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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ignorance and Irrelevance

The problem with modern day political discussion is that everything said is either ignorant or irrelevant.

Most of this is intentional, as no one wishes to tackle the hard issues of life. Quite simply, most people can't handle the truth. The fact that we're all going to die is too tough for them, so they hide behind their fairy tale religions that give them an afterlife. The fact that life is essentially a struggle for existence between competing interests, proven hundreds of years ago by Charles Darwin, is rejected outright by 50% of the world and indirectly by the other 50%. Those who admit evolution is true, then go on to talk about how it somehow doesn't apply to humanity, that we are all identical, that our potential is infinite, that none of our genes matter, and that surviving is not a value for humanity, only for bacteria and cockroaches. No one seems to realize that it's absurd for ignorant people who can't even bring themselves to learn the easily available, well proven, well known truths to be running our country. That just as only captains are allowed to run ships, plumbers repair sinks, engineers build bridges, and so on, only people who KNOW something about their field should have any right to control its destiny.

The fact that shared genetic interests are the basis of altruism and that we are not individuals but genes that exist not only in us, but in many people that are all interested in the survival of copies of themselves Wherever they might be, is simply beyond all but the few. Even though science has already proven this and shown it working in ant colonies all the way up, the general public never learns of these essential facts which completely change the nature of philosophy, ethics, and politics on their head. That there is nothing sensible in altruism to those without your genes, that there is no such thing as the individual, is the tribalist middle ground that science has already documented and proven but no one ever stopped to listen to. How frustrating that we can never apply what our great minds worked so hard to learn for us!

That IQ is real, genetic, and varies between the races has been well and thoroughly proven since the 60's. Every year though the facts come in more thickly and more thoroughly. Every scientist in the field queried answered that IQ is partially, largely, or wholly genetic. None took the environmental view that, nevertheless, 95% of the public believes. Why do they believe this? What astounding ignorance when the scientists have already done the studies, found the conclusions, and published them over and over for all to read. Again they simply don't want to know. And again, there could be nothing more vital to determining public policy, ethics, and so on than this essential, central truth to race relationships. If groups of people are biologically different, than a meritocracy will always show unequal results. These results are bound to occur and not the fault of anyone, and therefore, the winners owe the losers nothing, nor have they wronged the losers in any way. From this alone immigration, welfare, affirmative action, 'racism', and everything else could be put to rest forever. However, ignorance stifles the truth and thus we base all our policies on lies and fantasies, which inevitably all lead to ruin.

Enough of ignorant people, this doesn't even graze the surface. Most people are so ignorant they don't know where the state of Florida is, how many days are in a year, what century the Civil War occurred in, or apparently anything about anything. Most people haven't read a single book any time this year. These people of course are the ones deciding the future of our kids, the lunatics running the asylum.

What about the people who do know, or at least know some, and should know the rest? Enter irrelevance. These are the people who endlessly whine and complain, but are not serious enough to actually kick their old prejudices and habits that fall exactly in line with the ignorance of the masses. Knowing more, they still say just as little, and act the exact same way, as if they didn't know. The same tired ethics based on false assumptions, the same tired religions based on discredited fairy tales from thousands of years ago, the same baseless 'common sense' which is just 'common folly' and no better than agreeing the world is flat because many people think so.

Many people know the crime statistics and that blacks and hispanics are 9 and 3 times as criminal as whites in America. Where they fail is the complete irrelevance of their further thinking. "This is bad, I hope it goes away." Or "We should teach them about Christ then they'll reform." Or "The right to bear arms will solve this!" All of these ridiculous band-aid quick fixes neglect the obvious, painfully apparent truth. That the only permanent, workable, serious solution that would give a real rise in the quality of living, would be a complete separation from the troublemakers and thus no need to worry about finding solutions for their pathologies. Africans in Africa do no harm to whites, so we don't care what their gun laws are, their religion is, or anything else. It's obvious this is the best, most effective model, as any other band-aid fix isn't nearly as effective at preventing crime as keeping a continent apart from the criminals of Africa. But the irrelevance of these thinkers keeps such apparent conclusions out of bounds. They prefer 37,000 white women being raped by black men every year, so they can 'talk to their black friends without needing a visa.' Well, that's just splendid--unless you're one of the 37,000 white women forcibly made a friend to your new black man who didn't even need a 'by your leave.'

Many people know IQs vary between the races and that furthermore IQ closely correlates to success, happiness, health, great achievements, wealth, law and order, etc. These same people however refuse to screen immigrants by IQ, refuse to screen babies by IQ, refuse to track students to different classes and jobs based on IQ, refuse to use this wonderful tool in any way. Thus all their knowledge is made irrelevant because they want everyone to act as though they don't know, just ignore it and maybe it will go away. Of course it does not go away, the truth is more stubborn than human whimsy, but the irrelevant crowd prefers living a lie to the truth, regardless of what harm it might do to others, their children, or to all mankind. Millions of high IQ people are languishing for lack of opportunities to use their inborn skills while diversity and affirmative action hires clog every ministry and business doing nothing at all. Millions of high IQ people aren't having kids while millions of low IQ people are having ten each, and the government shrugs and mentions completely irrelevant nothings like 'reproductive rights' and 'human rights.' What are rights? Where did they come from? Who gave them to us? The non-existent God? Or perhaps a non-existent social contract no one has ever signed?

What is relevant is concrete reality. Truth. Physical existence. What is actually happening before our eyes. What is relevant is we're watching a worldwide genocide of the greatest race on Earth, perhaps the most developed life-form in the universe, and that no one is doing anything about it. Whereas just a century before millions of people were dying in trench lines disputing whether the border would move a mile north or south, today we can not summon the interest or vigor to protect any border or any territory whatsoever. It is all being handed out, three, four continents of land, without a shot fired. This is relevant. Some fantasy, some imagined ethical code, some fairy tale King of the Cosmos with his soothing afterlife that makes what happens here unimportant---this is all irrelevant and clouding what's relevant from our eyes. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Those who know, but introduce irrelevancies like 'before I save 500 million people from genocide, I want to make sure no one gets hurt' or 'before I save the world from becoming a third world shit hole forever, I want you to sign on this dotted line that taxes will go down,' are the most infuriating, despicable losers of all. They are traitors par excellance. They outstrip the most ignorant of the ignorant with the sheer evil of their misplaced, warped views. It is one thing to not even realize what is at stake, quite another to know full well what is at stake, and sacrifice it anyway, to some personal petty interest. That person, to me, is worse than the ignorant sheeple, worse than the non-white wolves preying upon us, because they are the shepherds who walked away.

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