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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Akame ga Kill's anime isn't actually that bad:

179 is too harsh.  Yes, the story abridges some content and goes into filler starting on episode 19, but that means there's still 18 very solid episodes.  The music is great, and white fox is a splendid animation company (they did Spice and Wolf, enough said).  Most shows don't even get 18 episodes, like poor Hanayamata.

Akame ga Kill's courage in actually killing and dying deserves a more honored position than lowly 179.  Yes, the manga is much better than the anime, but this is a little ridiculous.

Likewise, Claymore only dips into filler at the end.  The first 20 or so episodes are actually very good.  How many series get 20 episodes of canon content anyway?  Isn't that already above average?

Likewise, I complain about Rewrite abridging content and adding in filler, but it mostly follows the plot of the visual novel as well as it can.  It can only do so much with 25 episodes, but those 25 episodes were a gallant attempt to cover the visual novel.  The music and voice acting were as splendid as the original, and how many anime these days even have endings, much less 25 episodes?  Most of all, this is a key visual novel we're talking about.  Key!  The guys behind Clannad and Little Busters!  There's no way it deserves to be ranked in the 180's.

Joukamachi no Dandelion also got a bad rap.  Yes, it's a 12 ep series plagued by filler, but it's still a very beautiful series with great voice acting and character designs.  There's no reason why it should fall behind similar 12 ep shows with just as much filler/abridged content problems like Happiness!  So Joukamachi moves up to 168.  Akame to 107, Claymore to 108, and Rewrite to 109.  Everyone else's ranks adjust accordingly.

Rankings may not matter much now, but they'll start to matter very much once I reach my maximum of 200, which will probably happen by the end of next year.  From there on, for any new series to become ranked, the lowest ranked member of my old rankings has to be kicked out.  In that do or die setting, Akame ga Kill! would have eventually been eliminated, in a wholly unfair way unbefitting what a tremendous artistic triumph this series was.

Yes, these shows all have problems, which is why even the likes of Princess Principal easily surpasses them all, but ranking them so low that they're liable to be cut from my rankings entirely isn't fair either.

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