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Monday, August 20, 2018

Kyoukai no Rinne available for reading all the way up to volume 36:

Mangakakalot hosts about 100 more chapters of Kyoukai no Rinne than kissmanga does (and it has a better interface to boot.)  This is a huge motherlode of manga to be plopped down before us all at once.  Some of the manga is covered by the anime, so it isn't as great a discovery as it seems.  But that's still a lot of new Rinne manga.  Enough to boost it in my value added manga rankings all the way up to 45th.

With Btooom! volume 22 coming out tomorrow, I know what my schedule looks like for the next couple days.

I finished Maya's route in Hatsukoi 1/1, just two more to go.

Plus, I'm adding four male seiyuu to my anime voices list.  The voice actors behind Rock Lee, Neiji Hyuuga, Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi.  They all had seminal moments where they delivered lines perfectly, giving them much greater impact than the writing alone could create.  Neiji's 'look at reality closely,' for instance, or Kabuto's 'if you die you lose everything, including your dreams!'

Orochimaru's sinister, over the top villain voice is unmatched by any voice actor anywhere.  He's like the platonic ideal of a bad guy.

And Rock Lee's raw emotions when things don't go his way or when he's excited and doing well make him one of the most relatable characters in Naruto.  His voice is perfect for his role.  It's about time the boys got some love on my anime voices list, so this should be a little bit of recompense.

Kouichi Toochika = Neiji Hyuuga
Kujira = Orochimaru
Yoichi Masukawa = Rock Lee
Nobutoshi Canna = Kabuto Yakushi

The music hall of fame also got a new entrant, Yukari Tamura's 13th great song, 'Eien no Hitotsu,' the opening to the anime Island.

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