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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Yes! Precure 5 Go Go! Movie subtitled in blu-ray:

Another piece of the puzzle filled.  As always, it can be found at  That just leaves the two Max Heart Precure movies and the whole series will be out in blu-ray.

Meanwhile, it turns out Eromanga Sensei's 8th volume actually ended on that proposal.  The translator has now picked up where things left off with the first chapter of volume 9 being translated.  Which means people can freely read volume 8 now without fear of getting stuck on a cliffhanger.

Sagiri's reply to Masamune's proposal was so adorable.  "I can't get married. . .because I'm only 13! >.<"

But she still agreed to become his fiancee so all is well.  I love this couple.  Many romance stories have been told over thousands of years, but Sagiri x Masamune might be the best of them.

I added Hinowa ga Yuku to my anime wishlist, kicking Kiniro Mosaic off to make room.  Takahiro is a supergenius writer who is responsible for Majikoi, Yuuki Yuuna and Akame ga Kill!  There are few if any virtuosos as talented as him.  It's no wonder that Akame's sequel manga has already proven itself.

Hinowa ga Yuku's theme is social mobility.  In the past, anyone could aspire to be the next Napoleon by joining a war and rising up the ranks via battlefield success.  (Much the same happened during the Three Kingdoms period in China).  Since the story is set in that sort of Medieval era, all our heroes are lowly fishermen working towards that sort of meteoric rise.  But nowadays, everything is so peaceful and orderly that it's impossible for anyone to achieve anything.  At best you can go through some fifty year career of boot-licking service and finally get promoted to something serious, but even then that's still as a servant of the prevailing order.  When was the last time someone has overthrown the ruling party?  This happens regularly in history and in other parts of the world, but in the United States it only happened once, from 1861-1865, and even that rebellion was quickly quashed and regular order restored.  You are more likely to be transported to another world and become a warlord there than achieve anything by working hard in America.

The vicarious enjoyment of watching our heroes in Hinowa ga Yuku rise up the ranks through their own efforts is the closest we'll ever get to social mobility in the real world.  It's not a very good substitute for the real thing, but it's better than nothing.

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