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Friday, June 1, 2018

Radiant Historia, The King of Dragons and Legend of Mana music:

Yoko Shimomura is one of my favorite composers, but I hadn't fully plumbed the depths of her discography.  Some low-lying fruit was still laying around untested, which is really stupid of me considering how far I was going for other composers.  This mistake has now been amended, propelling Yoko into a well-earned 5th place in my music hall of fame.

I downloaded the soundtracks to six additional games all composed solely by Yoko.  The first three to undergo testing were Radiant Historia, The King of Dragons and Legend of Mana.  Radiant Historia was perfect, with all 25 songs getting a passing grade.  The King of Dragons was a total failure, with none of the songs getting a passing grade.  This was due to Yoko's insistence that the drum be the foremost instrument in all the songs, which was annoying as heck.  Legend of Mana wasn't as high quality as Radiant Historia per capita, but it had a lot more songs composed for it, so it ended up contributing 35 songs.

The next three games set aside for judging are Live A Live, Heroes of Mana and Last Ranker.

Meanwhile, the populist Italian government ended up being instated after all, so I guess democracy works after all(?)  Next we'll have to see if any of their campaign promises are actually fulfilled.  None of the populist campaign promises of Trump's ever got through congress, so maybe the same thing will happen here.

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