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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Big Lies:

It should be clear to anyone that most of what they were ever taught in school, at church, and in the media was all lies. Unfortunately, people do not learn from discovering one lie, the meta-realization that there must be other lies they have been taught that they have yet to uncover. They do not use their critical thinking skills on all their beliefs, but selectively challenge one or another belief they find incredible, leaving the rest of the edifice, and thus the structural integrity of the building, intact. This permits the most ludicrous juxtapositions of thought, for instance creationists who believe in racial differences. Or evolutionists who believe in egalitarianism. At a certain point in someone's life, they must leave everything they were ever taught behind them. They must review everything they know, look at all sides of every issue, and determine objectively where the truth really lies. People who have discovered one or two deceits of the modern world and pride themselves on their enlightenment, are woefully ignorant puppets still dancing to the strings of their rulers. Like the 13 circles of hell, climbing out of a single one may make your life somewhat more tolerable than before, but it hardly means you are in Purgatory, much less Heaven. Dante did not end his journey at the first circle or the first heavenly sphere, sit down, and decide he'd seen enough. He sojourned across the entirety of the inferno and paradise, with his trusty guides Virgil and Beatrice constantly encouraging him to move forwards and not lose heart or grow complacent with the sphere he was in.

The lies that rule the world can probably be graded in this order of strength. Each and every one of them is capable of destroying the world, independent of the rest. Together, they become an unstoppable juggernaut that enslaves everyone in its path. If no man stands up for the Truth, if no movement dedicates itself not to one lie or another, but to the pursuit of truth and a willingness to follow it wherever it might lead, we are literally facing the end of the world. I wish I knew what lay in the hearts of East Asians. Do they really buy into any of these lies? Do they mouth it simply because they'd rather get along than dispute the issues? Do they let sleeping dogs lie because, after all, it doesn't hurt them but only their competitors around the world? If I could ever have a frank discussion with Japanese, Chinese, South Koreans, and the intelligent cadres of India, it would be fascinating to see how free or ensnared they are to these world-devouring lies. It is my pessimistic opinion, however, that they are as fooled and deluded as the rest of us, and mere chance has spared them up until this point. Sooner or later, the same lies will take root in their lands, and corrupt their societies into oblivion as well. Relying on the East to succeed where we have failed is fanciful, it isn't a solution, it is simply a surrender. These lies must be struck down, and it must be us, the same people who invented the Scientific Method, produced the Renaissance and discovered the Enlightenment who strikes them. We are the best, if we fail, there is no evidence anyone else could succeed. This is the battleground for the soul of the world. The day has come, we cannot afford to retreat any further.

#1. 'The Abrahamic faiths. Anyone who believes in Judaism or its spinoffs -- Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Bha'i, Sikhs, etc, etc.'

This is a big lie. It's obvious that God, if he exists in any sense of the word, would not have the particular personality and characteristics and goals as the ones described in these holy books. That God would not speak in such an ignorant manner, neglecting science and logic as though He were just as dumb as the followers of his day. That God would not lie, or say contradictory or paradoxical things, demand or condone evil, design the world to act/be opposite to his own wishes, and so on. These ridiculous personal Gods that reflect the personality of their makers but not of the Maker, are mere stories that lead us away from the truth in front of our eyes. By demanding we suspend our reason, God steals our humanity from us and leaves us as ignoble sheep, readily led by the most vicious and worthless wolves amongst us. The great harm religion has done us and still does to us cannot be easily contained: The Old Testament begins with the glorification of genocide, the slaughter of all the innocent firstborn of Egypt and all the Palestinians who were in Jews' way. It supports polygamy, slavery, deceit, child sacrifice, and proposes the most ludicrous miracles that create an anti-scientific bent of mind fixated on illusions instead of observable reality. Sometimes the sun sits still in the sky for hours, other times the whole world is flooded and only 2 of every species survives, all of which fit in a boat. Christianity does little better by first sanctioning and thus repeating everything wrong in the Old Testament, then creating a Heaven and Hell where justice is done and Faith is rewarded, thus relegating people's actual lives to a mere footnote of their existence. By devaluing their earthly existence, Christians are led into ridiculously irrational choices like chastity, pacifism, charity to their own enemies, the 'brotherhood of man in Christ' and whatever else is said to get them out of Hell and into Heaven.

Following them up comes Islam, which calls for the slaughter or enslavement of anyone who does not obey the one true God of Abraham. Clearly learning from both previous religions, the warlike master race messiahdom of the jews and the heaven and hell martyrdom system of Christianity creates a new hybrid monster: jihad. Ever since its beginning in 600 AD, it has been aggressively attacking all of its neighbors, destroying their temples, banning all intellectual investigations, slaughtering hundreds of millions, enslaving and castrating tens of millions more, and all in the name of God with a holy book to back them up. This ruthless tribe numbers over a billion and even wields nuclear weapons. So long as the delusion continues, it represents a mortal threat to all the rest of mankind. Those trapped within it are no better off. They are poor, illiterate, polygamous, (and thus without loving families) their women are mutilated or beaten, life is stagnant and oppressively repetitive, and everything good in life is denied to them. Music, wine, dance, poetry, art, sex, you name it -- and as a counter to this, a ruthlessly violent and unscrupulous world of rape, child molestation, prostitution, crime, debauchery, drugs and corruption behind closed doors. Whichever path the particular muslim takes, Islam has trapped his soul in perdition. All religions tend to deny evolution and thus the seminal insight that controls both morality and power in the real world. Without evolution, we can never understand ourselves, or our needs, and we will always be victims to those who do, either consciously or unconsciously, pursue the survival of the fittest.

Since fully 1/2 of the world and nearly the entirety of the western world holds one of these religious beliefs, even if they are slightly harmful their wronghood is multiplied by their popularity, creating a mountain of harm from even a slightly perverse beginning. It is frightening even in abstract that 1/3 of all humans on earth have endorsed the same values system, or more broadly speaking even 1/2. A healthy system requires diversity, the ability to change, progress, and adapt to the world around us. By becoming such a sickly, unadaptive, and inflexible single branch of human thought, we become vulnerable to pandemics of stupidity and ignorance, while losing all chance of strokes of genius and refinement.

#2: 'Nurture, not Nature, determines everything.'

This is the second most pervasive and dangerous lie on earth. The idea that genes basically create an empty vessel and then people pour in whatever they want flies in the face of everything we know about the animal kingdom and our own historical human nature, as well of course as all the twin studies and recent science of the modern era. This illusion, which makes all genes meaningless and thus all human variation a mere sidenote, has dangerously leveled a playing field between the superiors and inferiors of the earth. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, perhaps with refinements that can never be repeated again, could be lost chasing this lie. If genes are not regarded as meaningful, no preference will be paid to those of superior qualities, and eventually they will go extinct, simply diluted to non-existence by the massive upsurge of un-evolved mankind. Furthermore, this foolishness causes intractable friction with whites, for instance, trying to educate blacks in fields they'll never understand. Or attempt to fight black criminality in the same lenient way they would whites. Or create social safety nets for blacks as though they would be just as responsible with them as whites. Trillions of dollars and millions of lives are lost attempting the impossible with uplift programs like 'The Great Society' and 'The War on Poverty.' Democracy is assumed to be sensible because everyone is equally qualified to run a country, disparities in income are seen to be unjust because everyone is equally qualified at producing wealth, and so on. Every stupid idea on earth has some connection to the fraudulent faith in nurture as the source of human (e)quality.

It also causes genocidal rampages like those of the communists who attempted to remake mankind by silencing all critics and liquidating all potential opponents of their new world. Needless to say, it isn't so easy to remake mankind's genes as it is to control what is said in public, and so communism achieved nothing after all its tyranny but pain. People were still exactly the same underneath, and always would be, regardless of what they were taught in school. "To make an omelet, you must crack a few eggs," was the soviet justification for its gulags and genocidal purges, but that logic falls apart when you realize no 'omelet' of 'homo sovieticus' can be created because human nature is independent of any tyrant's cultural sway. A simple acknowledgment that force cannot make people better off, life fairer, people more loving, etc, would be a great step for freedom and security in the world. There are no shortcuts to utopia. Only a steady devotion to Truth and the steady application of science can get us there, and that requires a secure environment, a capitalist economy, the rule of law, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms we most hold dear.

#3 'Women and Men are interchangeable. They can do whatever they like, there is nothing particularly suited to either sex, and there is no best fit or relationship between the sexes. Two men, one man and ten women, a man and a goat, a man and a child or a single woman are just as good as a man and a woman. Nature provides no manual or plan for our relationships.'

Though we can say Islam is the most grievous flaw of asia and the power of nurture the most grievous flaw of multi-racial societies, this myth has specialized in the destruction of otherwise completely healthy lands. Places with 95% whites, largely atheist, who know better than to adopt communism, have still fallen for this lie and thus, the rot of inevitable death. Places like Scandinavia, Italy, and Germany that should have no problems anywhere on their radar are instead wilting just as or even faster than the USA. Without clear sex roles mandating the performance of people's evolved and necessary functions, society is thrown into confusion and enters a death spiral of unbelievably low birth rates. Only one half as many children exist as parents. A single generation of this madness is thus worse than the Black Plague, the worst disaster to ever befall Europe. A couple further generations and it is as though a meteor were to have slammed down on the continent akin to the end of the dinosaurs. If a death sentence were not enough proof of the wrong-headedness of this lie, the pain of contemporary society is an equally forceful argument. Never before have so many people been so lonely for so long. Divorce has skyrocketed to 50%+ of all marriages, the majority of children are illegitimate and without both parents to love and nurture them, there are no sisters or brothers for playmates, no cousins or uncles for companions, no economic safety net for those who fall on hard times by moving in with the parents, no rich inheritances following from a distant relative. The family is non-existent. To make things worse, no solace can be found in the love of one's husband or wife. Your marriage will more than likely include adultery, more than likely it will simply end in divorce. Inbetween, more than likely it will be full of fights, conflict, and irreconcilable differences. The dating world is hedonistic but heartbreaking, as lie after lie and disappointment after disappointment flit through decade after decade of singlehood.

The age of set gender roles created an entirely different world. One where love and duty went hand in hand, children had parents, siblings, and cousins every day of their life to live with, marriage was quick and divorce unthinkable. Men were heads of the household and providers for the home, women were the child-bearers, child-rearers, chore-doers, peace-makers, social event organizers and comforters. Virgins were prized and women were protected from both force and fraud. Marriage was encouraged and debauchery was forbidden. It was simply a different world. It is hard to imagine it existed just 60 years ago. I shudder to imagine what 60 more years of this lie will create.

#4. 'Evil does not exist. There are no malignant tendencies on this world, no threats, no cause for concern. There is nothing to fear and no one to mistrust.'

This lie is truly atrocious and again, incredibly widespread. The number of people who 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' are legion, and they are the AIDS of any healthy mind's immune system. If we can not resist the evil in our midst, because people are sure that it doesn't even exist, the illness simply spreads and spreads. You would think that ruined cities like Detroit that look like bombed out wastelands would clue someone in that something evil, some dire threat, is in their midst. But you would be wrong! Due to this lie, that we should tolerate anyone and everything, that there is nothing to fear and 'this is the best of all possible worlds,' that any concerns are 'a conspiracy theory' and any naming of malignant parties is 'hate,' we are managing to literally go extinct without ever once even admitting there is a problem. As C.S. Lewis said, the greatest trick the Devil ever managed was convincing people he did not exist. The greatest trick jews ever pulled was convincing people they did not exist. "We aren't in power. We don't control the media. We don't donate the majority of all campaign funds to both the Republican and Democratic party. We don't use advertising as a weapon to keep companies toeing the politically correct line. We don't lie about and constantly harp on the Holocaust to gain sympathy. What are you talking about? All we ever do is work hard and hug kittens." Let us admit that things are not ideal, that a great deal of ruin confronts us in all directions: economic ruin, environmental ruin, moral ruin, familial ruin, racial ruin, cultural ruin, and that no such collapse could come about if every single person were a good healthy vibrant producer!!!! Someone has to be causing this damage, someone has to be a net negative, for a negative world to exist. If these people are not named and confronted, then where will it ever end?

Now imagine a Christian who believes we are all born equal blank slates who feels families come in 'all sizes, shapes and colors' and that no one anywhere on earth wishes her harm or would like to control her, intent on loving her neighbor as herself and then peacefully going to heaven, and you have the Juggernaut combined. Can you imagine this sort of mentality multiplied by a billion and then left to fend for itself in the world today? She and everyone with her would be destroyed, within mere decades, the whole thing would fall apart. The women will be dragged away for endless gang rapes and the men will be put to work in virtual slave-galleys of 99% taxes, the children, of course, simply would never be born.

If you have ever seen transformers or voltron or even power rangers, you know that each of these lies is piloted by its own person and fights well on its own, but combined it becomes an unstoppable cooperative giant robot of doom. Many have opposed it, but none have succeeded. The blazing sword cuts through all Voltron's foes equally. Those who would combat one lie but not the others are simply leaving a blind spot, an opening for Voltron to strike through. All lies work together, because they are all emanations from the same Father of Lies. If truth occasionally aids lies, occasionally opposes it. If truth occasionally fights other champions of truth, and occasionally liars. If truth stabs itself in the back while vigorously defending itself from the frontal assault of the green lion or the yellow lion of lies, how far do you expect it to go? A voltron of truth is the only opponent of a voltron of lies. Captain Planet is the only equal to Captain Pollution. Truth is only as powerful as its weakest link. The first lie that invades it cripples it against all the rest. As an alternative to Captain Pollution, we must form Captain Planet. Those who seek to redress any of the Big Lies, must stand for all the Big Truths. How obvious is this? Why must it even be mentioned?

Here is the Truth: #1: God is inscrutable, if he even exists, and all the religions of the earth are delusions fashioned by men for their own petty goals. If we must worship a God, let it be a God of Love, Beauty, and Truth, and reject any religious belief that interferes with goods so sacred and divine.

#2: Genes overwhelmingly make the man, nurture can spoil one's potential but can never raise it. The best thing we can do for everyone is accept them for who they are, and not try and change them into anything else, but instead to treat them accordingly. The best way to improve our collective lives is to restrict and encourage childbirth to happy, well qualified homes.

#3: Humans are meant to live in a network of monogamy. That is, the ideal and necessary life for human well being includes a man and a woman, strictly sexually faithful to each other for life, having at the very least a son and a daughter, starting at an early age when they are still healthy and pure, and that these children are loved and supported by both the mother and father every day of their lives. These children should then be given both the opportunity and encouragement to find wives and husbands of their own, at a time when they are still healthy and pure, and the cycle should continue with the same rhythm and inner beauty as the birdsongs of spring. The family should be aware of and interact with the extended family, the extended family should be aware of and interact with the village, and the village should be aware of and interact with the nation. Hospitality and love should flow freely between every member of the group. Loneliness should not arise in a properly connected world.

#4: Life is struggle, and murder is the daily routine of every bacteria, plant, animal and man simply to survive another day. We must never imagine that disaster cannot befall us, that parasitism has vanished, that predators have moved away, and that the 'lion has lain down with the lamb.' There is evil in every heart, dark passions in every man and woman, and there is danger in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the light of the sun, every chemical, every fad, every idea and every choice. Nothing is ever easy, nothing is free. The answer is to know our enemy, know ourself, and be the victor of a thousand battles. It is not to run, hide, or put our heads in the sand. We must endure and overcome, such is the path of heroes, and heroism is the path to eternity.

Together, we can form a Captain Planet, A voltron with a blazing sword. Independently, no single truth can save us and no truth will get us anywhere. It will be a self-defeating, abortive attempt like so many others that have obviously failed all around us. The 'christian conservatives' have lost headway every year for a century. The 'libertarians' have lost to socialism and tyranny every year for a century. The do-gooders have failed to achieve any of their goals, whether it be world peace, an end to world hunger, women's lib or worldwide democracy. The environmentalists have tried in vain to save endangered species, prevent global warming, prevent population growth or create sustainable energy. The anti-racists have never managed to stamp out hate and distrust between the races, even when they live cheek by jowl in integrated schools and workplaces. The communists simply cannot stop the inequality of incomes within countries and between them. There has been a worldwide failure of every goal on earth, and meanwhile we all together ride towards the cliff of irretrievable breakdown. It's time for something new. Something more inclusive, a larger paradigm that includes more than one idea. Something as complex as humanity itself. Something not reduced to a singular, bullheaded and obdurate point. A synthesis of Truth that confronts all lies everywhere. An alloy of Good that confronts evil on even terms. The forces of darkness are powerful, they are united, and they intend to devour us all. How long will petty enmities and meaningless rivalries keep the forces of light fractured and impotent? We must stand for all Truths everywhere, or each truth will surely hang separately.

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