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Monday, December 17, 2007

White Pride, where it came from, why it must triumph:

Who are the whites? In this world, there are three branches of humanity: Caucasian, Black, and Mongoloid. Caucasians seem to have originated along the coast of the Black Sea ( for details). When this sea connected to the Mediterranean a great flood rose the water level to equal with the ocean. This dispersed whites in all directions and is the founding myth of the entire white race. A flood story is in the Aryan Hindu texts, Gilgamesh of Babylon, Roman mythology, and the Old Testament. Babylon then domesticated a host of crops and animals which exponentially increased the economy and population. It soon spread to Egypt, which blossomed as well, and India, which founded the Harappan culture. Meanwhile a sea-faring trading group of Phoenicians had made, singly in the whole world, an alphabet. With this new tool of thought, communication, and memory trade and government grew. Soon enough jews (Semites, a branch of Caucasians) had recorded the first coherent scripture, while the greek Homer recorded the first epic poetry.
These many various white peoples constantly interacted and culturally diffused into each other. As jews became more clannish and introverted, they lost touch with the development of white race and culture. The greeks, however, were zealously spreading the advancements from sicily to India. Alexander the Great, the pupil of Aristotle, the admirer of Homer, imposed a greek stamp on the middle east, Egypt, and Persia. Soon Rome had conquered the Italian peninsula, the spiritual if not ethnic descendants of the greeks (as Virgil would have us believe). Defeating the phoenician carthiginians, the earlier leaders of the white race, they tamed the entire Mediterranean basin.
Despite the constant in-fighting and wars with all Rome's neighbors, their superior military tactics, their Roman pride, and their free and equal spirit propelled them to more and more conquests. Mithridates, a powerful Greek king, was finally defeated. Greek Persia and Greek Egypt soon followed, though an eastern invasion separated permanently modern-day Iran from the rest of the Pax Romana. Iran, by the way, stands for Aryan. With Roman culture seemingly invincible and ascendant under Augustus Ceasar, having brought into the pale all the barbarian tribes of France and southern Germany, it was time for whites to inherit, almost plunder, the separate philosophy of Judaism. At this time a revolutionary said following all these strict laws wasn't useful and a loving heart was the greatest sacrifice to God. Paul soon included that anyone, not just a jew, could accept Jesus Christ and his promises of hope, love, forgiveness, aid in adversity, justice in the future, and peace of mind and stillness of heart with all things. While this new religion went unremarked and unorganized for centuries, it slowly spread across its incubator the Roman Empire, making use of their trade network and military power to reach everyone with the 'good news.'
Arianism took off in northern Europe, gnosticism in the middle east, and eventually Constantine converted and made the entire Roman Empire a Christian land. Though the western Roman empire soon fell, it was conquered by heavily romanized and Christian Germanic whites, of the smartest breed. Because the colder climate was harsher, northern whites, though few and isolated, had become slightly superior to their southern white neighbors. Rome had been the most powerful empire on earth, greater than historical China would ever achieve. with the loss of trade and law the economy collapsed, the common language fractured, public works and art were discarded, and war became endemic between every little feudal manor.
Meanwhile white arabs had taken to their own interpretation of Judaism and Christianity, a bandit religion that fills people with hate and ignorance, but was exceptionally good at war when personal valor still mattered more than numbers or technology. Compared to the weakened Romans and Persians, Islam spread like wildfire. It lost in two places--Byzantium, and Tours, France, by Charles Martel. While a unifying period had been operating in Europe, the common danger of Islam hastened it. Soon enough Islam ahd converted nomadic asian followers, conquered the long-isolated Indian branch, and renewed under the turks (a white/asian hybrid) the war with Byzantium. In response, the Pope of Christendom, who had by now unified all western Europeon Christians under one doctrine, called for a Crusade to reconquer the Christian lands from the heretical Islam. Between Byzantium and western crusades, the fight remained even for centuries. But with the rise of the ottoman turks, a group of particularly able sultans and energetic ghazis relied on newer technology and better tactics to finally conquer Byzantium, the Bulgarians above them, then the Hungarians, Serbians, etc in a hard fought and slow grind into the heart of Europe. It also included all of the rest of the muslim lands aside from Persia and India.
This delaying action by the former heroes of white progress was not in vain though. While muslim/asians fought christian/whites, exhausting each other in endless war, Spain was reconquered and purged of Islam, the nations of England, France, Austria, Poland, and Russia were quickly modernizing, Venetia, Genoa, and Florence were overseeing new trade and art and literature, including rescuing all the classics from Byzantium's libraries. Universities, republics, constitutions, cannons, banks, and sea-faring ships were all coming online. And while the Ottomans ground themselves upon the eastern front, Portugal made an end around by sailing all around Africa and establishing a trading port in India. Soon ships were sailing everywhere, and the wealth of the whole world was flowing into Europe. Silver and gold, crops, chinese and Indian goods, cotton, tea, tobacco, silk, spices, a veritable cornucopia. Meanwhile the first effective printing press with movable type was invented by the white Johannes Gutenberg. He allowed the Protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin to gain a following. Fed up with the self-serving Roman church who dictated to people all their beliefs and rituals against common sense and free-spirit, Christianity revolted to a religion which could accomodate freedom and science and philosophy and inquiry.
Those nations that converted--Holland, England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland--became more effective due to the benefits of freedom, science, and progress. With the wealth of the world, a religion that most profits mankind, and a government that allowed for sophisticated laws and trade and peacekeeping, Europe exploded into all corners of the Earth. North and South America were colonized. In North America, the primitives were simply replaced, while in the south the more populous Indians managed a racial tie, while adopting the culture of their conquerors. Unfortunately this was the inferior Catholic totalitarian aristocratic culture of southern Europe. Combined with mixing with an inferior race, South America became a lost stepchild of white progress, much like India and Islam. Australia was also peopled, and New Zealand, South Africa, and various small enclaves elsewhere. Most of the land was too hot and diseased for whites to live in, so blacks were imported to settle these climate zones. The USA south, Caribbean, brazil, etc was all blackified. The temporary economic gain had longstanding terrible consequences, losing much of our gains. Blacks having done nothing this entire time but adapt to heat and disease, were suddenly riding our government, religion, economy, and boats to racial success. It was a classic case of free-riding, and we brought it upon ourselves.
Again India, though eventually conquered, was simply too hot to settle. The same for Africa anywhere but the southern tip. With little regard for the heroic eastern front, the West developed while Austria, Poland, and Russia did the heavy slogging. In 1683, Vienna withstood the last siege of the Ottomans. From then on the eastern orthodox whites slowly fought for the land back. It was too late for the middle east, Islam was deep in their bones. But eastern europe was freed. So engaged with war, eastern europe failed to benefit from any of the Western advances, or gain any colonies or land. With the Industrial revolution, adopted quickly by protestants and only grudgingly elsewhere, the economy and white power boomed again. However, it made two new things apparent--wealth was no onger connected to land, and intelligence would henceforth outstrip every bodily matter. This is because machines and machine power had overnight replaced all bodily functions, needing only direction and ingenuity to apply.
The white Industrial Revolution was soon followed by the white Freedom revolution. It was determined a well educated, free thinking, intelligent society was superior to any clique of selfish rulers, that certain freedoms were always good and would henceforth be beyond the ability of government to fiddle with, and that no stratification save merit would exist on earth; a law that dealt only with individuals, blind to all considerations of tribalism whether sex, race, class, religion, politics, or anything else. It was summed up in America as Life, Liberty, and Happiness. In England as Life, Liberty, and Property. In France as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Again the protestants were at teh head of the curve, catholics and eastern orthodox coming later, non-whites barely coming at all.
This is because it's a very new and strange break with the past, and because it conflicts with the interests of the ruling elites who want to keep their privileged power. It also assumed a well educated, public spirited intelligent populace, which is still lacking in the third world. As it turned out, no public spirit could appear in any country that was not overwhelmingly one race and one culture and one religion. These barriers made freedom a local not universal good. Without the right preconditions, this type of freedom is poison and worse than a simple dictatorial police state. Inherently recognizing the need for a unified people to support a democracy, when Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and the USSR became democracies, they immediately fissioned into separate nations. This is why the south was fine so long as they were a police state over their slaves, and somewhat fine under segregation laws, but when freedom arrived chaos broke loose and it's been pure chaos ever since. Normally, we would've split up the moment freedom was introduced, but America has always been too idealistic and neglected the need, so nothing apparently nothing will convince us to break apart until the suffering is so high we can no longer bear it. The industrial revolution had a lot of growing pains in learning to adjust, I assume the freedom revolution will as well. So did the protestant movement, the finest religion on earth. Good things take time and experimentation to fit into the old pattern. Freedom has given us much higher living standards, more peaceful borders, and most of all our precious basic human rights. The awful mistakes of gender confusion, egalitarianism, environmentalism, communism, individualism, etc prove humanity still can't fit freedom into the jigsaw puzzle of our former lives. But there's always hope. Every free thinker who applies himself to this problem is another chance to restore our vitality.
The last chapter of white history is dismal and also grand. 1914 changed everything. Until now, industrialization and democratization and colonialism had all continued uninterupted. Whites were still the only powerful people and had reached every nook of habitable land. With no one else to fight, a powder keg of overconfident adventurism was growing in white europe. having achieved all outward goals, they turned on each other more fiercely than ever. Though war was common in the past, it had never been on this scale, with weapons these powerful. Austria's attempted grab of Serbia upset fellow slavic Russia, and the war was on. At this point, the Ottoman empire, already driven out of Europe, was finally crushed for good, and all its land colonized save Turkey. France, Germany, and Britain were all bled dry, while Russia collapsed into a communist Hell. America presented a solution for Europe's ailments: self-determination of peoples, democracy, and world peace through a worldwide defensive alliance the League of Nations. Unfortunately, the French sabotaged Wilson's plan by harshly punishing Germany and stripping ethnic German land away from its people/nation. The USA, meanwhile, didn't join the League of Nations, destroying another leg of Wilson's triad. Though it's proven a democratic homogeneous state does not go to war, quite content to trade and limit its birth rate to the opportunities available, world peace could not happen while injustice forced contrasting people within the same boundary. Votes in those instances are mere tools of injustice, ways to favor your tribe at the expense of all others. This is why Athens was a city-state, and the Roman republic fell when too many different peoples were in it, requiring a dictator. People originally thought democracy required a low population or small geographic area. it turns out they were mistaking correlation with causation. In fact a democracy is fine no matter how big if the people are all one race, religion, etc. it only collapses due to diversity, not size.
After the war Russia quickly gobbled up previously free people, showing national self determination doesn't work without strong defensive alliances or powerful defensive advantages (like nukes serve as today), because a small country is simply not as powerful as a large tyranny, even though life is ideal there. Germany got sick of paying reparations in the midst of a depression and wanted the reunification of greater germany, operating on the principle of self-determination. It elected Adolf Hitler, who promised to do these things. Unfortunately he hijacked this national will into an anti-jew, anti-slav screed and promised more of the same mistakes as WWI. Because of Hitler's mistakes, any mention of race was taboo and anyone who had previously been acting racially switched away, nto wanting to be associated with nazis. This was when blacks were freed in the USA, immigration was switched from Europe to South America, political correctness was born, and all colonialists abandoned their lands. The white race went into full retreat and repentance, assuming they were the worst people on earth and all white policies eventually ended in a gas chamber. Self-determination was occuring all over the arabic world, Israel, Africa, Indochina, Latin America, on and on--but it had compeltely reversed among whties. Rhodesia and South Africa were abandoned, and a combination of economic opportunity and anti-racism flooded all white countries with foreigners. After 1400 years of continuous war to prevent muslim conquest of Europe, muslims were suddenly invited en masse to just walk in and take it without a fight. The same to a Mexican nation we'd previously fought two wars with on which race would inhabit the southwest. it was seemingly forgotten in a wave of racial suicide. Even Australia joined in, who'd never done anything to anyone. We are still in this paroxysm of white guilt, even as self-determination continues to be given as a right to all the former communist states. it's like there are two different mindsets--homogeneity is good for all backwards countries or all non-white countries, but diversity is good for all rich white countries. This insane double-think as though we aren't all human with a shared human nature is impossible to sustain forever, and so it will change eventually back to Everyone deserving self-determination and homogeneity.
The inspiring last chapter is the white race, even in the midst of all this, developed science to such an apogee we even put a man on the moon. Disease is being cured, famine is non-existant, nuclear energy and the nuclear bomb was developed (in a collaboration between whites and jews, a subset of whites), and our industry and freedom is being emulated by Asians who are doing excellently with them. All of the modern progress is due to whites, jews (a subset of whites), and lastly Asians--but whites still produce the vast majority of everything beneficial to mankind, even with just 8% of the world population. Our disproportionate achievements show we remain the greatest race to have ever lived.
To sum up, whites in Babylon started the agricultural revolution and civilization, whties invented the supreme written word in Phoenicia and the supreme numeric language of Indian numerals, algebra, euclid's geometry, newton's calculus, etc. Whites gave rise to the best religion--Judaism-Orthodox/Catholicism-Protestantism, white created the best artistic and philosophical works of their time in Greece, then white Rome became the greatest empire the world has ever known. Whites were left in a dark age for a bit, but after we'd regained our breath, whites discovered the rest of the world and created a world trade. Whites heavily settled with all the most advanced cultural and technological achievements a mostly empty, thoughtless, bloody, evil, and stupid land. The previous simpletons with their cannibalism and human sacrifice were either swept aside or reformed and interbred. The difference between these two choice is Canada/USA vs. Mexico and down. A good thing to keep in mind if you're thinking of interbreeding. Whites invented the Industrial Revolution, the scientific method, democracy, human rights, and virtually all science and theories so far. Whites produced all of the greatest literature and music, as well as architecture and movies, and they continue to do so to this day. World history, white history, the history of progress, and human accomplishment, are all synonymous. History will always be Eurocentric because whites do everything. We are undisputed leaders in every field of human endeavor, and on top of all that, we're also the most virtuous, the best practitioners of human rights and human decency. There is simply nothing to be ashamed of. We are a wonderful, beautiful race. Our blue eyes and blond hair are beautiful. We're physically excellent and the best in many sports. We're mentally almost best, losing only to a small portion of jews (who are a subset of whites), and asians in math but not verbal IQ. And we have a superior mind in terms of creativity and abstraction than the asian mind, for in all their years they never invented a single science of math, logic, evolution, continental drift, the theory of the atom, etc. Nothing. So for all their intelligence, it seems to lack a vital element of the white mind. I would certainly not want more asians at the cost of whites, when they have vastly more people than us already and do vastly less than us with them.
Whites, be proud! Whites, defend yourselves! Whites, unite! Whites, remember! Whites, seize the future! Whites, reach the stars! Never surrender, never give up, for we are by evolution and history the chosen race. Our future is bright.


John Savage said...

Diamed, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your recent comments on racial pride at Gates of Vienna. You have an amazing way of cutting to the essentials. I hope to see you using your talents more!

If you start posting regularly here, I will be glad to add you to my blogroll.

Flanders Fields said...

I agree with John. I don't agree with everything you have to say, but I do agree with your attitude. More guidance is needed in order to light the way in this dark world.

A former Zionist, Benjamin Freeman, had a different view on the cause of WWI, WWII, reasons for US entry into both conflicts, and the alleged reasons for the German hostility to Jews. I haven't decided to agree with his views, but offer them for your consideration:

I think you will find it to be worth your time. While institutions imposing ideological policy are our primary problem, the unity of the transnational Marxists cannot be solely due to the philosophical beliefs of the adherents to that ideology.

Afonso Henriques said...

I was redirected here from Gates of Vienna.

Diamed, I did not read your text but, are you a white Nationalist?

If so, I would really like to understand how White Nationalists in America (and some in Europe) blame the Jews for everything that's wrong in the world.

Dougie said...

Diamed, Mr Savage and Flanders Field - congratuations on some great posts on the Gates of Vienna thread!

Since you all seem to be Americans, are you aware of the American Renaissance organisation? Have a look at - the website is good but the magazine itself is better.

I'm actually Scottish myself but I look at the West's struggle for survival as global in scope and so I'm quite interested in the American situation as well as in Europe.

Flanders Field, I'm listening to your video post but I'm afraid I think it's exaggerated at various points but there's certainly some truth in parts. I'd be interested in a transcription however if you happen to have one.

Anyway, my email's
so email if you so feel!

Dougie said...

I checked the orginal Gates of Vienna blog and it's been closed which seems a little cowardly to me. I wasn't too impressed by Fjordman's answers, he seemed to have made lots of unsubstantiated claims and evaded or ignored my criticisms.

Dougie said...

Afonso, nobody else has answered your question so I'll give it a try. I expect some white nationalists dislike Jews purely on racial grounds but there's a much bigger reason than this.

Throughout the past one to two hundred years, Jewish people (NOT ALL Jewish people but too many) have been very influential in or dominated intellectual and political movements to undermine Western society. Because of political correctness and the taboo on criticising Jews, this isn't widely known to the general public BUT it is very well documented if politically interested people such as yourself want to learn more.

From the Gates of Vienna discussion, myself and others mentioned some examples, such as the historical Jewish support for communism. However, anti-Western (or to be more honest, anti-white)agitation of Jewish dominated organisations is not merely a historical phenomenon - it's a very big problem in the USA today and many of the problems (such as political correctness and racial egalitarianism) facing all of Western society have their origins in Jewish dominated intellectual movements. Apparently, because Fjordman doesn't see lots of powerful Jews in Norway, he's not aware of this.

There are lots of extremist writers who exaggerate about this subject; if you want to do some research yourself, it's important to avoid the kind of writers who hate Jews so much that they're deliberately lying or their hatred has clouded their judgement. I think Kevin MacDonald is a great place to start and parts of his work has been translated into widely used languages (although most of it is only available in English).

Afonso Henriques said...

Thank you Douguie and I agree with you but I don't hate the Jews for that, quiet the opposit, I don't trust them as a group but I admire how they were able to controle the Europeans (who controled everything).

I was astonished by what I read about Lenine over that debate.

hoi said...

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great summary. Note the word whties in it. You have a similar writing method that I do. I too like to pour it out and move on. This essay deserves to be just formatted a little better.

Paragraphs on Parade is what I call paragraphs that stretch on like a regiment marching as a block in Red Square. If your regiment is 10 or more lines deep, you know it needs to be broken up into battalions, companies and squads.

When I notice one of these proud regiments scrolling down the screen, I break them up in the small tactical units they deserve to win victory with readers.

I aim for paragraphs 3 to 5 sentences in length, and will often, but not always, go back through a post and do this. This turns posts into articles.

Certain authors are weighed down by the paragraph on parade syndrome and once you notice it, its hard not to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

As a (secular) Jew, I'm really enjoying this blog. I have no problem with the idea that different races or ethnicities might have different inherent qualities. I also don't mind reading critical opinions of Jews, as long as the criticisms are logical and reasonable.

Diamed, I'd love to see a sidebar with post titles, a list of popular posts, etc. I think that Blogger has widgets that make this pretty easy to implement.

All the best!