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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What can we learn from the theory of Evolution?

A brief science lesson. Once upon a time, a british economist named Malthus wrote a short book on a fundamental realization he had, and his concerns about it. The facts that laid before Malthus's table were that population growth is exponential, whereas resource growth is finite and arithmetical at best. The inevitable result would always be poverty and famine, that there was no path to prosperity available to mankind, and that despite all of our technological innovations, in the end we'd be just as poorly off as our starving ancestors and the starving Chinese and the starving Indians and the starving Africans. Mathematics simply dictated it.

Another man, Charles Darwin, when he read this, realized that this was the case not just for mankind but all living things. All living things reproduced exponentially, while only being able to gather more resources arithmetically. This meant that in the natural world, life was constantly overshooting its carrying capacity, ie more babies were being born than could possibly be fed. Every generation a great die-off must occur, to reorient population to resource accumulation, he reasoned, and the factors that led to some organisms dying while others didn't created the survival of the fittest. Perhaps one organism had better lungs and thus could run faster, perhaps an organism had better eyes and could spy out prey better than average, or perhaps an organism was better camoflauged than its peers and thus avoided the sharp eyes of predators. Survival traits one encounters in the natural world are impossible to miss, the logic that those who had more and better versions of these obviously effective measures must have outcompeted their rival stock is common sense, the fact that not all living things can survive due to exponential birth rates is a mathematical truth.

Gradually, as each generation is born, competes, and largely dies off, in competition with members of their own species and other species occupying the same biological niche, (perhaps using the same shelter, perhaps the same soil, perhaps the same sunlight, perhaps the same prey, etc) and those predating upon a certain niche, (eating them, infecting them, scavenging from them) certain survival traits begin to emerge as more and more common the longer the game is played, because even a slight advantage over time leads to a dramatic lead over all competition. Once virtually everyone has either died or inherited these winning traits, the competition begins all over again and just as ruthlessly as only some new advantage will help one genetic line emerge victorious over the others. This constant need to improve or die is the seemingly miraculous force that has created humans out of algae. In a name, it is evolution. Genetic change, competition, and the favoring of certain survival traits that keep turning out to be winners, automatically keeps life progressing towards certain ends. Ends that can be discerned if one looks at the history of life's evolution across time. Ends that all living beings must embrace and adopt, or go extinct for the lack of them, due to the proven worth of those traits that evolution has selected for life over and over and over again.

Evolution has been breeding for all sorts of various traits, like disease resistance, sexual attractiveness, strength, speed, etc. It's obvious why birds have talons, fish have gills, and so on. More interesting and less visible is the meta-evolution selecting for meta-traits. These are not specific adaptations to specific needs, but the overarching vector of progress in fields that constantly 'win,' strategies that tend to hit the 'jackpot.' Starting from its humble beginnings, life has been evolving in a clear direction, towards certain meta-traits that are most likely to win. From my analysis, these are:

Power. Complexity. Adaptibility. Intelligence. Resilience. You could say that whether it's teeth, claws, or stingers--plumage, mating calls, or antlers--it always falls under one of these meta-traits. It's always an attempt to gain more of one of the above. Life has been constantly evolving itself into higher and higher magnitudes of these traits, through whatever channels it happens across. Just like entropy provides a vector to the workings of the universe, power, complexity, adaptibility, intelligence, and resilience provide a vector to the workings of evolution.

Humanity of course is the highest exemplar of evolution on earth. This is because we possess above all the very evolutionary meta-traits that all life has been striving to possess since the beginning. Life has been evolving from weak creatures unable to alter their environment or confront others into much larger, more powerful creatures able to do so. In the past life could only drift about in the sea, but as time went by it found ways to move itself. In the past there were only plants that fed off the sun, but eventually animals that fed off plants appeared, and then animals that fed off animals, in a constantly increasingly powerful chain. All of this becomes moot when compared to human's ability to split atoms, travel into outer space, harness the nearly infinite energies of the natural world, slaughter any other organism we care to, and even domesticate plants and animals to serve our needs.

All life started as unicellular organisms without even a nucleus but now has moved on to vastly complicated multi-cellular lifeforms with all sorts of specialized cells and organs which in turn gave way to vast communities of living beings working together to build an even vaster more complex society. Herds of animals, packs of wolves, tribes of monkeys, colonies of bacteria, etc all show the meta-arrow of increasing complexity as a means towards increasing survivability and success. All of course pale in comparison to the cities, nations, cyberworld, and trade networks that humans span today, including the entire society of our past in written down records so that the number of relations and cooperation grows and grows but never shrinks.

Adaptibility is a prime plus for life forms that wish to live. When the atmosphere became oxygenated instead of sulfuric or whatever it was, only the life that could adapt to this massive change survived. When carbon dioxide became thin in the air, only the more adaptive grasses that could survive on less carbon survived. AIDS is so succesful because of its ability to almost limitlessly adapt to the various drugs used against it. Omnivores are better than carnivores due to their ability to adapt to what food supplies are available, who are of course better than animals like kualas who are so incapable of adaption, that they only eat one other species on earth. However, the most adaptable life form of all is again, humanity. We can be found in all parts of the earth, under any climate. We can eat anything, thrive in heat or cold, high altitude or sea level, due to our technology which equips us for any job or condition. At this point we can even send people underwater for months in submarines or float them about in outer space for months on space stations. We are The most adaptable life form that can exist in more environments than anything else on earth. And given that the world will eventually be destroyed, only life forms as adaptable as us, ie, that can first reach outer space, have any evolutionary chance at all. ALL life, everything else, lives by our sufferance alone and owes all its gratitude and existence to us.

Intelligence, routinely described as a combination of information storage, processing and abstract thinking, has been universally increasing in the history of life. From unicellular life without a nucleus (the central processor), to life without DNA to life with DNA (memory banks), up to the development of the nervous system and the brain, and then to larger and larger brains across the board. (Until nearly all mammals and birds of today are geniuses compared to the reptiles and amphibians and fish of the past, who in turn were infinitely smarter than plants, etc) But the intelligence of other life forms again falls well short of humanity. Using our initial advantage in the very best and biggest brains (proportional to body-weight) existent, we have gone on to develop language and written language to broaden our intellectual output to include the collective intelligence of our whole community across all time, and then even made machine languages we could talk to with their own set of brainpower--low in abstract thinking, but extremely high at processing speed and storage capacity. A single human is already impressively more intelligent than the closest animal competition--the collective intelligence of the human organism that works alongside pets, computers, written records and dialogue between humans is exponentially smarter, capable of nearly anything -- and indeed the record of our accomplishments bears this out.

Resilience is typefied in any hardy plant that can resist the cold or drought, anything with a good immune system, a thick coat of fur or armor, a vastly fast reproductive process, or anything of the sort that makes them hard to kill. Cockroaches and the common cold are perhaps the most famously resilient, but in the end nothing approaches mankind. For a simple reason--humanity is the only life form that can outlive the destruction of their planet. Now That's resilience. Not only that, but it would be simple for the mankind of today to, just as a proof of principle, build an underground bunker for itself and nuke the entire world, leaving everything but itself a dead wasteland. At this point all other living things live by our sufferance, except perhaps a few microbes buried deep in the earth or under the seas, and for the pests that continue to assault us, they have not their resilience to brag about but the sheer hassle of destroying them that prevents us. Meanwhile no life form on other could kill us out, and our technology can generally sense and then avert any natural disaster that would threaten us, again showing which species is the hardiest and least vulnerable to extinction.

For these reasons humans are the superior life form, they are doing what life does best, they are what life wants most, they are the purpose of life incarnate. They are life's champions. If life were a princess in the stands observing with mixed worry and hope for the outcome of the joust, we are the knight who wears her ribbon and pledges victory in her name. We are her most faithful, most trusted servent. The warrior who protects her from all comers, who punishes any who defame her virtue or beauty, and spreads her fame and glory to the far corners of the realm. As bearers of this title and mantle, this special status and honor, we are not just another life form. We are Life's Form. We are superior to all other living beings, all other life is already expressed and included in us, who in our vast complexity, power, intelligence, adaptibility, and resilience, contain the meaning of all their existence as well as the additioanal special meaning of our own. There is nothing in life humanity does not already possess, life is superfluous now that humanity is on the scene, and yet humanity is indispensable to all other life. This is the relation between us, one of superior and inferior, of condescension and gratitude, of ruler and ruled.

However, evolution did not stop there. The game goes on. Once all humanity contained the basic survival traits that were necessary to compete and survive, once all the weaker hominids had been driven extinct by our competition with them, eliminating all competitors in our niche, we continued to seek advantages over each other so that our genes would spread. The same malthusian formula was at work as ever, there were always more children than resources, which meant a competition and a die-off every generation, some could afford many children, some only few, and so on. Evolution, however, proceeds at different paces in different conditions. In a relatively benign climate and environment, with little competition from any outside species, evolution crawls along at a slug-slow pace, because it is so easy to succeed that culling can only work on the most extreme cases of degeneracy. In harsh conditions, where life is hard-scrabble, and competition robust due to many outsiders continuously migrating in and trying their luck, evolution proceeds at a breakneck pace, many times causing massive die-offs followed by massive speciation into all the emptied niches. The humans who lived in the most competitive areas under the worst climates therefore evolved separately from those living in benign climates or uncompetitive unvisited backwaters. It is a careful balance due to the two factors: 1) the harsness of the environment. 2) the number of competitors competing with you for said territory. If an environment is too harsh, it is likely no one else will bother competing with you for it. You may evolve a certain extent due to the harsh nature of the environment, but it will not have the added impetus of the harshest challenge of all--other humans. If an environment is not harsh enough, humans may become rather docile and even in close proximity to each other find little reason to compete or improve. It just so happens that outliers who were protected by physical barriers instead of by any merit of their own fell drastically behind the evolutionary race--those who lived beneath the protective desert of the sahara, the protective tropical diseases of Africa, the protective islands of Australia, the protective snowy wastes of the polar north, and the protectively unreachable Americas bounded by two oceans. Even the hot, desert and mountain subcontinent of India was largely cut off from outside influence and competition. Evolution could make little headway with these people as little challenged them to progress, having already mastered everything in their petty kingdom to carve out a comfortable and secure way of life. Those in the Eurasian landmass, however, had a different story. When one civilization picked up farming, the others followed or were conquered. When one civilization invented written language, the others adopted or were conquered by the original. When one civilization invaded, the others learned to fight back or were destroyed, and so on. History for these people includes titanic struggles between greeks and persians, egyptians and babylonians, russians and mongols, chinese and manchus, romans and germans, and basically all against all. Out of this cauldron comes the most tempered steel. Indeed, mathematically, scientifically, it would be impossible to imagine a species with no selection pressures out-competing a species with continuous vast selection pressures and an enormous population constantly moving about ready to discover and spread any change it chances upon. It would be like watching an apple fall upwards, it so violates the rules of biology. And thus we find that the two most evolved, most accomplished, most capable meta-trait holders of the human species, to be the Europeans and the East Asians. It could not have been any other way. History and science require it. The very shape of the earth, its landmasses, and its climates, demanded it. And now looking back, we can find that though it was close and the mongols, turks, and huns really had a go at Europe, eventually Europe came roaring forth and conquered the whole world. Eventually white Europeans were 40% of world population, outcompeting all the rest, and monopolizing virtually 100% of the Earth's resources. Yes, it was a long and hard fight, but eventually white Europeans showed their superiority against their east asian rivals. All other races were so far behind they never even entered the equation. With a mere flick of the wrist, whites conquered, genocided, or enslaved all of them within a few centuries. It was not humans but the physical barriers that posed any challenge to us at all.

In a sane, normal, evolutionary world, it would be at this point whites outcompeted non-whites everywhere for their biological niche, just like homo sapiens had earlier done to all the other hominids, just like every last animal, plant, and fungus does to each other every day. Instead, at the very precipice and brink of victory, we turned on each other and, not securing the kill or our ascedency, viciously started infighting over the spoils that hadn't even been definitively won. Whites in a hyper-evolutionary fierceness decided now it was time to decide between Russians, Austrians, Germans, British, or Italians who exactly should own the world and proliferate everywhere. And over such minor differences, which nonetheless are plenty enough to fight over, whites genocided themselves to a broken shell of themselves. And, in this unbelievable tragedy for life, humanity, and the white race, those who remained rejected all the principles of life and evolution and decided that since it led to civil wars, it was universally evil and must be abolished. Then whites went about using their superior merit and power to reverse everything they'd ever done, reverse all progress evolution had made in the last 30,000 years with them, reverse the very purpose and meaning of life itself. Being the most effective people of all, we have so effectively reversed course and committed suicide and raped our own Princess who believed in and loved us most, that now we are sacrificing ourselves for spotted owls, crab-grass, and god knows what. It is so insane, so arbitrary, it becomes comical.

For five billion years evolution got us, traveling along one single vector, with one single goal in mind, the white race, the most powerful intelligent adaptable resilient complex life form of all, to the year 1914. In less than a century the white race has gotten us, in the exact reverse vector, to where we are today. In two centuries this vector will have devolved us all the way back to some sickeningly stupid, violent, useless subhumans teeming and poor all around the earth. Sadly, evolution was so successful at empowering its chosen people, that we were the first ones ever to break free of our own purpose in life, our own status as living beings. We were the first ones who didn't use our power, our meta-traits, to further our evolution, but to actually replace it with wholly fanciful and deranged alternatives. With the world wars as impetus to reject our true purpose and values, the true meaning of life and virtue in living it, embracing it, loving it for what it is, and the unique stupidity that comes from outgrowing your own instincts and deciding for yourself what your desires and wishes will be, whites have shown the fatal flaw in their knightly armor. Like achilles, the tendon has been struck, and death must follow glory, and tragedy consume our victory. This is why we must regretfully accept the decree of evolution, and instead of trying to save the white western world, we must bury it alongside all the others, we who do not share these evolutionary weaknesses and flaws as our brethren. This, too, is evolution. We have discovered the weakness of whites, their lack of resilience has dishonored them and lost their place at the helm. They are no longer the superior race, they are in fact one of the weakest, most pathetic, most degraded races of all--because superior must mean superior at something, and the only important thing life is superior at, is living. And the only measure of life is evolution's arrow that points the way.

A new race must be born from the ashes. Competition must sweep the unholy detritus of the whites into the ash heap of history, resources must be freed up for a different genetic line, one more in line with evolution and Life's needs--a race stronger, tougher, better in every way. One that embraces the good but rejects the bad and promises to take up the banner that has been left fallen on the ground. The mythical land of this race is commonly called Vinland, the mythical race of these people Solutreans, or Aryans, or whatever you prefer. We are no longer strong enough to save all of us, nor should we want to stop nature from taking its course. So long as survive, everything survives. So long as we thrive, nothing is lost, and the best is yet to come. Let our numbers be reduced from a billion to one million, from 40% to 1%, it doesn't matter. So long as that 1% then outcompetes the world and regrows to 40%, to 90%, it is simply an opportunity to improve ourselves and never make the same mistakes again. Every loss is someone else's gain. Let's not let it be the Blacks, the Muslims, the Hispanics, the Indians, or the Chinese. Let's make it ours. Let's make it our gain. And the way to do that, is to sezie the niche opened up by white's anti-life activities. Where they don't breed, we will have twice, three times, eight times as many kids. Where they back down from any quarrel and beg for mercy, we will be ruthless, terrifying, dreadfully violent to any who dare to harm our own. Where they lack the will to upkeep their culture or their technology or their territory, we will adopt all of it, bend it all to our own ends, and spread it like wildfire everywhere we go. Evolution is pitiless and loves only those who love her. Life is merciless and rewards the mantle of champion only to those who outcompete all comers. We Fishians have big shoes to fill, and a great honor to gain. With the fall of the whites, the whole world is back up for grabs. White Warriors, rise up and take it!

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Rollory said...

This is one of the best pieces on this subject I've ever read.

One thing that has been in my mind for a while is that the movement needs a religious wrapping of sorts. Not necessarily supernatural, but a collection of ideas and ideals that give people something to aspire to, to live for, above and beyond simple continued existence. It's enough for me, but most human beings seem to require a glimpse of the transcendent to really get motivated. This might provide the basics.