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Monday, December 4, 2017

Brave Witches Rewatched:

Brave Witches is fantastic from beginning to end.  The only weakpoint of this series is that it ends before the actual issue is resolved.  The war is still raging and we still know nothing about why the Neuroi attacked in the first place or how to get them to stop attacking.

I wish there were more nudity like in the original, but at least there's the oav episode for that.  But most of all I wish they'd produce another season of the show, concentrating on whatever fighter wing that actually wins the war.  There are rumors swirling around that more Strike Witches is coming to celebrate their anniversary or whatever, but I fear even if that happens it'll just be another filler arc -- neuroi hive appears, neuroi hive is defeated, status quo remains the exact same.  I'm fine with any number of such seasons so long as they promise the closure of reaching the ending, but there's no such guarantee, which just haunts me day and night.

Most of the characters in Brave Witches are admittedly just side characters with few scenes and little of interest to say about them.  But that's okay.  Some stories work better with a tight focus on a smaller group, side characters aren't innately bad.  Strike Witches had a lot more time to talk about its cast so of course Brave Witches looks shallow in comparison.

Next up is another magic flying girl during World War series -- Youjo Senki.  I'm already halfway through this rewatch so I'll finish it up right quickly.

Mega Man 11 has been announced.  It looks kind of weird but it seems like all the fun elements of the game are maintained.  I guess my fated connection with this series isn't over yet.

UQ Holder's anime has always been playing fast and loose with the manga, but now it's reached an entirely new level of filler-tude.  Very disappointing.  I guess all Negima-affiliated shows end up in filler hell.  Time to add a UQ Holder remake to my wishlist just like I already have for Negima.

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