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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Topics NOT Worth Writing About

A list of things that don't matter and don't affect whatsoever the 14 words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

1. The economy. I don't care what the stock market is at today. I don't care what interest rates are at. I don't care what the unemployment rate is at. I don't care what consumer spending levels are at. If the economy tanked to 1/100th what it is today, we'd still be as rich as the greeks or the romans, who still managed to be the greatest people on earth. The whole topic is infuriatingly materialistic, soulless, short-sighted and stupid.

2. Conflicts between non-whites. Who gives a shit? This includes Israel and Palestine, or India and Pakistan, I don't give a single damn who dies or suffers there, it has nothing to do with the white race or the 14 words. The only foreign policy we should have is to always, ALWAYS side with whites against non-whites, no matter what, and to stop all wars between whites we possibly can. We do not have to save the Kurds and the Shias from Saddam's evil sunnis. We do not have to save south vietnam from north vietnam, we do not have to save darfur blacks from arabs, we don't have to save the Hutus from the Tutsis, and it doesn't matter in the least who is in the right and who is in the wrong, which side justice prefers, or who we should feel sorry for. It is as important as the wars between ant colonies. Sure, they rage all around us, some ant empires are nearly continents wide, and are in the midst of ant world wars. Watch me not care. Taking your race's side against all comers shows a healthy love of your race. Nothing else should matter to us. It only weakens our position, our one and only position, the 14 words.

3. Major League Sports. It's unbelievable how passionate whites get cheering for non-white athletes just because they belong to the 'Cougars' or the 'Badgers.' Those sports are a tether chaining you to multi-racial hell, cut them. Those sports are a false community that brings everyone together every saturday, but to do the most pointless waste of time ever, watch a ball go back and forth on a field. By God. If just one stadium full of whites got together to, say, overthrow the government, patrol the Mexican-American border, or secede with their own sparsely populated state--if just one stadium full of whites got together to simply raise their children with better values!--we could've solved all our problems long ago! But no, we cheer frantically as the 'Lions' take on the 'Tigers' instead.

4. TV. It's all drivel, and it's all propoganda, and it's all porn. Get your news and entertainment off the internet. It's cheaper, it's better, and it isn't loaded with anti-white subliminal messages in every show and every commercial. You get to participate in it instead of mindlessly watch it, there are real live people on the other side not actors, and all the music and literature and art of all the great masters is available for free at the click of a button. Watch anime, where normal values are still taught and nothing at all is said against whites, straights, or males, the story is just allowed to for ONCE flow naturally and be itself. And, by the way, Saiyans become super saiyans by changing their hair to blonde and their eyes to blue!

5. Celebrities. Who made them celebrities? Jewish media, jewish press, jewish magazines, jewish tv. Nothing celebrities do matter. They are poster children for the liberal left, they have nothing whatsoever to offer, they know nothing about anything outside of their job. They are contemptible mouthpieces, empty-suits, figureheads for their jewish handlers.

6. Anything Health related. It doesn't matter if we die at 75 or 78. It doesn't matter if we die at all. What matters is if the RACE lives or dies, and a race doesn't die of disease, or of old age. A race dies of invasion, miscegenation, demoralization, atomization, below replacement birth rates. The diseases of the race are not cancer, AIDS, alzheimer's, or diabetes. Fuck all of them, it doesn't matter one bit if you catch all four. What matters is we all fight for the health of our race, and make sure it never dies. The next time some new breathless study comes out showing vitamin E gives you 20% fewer heart attacks, IGNORE it and go on about your daily business. The next time you could get some extra spiffy health care coverage, ignore it and donate to the cause instead! Or have a kid and give your money to something that will actually outlast your mortal frame! There already is a cure for old age, it's called a family! It's called your children. Anyone with the opportunity to have one, anyone so blessed with a wife and home and money to spare, think of how blessed you are and think of what you can do for your people by having one more.

7. Elections. We lose no matter who wins, so who cares? All the parties of every nation are hellbent on genociding the white race. Don't legitimize any of them. It is pointless arguing about it, it is like taking sides between two non-whites. Does your political party support the 14 words? No? Okay then walk away. This war will not be determined by elections. Politics is important, if you are thinking Plato's Republic or Aristotle's Politics. It is fine to argue about the Constitution of Vinland and our future white homeland. As for the politics of America, walk away, that isn't our country, I don't give a damn what happens to it. The worse the better, the sooner it goes to hell the sooner we can leave.

8. Global Warming. I don't want to hear one word about the perils of global warming raising temperatures 2 degrees over 300 years or whatever fucking bullshit the UN currently prognosticates when the entire white race is set to die in 100 years, and will be a minority in their own homelands in 50 years, even in the heart of Europe. Do not mount a campaign to save the earth when you do not even intend for us to be there when it happens. Do not pretend to care about long term trends and their harmful effects when you are watching dysgenic devolution occurring right in front of you, when you are staring at below replacement birth rates that are halving our population every generation, when you are looking at the wholesale destruction of five hundred million people through territory destruction and economic enslavement and assure us this 'trend' isn't important and has no long term effects.

9. Isolated Events that in no way represent the larger picture. Do not talk to me about Matthew Shepherd or Boyd whoever, when you refuse to discuss the Wichita Massacre, the Knoxville Horror, or the 37,000 white women raped every year by black savages. Do not complain about the evil KKK lynchings while neglecting to mention the 3,000 farm murders of innocent white South African farmers by black savages. Do not talk about the Holocaust without mentioning the far greater butchery jews did to the Ukraine in the 1930's. Do not cry over Hiroshima without mentioning the Rape of Nanjing or the Bataan Death March. Do not talk about the Crusades without mentioning the preceding Jihads! Do not talk to me about anything in isolation. I am ready to discuss everything weighed up even-handedly, the whole length and breadth of history, every single event in its proper place in the Pattern--I am not here to listen to bullshit propoganda fed to us as 'education.'

10. Anything personal. The white race is more important than how you feel. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Backbiting, totem pole games, posturing, moral superiority, attention-seeking, name-calling, ad honimem, conflating the worth of what someone says with the worth of the speaker, bullying, censoring, slandering, etc can come after.

Here's a song worth writing about, a topic worth caring about, an emotion worth feeling:

Enjoy! A happy thanksgiving and a merry Christmas to all.

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