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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Remnant of a Remnant Part I

In Wheel of Time, Aiel Wise Women have seen the future. The prophecies have all shown that the Last Battle will be a cataclysm for their people. The Dark One will break loose from his seal, and wreak havoc across the world. The Aiel will be some of the hardest hit, just like they were at the end of the last age.

They did not give up however. That isn't the Aiel way. "When water is gone, when shade is gone, spitting into Sightblinder's eye with our last breath." They faced their fate head on and asked themselves, very well, how shall we go about preserving a remnant of a remnant, which will be all that is necessary for our salvation and rebirth, after the Dark One is defeated and peace returns to the land.

Let's face it, the prospects are grim. The Dark One is free from his prison and it is the end of an Age. Whites will be the hardest hit and all the prophecies, the Census figures, the press, the universities, even our presidents say the jig is up, there is no rescuing of the white race. I believe it is our unchangeable fate to be swarmed with degenerates and minorities in the coming century, that it has as good as happened by now. 50% of American kids are non-white, 30% of UK kids are non-white, and so on. Even if you cut off immigration now you could not change the tide, and no one is going to endorse an ethnic cleansing platform that would remove 1/2 or 1/3 of the population from the country. Out of squeamishness, nothing will be done, and they will ignore the fact that doing nothing is ipso facto a genocide of whites instead.

I have a variety of reasons to believe we have lost and everyone concentrating on stopping this cataclysm is too little too late. For one thing, most of the opposition comes from the elderly. Like the white race itself, white nationalists are an aging, dying breed, fossils with no real power anymore. Curmudgeons grumbling about '. . .in my days it didn't used to be this way. . .damn whippersnappers. . .' ::falls asleep accidentally snoring:: Nothing can be done with these folks and obviously they are going to die of old age before the flash point even occurs.

Next off, the schools and the media are controlled by anti-white forces that will never let the truth get out, or if it does get out, will spin it in some 'enriching' way. Most people for instance still think South Africa is better off today than under apartheid. And that America has made great progress since the 1960's civil rights act and the 1965 immigration act. The remaining 50 years in which getting the truth out even helps is thus too short a time to make a 'long march through the institutions,' even if whites were genetically capable of employing such a subtle plan. I do not think whites can compete with jews at media, education, propoganda and the like simply because they have the highest verbal IQ in the world. They put our best sloganeers to shame and have won the war of words. Even with truth and justice on our side, there's simply no way to beat their smooth tongues. It hardly matters that most jews live in America because Europe listens to the same people and is just as fooled, since we are all equally white dupes and they are all equally smooth talking, smarter jews, geography simply doesn't matter. The fact that the opposition to Karl Marx's socialism, Diamond's 'geographic determinism' Boaz's 'race is a social construct' Gould's 'multiple intelligences with no objective way to test them,' the champion of the conservatives/libertarians, are the jews Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, is even more disturbing. Even the opposition parties have been suborned by the superior wit of the jews. And indeed, Ayn Rand and her ilk are just as 'anti-racist' and 'anti-fascist' as their communist counterparts. There is no spokesman for the truth that can defeat the lies of the jews. Not in 50 years at least.

Third, there is a historical cycle that is hard to avoid that follows like this. Rich countries go fat and supine, lose their willingness to fight or take risks, become lazy and unwilling to do 'dirty work' that is 'beneath them,' and thus start paying tribute to dangers abroad and hiring foreign servants at home. This is Not new and it happens everywhere. South Africa could not separate itself from its servant class, neither could Rhodesia, even with disaster staring in their faces and becoming 10%, 5%, 1% of the population. Americans are rich and feel they deserve servants to do the work for them, President Bush famously said, as though proudly, "Mexicans come here to do the work Americans won't do." If he is right, and I believe he is, we are doomed because the majority of work on earth is work 'Americans won't do.' All white americans, for instance, aren't content until they get a college degree, but college degree jobs are few and far between compared to simple unskilled jobs. Who will do them? And if we won't do the majority of jobs, how can we stay the majority? Utter insanity. Now the obvious solution is to reward people who do our scut-work with higher pay, either through tightening the labor supply IE stopping immigration, or giving extra benefits to scut workers via government subsidy. But big business doesn't like that plan, as it either raises the price of labor (less profit) or increases taxes, so they have effectively blockaded any attempt to save ourselves in this manner. The natural born greed and laziness has caught up to us and will destroy us, like those who came before us and followed the exact same footsteps.

I also feel that generations of feminist indoctrination have made it impossible for a healthy relationship to be maintained as women are no longer content with what, realistically, men can provide as loving partners. Their unwillingness to settle, innate ability to get any sex partner they please whenever they please, their right to keep the children and get child support, everything is set up in a way that favors women and destroys the family. Obviously if every family and every relationship is destroyed by aggressive feminists demanding everything for themselves and nothing for men, who are supposed to simultaneously be superhuman with no faults but also subhuman with no right to ask anything of their wives, each new generation lacking a biologically, evolutionary normal home of a father and a mother is going to be less moral, less virtuous, less capable than the last.

I believe dysgenics is occurring and it's absolutely incontrovertible. The people having the babies and having them soonest and most, are the dumb, uneducated, poor. When you combine this with the family being torn apart each new generation is also more maladjusted than ever before. More mental health problems in each new generation. Higher criminality rates ((and yes crime has gone down in America but incarceration rates are UP ie there are more criminals than ever before we are just keeping them off the streets)). Higher illegitimacy and divorce rates. Higher everything rates. Dysgenics and dysfamilics(?) make any sort of heroic revival in our time of need impossible.

Furthermore democracy is on the enemy's side. Pandering to special interests is a good way to get swing votes at no cost to keeping your core, who will continue to endorse you as the 'lesser of two evils' and thus never demand anything from you to get your vote. For this reason the vast majority of people can be ignored in a democracy and only the few ever get their way. Democracy also encourages immigration in order to win new voters to your party's side. And lastly, the growing voting power of non-whites in America will make any new law changes in our favor that much harder to pass every year. If we couldn't do it now, why could we in ten, or twenty years, when non-whites are 40% of the population and voting for their interests? ((which certainly won't include getting deported.)) Why could we in 30 years when they're the majority? Good luck passing a bill deporting all non-whites then. In fact, by then, no law that remotely helps whites could ever be passed again. Too bad for you, one man one vote and your votes simply don't cut it anymore.

It is the perfect storm of a race war, a class war, and a sex war, all occurring at once and all distracting people from each field with the more virulent other field. At this point the white race as an organism has full scale cancer that has reached every organ and has led to total physical shutdown. No healthy part is left to turn to.

In fifty years, no one is capable of changing our philosophy, economics, childbirth ratios, family ethics, the entire governmental system, the entire concept of human rights, and so on. It would be a miracle on par with Japan's modernization from feudalism to modernity in the Meiji Restoration. It would be such an amazing turnaround it would require the hand of God coming down and personally intervening. I'm sorry, but only crackpots can be so optimistic they think this can all be turned around. In due time the free exchange of ideas may have brought people to a new understanding about life and we could have gradually embraced a new culture that was healthy for us. But this organic, natural progress was destroyed by mass immigration, which created a deadline and a time bomb that disrupted the entire process. Now we are stuck with whatever philosophy we currently have when the great demographic race replacement occurs--we have no further choices after that. From there on it will be the dimwitted, anti-white racist, corrupt and useless third worlders determining our society. Just like South Africa, they will utterly destroy it and all their ideas will be stupid and every direction they take us in will be disastrous.

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