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Friday, May 1, 2009

'1/3 of the Holocaust.'

For fence-sitters who have doubts about the Holocaust but don't want to read an entire book on the issue, I offer a rather entertaining (the dry sarcasm as the narrator exposes lie after lie can't be beat) and informative expose of it.

It's called '1/3 of the Holocaust,' and deals with the alleged atrocities in Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec.

It comes in 30 'episodes.' My favorite is episode 23, 'lamb.' It shows the impossibility of cremating piles of humans in an open-air fire like the eye-witnesses claim. And thus, the impossibility of massive millions of jews simply disappearing into thin air and leaving no trace of evidence behind as claimed by the Holocaust 'experts.'

After watching this video, the contempt I have for all holohoaxers or 'holohiders' (those who know the holocaust is a hoax but wish to censor this from the rest of the world) should make perfect sense to everyone.

There seems to be massive evidence that jews were summarily executed (ie shot) on the eastern front as troublemakers and partisans, and also as a reprisal for the atrocities committed against Germans by Russian and Allied forces. Many jews were also killed by the natives of eastern occupied areas who hated Jews with a passion for their collaboration and carrying out of the Soviet atrocities in their lands. Lithuanians, Poles, etc, had all had enough with jews at that time, and liked to personally get back at them. But that is hardly the fault of Germans. Perhaps some rogue German officials took matters in their own hands and massacred unpopular and defenseless jews in the hundreds and thousands, here and there, but the high command always put a stop to it when it reached their attention. This might shine poorly on 'anti-semitism' but says nothing about Nazism, eugenics, or Hitler. A great deal of jews also died due to hunger and disease in the concentration camps, but that was not intentional and again is no fault of Germany. The death toll of jews, even if it were 6 million, instead of the more likely 1 million, is a pitiful number compared to the estimated 30 million Russians who died during WWII. No one criticizes Germany for its slaughter of 30 million russians, because they realize that was part of the exigencies of war. The unique evil of the Holocaust was that it was an intentional attempt to genocide a subgroup of civilians, and that it was done in a 'cold and scientifically devilish manner.' Random pogroms of jews by angry villagers is not as evil as gas chambers, just as 2nd degree murder is not as bad as 1st degree murder. Killing jews as suspected or actual partisans during wartime may be considered a war crime, but is hardly different from their treatment of Serbian partisans and civilians during the war, or for that matter the Allie's deliberate targeting of civilians in their bombing campaigns. Jews dying of disease is practically out of the control of anyone, in fact Germans tried everything they could to combat the typhus epidemics and control the lice infestations by cutting jews' hair, gassing their clothes and mattresses with the delousing agent of zyklon B, and even using microwave ovens and steam to kill lice. After WWI something like 30 million people died to influenza, but that is never labeled a Holocaust. Why? It's as reasonable to classify that a deliberate genocide as to classify typhus or cholera or dysentery in prison camps one!

If the loss of 1 million jews was to a process that was not an intentional cold-blooded attempt at genocide using scientifically designed and carried out death machines, what is left of the unique evil of the Holocaust? Is a jew's life worth more than 30 russian lives? More than 30 chinese lives? Therefore, the argument is not so simple as numbers. Even if ten million jews had been killed, if you cannot prove they were killed via gas chambers in a targeted manner with a genocidal plan designed by Hitler himself with the full sanction of the Nazi state, the Holocaust is no longer uniquely evil. It's not even exceptional. WWII produced plenty of people who lost 10 million. One was Germany herself. The more reasonable death toll of 1 million is almost a sidenote. The real question is, was there a plan? Were there scientific cold blooded death machines designed for jews? No evidence exists of either, neither a homicidal gas chamber nor a document stating the plan to gas all jews to death, or kill them in any way for that manner. Jews dying due to guerrilla violence, local acts of hate and revenge, and the perilous conditions for civilians all wars create, including epidemics and famine, is simply not evil. It is unfortunate, but it is not evil. And if it wasn't evil, then Nazis weren't evil. And if Nazis weren't evil, then racists aren't evil. And if racists aren't evil, then racist policies are not evil. And if racist policies aren't evil, then we can finally go about implementing tough border controls, deportations of recent immigrants back to their lands of origin, and secession from those areas that for whatever reason don't reflect our values. It all starts with the Holocaust and WWII. None of this happened until then. Until then whites proudly ruled the entire world and had no thought of treating non-whites in their land as equal or importing massive numbers of non-whites to become minorities in their own homelands. Therefore, as CS Lewis would say, (or was it Dante? Or kierkegaard? I think Lewis though): Sometimes the only way forward is to admit you have gone the wrong way, and to simply retrace your steps in exact reverse until you are back on the path. Anything but backtracking only leads to further confusion and wasted energy further and further away from the origin. We need a complete reversal of history that reverses the story of WWII, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, segregation etc to our last known healthy point. Those who don't wish to live with the consequences of history, but are unwilling to refute the chain of logic our current historical narrative has caused, are simply naive. 'He who controls the past, controls the future.' This all important insight was made by Orwell in 1984. We CANNOT change our future until we change our past. Not by fudging reality into something that favors us, but by simply exposing the Truth, which always has favored whites, because we truly are a good people. I believe a true history of the western world, including a true account of WWII, would completely vindicate all of our supposed 'crimes.' And at that time, people would not only wish to return to the good old days, they'd have the self-confidence to do so.

p.s: A recent article shows african americans are only 13% (barely 1/8) white, lower than previously claimed. African Americans have an IQ of 85, whereas Africans have an IQ of 70. Does this show the environment is causing a massive, though not infinite impact on IQ? ((after all, 85 still isn't 100)). Not necessarily. Most African Americans were hand-picked to be enslaved or bred with quality in mind, or have immigrated here more recently with at least some screening mechanisms that would only accept higher IQ blacks. Also, sometimes genes that carry natural selection advantage can survive and spread rapidly even when all the rest of that race disappears and leaves no other genetic trace. The sarmatians who brought England lactose-tolerance is one example. Mediterraneans with the sickle-cell anemia gene that defends against malaria are another. Therefore, a black with just 13% white genes might have found most white genes uninteresting and unimportant, but latched onto all the white intelligence genes it could get because of its natural selection value. Therefore african americans even with 1% white genes could have snatched all the white intelligence genes and simply discarded the rest, becoming far superior to the africans who have 0% white admixture. These questions are clearly knotty and the only answer is more and more research. The very research no one is willing to do, because they don't want to know the answers, or to realize the obvious implications the answers hold. A worldwide genotyping of everyone on earth (like has been done for Watson's unique DNA pattern) together with IQ tests and other statistical studies like wealth, accomplishment, virtue, etc is surely hiding pivotal and invaluable secrets about mankind. It could unlock technologies like genetic engineering and finally establish politically the fairness of unequal results, thus preserving the free market system, the right to free association, and the end to affirmative action.


Theo said...

I'm very glad that you started cross-posting all of your posts composed for various other websites here in one central makes following your writing much easier.

Have you ever considered putting together a collection of your best essays (editing them, expanding them, etc) and publishing a book? You are a great writer, and The Occidental Press might be interested in publishing a collection of your best essays:

Keep writing and fighting the good fight.

Diamed said...

I'm not sure what you mean.

Are you a representative of the occidental press, or did you just think it would be a good idea if they did publish a collection of my essays, or are you suggesting I submit some sort of manuscript to them. . .?

But yes I intend to keep writing. One thing people have to realize is I don't like repetitious posts. If I can say something better, sure. But I dislike simply saying the same thing twice. When I do make a post, it's because I hope it will add something to the rest of my 'corpus,' that previously wasn't there. That means posting a dozen entries a day like View From the Right is out of the question. :P.

In any event, thanks for the support~