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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Manga, Books Halls of Fame now Ranked by Value Added:

Going along with my reworking of the visual novel hall of fame to rank games in order of what they provide above and beyond any possible anime adaption, I've decided to do the same for my manga and books halls of fame.

My light novels in my Good Books hall of fame are now specifically light novels I've read in addition to whatever the anime covers (if in fact there was an anime), and ranked in order of the quality of that above and beyond contribution.

Ditto for the manga hall of fame.

This reduced my light novel contribution to just 27 authors, so I correspondingly increased my fiction author contribution up to 40 to keep the number of authors at a nice even 100.  The new English speaking authors are pretty cool people I've enjoyed for a long time and for a great many books apiece.  It's nice that they've been given a chance to shine.  However, if new good light novel authors emerge, and they contribute something above and beyond their anime adaptions, I'll give those slots back to the light novel section and start paring my fiction section back down again.  So enjoy your time in the limelight while you can, Isaac Asimov, Jim Kjelgaard, Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle/Steven Barnes, Robert Heinlein, David Eddings and Margaret Weiss/Tracy Hickman.  (The / is for authors who collaborated on all their good books and thus are one fused entity)

For manga there was nothing I could do though.  The number of manga that have contributed something above and beyond their anime adaptions, and whose above and beyond sections are translated and thus available for English speakers to read, is a mere 77 franchises.  Right after getting a perfect 100 series together, the number plummets back down to 77.  Oh well.  Maybe some day.

This is a good new way to count the number of good things in the world, though.  Since the good books and good manga sections are already counting something valuable above and beyond the good anime, there are no further overlap concerns to be worrying over.  Which means I can just announce the number of good things in the world to be exactly the added up total of the number of entries in all my halls of fame.

By that calculus, we aren't looking at 400 good things to live life for, but 497.  Or in other words, we should be talking about the 500 pursuable hobbies that make life enjoyable.  The holy number is 500 after all, which is kind of cool, because I guesstimated that very total a year ago back in another post, appropriately titled 'the 500.'

To check out my newly revised Good Books hall of fame, head here:

And for my newly revised Good Manga hall of fame, head here:

Life is now very simple.  First you watch my top 200 anime.  Then and only then do you start reading the manga, visual novel, and light novel portions that the anime didn't cover, in the rank order of priority provided.  Fiction and non-fiction books are safe, so dive into them whenever.  Ditto for the movies and tv hall of fame.  Lastly, video games are fun in a different way than anime, so play them as much as you like alongside all the rest.

It makes a lot more sense to be suggesting content to people from a value added perspective.  What people need isn't a run down of the best manga, but the manga that's best to read.  That's the vital information I want to be conveying most of all.

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