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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Remnant of a Remnant Part II

There is, however, a different strategy. "Where the oak breaks from standing firm, the willow bends and survives the harshest gales." It's all well and good to oppose race replacement, but it won't work and it won't happen. The mass deportations or genocides we fantasize about will not occur and cannot occur in time to save us. I don't even believe secession movements will occur or succeed. Non-whites want to feed off our tax money too much to ever let us go. And useful idiot whites will insist their new multicultural paradise is what they wanted all along. No one will be allowed free. Of course if one does I would fully support it and again feel like a miracle has come down and saved us. However, no secession has succeeded in Brazil, in Bolivia, in South Africa, or any other country with a cohesive white minority. Efforts have been made, but they simply never happen. I also believe the UN, a non-white controlled body, would intervene and smash any attempts at white racial solidarity. If various statistics are to be believed, whites consist of only 8% of the world population and international alliances against us and any pro-white groups we could form will naturally follow. After all, who can blame them? Whites have ruled the world for centuries, they realize how powerful and dangerous we are if given a free hand, and never want to see us united and guilt-free again. A white-only country full of white-pride and an ambitious eugenics program would terrify them, and for good reason. We'd be the strongest nation on earth in a short amount of time, and none too happy with what the third world had been doing to us in the past. So no, the different strategy isn't even secession.

It's the mormon way. Create an identity that does not compromise its values and does not negotiate them. Through indoctrination and constant communal gatherings and affirmations and sessions every sunday and so on, everyone getting involved in the creed and everyone having to go proselytize it for a year, you get your group motivated, excited, and solidified. You create an us and a them and you want to be a part of us. There's even a special mormon heaven that rewards you for staying true. The fields of Valhalla that greet all white warriors who die fighting the good fight, could serve the same. Even as a metaphor. Even if people know all it means is a reverence for their white dead that their community will not forget. Then you place yourself in geographic isolation in otherwise crappy land like the desert of Utah where no one else especially wants to go, and you live under your rules, more or less un-interfered with by nonwhites and the federal government, who simply overlook you and don't even notice your disobediance. After all, if it's just their religious foibles, and everyone has freedom of religion, who can oppose them? Even if their beliefs Are rather silly and I'd never be one of them. Even without a homeland, a close-knit religious group can survive for centuries, even millennia, as a people apart. While the storms of wrack and ruin pass all around them, they are left relatively undisturbed, doing their own thing, not demanding anything from others, but simply refusing to act like anything but themselves. Virtual secession or simply identifying ourselves as completely different from others will do where physical separation cannot. Freedom over our own souls and volition, freedom to be virtuous and good, will do where control of the government will not. And though we cannot in this manner save anyone else who doesn't adopt our creed, we can at least save ourselves---a remnant of a remnant, which will lead to our salvation and rebirth someday, when the time is right.

The death of the majority of the white race can simply be seen as the cutting away of the dead wood. The granite of our cultural core, those who see further and act wiser, can still survive. The rotting and dying elements of the white race can no longer be saved. Our greater strength and foresight cannot help them. The answer is to give up on them and look to ourselves. So long as we survive, everything is preserved, even improved, from what came before. The legacy of Newton, Shakespeare, and Beethoven does not die.

So what can We do, we remnant of a remnant, that will not perish and will instead thrive even in a time of universal collapse? First off don't worry about being rich. It will probably be impossible. Do not work your hands off trying to sustain some high standard of living in a hyper-taxed world run by non-whites who will simply feed off you. Do not measure success or failure by wealth and do not connect prestige to incomes. Poor people are left alone better than rich. A tiny minority that owns all the wealth in the country is a hateful and dangerous place to be. Zimbabwe did not succeed. South Africa did not succeed. Rather, we must be having lots of children, I don't mean two a piece. I mean become a movement, like the mormons, that highly encourages children, makes it possible to have and raise them, makes it culturally acceptable to be poor while doing this, and makes every child a gift and a treasure to be thrown into the world with the same goal of finding a spouse and having lots of children themselves. There should be a celebration of life and a yearning to see our in-group grow. The mormon church that was raided for basically the crime of having 'too many white children' is a good example. Regardless of whatever shenanigans they were involved in, they had a movement that promoted childbirth and they damn well had 400 white children, mormon children, that were going to have 1600 more when they grew up, and so on. They were what success looks like.

Like the mormons we must separate ourselves completely from the tv, drugs, sex, alcohol, and so on of modern life. We would even do well to dress our women in actual women's clothes and men in men's clothes and use other subtle cultural forces like that. Now I know mormons have their fair share of sins and mistakes along the road of life, and they aren't immune to the lures of modernity either. Neither are the amish. What's important is the rate. There is a threshold at which a community cannot support its accumulated sins and collapses. So long as we operate beneath that threshold by discouraging it as best we can, our community will prosper and thrive from the freed up human vitality. There can be no force of law to these measures, since we will have no political power. Simply approval and disapproval must do, the yearning to belong to the group will succeed by constantly keeping people together with their peers who are doing the right thing and encouraging others to keep the faith.

Like the mormons we must teach that divorce is non-negotiable, sex before marriage is wrong, that dating endlessly is wrong and should be pointed towards marriage or shouldn't occur at all, and so on. We must raise our children with our good example, a mother and a father getting along, not fighting, not divorcing, not abandoning. Together with a church every sunday teaching the same lesson and friends who all have the same type of parents, none of them fighting, the social expectation and 'standard' children emerge in will be extremely anti promiscuous, extremely pro commitment. This is so important I don't know how to stress it enough. We must all marry, have lots of kids, and be completely and utterly devoted to our wives/husbands without fail. We must never cheat, never grow angry and abusive, and never divorce. Everyone around us must do likewise and we must be seen as the norm and expected, not the abberation. For this we must all gather together and live together in some city or state. Virtual segregation is as good as the real thing for this purpose.

Unlike the mormons our focus must be on Nature, not a fairy tale God. Our spirituality must be based around the unalterable human nature, the special and unique nature of whites and our community in particular, the desire to preserve and live up to this nature, and the desire to grow. Not just into more of our natural homeland we truly deserved from the start, but into the stars. The wish to get our children into the stars should be a divine aspiration. It should feel like absolution. We should be racing to be the very first. We should consider ourselves the star people and everyone else mud dwellers. It should be a point of pride. We should call ourselves fish who wish to swim in our own gene people. People comfortable around people like themselves. People who love themselves and thus those close to them. People who hate and abuse and control nobody, but harmlessly bloop about in their little corner of the sea. We must be harmless like the willow, quiet like the reeds. There is no point in confrontation, everything can be achieved by accommodation. Our strength does not lie in power but in living better lives than average and not wishing to give up the privilege of this best of all possible lives. Our strength will come from self-love and pride, it will not be in reference to anyone else at all. It has no need of the other.

It may be that a remnant of a remnant will not be allowed due to the aggressive hatred of non-whites who resort to violence to wipe out even the most inoffensive of us. If that's the case, God help us. However this has a higher percentage chance of succeeding than any of the other proposals. More importantly, this proposal can begin at any time, without any startup costs, without any need for a political or wartime victory. We could become these 'fishians' tomorrow. With a willing partner we could be a fishian in scattered islands as small as single homes, waiting generations for the day we can gather together. We can feel like we belong to a community even if we are scattered. We can start the great work tomorrow. It is, after all, simply a state of mind and a refinement of the soul. If people are sick of waiting around with no ability to do anything due to the overwhelming odds of achieving a political or wartime victory, then THIS is the solution. Do not aspire to any victory, do not need numbers, do not attempt to save the entire white race. Become a fishian and start fishing. Begin a new life with new goals that are within your own destiny. Don't get weighed down in the depression of our coming doom. Become uplifted with the scenes of thousands and hundreds of thousands of angelic kids entering womb after womb, growing up happy and committed, and sailing off into the heavens. THIS is the future, not the south african slum life of the next century. The true, final future, is our remnant's rebirth. Salvation and rebirth works. Not everything and everyone has to survive, only we have to. We are enough, if we wish to be.

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pasta said...

Hello Diamed,

I just wanted to tell you that I believe you are exactly right with your suggestion for a strategy and you described it very well, too. I had a similar idea and made an (yet unfinished) attempt at describing it here. I hope it will be implemented in practice and when that happens, I would like to hear about it.