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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Must Be Done: Part II.

Here is how a country must really be run:

A constitution that is unamendable and uninterpretable must lay down eternal laws taht define who we are, what we have a right to, what responsibilities we have to each other, and why. Those who don't ascribe to this constitution must be deported or purged. From among this community of true believers people of high esteem and impeccable moral character must be elected to a nobility. This nobility will not be hereditary, but instead include anyone who meets serious criteria, and can be winnowed of anyone who once met them but no longer does. Only the nobility will craft our laws or execute them or interpret them. Only the nobility will be involved in government, aside from troops and clerks and such with no authority who only obey. Nevertheless, everyone will be armed and everyone given military training, so that the people can never be abused.

All businesses before doing business must submit a community impact form. The nobility shall use standardized legal channels to verify it and pass it or reject it based on the good of the community. Media that undermines patriotism, virtue, or the ties that bind will be considered mental pollution just like arsenic in the drinking water and banned. Products that have no use save vice will be banned. Luxuries will be taxed to hell, and the nobility alone given all marks of prestige. Monogamy with two children will be required and final. There will be no divorce. If needed, it will also be subsidized. Criminals will be summarily executed. The retarded and insane will be executed. Eugenics will be subsidized by the state. Education and health care for the young will be provided by the state. Infrastructure, parks, monuments, scientific research, job training, pensions for the hard-working retired/fired will be provided by the state. Education will teach the classics, history, patriotism, ethics, math/logic, science, classical music, classical art, manners, and all manner of edifying things. They will build character and a love of the refined, the holy, the good. Education will track by IQ into apprenticeships and then jobs. Businesses will be required to hire the apprentices, and must show cause to fire them. There will be no immigration. Our gene pool will be considered a sacred trust and our national treasure. Our goal will always be the will-being of our genes as a whole, among all our related nation, and never again about the limited ego-consciousness that can only care about itself. Our true self will be our genes and their needs and desires, evolution will be our guiding light. Morality will be based around survival and the flourishing of our genetic stock, not any phantom of our rogue brain's consciousness. There will be no organized religion, but spirituality will be promoted and recognized, as a way to join a greater fusion than the isolated ego. Self-reliance will be promoted and the world should be kept in perpetual isolation. No wars will be fought for others, no trade deals will disadvantage our workers by having them compete on unequal terms. No important industry like farming, manufacturing, or energy will be allowed to be outsourced and gutted.

This state must be set up to last in perpetuum. The children must be raised to replace their parents, with a seamless shift and no loss of values or culture. The state must be militarily and economically invincible from outward foes. the citizens must all be white, save a few foreign experts that could help us in some way we are deficient. Lawsuits, criminal trials, and obtuse legal wrangling will be replaced with summary judgments by the nobility following clear, brief, concise standardization. Lawyers as a proffession will be banned as evil. As a country meant to last in perpetuum debt will be limited to last no more than ten years. The state must balance its budget by then. The environment must be kept pristine, the population level the same. If one wishes to have more children, they must by the birth right of another couple. All start with 2, and every child must be born to someone. No problem will collect like a volcano for the future while the present gorges itself. If the economy improves or food supplies rise or some other occasion arises that would allow many more people to live in the state, the nobility can decide where the new birth quotas should be and institute those. If some disaster occurs and the state can no longer support the same amount of people, again the nobility will decide the new birth quotas.

If this program were adopted, all our problems would be solved. Immigration--gone! Crime--gone! Corruption, lawyers, lobbyists--gone! Underpopulation, overpopulation--gone! Pollution--gone! Media drivel and lies--gone! The rat race--gone! Education--restored! Jobs--assured! Military--dauntless, every able body! Business that preys on human weakness and vice--gone! National debt--gone! Inter-ethnic conflicts--gone! Political Correctness--gone! Love of country--restored! Egotism--gone! The family--restored! Everything I care about--eternal! Capitalism, democracy, women's rights, civil rights, and every modern idol--smashed! Equality--gone! Merit--enshrined!

Women must marry by age 20 (as do men). Women will be paid competitive wages for having and rearing children, until the children are of school age. They will have no need or right to enter the workforce until then. Women must have both their children by 25, the subsidy will not continue past the first two, should they have more. Monogamy will be enforced. Any adultery will result in a public stripping, flogging, and humiliation on the first offense. On the second they will be exiled or executed. Women can marry as young as 14. All women must be virgins on their wedding day. If they are not, they will be stripped and flogged. A simple examination by the marriage medical authorities will determine in cases of doubt. If the woman can establish the guilt of the deflowerer, they too will be stripped and flogged, or exiled/executed if repeat offenders. Gays will be exiled or executed. Anyone with an STD is a priori a serial adulterer and will be exiled or executed. Anyone with an infectious disease will be quarantined. Vaccines will be funded and mandatory for all. Community and neighborhood gatherings will be encouraged and funded. For instance, sports teams, hobby clubs, dances, games, barbeques, spiritual centers, whatever. The state will encourage virtue and discourage vice! The virtue of our people will be a primary goal of government, alongside their preservation and their strength, military and economic, and lastly their solidarity and love for each other. A united nation must stand firm with a united code and manner of living. United we stand.

Any economic inefficiencies I introduce by these measures will be offset by efficiencies I have gained. No crime, no smoking, drugs, drinking, prostitution, etc. No diversity or affirmative action. No lawsuits. No retarded or insane. And massive eugenics. No welfare and no health care or social security (in its present forms), no interest on the debt because we'll have no debt. No election seasons and no lobbyists/special interests. Quality education which leads directly into full employment jobs. With this money saved, I have no doubt we could afford everything I laid out and more. Higher intelligence and virtue will lead to higher productivity, and simply shove aside any inefficiencies preserving our people causes. No STD's, sumptuary laws, renewable energy which is thereby virtually free. No, nothing I call for comes at the expense of the economy. The economy will do just fine. This would be an ideal state, with the right priorities, that takes care of everyone in it. Any criticism is preposterous given all the benefits gained vs. the tiny expenses. No one can complain about tyranny since only those who agreed to this constitution were allowed to remain in the country in the first place, and any children are free to leave if they please, no one banned emigration. For those who can't belong to it and thus whine--well what did you think? The ideal state can only be crafted out of the ideal people. A country is its people and nothing else. Germany lay in ruins in 1945 but in 5 years was fine again, since it still had the precious German people. Any masterpiece must be built out of only the finest materials. The law is the form, the people the substance, both are vital and irreplaceable. Both must be revered and protected at all costs.


Conservative Swede said...

The retarded and insane will be executed.

Too bad for you.

Diamed said...

With all the hooplah about this post, it is obvious no one read the post and important parts were left out in order to demonize me.

To start with, I twice make it clear that only people who are comfortable with this sort of country, will be living in this country. I have no interest in forcing people to live under these laws, they can all leave if they want. I am interested in people who want to abide by these laws to create a common good that will not be abused by those who wish to have the benefits of other people's moral decisions while themselves indulging in endless rampant immorality. By first filtering for people who want to live in strictly moral communities, and then banishing anyone who seeks to live in this community and benefit from its morality, while themselves being immoral and not contributing to it, is just good policing:

"Those who don't ascribe to this constitution must be deported or purged. From among this community of true believers people of high esteem and impeccable moral character must be elected to a nobility."

"No one can complain about tyranny since only those who agreed to this constitution were allowed to remain in the country in the first place, and any children are free to leave if they please, no one banned emigration. For those who can't belong to it and thus whine--well what did you think? The ideal state can only be crafted out of the ideal people."

No one is imposing these rules on anyone, they are simply filtering for a high quality people to make up their country and refusing to debase the country's moral currency by allowing it to be mixed with sluts, homos, drunks, druggees, criminals, prostitutes, cheaters, etc. This is an ideal country that can only exist with the ideal people, the people with the highest moral code and standards for themselves. Hedonists need not apply. Selfish people need not apply. Parasites and saboteurs need not apply. For all those people who would prefer hedonism, well, the earth is vast, and my post includes being a 'perpetual isolationist' so there's no aggressive intent towards others not of the community. Why can't we enforce our moral standards on our people, to create healthy community standards where people can enjoy the fruit of their morality? What's it to you?

Only a busybody wants to invade other countries and make their morality match whatever standards are in their head, trying to make a world government and world laws that would force everyone into their moral code. News flash, people do not agree about morality or what's the most suitable law code for themselves to live in. Some people are liberal, others conservative, some libertarian, others authoritarian, and there can never be a world government for all that makes everyone happy. Only a diversity of countries with laws suited for their own people could make each independent group of people happy under laws crafted just for them. Everyone living in my country personally chose to live here and would enjoy these laws and standards, and certainly do not need to be 'liberated' from them by do-gooders who demand everyone have the freedom to vice and hedonism everywhere on earth. As for children who grow up chafing under the rules they had no choice in making, that is true of the whole world. I for instance chafe under the rules of this country that I had no hand in making, this is a universal tragedy true of every country, no matter what the rules are. The only solution is a diverse mix of states with different laws and the ability to emigrate between them so that everyone sorts upon reaching maturity to the country that best fits them. If the children can't emigrate, they must suck it up like all children everywhere do, who are born into a country they never agreed with or liked. It's a tragedy but then that's life. We cannot sacrifice what makes our country good and safe and longlasting and pleasant to live in, because it grates on some children who do not agree with it and can't find a way to leave it. This is again putting the individual over the good of the community. I reject that way of thinking.

No one except criminals, retarded, and insane were executed. This is because it is unfair to others to foist our burdens on any other country which can do nothing but harm the host. Since criminals have rescinded their rights as human beings, and since retards and insane people do not have functional human minds and thus never were human, killing them is no different from killing animals or diseases. Humanity starts at sentience, no other organ but the brain differentiates humanity from animals, and therefore without the brain nothing else qualifies to make someone human. Nevertheless, if some country is feeling altruistic and wants to take all our retards, insane people, and criminals off our hands, I'd be happy to exile them too. Have fun with that.

Every other offender was exiled if possible. Rather than out of bloodlust and the wish to harm those who do not fit in, protecting the way of life and community standards of the nation was the task at hand. People who do not fit our standards and cannot fit in to our community must not be allowed to stay in it. Exile to some place more fitting for people like them is obviously the humane and preferable solution. Execution for intransigent offenders who intend to overthrow the system and the laws and the standards entirely by open revolt against our code and complete disobedience to it, is just the only remaining option. So long as the community believes in its morality and way of life, it must protect itself from those wishing to overthrow it and create a new law of anything goes hedonism. This country is for the people who don't wish for that, and they have as much a right to freely live their lives the way they please, as anyone else. Anything goes hedonism now owns 90% of the world, it's not like it needs any more land. Exile to any portion of the globe that accepts them is a necessary step to preserve the unique character of this country.

In my country, precisely because marriage is protected and enforced, people can marry and raise their children without fear of betrayal. In my country, precisely because marriage is required and no illicit relationships allowed outside of marriage, love can return to the fortitude and strength seen in the 1800's, 1700's, and indeed all the 00's of the past where women were virgins on their wedding day, and men were not deflowerers of unmarried virgins but only of married women. Current day sexual habits debase love and marriage and weaken the institution to the point that the majority of parents divorce and abandon their kids. This is obviously unacceptable, for me and people like me. The answer is to strengthen marriage and love by restricting sex to the holy and sacred act within matrimony it was meant to be. People don't have to sleep around endlessly to be happy, wise, or good. It is simply selfish hedonism, an animalistic desire overtaking the rational human part of us and debasing us to no better than animals.

Restricting sex to within marriage is what almost every culture has always done, and any culture that wishes to survive must do. Since I intend for my country to be strong and healthy in perpetuum, the measure is an obvious necessity.

Being compared to nazis or Islam is just the labelling fallacy. All my policies stand for themselves and are my own, with no relation to what other people have thought other times. They stand or fall on their own merit. It is of course a false analogy, because both Nazis and Islam are aggressive ideologies that seek world conquest. My country was set up to be only out of true believers living in perpetual isolation, until we could escape this dirtball of a planet and reach the stars and settle all the planets we liked. What my country does or doesn't do within its own borders poses no threat to anyone else. Only megalomaniacs who wish to have everyone and everything under their control in one giant world government could object to this nation existing. That or envious people who wish we'd accept them but don't make the cut. Either of them can be dismissed out of hand by the ridiculousness of their motives.

What I find comical is out of the endless things for people to object about, they seized on the right to premarital sex. An evil right that most of the world across all time has always rejected as wrong and undesirable. Virginity has always been prized before marriage and every culture has sought to protect its women from dishonor and shame. Showing how far the basic moral level of people has become, they are more worried about their right to sleep around than any other policy in my country. Deflowering virgins being apparently the purpose of their existence, they simply cannot stand this law being implemented above all others. Nevermind the fact that in my country there would be no illegitimate children and every child would have a mother and a father, and that children would live in safe peaceful environments where crime was unknown and sexuality kept away from their tender years --- none of the benefits are thought about or discussed. No one recognizes the fact that the children of such a moral atmosphere and parentage will all turn out to be wonderful and happy. The fact that they'd be punished for sleeping around is a greater loss than all their gains. Apparently sex, to my detractors, is worth more than a father in the home. Worth more than innocence and the safe ability to go and play anywhere they wish. Worth more than the emotional and moral gains in treating a woman as inviolable and the marriage ceremony as real and precious, an actual change in someone's life and behavior. The 'right' to hedonism is something only animals could trumpet and bandy about proudly. For mature honorable men and women, none of these measures would prevent them from doing what they love and want, and they would welcome the assurance they can trust their partner, their spouse, their neighbor to do the same.

Community standards must be enforced if they are to be upkept. The threat of force must back up every standard set, or it is empty. We cannot just politely ask for women to refrain from sex, it will not work. We cannot politely ask for men to stop drinking, they will drink anyway. We cannot politely ask murderers to stop murdering, they will murder all the same. The actual use of force is largely unnecessary so long as the threat of force is real and inescapable. The actual incidence of people being harmed is far less than the tough talk, because people respect authority and seriousness whereas they do not respect talk or waffling. Once we are willing to enforce our standards, the community largely becomes unwilling to defy us. Peace is obtained and security maintained, without a single whip being lifted.

The reason for the punishment being made public is because it is a lesson to the rest of the community to not act like this offender. That the law will be enforced and it will not go well for you. Criminals must serve as examples to the public that the state is vigilant and not backing down. The reason for it being physical is people are more afraid of a lashing than 50 years in jail, and it's more efficient and less costly to enforce such punishments. And the reason for it being humiliating is because we must not give respect or prestige to people who are degrading themselves and the community. Degrading behavior should be met with disgrace and shame and degrading treatment. If people wish to act like animals, then they shall be forced to strip like one and viewed as immodest like they really are. Again, people are more afraid of punishments like this than 50 years in jail, so it is effective and cheap. And furthermore, it serves as a good example as no one wants to be like the offenders. They want to preserve their modesty and pride and the honor of their peers, by never appearing naked and humiliated and whipped in front of everyone. It is a carefully calculated approach to threaten the most while rarely ever needing to resort to it. Compared to America's current legal approach where we throw all criminals in jail forever at huge expense to the taxpayers, while allowing all social rot that creates the crime in the first place to run rampant, everyone is far better off.

In the 1930's where community standards were expected and demanded from everyone, and things like adultery, premarital sex, bastard children, and the like were all disgraceful and unacceptable behavior to the community, not only was vice much rarer, but so was crime. Even among blacks crime and vice was extremely rare because they had grown up in a culture accustomed to demanding high standards from them. When before almost every black child had a mother and a father, now 70% of them don't. This of course creates the hopeless pathological crime rates blacks have today, but did not always have. Social permissiveness has doomed millions of children to become victims and victimizers, the result is cities in chaos and societal breakdown. It all starts at the home. It all starts with the family. There is no use trying to enforce crime without enforcing morality. Crime is simply the end result of immorality, the inevitable conclusion to a long dark tale of woe. For those of us trying to escape that cycle, to break the chains of hedonism bringing us all into the rock-bottom abyss of Theodore Dalrymple's books about slum life in britain, asking for a country of our own where we can resume the enforcement of community standards and moral decency, is not so much to ask.

If this is the only objection to my ideal nation, with so many other issues highlighted all at once, the weakness of my detractor's position is indeed vast. If this is the worst thing about my country, well then what a fine country mine must be! 13 year old girls can't have sex, horrors! Like I said, this blog is for serious people. Those who care more about getting their kicks in life, than seriously looking at the human condition and what is required to nurture it, should search elsewhere.