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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Fruits of Nationalism: Prosperity, Security, Autonomy, and Dignity

The Fruits of Nationalism: Prosperity, Security, Autonomy, and Dignity

February 13th, 2009

A political party must do one thing to achieve power: Find out what people want, then give it to them.

First we must ask ourselves what people want. What they really, truly want. I think it can be pretty well categorized into four different things: Prosperity, Security, Autonomy, and Dignity. How is government going to deliver these things to the people? If we don’t, some other political party will promise to do so, and the electorate will favor them in a landslide.

Prosperity needn’t be extravagant. It means having a place of your own, with clean water, electricity, sewage, air conditioning/heating, good food, good health, a wife, at least two kids, a pet, a car, nice clothes, nice furniture, and a ready source of entertainment. When people complain about money, it’s usually because they can’t afford one of these things. If it’s because they can’t afford something else, it’s no longer under the category of ‘prosperity’ and more leaning toward ‘vanity,’ ‘pleasure-seeking,’ or ‘to look respectable’ (which we’ll get to under Dignity.) A nationalist party is unique in not favoring the rich or the poor, it offers prosperity for all. My favorite idea is the ‘Flat Plan.’ A flat tax combined with a flat citizen’s dividend which redistributes this money could satisfy everyone’s wishes at once. The rich are not taxed so heavily that they cannot make money, nor are the poor left high and dry concerning the most basic essentials. Due to the ‘everyone gets the same money equally’ flat rate, however, bad behavior like single motherhood, drug use, or anything else does not get rewarded with extra government handouts. Furthermore, no group can vote itself especially more handouts at the expense of any other group, eliminating the robber-baron nature of majority rules democracy. This also keeps bureaucracy low and jobs in the private sphere because the government solely hands out money, not goods or services, and it has no need of oversight on how the money is spent or distributed because that is left in the hands of the people. Pork barrel projects and corporate lobbying is impossible under this system, because no one can get any special benefits for themselves. It is the combination of socialism and libertarianism in one — it’s nationalism.

Security is self explanatory. People want their life and their property to be protected. No one should be a victim of crime, or of government rapaciousness or corruption. You should be able to live out your entire life without anyone hurting you or anyone you know. ((If it’s hard to believe trust me, this is what it was like in the past! Small towns could go for 100 years without a murder, all the doors were left open and neighbors could go freely between the houses chatting without a fear, kids played in the streets and no one worried about where they were because they were safe everywhere they went.)) There is also a deeper sense to the word, which is having a secure place in your community. People want to belong, and to be accepted by others, and security means having somewhere to go where you belong and are accepted. A job that you won’t lose, a church or social group that sticks together, a marriage that will not break up, a belief system you can ascribe to comfortably your whole life without it being challenged or assaulted. People long for this security just as much as the security of peace or low crime, but there is very little of this present in the world today. Offering security on all fronts is one of the most appealing aspects of a nationalist party. We take no shift from criminals and make no excuses for minorities. The great thing about nationalists is you know we’re serious when we say we’ll keep the streets safe, crack down on crime and corruption, or anything of the like. Because we are not afraid of facing reality. Furthermore, nationalists wish to preserve the prevailing culture, norms, and workforce. The most direct way we secure these benefits for our people is preventing immigration from changing the face of your neighborhoods or towns underneath you, another thing nationalists do is preserve domestic industry and jobs from off-sourcing and the buffets of globalism by looking to the interests of our own people first. It used to be you could work at the same job for 40 years and then retire on a handsome pension and take care of your entire family on a decent wage. By reducing immigration which drives up the labor force and drives down wages, and using protective tariffs against foreign cheap-labor competition abroad, those days can be restored. As for protecting the family, it will be more difficult, perhaps impossible, if the spirit of the people are no longer willing. But a nationalist party would do everything it could in the schools and in the culture to support families, to respect families, to encourage child-birth, and to make it affordable to start and have a family. The citizen’s dividend is a major portion of this, so are low taxes, and a secure job.

Autonomy means being left alone to make your life decisions for yourself. People don’t want to be controlled or policed or spied on at all times of their life. People want to make their own choices, control their own purchases, wear what they like, say what they like, love whom they please, worship whom they please, and determine their own destiny. The best thing about the Flat Plan is it does not conflict with people’s autonomy even though it gives everyone prosperity and security. This is a balancing act and only the nationalists can pull it off. Nationalists can offer people true autonomy because Political Correctness, the nanny state, debt, crushing poverty, high taxes, crime that keeps you locked inside your houses, and all the rest that robs people of their freedom and choices will be gone. The citizen’s dividend gives everyone the freedom to pursue their dreams without becoming beholden to bankers; free speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, and all the rest gives people the rest of their autonomy. The reason nationalism can offer these freedoms where no one else can, is because we aren’t afraid of offending anyone. We don’t have any internal divisions that need to be coddled or protected. We are one nation, one people, and we’re not afraid of each other, offended by each other, or out to get each other. In such a climate, everyone can act freely and breathe the free air of their ‘blood and soil.’ In a multiculture you live in a giant prison camp. Simply being yourself, not harming anyone, can get you fired, thrown in jail, ostracized, divorced, or bankrupt. Your every interaction with everyone falls under some bizarre contraption of affirmative action, civil rights laws, hate speech codes, and all the rest. Around women you must worry about sexual harassment lawsuits, around non-whites discrimination lawsuits, and crime is so high you can never just walk around town or let your kids go out and play.

Last, people desire to have a sense of dignity. They want to feel dignified and worth something inside themselves, and they want others to treat them with respect, to value them, to treat them like human beings, deserving of dignity and some base level of courtesy and kindness. People’s dignity is fragile and almost intangible, but it’s worth every bit as much as prosperity, security, or autonomy. There are plenty of people who if hypothetically offered all the other good things in life if only they gave up their dignity and, say, sucked someone’s dick once in their life – would say no, not on your life. What is it they are protecting? What is it they want more than anything else? It’s their dignity. And perhaps it is our dignity that has been most assaulted by the multicult. We are told day in and day out by the media, by commercials, by our schools, by our politicians, our books, even our preachers that we are evil, that we are scum, that our ancestors were villains, that we should apologize for everything and take the blame for everything anyone suffered anywhere on earth. We are forced by the multicult to continuously mouth lies, or at best hold our tongues as other people speak lies all around us that we cannot afford to dispute socially or economically. It’s humiliating, it’s destructive to the soul, to our internal pride and dignity. There is a vision of what a human being should be like, that he shouldn’t have to bow or scrape to anyone, that he’s as good as the next guy, that he should never have to eat shit, apologize for wrongs he didn’t do, lie, or accept the abuse of others without retaliatory self-defense. Nationalists, yet again, can offer people their dignity back. For women, there will no longer be non-whites pawing, raping, ogling you, or calling you ‘whores.’ Non-whites treat women atrociously and white women especially bad, because they know we are not allowed to defend you and you are made to feel guilty and ‘racist’ if you defend yourselves. Men need no longer serve under affirmative-action bosses, watch commercials where white males bumble around as their much cooler black coworkers do everything right, read slanted news coverage of our politics, or any of the rest. We will have a government that respects us and relies on us, instead of demeans, insults, and enslaves us to their pet ‘diversity’ they wish to ‘equalize’ today. Under a nationalist party, everyone belongs and is a respected and valued member of society, because you’re a member of our nation. When you look at the flag, that flag stands for you. No one else on earth. For you and yours. And that’s who we are working for, not the global village, not the poor or unfortunate, for the nation. A sense of self worth and human decency and proud upbearing in your step can’t be directly given to you, but our way of life can help, and most of all it doesn’t actively seek to undermine and destroy it in those who would naturally have it, always, like a second skin. Nationalists do not hate confident, self-assured, noble people. It honors them and asks for their help in the great work of furthering our people’s greatness. It does not forget its heroes or its benefactors, it does not denigrate its wives and mothers. It teaches children to love themselves and their history and their destiny in the movies and the schools, instead of hate it all. If you’re rich or poor, old or young, boy or girl, even smart or dumb, so long as you’re of good character you will keep your dignity. That’s what a nation does for each other, and that’s how nationalists roll.

So we have our task: find out what people want, then give it to them. If people do want prosperity, security, autonomy, and dignity like I suspect, show them how nationalism can give that to them. If people don’t want it, ask them what they really do want and let’s see if we can deliver that too. Best of all, nationalism doesn’t pose a direct threat to anyone, even to minorities. If they keep their noses clean and mind their own business, we can mind our own business and treat them like everyone else. Their presence will not stop us from gifting our people with the goods they need, the dominant culture will be transformed, and the way of life will favor enough people that we’ll always have the votes to prevail, minorities or no.

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Kel Thuz said...

There really isn't any logic in combining libertarianism with collectivism in a political unit (apart from the fact that it just won't work, as both are exclusive).
The foundaments of Western civilization are sacred property rights and individual initiative. Any kind of government coercion destroys the former and inhibits the latter, and that undermines the civilization we delegated that government to protect.
A true natural order, which arises spontaneously in the lack of government coercion, and is based on inviolable property rights, does produce a society vigorous, free and civilized - and only such kind of society (a congregation of free men) possesses enough willpower to protect itself from the enemies within and outside.
No magical nationalist government mumbo-jumbo will achieve the same results.

Hans Herman Hoppe "Democracy. The god that failed"