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Thursday, March 29, 2018

More Music:

I decided I was just shooting myself in the foot by being too choosy when it came to Naruto music.  Toshiro Masuda is such a genius, and every scene his music played was during such a wonderful emotional moment in the anime, that I'd be a fool to leave out anything.  The nostalgia and feels should be everflowing, not dammed up outside of my music hall of fame in some backwater repository.

Yoko Kanno also received some more love, with the inclusion of 'What 'bout my star?' and 'Idol Talk.'  I'm not sure why they weren't included already they're such catchy tunes.

Tenjou Tenge's opening, 'Bomb a head', got in, adding to my one hit wonder list by one.  Masami Okui got a third song to her credit with the opening of Scrapped Princess, a series I seem to always be readjusting upwards in my heart.

3 Doors Down got in via its song Kryptonite, which I remember fondly due to a great anime music video of Gohan's coolest scenes set to that music.  It's just another one hit wonder.  Not all 3 Doors Down songs got anime music videos, after all.

Another one hit wonder gain was Ron Wasserman for his unforgettable intro theme to X-men: The Animated Series.  Hear it once and it will never leave your head again.

John Williams got an extra credit for the literal sad violin music from Schindler's List.

Classical got Night on Bald Mountain, hoe-down, Sarabande, Rondeau, The Blue Danube Waltz, Dance of the Knights, the William Tell Overture, and the Washington Post March.  All famous songs from famous composers like Strauss and Handel.

My music hall of fame is looking more lively by the day.  It's supposed to be all-encompassing, so I will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of more good music.

The new total is 4495 songs, still 10.2 days in length.  200 composers are responsible for 2+ songs, and 246 are one-hit wonders.  Together they are responsible for all the great music in history.

And Valkyria Chronicles 4's music hasn't even come out yet. . .

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