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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Suggestions on Style:

Some Suggestions on Style:

February 12th, 2009

There are good and bad reasons for the same goal. If a good reason is given to further an ideal, it will be welcomed or at least sympathized with. If a bad reason is given for that same ideal, it will not only be rejected, but the listener will become deaf to all other reasons for that same ideal, good and bad, disenchanted by the original bad one that looms over all the others.

Here’s a series of good and bad arguments for the same thing. Presentation is everything.

“Genes matter because the world is locked in a darwinian struggle where victory is defined by whoever passes on the most genes into the future. We should treat people correspondingly well or poorly based on their relative genetic relatedness to ourselves, in the hopes that cooperating with those like us will give us and them an edge over the competition–everyone else on earth.”

Bad. This is an amoral view that doesn’t believe in anything higher than ‘nature, red in tooth and claw.’ We’re humans, not bacteria, and we need to act like humans. Universal standards are the only fair ones, a perpetual war of all against all is fundamentally unappealing.

“Genes matter because our entire essence is coded into our DNA. Our intelligence, personality, behavior, productivity, health, beauty, everything is rooted in our genes. After all, no one is arguing that a giraffe if raised correctly could become a human, and yet the only remaining difference between giraffes and humans are genes. Once we accept how fundamental genes are to our inner nature, how our entire life is just a manifestation of our genome, just like a flower will carry the scent, colors, and shape its genes coded for at birth, we will see how connected good genes are to good people, and good people to the Good. Anyone who supports the Good will want good people and thus good genes, it’s inescapably vital.”

Good. It connects to higher ends, with universal and absolutist appeals. It is non-threatening and optimistic, instead of pessimistic. It shows what you’re for (good genes that make good people that make the Good), instead of what you’re against (anyone who endangers the propagation of your genome or competes for market share with your genes, be they good or bad).

“Because genes matter, it is important we keep our countries as genetically related as possible. Since everyone is simply working for the betterment of their genes, including alien genomes will only cause friction within a society working at cross-purposes. If they were to become the majority, their pursuit of their genome’s interests will become predatory and discriminatory against us, eventually to our annihilation. Before then, we must drive them out, sterilize them, annihilate them–whatever it takes.”

Bad. People aren’t just working for the betterment of their genes, many people are working for their ideals, and anyone who shares those ideals can benefit from the presence of each other. Sometimes it is to the advantage of both genomes to mix, or to simply work together living side by side, if for instance both have valuable traits the other lacks and people would love for their children to be or have access to in their daily life. And it is a major turn-off to solicit a real, present-day violence or suffering on a mass of people simply to prevent a hypothetical, far-future violence or suffering on a mass of people.

“Because genes matter, our country should be populated by people with good genes. Because the likelihood of good genes varies between the races, this will in practice mean a drastic skewing away from races with bad genes and towards races with good genes, though outstanding individuals of any sort are always welcome. We are confident a country full of beautiful, brilliant, honest, kind, courageous, and virtuous people will be a blessing to each other in daily life, and to the whole world in our products of mind and effort. This dream cannot be sacrificed to the greed or need of other groups who seek to be included in something they do not contribute to. Our children deserve a life of safety, prosperity, respect and pride — something they cannot be given when the teeming billions of the dysfunctional peoples of the world have equal access to our citizenship and nationhood.”

Good. It first delineates the good things that we are hoping for, and then shows how necessary anti-immigration policies are to protecting them. It is nothing against the immigrants or foreigners, it is just what we have to do out of love for our own. It also leaves murky how this goal will be achieved, which gives a great deal of room for compromise and peaceful solutions which, if not ideal and quick, are realistic and unoffending.

“Historically, whites have been the best people on earth. The Confederacy was full of proud, honorable aristocrats and soldiers who loved freedom. Nazi Germany was a model for all future whites to follow. Colonialism was awesome, especially the colonies in Brazil and the Caribbeans that shipped millions of blacks off to work until they died in the disease-infested tropical heat of our cash crops. Segregation in the South and Apartheid in South Africa is the height of wisdom and fairness, the Crusades were just trying to take back our own land, and honestly, I can’t think of a single time whites have ever been in the wrong, about anything, anywhere.”

Bad. Do not even discuss these issues if you can, but if you have to, don’t make excuses or apologies for dubious behavior. The more you defend them, the more their taint rubs off on you. Simply say things should have been done better but there’s nothing you can do about the past, we are worried about the future. Point out that all groups have pasts full of dubious behavior and no one else has to constantly apologize or make amends for the actions of their ancestors.

“Historically, whites have been the best people on earth. We are an amazing race possessing some of the greatest talents that have ever lived. We are the nation of Shakespeare, Goethe, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Newton, Rembrandt, Titian, Monet, Euler, Euclid, Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Michelangelo, Tolstoy, Dostoeveskey, and a thousand more. We have split the atom and journeyed to the moon, and brought about the most important material gains in man’s history using our meta-invention, the scientific method. We invented the steam engine, the car, the textile industry, mass-manufacturing, the airplane, the refrigerator, the television and the computer. We feed the world, we’ve brought peace to the world — (fewer people die by violence today than at any other time in human history), we’ve cured so many diseases of the world, we entertain the world and we enlighten the world. There could never be the billions upon billions of non-whites in the world, all at a higher standard of life than they’ve ever imagined before, if not for our economics, technology, medicine, charity, and good govenmental policies we’ve encouraged everywhere. And it is not just what we’ve done for others, but what wonderful lives we lead amongst ourselves, that fills me with admiration. We are a free people, who can say what we like, servile and beholden to none. Our women are loved and respected, we do not mistreat them, demean them, cover them up, or rape them like so many others do. We are slow to anger and quick to forgive, we trust others and do not stick to clannish rivalries that serve no one. We are honest, hard-working–I’d like to believe the most honest and hard working people in the world–but not so uptight we can’t enjoy wine, sex, and song. We take care of our poor but do not deny people the opportunity to get rich through their talent, effort, and good ideas. Just looking at the love and joy in a white family at a park or on a hike, how unafraid and verbose our children are because nobody has punished or oppressed or hurt them, how loving the looks exchanged between the mother and father, swells my heart with how wonderful it is that whites live on this green earth.”

Good. Who can argue that Tchaikovsky and Raphael were evil? Who can condemn us for flying to the moon? Who can resent us for not raping our women in prowling street gangs who think it’s a good sport to fill their otherwise empty days? With all of world history to pick and choose from, with all the qualities whites have shown in the present and across time, why not champion the most indisputable, the most refreshing, the most gentle and happy ones? Why not love them, and ask others to love them too, and through them, us, who stand with them and are their seed? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but it leaves a clean feeling in your heart, instead of arguing about justifications for the Nazis and the slave-trade–it’s like looking at a line of freshly-snowed in peaks and knowing you’ve been at the top of them all. It let’s your soul soar instead of stoop, and that needs to be our goal.

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