stalin's persecutions in the 1930's? Where are their movies? Where are their museums? Where are their classroom lessons? Where are their spokesmen appearing on TV everyday discussing how we can never allow another holodomor? This is a double standard. The jews get to be remembered because they're in power, they control the schools, the media, the movies, and therefore they control what is discussed. They'd prefer to endlessly harp on the suffering of jews and the special victimhood of jews, and thus the sheeple and lemmings accept that and become the willing tools and zombies of this blanket saturation.

How does the Holocaust lie lead to a mortal error in our society? You'd think the exact number of jews who died in a war 60 years ago wouldn't matter one way or another. It should be as meaningless as the number of French who died at Waterloo. But this is how insidious lies are. No matter how trivial it seems, take a lie into your bosom, and the snake will bite, and the venom will spread to every organ, and you Will perish. The Holocaust lie serves two roles, it dampens nationalism everywhere because people fear it might lead to 'another Holocaust.' It associates nationalism with hate and genocide, and thus deters people from accepting it. This restricts people from the best political and philosophical system on earth, leading to the destruction of their civilizations one after another via mass immigration and multiculti cultural relativism. That alone is a mortal error caused by the Holohoax. But it serves another purpose, and that is to make jews an untouchable victim race who can never be criticized no matter what they do. This special force field, the holocaust lie, gives them an immunity to all resistance no matter how evil they are towards others. Have jews just bombed gaza into ruins in retaliation for a rocket that hurt no one? THE HOLOCAUST. Have jews just thrown our economic situation in chaos all over the world due to bad lending and monetary decisions? THE HOLOCAUST. Have jews yet again endlessly lobbied for war with Iraq, Iran, or some other innocent nation causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands? THE HOLOCAUST. Have jews unfairly favored each other in close-knit circles of movie making, book publishing, proffesorships, etc? THE HOLOCAUST. Have jews founded the NAACP, the ADL, the SPLC, the Communist Party, the ANC, and every other subversive organization determined to wipe out whites worldwide? THE HOLOCAUST. And now you see that a random lie about exactly how many jews died in WWII, by being accepted, leads to universal ruin and destruction. There is no such thing as an innocuous, unimportant lie. If the lie is not defeated, it will strangle you to death. If the lie is not pierced, it will crush you. If you do not wield the sword of truth, you will choke to death on the poisonous haze of lies. If you do not follow the straight and narrow path, you will be lost forever in the wilderness. There is no choice in the matter. Either you serve God, who said, quite simply: "I am Truth." Or you serve the Devil, who is, quite simply, The Father of Lies.

When I saw a fellow patriot in need, David Duke, who has done more for whites than any other man on earth, I rushed to his defense and fought the vicious lies being used against him. Uhuru Guru stabbed him in the back, erased the post, and banished me. Between the two, who reacted properly? I have no regrets. If I can't tell the truth, I have no use for such a website. If the website refuses to tell the truth, no reader should have any use in reading it. Compromised as it now is, the entire edifice is just a pile of shit. And as a result, all it can do now is post naked black porn, make stunted, meaninglessly vague statements like 'multiculturalism magically appeared out of nowhere, for no reason, no group is pushing it on us, no people are funding it or propagating it, and there is no reason why it is still believed today.' Gee, what an amazing analysis. Or, we could go where the truth leads us, realize jews, a hyper-smart, hyper-ethnocentric group are determined to create a world that best suits them, but no one else, and then fight them head-on for all we're worth.

This is how Jews view the world:

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."


Jews have made their agenda clear. We are to be their cattle or simply crushed like insects under their feet. We are to lick their feet for life. Uhuru Guru is apparently fine with this and strives every day not to offend jews and to censor any criticism of jews off his website. I, however, am not fine with this. I see no reason why I should lick jews' feet or be their cattle. The choice is yours.

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pasta said...

@Diamed: I observed your banning at SA Sucks. Thank you for your courage to speak up for the truth!