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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lost Song Dropped:

The over the top evil of the prince and his followers is only matched by their over the top incompetence.  Nothing happens naturally in this series, but only due to the incredibly bad decisions of the bad guys letting the good guys win over and over again.

The art and music were good, but it's all worthless without a believable plot.

Meanwhile, I discovered 'Atessa' by Sarah Brightman was actually Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo Sinfonico by Mascagni, which was already in my hall of fame, so I kicked Atessa back out again as a remix.  That dropped Brightman's total down to 84 songs, but that's still a lot better than the previous 71.

I replaced Atessa with Ace of Base's 'I saw the sign.'  A very catchy song, and the only song by Ace of Base in my collection, so the music hall of fame's total song count remains the same.  (My one hit wonder count increased to 247 though)

I also downloaded the soundtracks to Inazuma 11 Go Chrono Stones and Galaxy.  It was a bit of work figuring out who composed which songs in Chrono Stones, but with the help of the video game music database I was able to throw out the non-Mitsuda works.  Galaxy was composed by Mitsuda alone so there was no trouble on that front.

Once I finish sorting out my 2 star girl rock list I'll get back to Inazuma 11.  There can never be enough Yasunori Mitsuda music, he's my second favorite composer of all time.  When Inazuma 11: Ares no Tenbin's soundtrack comes out I'll be sure to download that too.  (It's also solely by Mitsuda).

I feared May would be an empty month, but it ended up being full of great new music.  I couldn't have asked for more.

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