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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rokka no Yuusha light novels 1-5: has Rokka no Yuusha volumes 1-5.  The anime covers volume 1 and a bit of volume 2.  The story is too good to just ignore from there, though, so I've started reading past where the anime ends to see what happens next.

Volume 6 is out in Japan, but not in America.  But Japan is just as badly off as we are, because the story isn't complete either way.  The anime had horrible sales, despite its excellence, so there's no chance of a second season either.  Anyone who embarks upon the Rokka journey is in for a long ride.

I finished the 2nd Formic War book.  It was awful, and I still have to read the third one.  But I can fortify my mind by enjoying Rokka no Yuusha for a while before I have to return to that junk.  With this many books to read, it should be a cinch to reach the Winter Olympics and the Dynasty Warriors 9 game I've already preordered.  February is fully booked with fun:  Rokka no Yuusha light novels, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and then Dynasty Warriors 9.  I won't have to worry about a thing until March.

The Fate/Kaleid Liner movie came out in blu-ray today, so be sure to grab it while it's hot.  The version we saw last year was a lot lower resolution and thus less pretty than the version we're getting today, perfect for rewatching purposes.

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