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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dissecting the Holocaust

For anyone with an open mind, the book is free and available for download at the above link. Dissecting the Holocaust takes on one of the seminal events of history and the justification of a horrendous number of anti-hate, anti-white laws that has followed ever since. In short, the Holocaust never happened, but due to the myth of the holocaust, whites are facing worldwide genocide every day. Because of this, it's vitally important to expose the myth of the holocaust and disarm all the anti-white haters who use it as the bludgeon in every argument and debate to perpetually cow us into submission. Obviously the best way to find out for yourself on this issue is to just read the book. But for those without such an attention span, I will lay out all the facts that seem most central and vital to me, and my take on this vital issue.

1: Truth is the first casualty of war. No one should ever believe what is said when two nations are at war. War propoganda is a tool used to demonize the other side and inspire your own, everyone is using it and no one can expect official government sources or press releases during the war to have any relation to the truth. Victors write the history books and so again it is ridiculous to expect anything but self-serving myths to emerge out of show trials like the Nuremburg Trials. Truth is not an object during or after a war, simply assigning guilt and marginalizing the enemy is the task of every written word so that people can callously hate their foes and courageously believe in their cause. Practically every war the US has ever fought has been accompanied with lies. In WWI German atrocity stories were also trotted out with no relation to the facts, all later refuted, and the Versailles treaty ridiculously determined that Germany was solely to blame for WWI and incredible penalties against it were all justified thereby. The 2003 Iraq war was justified with lies about WMD that did not exist, as well as more atrocity stories that turned out to all be made up like people being thrown into 'plastic shredders.' The Gulf of Tomkin was a ruse engineered by the US to get into the Vietnam War. The sinking of the Lusitania was a setup by Churchill and Wilson to get the US into WWI. The civilian ship was loaded with war armaments, illegal under any rules of war, and then sent to sail slowly in known U-boat infested waters until it was sunk so that the US could declame against Germany for murdering 'innocent civilians.' The innocent civilians were of course dupes of their own government and the blood was on their hands, but even to this day it has never been admitted. Go back as far as you like, to the Spanish-American war and the Maine: "You get me the pictures, I'll get you the war." Or to the Mexican-American war where Polk stationed a small detachment of troops in disputed territory in the hopes that they would be killed so he could escalate to war, all of which played out exactly as he planned. There is not a single war where everything is at it seems or one side is wholly innocent and the other wholly to blame. Propoganda regularly dishes out this truth in every single conflict, it is incumbent upon the thinking public to not keep falling for it every time, and cleave to the truth with skepticism in the face of any wartime propoganda lies. Everything stated about a war that shines poorly on the other side or well on your own must therefore be viewed with extreme skepticism. The burden of proof is much higher than when there is no motive to lie and no conflict that might encourage such lies.

2: To make matters worse, though the USA and the UK are no schmucks at wartime propoganda and lies themselves, they are mere children compared to Stalin and the USSR. The communist propoganda during the war was outrageous and ridiculous, but was given a free pass and believed by the world because it suited our needs, namely, it demonized Germany which was exactly what we wanted to hear. Before and after the war, the USSR was continuously caught in ridiculous lies. For instance, the USSR simply denied the Ukraine famine even happened, much less their deliberate measures to reduce the food supply that caused it. The USSR reported vast economic growth every year while not even being able to feed their people, and so on. The Katyn massacre of Polish officers was blamed on Nazis during the war but has been definitively proven to be at the hands of the soviets. This lie told during the war is the thread that if tugged on would unravel the entire yarn of Soviet propoganda and now that the USSR has been caught in this lie, it is incumbent on everyone to ask what other lies they might still be hiding. Nothing ever told from 1918-1990 has any connection to the truth, people who lived in the former soviet union and eastern bloc can all vouch and attest to this, and yet Soviet Anti-Nazi propoganda during WWII is given a free pass and accepted uncritically as gospel truth. This cannot be permitted for those interested in the truth, not just what demonizes their foes and aggrandizes themselves during a war.

3: Two other sides to the wartime and after-war propoganda of the Holocaust exist. One is the eyewitness testimony of Jews, the other the confessions of captured Nazis. Neither of these sources are to be taken at face value either, as their credibility must also be viewed with the extreme skepticism of any interested party. It is in the interest of Jews that the Holocaust happened and the numbers killed be as high as possible. It is in the interest of jews that the most sadistic tortures imaginable were perpetrated by Nazi germany. Not only did it give them a free pass on the foreign scene in the founding of Israel (a naked land grab from the natives through force of arms that is still ongoing), but it is regularly trotted out as the reason why racism, discrimination, exclusion, 'hate,' and the like can never be allowed to occur. Jews need the Holocaust to support all of their anti-white liberal policies, their hate speech laws, their immigration laws, their welfare state laws, affirmative action, and everything else. Without the Holocaust they could not point to the 'inevitable end of x policy is Auschwitz.' Therefore Jewish eyewitness testimony must all be viewed through the lens of 'who benefits?' And--"why might Jews wish that gentiles believe this?" This does not mean all jewish eyewitness testimony is a priori false just because they have a motive to lie or misrepresent, it is simply meant to establish that we must view everything said with extreme skepticism and not take what they say on blind faith. The actual ridiculousness of the testimony and its conflict with physical reality disproves the testimony, their motive for lying is the reason we should investigate in the first place.

Nazi German confessions are of course inadmissable due to the fact they were under duress when they said that and still are today. Many Nazis were given two simple choices, confess and affirm the Holocaust myth, or face execution as a 'war criminal.' Torture was also regularly used to extract confessions, many Nazis died mysteriously soon after their confessions, never able to set the story straight, and since even to this day denying the Holocaust only 'affirms' your 'unrepetant guilt' and gives you a harsher penalty, Nazis have no motive to tell the truth. Most Nazis were in no position to know whether the Holocaust happened or not first hand, and have been deceived by the propoganda as much as the next guy. None of their admissions can be viewed with anything but extreme skepticism. One can imagine many Nazis who went to their graves heroically defending the truth and never admitting under any amount of torture the Holocaust lies the Allies, Jews, and Communists were feeding them -- but how could we ever know about them? After the war, the only side allowed access to these Nazis were their captors, the only stories published the ones they wanted us to hear. It is hopeless to try and retrieve any semblance of the truth from the Nazis after the war, whatever they say is moot. The only honest information to be gained from Nazis is what they were saying during the war before they were captive and under duress. Luckily, Germany's fixation with documenting everything gives us a nearly complete record of everything Nazis thought, said, and did during the war. From their own mouths, not under duress or any motive to lie, we gain a far different story.

Accepting the standardized story with No corroborating evidence and No reflection simply because it is so well known and believed is therefore untenable. No pursuer of the truth can afford to believe an account built by so many parties interested in deceit. Not a single one of the holocaust mythmakers has any motive to tell the truth, they all have extreme motivations to lie, to simply take their word for what happened is irrational and unfair to the defeated party. Billions of people believe in the Bible and miracles, even though no corroborating evidence exists for this, billions believe in the Quran and Muhammed's miracles, but again no corroborating evidence exists. The fact that billions believe in the Holocaust says nothing about how true it is, because again we face the fact that no corroborating evidence exists. It is simply reported as fact, no evidence, none, supports it.

Let us look to the three possible sources of evidence:

1. Physical evidence.
2. Documentation.
3. Hearsay.

In any court the testimony of witnesses is not taken very seriously, in a murder case no one could ever be convicted without some corroborating evidence to go along with the witness's account. If eyewitness testimony is sufficient to convict people, then the Salem Witch Trials, and the Witch Trials in general across all Europe, were the height of judicial correctness. Not even the collaborative witnessing by 5, 10, or a 100 people all claiming so-and-so was a witch and was tormenting the poor girls through invisible spirits can amount to evidence or proof to convict. When the eyewitness testimony is absurd or physically impossible, its weight is even lower. When it is conflicting all the worse. When the witnesses are recalling events years or decades later, so much the worse. Everyone knows forgetfulness and prejudices warps memories to quite different from what actually occurred. In the end eyewitness testimony is nearly useless to establish anything. Documents at least are recorded at the time and without the motive to convict someone in some trial later. So let us turn to the documentary evidence.

Here again we are faced with an eye-wideningly ludicrous claim: All documentation of the Holocaust was destroyed or covered up in 'code words.' In the hundreds of tons of archives we have of Nazi official correspondence, not a single one refers to the Holocaust or the extermination of the Jews. Holocaust scholars insist it was all happening secretly 'in code,' however there is no reason to believe this except that they wish for it to be true. One could accuse anyone of anything by saying x really means y. The most banal of shopping lists like, "Honey, Celery, Raisins" could really mean "Gas--the--jews," but can that seriously be introduced as evidence of a Holocaust? In addition to this, a few completely abberational documents are produced where Nazis suddenly quite freely discuss their mass extermination of jews in the most pitiless and lighthearted ways. Surrounded by millions of tons of archive material that in no way backs up these claims, either logistically or with matching claims, and given the strange peculiarity of these singular Nazis admitting what everyone else had so carefully destroyed or made sure to speak in 'code words,' it is obvious these documents are forgeries. Allied or Soviet propoganda that could not find any real evidence had to invent its own, but when considered in the context of all written documents by the Nazis, it is ludicrous to believe them true. Millions of pages of text were written by Nazis about their concentration camps. Whether it be hospital records, supply records, camp security measures, construction notices and cost estimates, everything is thoroughly documented. For every one of these documents to reveal a quite innocent non-extermination goal is too much of a coincidence. It's not that all the documents were carefully lying or covered up, this was simply what the concentration camps really were. Occam's razor demands this interpretation.

More powerful than either hearsay or documentary evidence however is forensic evidence. Physical reality tells the truth more than any human word ever said. Reality, unlike humans, cannot lie and thus we can rest securely on fnding out the truth once physical evidence is in our hands. Ludicrously, the Holocaust myth would have us believe that no physical evidence of the Holocaust remains. All of it was made to disappear by the wily Nazis who, through miraculous powers, have killed the jews in such a way that no evidence that they did it can ever be found. This is no longer science. By creating a scenario in which the claim is unfalsifiable, and no evidence need be found, because this somehow just proves all the more that the Holocaust happened and Nazi diabolism, they have left the world of argument and entered the spreading of fairy tales. Time and again we are told that after gassing the jews and burying them in mass graves, they were dug up and burned on open pits that erased all trace of their existence, the ground was covered up and filled in, the gas chambers taken down, etc. This is not credible. All evidence cannot simply cease to exist. Open air fires are not capable of turning everything, including teeth, to ash. The soil would still be disturbed and easily shown to be a mass grave even if no bodies in it remained when dug up again, inevitably some oversight would have left some batch of jews or remains in the earth, and the remaining ash of the burnt bodies and wood would be omnipresent in the camp. None of these traces have been discovered or even looked for, we are simply to take on faith that it happened, and no evidence that it happened remains. If any serious person wished to establish the Holocaust, all he would need to do is dig up Treblinka and see for himself what was there. The fact that the one time this ever occurred, the investigative party truthfully reported no mass graves were found, should give us a clue. Indeed, whenever attempts to find where massacres of jews specifically occurred, no grave-digging ever finds anything. To make matters worse, all the eyewitness testimony describing these open-air fires are physically impossible. Even if one can theoretically construct a way jews were burnt such that no evidence remains, the eyewitness accounts do not agree with this theory. Instead we are told that with just a little bit of wood for kindling, the bodies burnt on their own and massive piles of corpses could simply be set on fire with a match and left to disintigrate themselves. Anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of cremation knows bodies do not burn themselves to non-existence but require vast amounts of wood/coal etc to supply the heat and fuel. Wood and coal no witness reports they had, which would have been in such massive quantities that it's hard to imagine how no documenation of its procurement or movement exists. The witnesses due to lack of technical expertise clearly messed up and invented lies that sounded good to them, but reality simply does not support.

Another such lie is discoverable for the same reason. Non-technical experts when inventing the Holocaust went with what sounded good but is technically impossible to have happened. 3/4 of all gassed jews, we are told, was done via carbon monoxide poisoning using Diesel engines. These diesel engines connected to various hermetically sealed gas chambers (from as fantastic sources as russians tanks and submarines) in a matter of just 15-30 minutes could gas large quantities of jews all to their assured death, and operated day and night to kill millions of jews, then of course were all dismantled and disappeared before any Allied army could discover them. Here is the problem however:

Diesel engines emit practically no carbon monoxide. Even if you directly placed your mouth on the tailpipe and did nothing but breathe diesel exhaust, you would not die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Not in 30 minutes, not ever! The peculiarities of diesel engines, far above non-technical people's knowledge, means that carbon monoxide content is especially low and oxygen content especially high. Though any other engine could have succeeded, and with 100 to 1,000 times the efficiency, diesel engines cannot. To date no one in any real situation has been documented to have died of diesel engine exhuast poisoning, even in trapped mines, garages, etc. The same is not true of other combustion engines, and wood-gas engines, both used during the war and the natural choice of any Nazi looking to gas anyone. It is impossible to believe they would have made such an elementrary mistake and given themselves such a sysephean, herculean task as mass gassing with diesel engines when better alternatives lay all around them. Nazis could have killed people faster simply leaving them in a hermetically sealed room to suffocate than using diesel fumes. The whole thing, all the eyewitness testimony, all those millions of supposedly gassed people, are therefore a farce. Again, even if one can theoretically construct an efficient gassing system that would have killed millions of jews, none of the eyewitness accounts match this theory, and as pointed out no documentation and no physical evidence of said gassing occurs either. To construct such a theory, one must first deny even any hearsay evidence that would say it happened, much less any other evidence, and then from there you could construct a logically sensible holocaust--unfortunately with no greater relation to the truth than constructing a logically sensible witch trial after throwing out all witness testimony and having no documents or evidence to go with. Sure, such an internally consistent story could be made, but to what purpose? It is not consistent with anything else, and thus must be rejected out of hand.

What of the remaining 1/4 of gassed jews, this time supposedly with Zyklone B? The same problems exist here as elsewhere. Zyklone B was a pesticide used to delouse prisoners and their clothing, this is what all the documentation and physical evidence says it was used for, and what even Holocaust scholars say 98% of it was used for. One must immediately wonder why Nazi extermination camps were using expensive chemicals and gas chambers to try and prevent disease among Jews they were trying to kill as fast as possible in the first place. But setting that aside, the presence of Zyklone B and gas chambers in no way implicates the gassing of jews with Zyklone B. Since again, no mass graves are to be found and no reliable witness testimony can ever be found, there simply isn't any evidence jews were gassed. There is, however, ample evidence that Zyklone B was not used in the very areas Allies and Jews later designated as homocidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. It's quite simple, when HCN (zyklone b) is used in newly built buildings, where wet and cold conditions prevail, it forms a chemical bond with the iron of the building, and becomes an uncleanable stain on the walls-- a color described as 'iron blue,' 'prussian blue,' 'berlin blue,' etc. This well known process is observed in any chemistry textbook and can be repeated as an experiment whenever anyone likes. This very prussian blue stain exists all over the delousing chambers in Auschwitz which even Holocaust scholars claim is the result of delousing and zyklone B gas combining with iron etc--but is completely absent in the gas chambers right nearby that supposedly killed millions (or hundreds of thousands) of jews. Magically, the laws of chemistry cease to apply when Zyklone B is used against humans instead of lice. Germar Rudolf has even taken samples from the supposed gas chambers at Auschwitz and using a chemical analysis, found the wall has no more HCN content than any other building on earth, unlike the prussian blue stained delousing chambers which had 1,000 times as much concentrations. Therefore Zyklone B when used in these chambers somehow became an inert noble gas that did not interact with any of the walls around it, while everywhere else it follows standard predictable chemical laws. Needless to say, it's senseless for Nazis to have used the expensive and dangerous chemical Zyklone B to kill jews with anyway. Carbon Monoxide makes far more sense, as does simply lining jews up and shooting them, etc. Gas chambers were invented solely for their sensationalism, the real life genocides that the Soviets, for instance, perpetrated were much simpler. Shootings, denial of food, shelter, health care, exposure to extreme cold, etc, are so much easier and actual tens of millions were killed in just this way. While people continue to rant on and on about the holocaust and gas chambers, the actual genociders, Stalin and his jewish comissaars, got away with the far simpler, vaster, and actually true genocide that is never once mentioned in any press today. Comparing the two methods, does not your common sense immediately start to wonder why on earth so much trouble was taken in the killing of the jews? Does one wonder why one crime is endlessly harped upon and magnified while the other, much worse by any account, goes completely ignored and downplayed? To make matters worse, eyewitness accounts again report ridiculous things like Germans would open the gas chamber doors and unload all the bodies without any gas masks after just 30 minutes, when they too would have immediately died of Zyklone B poisoning had they done so. A complete lack of knowledge of how Zyklone B interacts with the air, how good the ventilation systems were, etc meant they fancifully believed a minor breeze or an open door would somehow negate the poison gas and allow workers to wander about freely among the corpses. Such routine physically impossible errors give the lie to everything the witnesses say.

Needless to say, no documentation has ever been found showing Nazis procuring or using Zyklone B to gas jews with, nor was there ever enough fuel to cremate all said imaginary jews into non-existence, or even enough working ovens to have undertaken such a colossal task. All of this goes ignored in the standard Holocaust tradition.

What of the vast piles of corpses, or the wasted bodies of liberated Holocaust survivors at camps like Auschwitz? Well, what of them? What relation do a lot of dead bodies, all skeletally thin and wasted, or a bunch of skeletally thin and wasted living prisoners have to gas chambers? The standard holocaust literature says jews were taken from right off the trains to gas chambers and killed within minutes. These people would hardly have found the time to become skeletally thin in the few days of the train transit or before they were gassed, so already we have the problem that all the healthy plump jews we should have found corpses of are missing. What we are looking at, instead, whenever you see the vast piles of contorted skeletal corpses or starving skeletal prisoners, are people who lived a long time slowly succumbing to hunger and disease. Diarehea, typhus, and many other diseases claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands stuck in those concentration camps, which lacked adequate facilities while being far too overcrowded. By 1944/1945, supply lines were so shot up by the Allied bombing campaign that even regular germans were starving, of course nothing could be spared for their concentration camp prisoners! While supplies lasted, medical care and food, sparse as it was, was adequate to sustain life for most of the concentration camp prisoners, but after the genocidal ferocity of the Allied bombing campaign, it's no wonder conditions had quickly deterioated to what we found at the moment of liberation. The same starving-to-death, constantly diseased POW's were found in the Japanese camps at the end of the war. If you read King Rat by Clavell, an eyewitness who lived through japanese internment camp imprisonment, you find the same stories. In Japan as well, bombing had gotten so fierce and supply lines so cut, that they could no longer even feed themselves. By the end of the war only quick intervention by the occupying Admiral saved millions of starving Japanese from very-like concentration camp deaths. One should not find it surprising that in such times of hardship, the prisoners got it worst of all. It does not take extermination camps to produce mass piles of starved diseased corpses, and no one accuses the Japanese of it even though the same was true of their camps. In other, more ancient concentration camps like Andersonville in the Civil War or the Boer camps in the Boer War, similar catastrophes of disease and starvation occurred. It is simply the way reality works when so many people are penned into such a small area with too little food or resources to make it livable. Nothing nefarious or intentional need be supplied, simple neglect and scarcity is enough.

Lastly we come to the problem that six million jews couldn't have died, simply because the discrepancy between jews living before the war and after the war was not that wide. Careful demographic studies by Stanning and others have, as guess-work as the task necessarily is, accounted for all the jews and shown as few as a million, or even a few hundred thousand, dying in the Nazi camps. The rest died in entirely predictable manners: civilians dying in the crossfire or due to economic hardship just like all the other civilians who were stuck in the theatre of war, partisans killed as members of resistance to Nazi occupation, soldiers in the Red Army dying in the heat of battle, polish jews and others dying to the scorched earth and forcible deportation policies of the Great Satan Stalin. None of these obvious reasons are taken into consideration by Holocaust affirmers, so that the number gassed to death by Nazis can be inflated and hyped. Last, no mention is made of emigration before, during, and after the war even though it was so obviously ongoing since it founded the state of Israel after all. Millions of jews left Europe or moved to the USSR or elsewhere and thus we come up with ridiculous numbers like 6, or 7 million jews killed even though worldwide jewish population only takes a much smaller hit between 1941 and 1945.

Israel reputes to have nearly a million holocaust survivors still alive on its soil, circa 1997. If you take ordinarily mortality rates stretching between the dates 1945-1997, you discover that 1 million jews alive today perforce means nearly all the jews survived the Holocaust to reach the year 1945. Again you reach a number lower than 1 million that could have been killed in the camps. Jews' own studies and claims about jewish populations before and after the war refute the possibility of the Holocaust.

With all this in mind, still more reasons come to our minds why the Holocaust couldn't have happened. It simply isn't in the nature of Germans to act so barbarically. It is unprecendented in human history. The same people who produced Goethe and Beethoven could not have produced Aucschwitz. None of their conduct since the war supports that all their elderly generation were such satanists, and so on. It amounts to a massive defamation of the character of Germans and whites in general that we could even have done such an act, never before seen on earth. What are the odds that the greatest horror story known to man, the Holocaust, would be done by whites? We who are so generous, altruisitc, noble, civilized, and kind everywhere else and across all history, we who are repulsed by the atrocious black magic and female circumcision of Africa, the cannibalism and human sacrifice of the Aztecs, the eunech slave raids of the Arabs, the unfeeling starvation genocides of Cambodia and Mao's China, etc--we are the most barbaric of all and committed the worst crime? I think not. It has never been whites who excelled in the inhumanity of man, it has always been whites who helped deter and stamp out such atrocities. The Holocaust simply does not fit our character. Our conduct has never been that violent towards even uncivilized barbarians like the Incas or Africans we came across, instead we immediately went about building them roads and teaching them how to farm and Christianity, etc. The idea that we would start skinning jews and using them as lampshades, washing our bodies with jew-soap, sleeping on jew-hair mattresses, sadistically kill jewish children in front of their mothers, cut off jewess' breasts, etc, is all from another age and surreal.

Though one can imagine that someday whites could feel so aggrieved that no amount of fury and violence would be unreasonable, that was not Hitler's Germany. The holocaust myth is in fact the fastest way to create a real holocaust. Now that it's been done once, there is less incentive to not do it again. After all, it is accepted as normal now. Furthermore, since we already are guilty and blamed or it anyway, we may as well get the full benefit as well as the cost. The myth of the holocaust, so frequently used to say: "If you follow this pro-white policy, you will do another holocaust of jews," is often met with the despairing and frustrated response, "Fine then let us do another Holocaust, if that is what must be done to be pro-white!" These decades of brainwashing have simply made a far more volatile Holocaust all the more certain! We are becoming completely desensitized to the images and accounts, due to the constant pushing of them upon us. Jews are digging their own mass graves.

Previously I stated that to defend Nazi Germany, the Holocaust must not have happened, and some reasonable excuse must be given for their aggressive wars of conquest to the east. Increasingly as I read up on the topics, it becomes easier and easier to see through the lies distorting Nazi Germany's reputation. Though I cannot say the Nazis were nice good people yet, or have no blame in WWII or their decision to round up so many people and put them in such deadly camps in the first place, the picture gets ever murkier the more one looks. This definitely calls for another post in the future. One thing is certain, however, and that is any honest white nationalist should never backstab their Nazi friends. At this point, with the Holocaust not even having happened, it is an entirely defensible view to be a Nazi or Neo-Nazi, and it is outrageous to attack people over such minimally important charges as 'you started a war' when Napoleon, Prince Charles the V, the Hapsburgs, Henry's attempted conquest of France for England, etc were all doing the same. Aggressive war is hardly new nor is it morally repugnant to the point of schism and internicene name-calling. Nazis, whether their views perfectly match your own or not, are not the amoral monsters they were made out to be. That is simply a libel. From here on out it is just honest differences of opinion, none of which matter in the least compared to the opinion of the left---ie that race does not exist and the white race should not exist. Attacking Nazis to our right for some trivial difference rather than the monstrous genocidal views of Jews like Ignatiev who desire to 'abolish the white race' and Sontag who claim 'whites are the cancer of human history,' etc simply reveals your character, and not the moral superiority you so desire. White racists of any stripe are criticially important and valuable, they should not be mocked for standing up courageously for their beliefs, and every attempt to speak as a united front against immigration, affirmative action, tax slavery, and media-distorted demonization, must be made.

The importance of knowing the holocaust is a myth cannot be understated. It is a precious tool that both redeems our views and the cause, showing they do not inevitably lead to Auschwitz, and it shows yet again the insane, evil hostility against us Jews, communists, and even our own Allied governments hold. The fact that jews, communists, and governments everywhere propogate the holocaust myth, their evidence based mainly on wartime and soviet propoganda, and ram it down all our children's throats and then for the rest of time every day remind whites how evil they are for the holocaust, and how they can never be allowed to have racial consciousness again since we so 'misused' it last time, is an entirely unjustified attack. If the malevolence and ill intent of our enemies was not before discernible, their pushing of the holocaust myth is simply one more fact showing the way. Though whites never had it in for jews, jews clearly have it in for us. Those twin facts must steel us to what must be done in the future, whether it be suffering, or causing suffering, there is simply no negotiating or compromising with the likes of our foes. They are absolutely vile for what they've done, and they have absolutely no excuse for doing it. What a damning double truth that statement holds.

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