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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Music Updates:

So Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis came out -- composed by the same Yasunori Mitsuda who did Xenoblade Chronicles 2.  In the end there was one good song out of this product -- Final Boss II: Fate of the Chosen.  The rest were remixes or unremarkable.

At the same time, I decided to drop three other songs for being remixes.  Highwind Takes to the Skies is a remix of FF7's main theme.  Anxious Heart is a remix of Prelude.  And Tabidachi Nishi E is a remix of the Mononoke Hime theme song.

Each of these songs was sufficiently different from the original that I could have turned a blind eye, but I just didn't feel like it.  I was tired of hearing these songs and being like, "huh? isn't this that other song?"  It created too much cognitive dissonance every time they played.  I won't be distracted by their nonsense anymore.  I'm so very tired of remixes.

Tactically speaking, in hindsight, I'm glad Roy Moore lost yesterday.  If even Alabama was duped by the mainstream media, that means virtually everyone in America thought Roy Moore was a pedophile.  Which then means that non-solid Republicans would, next election, be like, "I don't want to be associated with the pedophile party, I'll punish Republicans by voting in a Democratic senator in my state."  And then instead of just losing one seat in the senate, we would lose twenty.  Now instead we're the party that purges its malefactors and everyone respects us for our noble sacrifice for the greater good blah blah blah.  All those college educated, rich, snobby Republicans will still vote for us because it isn't declasse because Roy Moore hasn't ruined the brand.

In 2020 we'll get our errant Alabama senate seat back and it will be like the election never happened.  Meanwhile, we're now better situated than before to start winning again in 2018.

Men's liberation has to be gaining steam after watching all this mayhem.  People are being accused and just committing suicide now rather than even trying to defend themselves.  In a climate like that, do men want to ever touch women again?  Wouldn't it be safer to just interact with fictional characters and sexbots?  They can't lynch you for ignoring them, which has been my go-to advice this entire time.

According to the latest survey, 41% of millenial men would be fine with dating a robot.  Now, maybe they're thinking of some future tech cute robot girl with AI, and they aren't actually content with what's on offer right now.  Or maybe they are content with what's on offer right now -- which is already better looking than the real thing, with the best voice talents on Earth giving life to them, and wonderful romantic stories letting you get to know them and long lasting content that's more durable and faithful and loyal than actual relationships -- with endless variety for when you're tired of same old same old and want to try out someone new.

I honestly don't see how women can compete with waifus as things stand, in the present, much less all the innovative tech headed our way in the years to come.  The only advantage they have over virtual girls is the ability to give birth, but you can buy that for $60,000 a pop from surrogate mothers and $4,000 a pop for eggs, so really, who cares?  Outsourcing women's only advantage is cheaper than having to take care of them for life.

Why risk fake accusations of rape or domestic abuse?  Why risk rejection?  Why risk betrayal?  Why risk drifting apart due to ideological differences or economic setbacks?  Why risk her getting fat and unattractive?  Why risk divorce?  Why risk cuckoldry?  Why risk losing custody of your kids?  Why risk anything?

There's a million fictional outlets for your romantic attention all of whom are grade A girls in looks, voice, personality, character, depth of romantic attachment to you and virtue.  They're all virgins before you meet them and they never date anyone else afterwards.  Due to the wonders of piracy, they're all completely free, too.  What fleshy girl could possibly give you that deal?  Which of them ever would?

It's time for men and women to go their separate ways.  They've made it clear as day they don't want our attention.  The correct answer in this environment is to cease giving them any.  Let them pet cats.  Women's lives revolve around relationships -- men's lives don't.  We can more easily go without them than they can go without us.  So just go on strike until they come crawling to us, willing to submit to better terms than the current system allows.  There's plenty of waifus to enjoy in the meantime.

(By the way, Lolis are legal in the virtual world.  Roy Moore never would have gotten into trouble if he'd fallen for Sakura Yoshino instead of Leigh Corfman.  Live and learn, Roy.  Live and learn.)

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