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Thursday, November 16, 2017

www.Working Rewatched:

In keeping with my pledge to not only watch but rewatch all the series in my top anime rankings, I've now rewatched www.Working, about a year after it came out the first time.

The series starts strong but quickly grows repetitive and annoying.  The only good aspects after the first four eps or so center around Shiho, but sadly even that story progresses too slowly and obviously she can't carry the whole series on her own.

This was the same problem with the original Working!  The problems became overly protracted and repetitive and everyone resorted to violence instead of working things out via conversation and self reflection.  I feel like the series could have been resolved in half the time if people had acted reasonably, so half the series is just boredly tapping your foot waiting for the plot to finally progress.

The manga-ka behind Working is a genius in setting up initially humorous situations, but she never resolves them in timely fashion, so the humor dries out somewhere along the way and is replaced with just annoyance.  I used to have Working ranked way up in the 20's, but rewatching www.Working only reminds me why I now have it at a measly #92.

Kuromukuro is an even lower ranked comedy than Working, but hopefully it's at least better than www.Working, which is the real low point of that franchise, so my rewatching days will proceed more pleasantly from here.

I wonder if all the people calling for Roy Moore's impeachment based on mere allegations will impeach Al Franken who's been caught red handed sexually assaulting a woman with photographic proof?  If they don't, their hypocrisy will be clear to the whole world and the Senate will be exposed as a merely politically motivated farce and chamber of lies.

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