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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are Jews Immune to Demographics?

Are Jews Immune to Demographics?

Many people have said jews are genociding the white world, while fiendishly profiting from our loss themselves. Jews will stand above it all, refuse to practice what they preach, and emerge unscathed from the racial chaos. Is this supported by the data though? Or are jews caught in the same ideological trap as they’ve sprung on others? I thought a more thorough data crunch might reveal a different take on Jewish malfeasance. Instead of the ‘double standards’ theory where Jews have one, secret standard for themselves and another, intentionally malicious standard for others, the data better fits a single suicidal standard they apply to themselves and others in the genuine belief it is somehow a noble, moral ideal. This is not the first time religious enthusiasm has led to mass suicide. Jim Jones, the comet of Hale-Bopp, and the Shakers, are other well-known examples of this phenomena. If liberalism is simply a suicide cult, the destructive nature of Jews is revealed as a simple missionary fervor combined with an irrational idea. The only unique part of this cult was how persuasive and influential jews are, thus making it the largest suicide cult in world history, with the most adherents ever assembled.

So which of the models makes more sense? If Jews have one standard meant to undercut the population of whites, and another standard for themselves meant to further their ethnic interests, then we should see a growing Jewish population and a shrinking white population. If Jews are suicidal fanatics with missionary zeal to drag others with them, we should see Jewish population falling at the highest rate and their roped-in lemmings falling alongside them, perhaps at a slower and less dramatic rate.

Assuming nothing revolutionary happens in the world and current trends carry on as normal, how will things look in 2050?

The non-Hispanic, single-race white population is projected to be only slightly larger in 2050 (203.3 million) than in 2008 (199.8 million). In fact, this group is projected to lose population in the 2030s and 2040s and comprise 46 percent of the total population in 2050, down from 66 percent in 2008.

Sad news for whites in terms of percentages, but the good news is our population in 2050 will be higher than it is today. The survival instinct of whites in America still seems to be rather strong, far higher than Japanese for instance, who have no jews influencing their decisions at all.

For the jews the situation is quite different.

The demographic catastrophe presently decimating American Jewry is not in dispute. Without numbing you with statistics, the basic facts are absolutely clear and chilling. The 6 million Jews in America will probably number no more than a couple of million by midcentury.

Until 1960 few Jews married non-Jews. Now more than half of the Jews who marry are marrying unconverted Christians. Only 30 percent of their children, and only 4 percent of their grandchildren are raised as Jews. Some demographers say our birthrate is the lowest of any group in America, so we are now older than any group in America.

So here we have jews losing 2/3 of their population by 2050 while white population slightly grows. Are we looking at diabolical jewish malfeasance applying double standards to further their interests at our expense? Or insane idiots destroying themselves while the rest of America largely looks on with amusement?

Another source for the same 2/3 prediction is at Amren:

Ironically, as Mr. Entine notes, social acceptance and assimilation may yet destroy what pogroms could not. Except for the Orthodox, Jews have very small families, and about half of American and European Jews now marry outside the tribe. In 1920, fewer than 1 percent married out. At current intermarriage rates, notes Mr. Entine, two-thirds of Jews could be gone in a few generations.

Amren is giving us a hint here. How do we get rid of our jews? Easy--watch them implode. If we wait just 40 more years the jewish problem will have largely erased itself.

What about Israel? Is it growing in population such that Jewish ethnic interests are somehow still prospering by present Jewish conduct? Mind you they’re set to lose 4 million jews in America alone, so we’d have to see some dramatic growth in Israel’s jewish population to offset such a loss.

By 2050, the jewish population would range between 6.9 million and 9.7 million.

Current jewish population in Israel is 5.4 million. So we are looking at a best case scenario, 4.3 million jew increase in Israel. Not only that, but they are continuously losing percentage ground to the arab Israelis within their borders:

The overall fertility rate of the Moslems is 4.6%, while that of Israeli Jews is 2.6%. The 110,000 Bedouins of the Negev have the highest fertility rate, with a 5.9% growth rate. Half the Bedouins are below the age of 13. The population doubles every 12 years. Excluding the Bedouins, the Moslem growth rate is 3.2%, still way above the 2.6% of the Jews. Put differently, there are 2.6 births per Jewish woman, against 4.6 births per Moslem woman. (In 1970, there were 9 births per Moslem woman.)

The immigration policy of Israel also favors a demographic shift away from a Jewish population. It is generally believed that 60% of those who have made aliyah in the last ten years are not Jewish.

Looking at world jewish populations then, 2050 will have fewer jews on earth than 2009, and the jews of Israel will be in an even more precarious position than ever. If this is a giant scheme to increase jewish population at the cost of the white host society, even by reaping the benefits in Israel while collecting the money elsewhere, jews are enacting it very poorly. The simpler explanation is Jews have bought into a death cult. The death cult reads like this: women should live sophisticated, self-satisfactory lives defined by their jobs and degrees. Childbirth should be avoided as distracting, a career cost, and generally too demeaning for a woman to do. Women should be wage earners and not rely on men to provide for them so that they can have children early. Instead women should trust no one, and make sure they are independently rich. Women should marry outside the race if this makes them happy, and pay no attention to whether they are preserving their genes, culture, or religion. Divorce should be the answer to all relationship difficulties, abortion should be the answer to all pregnancies. This single standard is being suggested as a wonderful idea for BOTH jews AND non-jews. They are applying it more strictly to themselves than anyone else. So long as whites successfully avoid embracing the death cult, there is no real need to take on the jews. The fact that our population will still be over 200 million by 2050 shows our race has the good sense to largely ignore the lifestyle jews have chosen for themselves.

In conclusion, I suggest jews are not fiendishly pursuing their racial interests by applying double standards that all work to their own good. As far as I can tell, Jews have embraced a death cult and are destroying themselves, along with anyone foolish enough to listen to their siren song. If the white race simply ties ourselves to the mast and puts wax in our ears as we sail by the fading jewish race, if we simply wait them and their silly songs out and sail to the other side of the century, ignoring them for all we’re worth, jews will cease to be of any importance to us pro or con. This suggests an intellectual battle with jewish ideals, but a strategic refrainment from a physical battle that would give jews some new victimization card and slow down our intermarriage rates with jews (which, given their tiny numbers, is solely a biological weapon against them not us). From a moral standpoint, it’s always better when Nature genocides our enemies than when we do, and from a practical standpoint, the last time a country tried to drive out all its jews, it ended up in cinders, so it might not be a good idea to repeat.


Attilathehun said...

I like the way you think and write. At some stage we have all had a run-in with the UG. He has admitted to being a "yes" voter pre 1994, in my opinion that places a huge question mark over his supposed intelligence. The abilty to predict and extrapolate likely outcomes from available information is a better indicator of intelligence than grammar and "a way with words". I have questioned his motives and stated objectives myself and suffered the barrage of abuse likely to be heaped upon you. David Duke at least has the balls to stand up and be counted. People who operate in the shadows like the UG are unlikely to ever be leaders of any cause with a noble objective. His is the egotistical, selfish and individualistic selfserving personality type that got us in this mess in the first place.

Diamed said...

Thanks Attila. I might write a post about the whole issue later. Right now I'm too disgusted and furious.

doodler said...

You are both dumb losers who know shit.... Posting pseudo intellectual crap.
And on top of that your blogs just don't sell too well...!!

Hehe!! At least UG got the better of both of you...and you are so pissed off about it you shit yourselves. ROFLMAO!!!