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Friday, May 18, 2018

Madonna +6, No Doubt +3:

Half of all the songs I like by Madonna are from the singular album 'Ray of Light.'  It feels so different from the rest of her music, I wonder how it even happened?  In any event, regardless of Madonna's politics, she's a first rate singer who has earned her place in history.

All of the music I like by No Doubt is from the singular album 'Tragic Kingdom.'  But it's a very good album.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The big names have yet to be fully screened.  But because these two singers were smaller sample sizes, I managed to finish them up first.

For now, my hall of fame sits at 4958 songs, 11.2 days in length.

Perhaps more importantly, a new spring season anime has appeared, 'Lost Song.'  Apparently it's exclusive to Netflix but to pirates stuff like that doesn't matter.  It has a sort of Disney meets Symphogear vibe.  Yukari Tamura stars as one of the singers, and the other singer has an awesome red ribbon on her head, so the show clearly has a lot of potential.  It's nice to have a twelfth series to follow, but I doubt this series will ever match Uma Musume much less anything in my rankings.

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