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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Must Be Done: Part I

Too many sites endlessly complain about how bad things are getting, but are unwilling to sacrifice anything to stop it. No changes must be allowed, no freedoms curtailed, no tax money spent, no pleasures taken away, nothing must be changed at all. How they intend to solve the problems they speak about day in and day out is a mystery, apparently even to them, since no action is allowed and we are all stuck in strait jackets that offer us no tools out of our own trap. Perhaps offending no one is a good way to build a large constituency, but it is a bad way to achieve anything gainful or actually gain power. The bolsheviks and the nazis did not become world powers by not offending people or trying to seek consensus---they did it by the willingness to do whatever it took to get their way. Muhammed did not seek to not offend people, or consensus, but was simply ruthless and daring enough to enforce his vision on the world through slaughter and the unwillingness to compromise. All of these people were willing to act boldly and forcefully even as a tiny minority. Disregarding the odds or consensus or any votes, they moved to take power, convinced by the innate rightness of their creeds as the only sanction necessary to rule.

The prevaricators, the do-nothings, the nobodys, who didn't wish to offend anyone always end up beheaded and losing their country to chaos. The last Tzar Nicholas the Second(?) of Russia was well known for being a consensus-seeking non-offender who refused to crack down on his opposition. Louis XVI again was beheaded even though he sought to not offend anyone, prevaricated, and didn't oppose his opposition. Buchanen watched the South secede while prevaricating and seeking not to offend anyone. Chambelain was chased out of the UK on a rail for uselessly trying to not offend people and prevaricating in a time of crisis. Nero fiddled his thumbs while Rome burned. The do-gooder who abandoned Apartheid and ushered the terrorist ANC to power in South Africa has consigned his country and people to oblivion, all for the sake of peace, consensus, and not having to upset anyone. What people respect, what people can rally behind, are not consensus builders, prevaricators, wishy-washy nobody's. They are men of action who believe in their cause and have the bravery to back it up, and the ruthlessness to crush their enemies who will inevitably marshal against them. What must be done is therefore not bland, consensus building, popular, non-offensive, compromising, or prevaricating. There must currently be hundreds of thousands of white nationalists all around the world who see what is happening and know something must be done. Where we founder is that most of these people can not agree on whether it's worth it to stop any of these negative trends. I hear endlessly repeated that if we must control birth rates, then the white race is not worth saving. If we must crack down on capitalism or free trade, the white race is not worth saving. If free speech must be curtailed, the white race is not worth saving. If sex roles must be re-established, the white race is not worth saving. If ethnic cleansing or genocide must be used, the white race is not worth saving. On and on and on. By the end of the conversation, it is obvious all these white nationalists are phonies. They say they love their race, but they are still individuals exercising their individualist vetoes over the good of the collective. The argument goes, "Sure I like whites, among many other things I like, and if I can have whites while not losing any of my other interests, I'd like that. The existence of whites is for my sake, not me for whites, so if preserving the white race begins to inconvenience me, then it's time to abandon the movement."

While just a few dedicated people can succeed in taking power and galvanizing an entire nation by simply being dedicated, forceful, unapologetic, and uncompromising, millions upon millions of sunshine patriots and summer soldiers cannot accomplish a damned thing. The first thing that must be done is for people to BECOME SERIOUS. Until they can make statements like: "I'd rather every other race on earth perish than the white race." Or "I'd rather whites live than super-developed aliens in space who are a hundred times prettier, more moral, smarter, etc, simply because they are not white and we are." Or "I will not let any moral scruple stand between me and my race." Or "I will hold no higher loyalty than the loyalty to my race." Or "Anyone of the race who is not loyal to the race is a race traitor and morally repugnant." Or "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." Until people start speaking in serious, dramatic, utterly no-nonsense terms--non-prevaricating, non-approval seeking, non-scaredy cat, non-pacifistic, non-unoffensive, we simply lack the will to do what must be done. So the first thing that must be done is to take the current crop of white nationalists and convert them into honest to God, absolutely dedicated white warriors. Warriors for their race, in whatever field (be it civilian or military, verbal support, financial support, moral support, or demographic support, it must be taken with a warlike, feral, fanaticized manner. Nothing but fanaticism is enough to change a thing.) Warriors as dedicated to their race as the roman legions were to Rome, Sparta was at Thermopylae, or the American settlers were in the Indian Wars. These are the times that try men's souls. Give me a handful of true, honest to God white nationalists who do not flinch at serious talk or serious moral absolutes, and we could do more than an infinitude of the current crop.

It is not true that numbers are necessary to do anything in the world of today. 19 people brought down the World Trade Center and put the world's superpower in a paralysis of fear and economic slump. 19 SERIOUS people who were willing to kill and die for their beliefs were more powerful than tens, hundreds of millions of do-nothings, scaredy-cats, and prevaricators. A few hundred or maybe a few thousand were all that was necessary to fund and coordinate the attack from behind the front lines. A SERIOUS group of people can take on, even conquer a nation. And when you do something bold and determined like that, you galvanize millions of fence sitters who thought like you, but saw no one to lead them. Al Qaeda was never so popular than the day after 9/11. People who act without numbers gain numbers, people who see that you are serious will become serious, people who believe in you will believe in your cause. What first must be shown is WILLPOWER, physical power, numbers power, will follow. There is no use putting the cart before the horse. Endlessly seeking more numbers without having any willpower anywhere between any of you, will get us exactly where we've been for decades, ie nowhere with time slipping away fast. Even should you die a martyr, having completely failed at your task, simply the display of seriousness will gather more recruits than any amount of talking would have. David Lane and Robert Matthews are people with names, with recognition, with a slice of history. Anonymous #12 who refuses to be serious and is 'waiting for the right moment' has never generated recognition, has never aided the cause, has never galvanized a soul. It is better to die in a futile gesture against unstoppable, unbeatable odds, than to not fight. The fight does not end with you, it only begins with you. Jesus died and conquered the world. It is not futile to fight hopeless fights, because it shows that someone, somewhere, is SERIOUS. Only serious beliefs are respected by men of action. Only serious beliefs can recruit men of action. Only serious beliefs have the power to change the world. Every serious group starts small, and through their actions, ends big or dies trying. The success rate of these serious groups is far higher than passive, do-nothing, fiddlers. At this rate, we are 100% doomed to die. There is simply no question about it. Doing the same things we've already been doing will ensure 100% our destruction, even if we talk ourselves blue in the face. Even if the chances of success are still low, those committed to the white race will see that it is their duty to die for even a low chance of their race's salvation. That is what it means to be serious, to be a white warrior.

Here is how Commander Travis spoke and acted at the Alamo:

Travis's message [after the first day of battle], addressed "To the people of Texas and All Americans in the World," informed Governor Smith that the Alamo was "besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna" (in fact, the total strength of the Mexican army has been estimated at 6,000 men). "The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise the garrison are to be put to the sword if the fort is taken," Travis wrote. "I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls--I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid with all dispatch.... If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country--VICTORY OR DEATH."

When reinforcements failed to arrive, and the battle had been raging many days, Travis assembled his troops and gave another speech:

"I have deceived you with the promise of help," Travis informed the Alamo's defenders shortly after sunset. "Our fate is sealed. Within a very few days--perhaps a very few hours--we must all be in eternity. This is our destiny and we cannot avoid it. This is our certain doom." He urged his men not to blame the Texas government, or James Fannin, commander of the Goliad garrison, who had failed to come to the Alamo's aid. "All that remains is to die in the fort and fight to the last moment.... We must sell our lives as dearly as possible."

Resolving that he would fight Santa Anna "as long as there is breath in my body," Travis offered his men a choice. Unsheathing his sword, he drew a long line in the ground in front of his men. "I now want every man who is determined to stay here and die with me to come across this line," declared Commander Travis. "Who will be the first? March!"

"At the end, only two were left where a moment before 183 had stood." The bedridden Jim Bowie, who had been brought into the plaza to hear Travis' speech, implored his comrades to help him cross the line: "Boys, I am not able to go to you, but I wish some of you would be so kind as to remove my cot over there."

I'm a proud Texan, and I have walked the ground of the Alamo. "REMEMBER THE ALAMO" still means everything to me. I remember it. I venerate it. I believe it is one of the bravest stands in the history of the world, and I believe it was a just and noble war not just for Texas, not just for America, or the South, but the entire white race. Due to our stand at the Alamo, Texas won independence. Due to Texas winning independence, the Mexican-American war was fought. Due to the Mexican-American war, America's territory was doubled and a new frontier for the white race was opened up instead of the hispanics beneath us. The land, the resources, the freedom, the beauty, were bequeathed to our manifest destiny and spanned from sea to shining sea. The life and welfare of hundreds of millions of whites were created by the actions of 183 Texans at the Alamo. These were SERIOUS people, just 183, willing to do what it took, to kill and die, to embrace a moral absolute, to finish their sentences with "VICTORY OR DEATH." The Alamo is now lost. San Antonio, indeed all of Texas, is overrun with the very same Mexicans those men fought and died to keep out. Their sacrifice was in vain, they have been betrayed. Their descendants have stabbed them in the back and robbed them of their glory. The very soul of Texas and the heart of our history has been ripped from us and belongs to the enemy. America's fate is still intertwined with that one lonely, shelled out half-ruined church. Soon it will lose the same west the Alamo, through its blood sacrifice, gained, but can no longer hold.

Therefore I propose people take the same vow I took and view it as a sacred, binding trust forever more. To graduate from 'yes I like whites' to 'I pledge myself to the white race.' From white nationalist to white warrior. Before anything else can be done, first your mind, your soul, must be willing to do it. The first thing all white nationalists must do is be willing to do what must be done. If they are not willing to do that, there is no sense debating what else must be done even an iota further.

Watch this video, and then ask yourself: Do you want these two white children to be the only girls brave enough to fight for our race? Do you want these two white children to sacrifice themselves for you, while you sit aside and do nothing? Do you want these two children to carry the flag into the breach and die for their race, sacrifice everything they have for you, brave every storm and every persecution, while you sit aside and do nothing, ever, until the very end? They don't even know you, they've never seen you, they don't know your name, but they will lay down their lives and bleed for you, because they love you. They ask nothing of you, they will do it all without a single benefit, they will let you sit aside and do nothing until the very end, and, not questioning how much we whites deserve their faith and support, will do it all anyway. These two girls will bleed for you, they have pledged their lives to you, for you. Will you bleed for them?

I will.

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