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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jews, Anti-semitism, and Anti-anti-Semitism:

Because talking about jews is too hot to handle almost anywhere on Earth, I may as well talk about them here. I would like to cover as much about the topic as possible in one sitting from a fact heavy position which uses logos as much as pathos.

What do we know about jews, on what basis can we judge them? I speak of jews as a group like I speak of any group, a generalization that is largely true and thus sufficient to make informed decisions about the group as a whole, without singling any particular individual out or worrying about exceptions. We have Jewish history, Judaism and Christianity the religion, prominent Jewish thinkers, scientific research into Jewish biology, Israel, and knowledge of where jews are socio-economically and politically wherever else they live. From these facts it should be easy to determine a fair opinion of jews in general.

Going by the old testament, jewish history is of a petty kingdom continuously at war with a bloody disdain for their neighbors and even apostates and heretics among themselves. There is really no good thing the ancient Israel did. Unlike Egypt and Babylon and Greece to every side of them, they were a backwater who achieved nothing. Foolishly revolting against the much mightier Rome, their ancient kingdom was destroyed and the people scattered.

From there Jews filtered into many foreign nations, where they always made nuisances of themselves by keeping apart and not assimilating into their host nations. The jewish ethnicity is still genetically distinct after thousands of years of living among their host populations due to a practically religious refusal to interbreed or convert. In a deeply Christian land, maintaining their Judaic faith was an assault on the homogeneity and cohesiveness and Christian-ness of the land. In an otherwise ethnically pure state, Jews from the middle east created another dividing line that otherwise the hosts wouldn't have had to put up with. Instead of everyone being related by blood and culture, there were all the people related by blood and culture and faith--and the unrelated, unassimilated, unconverted jews. Jewish customs like eating and dressing habits made sure they could never adopt the contrary habits of their hosts. To top it off, they always took annoying jobs like moneylender, tax collector, or some other disagreeable role sure to annoy their hosts. The result was constant uprisings and pogroms against jews wherever they went, universally, in every land. Spain, Poland, Russia, the Roman Empire, Germany, the Ottomans, it didn't matter. Eventually the jews would be rounded up and massacred, chased out, or something. Obviously, the people back then were antisemites. However, when everyone across all history is an antisemite, it is not enough to simply dismiss them as antisemitic. Rather, they were anti anyone breaking up their otherwise homogeneous and harmonious society, and the jews were especially adept at pissing people off with their refusal to assimilate or interbreed in any way. However, at the same time, rulers and elites liked Jews. All the way back to Joseph being an advisor to the Pharoah in Egypt, rulers have liked having jews in their community and government because of how effective they are. These rulers were constantly inviting Jews to come to their country whenever they were being chased out of the previous one. Jewish industriousness and efficiency translated to higher revenues and incomes, Jewish bankers translated to loans to the government, Jewish bureacrats translated to tighter control of the country, and so on. Jews were a boon to the elites and a bane to the people. The constant push and pull of these two contrasting desires is the reason Jews were never quite fully accepted, or quite fully rejected, throughout their thousands of wandering years. Due to Jews being high IQ and a culture of hard work and striving to excel, they could take any position and do it better than anyone else could. This led to massive discrimination against jews as the host nations protected their power, prestige, jobs, property, and so on. Discrimination against jews was simply the only way to beat them, otherwise the cream rose to the top and they would have had the whole kingdom for themselves. These people saw no reason why foreigners, aliens not related by blood or culture, should gain the highest power, prestige, and wealth in their own homeland, and therefore used force to defend these goods for themselves.

The latest Jewish roundups and pogroms occurred in the late 20th century, when Europe mostly went along with Nazi Germany's goal of wiping the jewish ethnicity out, and after the creation of Israel the arabs ethnic cleansed all the jews to Israel and then tried to ethnic cleanse Israel into the sea. These rather vehement versions of the cycle were complicated by the new addition of jews ceasing to be a nuisance and beginning to become a menace. The menace to the arab states was obvious, jews were invading and conquering their land the arabs had held for thousands of years, and destabilizing arab states by making visible all the superiorities of jews over arabs and Israel over the rest of the middle east. Since more was at stake, arabs were more antisemitic than normal and called for more drastic solutions. Israel continues to take more land for itself from the Arabs by building settlements on the occupied territories and not allowing them their natural right to self-determination, and continues to destabilize the middle east both by example (a democracy in the middle of dictatorships, a rich country in the middle of poverty, the Judaic faith in the middle of Islam, etc) and direct action like bombing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc. Again, you do not have to resort to prejudice to explain their antisemitism. Anyone in their position would be antisemitic, it would be unnatural not to be.

What about Nazi Germany? Well, taking a short history lesson it's obvious why their anti-semitism had grown from nuisance to menace too. A jew, Karl Marx, had invented communism, a social system which if instituted spelled the doom of everything classical, traditional, and good Germany had built up. A jewish conspiracy had attempted a communist coup on Weimar Germany just years before. The mainly or at least extremely disproportionately jewish bolshevik revolution had managed a communist coup on Russia and had slaughtered thirty million whites in that region in an even ongoing process in the 1930's. Jews had managed a communist coup in Hungary and slaughtered some more people there before being stopped as well. Meanwhile Jews in Germany were like usual the moneylenders of a poor and destitute German nation in the midst of a depression. There is nothing more obnoxious than looking around at all the successful, rich jewish businesses in Germany where the average German, related by blood, culture, and religion was dying of influenza, starvation, having to whore their women out, unemployed, and so on. So when you combine one of the worst depressions in German history, the continuous fact that jews outperform whites and take obnoxious jobs, the continuous fact that jews never assimilate and never intermarry, and now the added problem that jews were openly plotting to take over the country like the bolsheviks and slaughter millions of germans once they got power---and you have yet again, what do you know, antisemitism! In one of its most developed forms!

The 20th century was practically the Jewish century. Everything was either done by the jews, or done to the jews, of any moment. The USSR was a jewish child, as was, as a byproduct of the USSR, communist asia, communist eastern Europe, communist latin america, socialist western Europe, and so on. Nazi Germany and the radicalized muslim middle east were reactions to the threats of jews. And last but not least, the USA was completely dominated by jewish thinkers/policies and remains so today. Behind every liberal media outlet--Hollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, Newsweek magazine, and so on--you will find jews in powerful positions and lots of them. Jews decide what white Americans read, see, and hear, at all times. They frame the debates, they create the 'consensus,' they even control the elections. On one side, they use enormous campaign donations to both parties, on the other, their media outlets give glowing praise to their preferred (always liberal) candidate and resoundingly condemn anyone who falls out of properly pro-jewish policies (like Ron Paul.) Jews do not stop at controlling the masses though, they have infiltrated into again, disproportionate amounts of the social sciences departments in all the universities, where they as professors indoctrinate white children to hate themselves and be pro-liberal-jewish-policies. Anyone who crosses Jews is immediately torpedoed and their political chances, their reception in public, their description in the media, etc is all shot to hell. Thus we see ridiculous things like both Mccain and Obama wearing yamahkas and praying at jewish temples---kowtowing to their masters. Not only do Jews torpedo anyone who crosses them now, but they have revised history and torpedoed anyone who ever opposed jews in the past. Nazi Germany is of course the first group demonized for their opposition to Jews, then next is anyone who opposes Israel (which is why it's still OK to criticize Islam and arabs and the middle east in the US media), then Christianity is next for all of their evil oppression of Jews and the Inquisition, and then comically Russia is castigated for oppressing the jews under the Tzars and even the USSR--even though the jews were practically the only ethnic group that was never massacred or targeted throughout soviet history. Putin is seen as anti-jewish and thus vilified by the jewish media, Ahmadinajad is anti-Israel and so of course he is lampooned, and so on. Everyone is good or evil, according to the media, based only and entirely on how good friends to Israel and jews they are. You can cure cancer, but if you insult a jew, too bad you're an anti-semite, the lowest of the low. Just look at Mel Gibson or David Duke or Le Pen or Hitler. Hitler, a man who killed far fewer people than Stalin or Mao (products of the jewish bolshevism), is reviled as the most evil man to ever live, the anti-christ, etc. But all he was, was the worst enemy the jews ever had. In terms of actual objective evil, he was a light-weight. Six million is an easy number to reach (just ask the jihadis or the mongols or the aztecs) and genocides are all across history. Nevertheless, since our education and media are controlled by jews, he is officially the greatest evil that ever lived.

Most jews aren't very smart, coming from the sephardic or oriental subgroups. However ashkhenazi jews are the smartest people on earth, clocking in at an average of 115, and they're the ones who lived in Europe and still live in the USA. Jews on average are as much smarter than whites, as whites are smarter than blacks. And because the tail ends of bell curves are more dramatic than the middle, the number of jewish geniuses drastically outnumbers the number of white geniuses. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly half of the important nobel prizes have been awarded to jews in the last century, while not even being 1% of the world population. This is why when allowed a free and fair competition, they take whatever power, influence, wealth, or prestige they want. For the first time, whites have not stood up for themselves and simply allowed this to happen. The results have been dramatic. Jews, doing whatever they please with their power to help themselves or their pet causes, lobbied hard for and achieved hate crime laws, the 1965 immigration act, the ADL and SPLC, the continuous socialist creep in the West towards their favorite government of communism, a virulent anti-anti-semitism that protects them from all criticism, billions of dollars of free foreign aid to Israel every year, and an insane foreign policy that, for the sake of Israel, has gotten us involved in a war with the entire muslim middle east. Iraq never posed a threat to the United States, but because they posed a threat to Israel, we invaded them anyway. The same for Iran, who has never wanted war with the United States. Regardless, the US seeks to war with Iran and Syria in order to protect Israel. The fact that these wars have cost us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, all for the sake of non-white foreigners who have never done anything for us, is yet another display of the all-powerful hand of the jews. Indeed, one need not look far to see George W. Bush surrounded by jewish advisors like Perle, Wolfowitz, AIPAC, Cohen, and so on, heading into the Iraq war. And for some strange reason, one of the only democratic supporters of the Iraq war is the jew Lieberman, who is so pro Iraq war compared to his party that he left the party, just so he could support a war that helps Israel, his jewish homeland.

The Judaic religion is rather wretched. It is a racist spiel about how jews are the chosen race and destined to conquer the world, and that it's okay to slaughter any and all infidels who get in the way. Slavery was not banned, murder of women and children was condoned, and a million gajillion dumb laws were made to control jews in their daily lives. Jews also invented Christianity, which is a rather distinct break from Judaism. Nevertheless, Christianity contains and is weighed down by the Old Testament, while adding a uniquely diabolical twist of a heaven and hell to terrorize people with. The fact that all religions are false and both Judaism and Christianity are just delusions that have infected 1/3 of the world's population, is also thanks to the jews. These religions were probably better than the alternatives at the time though, and are dying out now anyway, so it's really not a bone worth picking with them. Christianity, wonder of wonders, does agree with the liberal jewish positions of 'we are all children of God' and 'we're all one big family' and 'we should be kind and compassionate to everyone' etc, since it too is just jewish philosophy.

So, let's add up the pros and cons of jews, and the reasonableness of being an anti-semite. As a pro, jews perhaps improved the primitive religions of the past to the more sophisticated Christianity. They enriched any land they lived in, were great at commerce, medicine, government, law, and any other field they're given a hand in. They created a modern, rich, free state in an otherwise sandy, mostly empty plot of land and transformed Palestine into Israel. They produced many great ancient philosophers like maimonides and spinoza and montaigne. And of course, they are some of the greatest scientists to have ever lived, Einstein and Johannes Salk and hundreds more all of the very top grade have led the progress of science for at least the last century. Some of their movies and tv shows are probably rather good, even if slanted and biased. Jews are good at every job they get, from actor to banker to doctor, and help everyone with their extreme skill and quality work that does business with them. These are the pros.

But the cons are simply too staggering. Jews across all time have been trying to invade and seize power other people's land. They then use that power to their advantage and the disadvantage of the natives every time. Simply the invention of communism and their proselytyzing of it has done the rest of the world so much harm it counteracts anything good they've done. But that wasn't the worst thing they did. The worst invention of all was egalitarianism. The belief that everyone is innately equal and interchangeable, that race doesn't exist, that sex doesn't exist, and all the rest, was again invented and propogated and proselytized by jews. (Note the jewish scientists Boaz, Gould, the Jewish historian Diamond and so on who denied race, IQ, or racial differences, and are the reason the truth of IQ and race has been so thoroughly buried into secret obscurity and successfully kept out of the popular knowledge.)The immigration policies that followed were all at the prompting and behest of jews, if not entirely of their making they had their full support behind them. And these immigration policies are in truth the worst con of the jews, because, they have made communism look like a maiden's kiss in proportion. The race replacement of whites with non-whites is a murder of around 500 million white people, in terms of opportunity cost, because every non-white in a country makes the country 1 less able to support a white (actually probably more, since not only do they occupy that niche, but they are routinely parasites that suck up the labor of 2 or 3 more whites who must also support them instead of their own children). The hate speech rules set up and enforced by jews like the ADL and the SPLC keep any argument against immigration off the table, and the jewish media continuously keeps whites in a stupor by saying it's all right and nothing bad is happening over and over again every day. Given that whites thus have a very natural reason to be anti-semitic, since jews are the vanguard of race-replacement and the extinction of whites, the most powerful, leadership position of our enemies the communist/egalitarians, with the highest proportion of genius thinkers who are thus the most effective snake-like persuaders and debaters, far greater than our own---held back only by their small numbers and our only true competition on this earth intellectually--anyone who is pro-white must also be anti-semitic. If jews changed sides and became the vanguard of whites and empowered and supported whites, and finally intermarried with us and abandoned their religion for a common shared atheism, all the antisemitism could be put aside and we could put this all behind us. As it stands though, it is us or them, and it is obvious that any nation which wishes to preserve itself, must first get rid of its jews. Jews are traitors and saboteurs to every country they live in. The first step one must take to revitalize their white nations, is to banish all jews and jewish-influenced thinking/media from said country. It is the poison in the well. Weak, barbarous minorities like muslims or blacks or even hispanics, are no challenge to the white race at all. In war or peace, we can outcompete them with both hands tied behind our back. With our minds screwed back on straight and no longer deluded by jewish lies and brainwashing, all the remaining necessary political actions would quickly follow. Thus it is that at some point in the evolution of a white nationalist's thinking, they always turn from white nationalist to antisemite. If you keep at the philosophy long enough, it is inevitable due to the simple facts on the ground. And that is why white nationalism will always be associated with antisemitism--because it inevitably is--because semitism is inevitably anti-white. The important thing to note is antisemitism is always a reaction to what semites are doing, it isn't prejudiced or conjured out of thin air. The only people to blame for antisemitism are the jews themselves. Blacks create the negative stereotypes about them by actually doing all those negative stereotypes. The same for jews. Prejudice isn't the fault of the prejudiced, but those among blacks, or jews, who make those prejudices generally true. The massive amount of antisemitism around the world and across world history, does not speak poorly of all those evil prejudiced people. No, it shows just how obnoxious and annoying jews are to everyone who ever meets them. At best they are tolerated, at worst they are genocided, but at no time does anyone ever like Jews. This can't be mere coincidence, not everyone wakes up in the morning and decides, "i'm gonna throw a dart at the ethnicity board and end up hating for no reason wherever the dart lands," and then the dart inevitably always landing on "jews." The particular, unique nature of jews is what causes antisemitism. They are their own worst enemy.

Lastly, the retarded stooge whites who are the anti-anti-semites. These people, the useful idiots of the jews, go around attacking anyone who attacks jews, no matter what the reason or the position or the facts, simply because they were taught when they were kids that disliking jews was bad. No doubt by a jewish inspired curriculum and based on the jewish version of history. Anti-anti-semites are usually more violent than anti-semites. For instance groups like 'anti-fascist action' or 'Expo' in Europe. And of course, the Charles Johnson's of the world who would rather all Europe be driven to extinction than anti-semites gain power in Europe, because it might hurt the few dozen remaining jews in Europe there. The visceral hatred of anti-semites to the point that all whites are consigned to die, or all muslims are consigned to die, simply because they don't like jews enough, is the popular sport of anti-anti-semites. These people, inevitably not even jews themselves, become such proud champions and defenders of jews, and such traitors and despicable saboteurs to their own race and any attempt at their race's self-defense, that they might be the decisive group who plunge all 500 million of us to our doom instead of letting us save ourselves while we still have the chance. For anti-anti-semites, get this through your head: antisemitism isn't going away. It has existed everywhere, across all time, always. And it always will so long as jews continue to act the way they do, which is always--very terribly and very foreignly compared to the surrounding people. It is easy to reveal how evil and racist anti-anti-semites are. Simply ask them, that if it comes down to a choice, whether they'd rather all whites or all jews die. Or, give them the option, if some dictator came to power who saved the entire white world and enacted every policy you approve of, except that they holocausted all the jews as well, would you say this is a better outcome than white extinction or a worse? Once they inevitably say they'd rather all whites die than any jews were harmed, or that all whites should just die if they're mean to jews, it becomes clear that a jewish life, to them, is worth more than 50 white lives or so. This jewish calculus that supposedly is fighting against racism, is in fact one of the most hateful racist positions of all. Even if whites are hopelessly anti-semitic, to deny them any value or right to exist simply on this basis, or that there is anything else in life apart from loving jews, shows how nakedly racist and anti-white the anti-anti-semites are.

So I've set forth two premises. That antisemitism is natural and inevitable on anyone who is well enough informed or developed to care about the white race, and thus, about immigration, Islam, feminism, or any other self-destructive policy conservatives might worry about. Second, that anti-anti-semites who care about the white race, immigration, Islam, feminism, or any other self-destructive policy will out of spite and pique, instead throw away these important goals, just to screw over the anti-semites.

The conclusion is anti-anti-semites are race traitors who are going to kill us all. Antisemites are normal reasonable people perfectly willing to work alongside other whites who care about saving their country, no matter how they feel about jews. But anti-anti-semites only care about jews, and the white race be damned if they have to work alongside antisemites. Like the old testament story of Solomon rewarding the baby to the mother who refused to see it be split in two--it is obvious that the only true friends of the white race, the only true lovers of the white race, the only true preservers of the white race, are the anti-semites. The hatred and schismasticism and 'to hell with this then' nature of the anti-anti-semites, is quite content to watch the baby be cut in two, just to prove their point. And thus, they were only there to win points, to self-aggrandize, to act cool in the first place. Only the true mothers of the white race, the ones that care about the baby first and winning the argument second, are honorable men.

Now, for whoever thinks it is possible to like jews and whites simultaneously, or for jews and whites to live together in harmony, my answer is of course they can. But it must be the jews who change, not the whites. It is not whites who must get over their antisemitism and love jews despite what jews are doing to whites. It is the jews who must stop hurting whites, stop estranging themselves from whites, stop taking all the whites goodies by winning at every competition and job, basically, stop being jews and interbreed and discard their culture and become whites--if the whites are to accept them. And if they aren't willing to do that, they have no place in a white country, a pro-white country that exists for whites, must consist of pro-white people who exist for whites. That's just how it has to be. No more vilification of whites, no more vilification of anti-semites. Jews want to live in white countries? Fine, earn it. Don't want to? Fine, Israel's your homeland, you have automatic citizenship there, no one's stopping you, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Dear Lord I hope that's thorough enough---not that anyone will have read this far anyway. ^^. Now, for anyone who cares, comment away.


latté island said...

Hi Diamed, naturally I disagree with a lot of this, but I applaud your courage in speaking your mind. I do think you're overstating your case about the degree to which modern Jews refuse to assimilate, intermarry, etc. That may be true of many visibly religious Jews, but there are so many people who, like me, enjoy their Jewish ethnicity without actually being standoffish toward non-Jews. American Jews intermarry with Gentiles at a very high rate, I think it's 50% or so. Everyone in my family is an agnostic. I'm not even making an effort to assimilate, that's how I was raised. So, while I understand your bitterness toward the usual suspects, I hope you'll look around and notice the Jews who don't fit the stereotypes.

Also, the new revolutionary government in Iran took American diplomats hostage during Jimmy Carter's presidency. It was quite bizarre, as Carter had tacitly supported Khomeini. I don't think it was about Israel at all, it was just Islamic craziness. Please consider that the crazy behavior of the Muslim world is their responsibility, not a reasonable response to anything Jews have done.

pasta said...

Hello Diamed,

I just want to tell you that I read your post twice and found it great, even though there were some minor issues which I disagreed with. But I agree with your main point, which you make very well.

In my country, Jewish influence about policies concerning the ethnic make-up of the population and the long-term survival of Germans as a nation has been minimal. However, the dictate by anti-Antisemites to smoke out and exclude everyone with the faintest hint at antisemitism and the submission to every Jewish demand is probably even more extreme here. Unfortunately, the nationalist and anti-Islamic movements are deeply divided and weakened over this issue. Naturally, when anti-Antisemites fight and try to exclude (allegedly) antisemitic German nationalists, I side with the latter, even though I disagree with the wisdom and significance of many of their (allegedly) antisemitic positions.

Something else: I think, you have talent as a writer and I would like to read more from you. A subject which I, like you, attach particular importance to, is the necessity of a demographic policy targetting ethnic homogenity, improvement of quality and balance of age groups, and the necessity to accept a greater role and power of the government in this. This subject has many facets and many abhor the idea of curtailing people's freedom and absence of responsibility concerning reproduction. Maybe you would like to bear this challenge when you feel ready for another long post? A long time ago, I tried it once myself here, but unfortunately my writing is very laborious.

Diamed said...

It's true that muslims have always been a menace to the west and even the USA before Israel was even founded. The war with the barbary pirates, the Philippine insurrection, WWI and WWII all saw the USA fighting against muslims.

However, I suspect that *this particular war* with Islam, starting from 1990 on or so, is a result of our support of Israel and unreasonable willingness to go to war to protect Israel, not ourselves, kill muslims for Israel's sake, and thus gain muslim ire in return, and so on. I think if we had stayed out of the region entirely and just been neutral with regards to Israel, we could have avoided this entire war on terror.

There's a difference between fighting muslims when you have to in self-defense, and going out and picking fights with muslims for the sake of others. I'm fine with fighting muslims in the former case, but not the latter. It simply isn't our fight, why should we bear the suffering and expense while Israel, the primary beneficiary of the Iraq war, doesn't lose a single man or shekel?

I don't think jews assimilating into a society of their own making is really assimilating. Jews are perfectly fine assimilating whites to their judeo-christian, liberal, communist, philosemitic attitudes. But what I want is not whites being assimilated into jewish culture/views/media for america, but jews being assimilated into white culture. The difference would be huge. Instead of whites repeating jewish mantras like, 'we are the world' and 'equality for all' jews would have to assimilate to a pro-white culture and repeat OUR mantras like, "we must secure a homeland for our people and a future for white children." And "our race is destined for greatness and eventually the stars, we must cultivate our talent and our genes for that day." Jews are not really assimilating today, they are creating the liberal dreamland they always wanted, and forcing whites, through the charges of racism and antisemitism and the like, to accommodate themselves to Jewish desires and culture.

Diamed said...

Oh and thank you for the praise, I spent hours writing the post, and didn't know if it was worth it. But if people really think they can learn from me, posting more essays isn't a bad idea.

Golvan said...

I think this post is good, but Bad-mannered-Swede is right about your other post (about what must be done - Part II).

I don't understand why you want Jews to marry white people. Why not give them New York and have complete separation? (I say that as if it was something easy to obtain!).

"There's a difference between fighting muslims when you have to in self-defense, and going out and picking fights with muslims for the sake of others. I'm fine with fighting muslims in the former case, but not the latter."

There's also a difference between fighting muslims in self-defense, or for the sake of Israel, or just for fun, and the crazy idea of sacrificing thousands of American lives to force "Iraqis" to embrace "democracy".

Golvan said...

I see Crazy Swede has written a really insulting post over at GatesofVienna. His post reads like pure leftist drivel. Are you going to take this lying down? No way! I say it is time for some Swedish ass kicking. Come on Diamed!

Diamed said...

Separation is of course an option, but intermarriage would just as thoroughly eliminate the gap between whites and jews, and jews are such intelligent, good looking, talented people, that it would be a waste to not have them in our community if we can possibly avoid it. Separation can still be used for those who will never assimilate. Best of both worlds?

Afonso Henriques said...

Well it was interesting to read.

However, I strongly disagree with your conclusions.

Jews are an admirable people but I fail to recognise that superiority of the Jews in relation to Europeans.

I also think that the West fights Israel for its own sake. Concerning the media and such problems, they may be Jewish but I will continue to blame Americans, white Americans, just because I fail to recognise the superiority of Jews in relation to the 200 millions white Americans.