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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tales of Zestiria the X Rewatched:

The awful, mostly filler series is finally finished.  This is what I mean by not having many good options for rewatching due to the poorness of content that came out last year.  No one should have to rewatch Tales of Zestiria the X, but somehow I got roped into it just because I've rated Tales to overall be a great series.

The first half that aired in 2016 wasn't so bad.  Even though it too had its fair share of filler.  But the 2017 portion was just awful.  The only good thing about it was the art and music.  The plot was totally senseless and the characterization was the exact opposite of the game's.

Next up, it's time to at least rewatch the first season of Berserk (2016) which is out in bluray.  The 2017 season can wait until later I suppose.

Meanwhile, I've finished books 7-9 of Death March.  It's a cute, funny story, but has its flaws too.  The story meanders and dawdles a bit too much.  There's also the huge problem where he's constantly flirting with girls, which gets your hopes up, but refuses to have sex with or even date any of them, which dashes all your hopes.  Strangely enough it's Satou who's cockteasing all the girls, instead of the other way around, but cockteasing is still cockteasing and I never find it pleasant.

Occasionally even the overpowered Satou has some intense fights, so I don't actually object to his battle power too much.  There's some fun to be had from Satou's ridiculous strength and I find it refreshingly original, so no complaints there.

Given the weakness of the original novels, I plan on downranking the anime yet further, but it'll still be comfortably within my top 200 whenever I get around to that.

I'm no where near done.  Books 10-16 remain.  Death March is a rather long tale.  But I'm making steady progress on the promise to read everything myself which I've endorsed to others.

Meanwhile, I found a lot of additional good music by going back to classical for a change.  Bach, Mozart, and a host of other golden oldies all did their part.  I was careful not to include two songs by any new composer so that I wouldn't pierce by 200 eminent composers barrier.  The new total is 4482 songs, still 10.2 days in length.

Once Valkyria Chronicles 4 has its entire ost released I'll update my Good Music permapost more thoroughly.

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