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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

BanG Dream! S1 Available in Blu-ray:

Finally.  It took a year of waiting, but BanG Dream! is finally out in blu-ray, subtitled, at a reasonable file size.

Now everyone can relive their 2017 glory days by rewatching one of the most promising new franchises in anime.  Or if you missed the bus last year, now's the time to watch it for the first time.

Meanwhile, the Italian President has rejected the populist government forming in Italy.  I guess I was foolish to think elections mattered and there was any way to institute any political change for the better.  The powers that be simply will not allow any of these three positive reforms to happen:  peace with Russia, lower immigration or a basic income.  The moment you try to install these reforms via democracy the mask comes off and it turns out you were never living in a democracy to begin with.  What a farce.

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