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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dissecting the Holocaust-PS

One additional important aspect of why the Holocaust must be a myth I nearly forgot:

The fact that instead of fairly debating these issues, laws have been made specifically banning the discussion of this one event in history. One can question anything else they like, but it is illegal to question the historical events of the Holocaust. The truth does not need any additional legal defense. The truth can always be vindicated through honest debate and fact-checking and evidence gathering, why then all the laws snuffing debate if the Holocaust is true? By covering it up, the Holocaust mythmakers show their hand. They know any honest investigation of the Holocaust would reveal it's a lie, and are desperate to prevent this at all costs.

Nothing could make Dissecting the Holocaust more believable than the fact that many of its authors right now have died in prison or currently rot in prison, while many more are being hunted around the world in the hopes of also silencing them. This book, which the authors have paid for in their own martyrdom, is their gift to us the rest of the world, at the price of their own lives. Such unselfish devotion to the truth is not found among anyone but people of the highest character, and such evil mistreatment of honest thinkers (much like Galileo) trying to have their say always denotes the vile character of their oppressors. The idea that a factual question, or a fact, can be good or evil, flies in the face of all morality. Facts are facts, truth is truth, and it can never be wrong, or illegal, to believe the facts or the truth. This insanity is what persecuted Galileo and burned Bruno at the stake, it is the insanity that assaulted Watson for stating IQ gaps exist between the races, and it is the same insanity that has deprived Zundel and Rudolf of their freedom. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience, the independence of free scientific inquiry, a 1984 like control of the past, and all the rest is at stake. Their treatment of Holocaust Revisionists is absolutely unacceptable, and it clearly divides the sides of this factual question, between good and evil. When only evil people believe the Holocaust happened, and only good people believe it didn't, it becomes more and more obvious which side we should be on. Aside from whether the holocaust is true or not, we must all stand up and demand: FREE ALL THOUGHT CRIMINALS!

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