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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

'White Advocates' will Never Go Mainstream, Win Elections:

Let's just get this daydream out of the way immediately.  No matter how much you water down your message, no matter how you polish your statements to be more cogent or convincing, no matter how many buckets of data you bring to the argument to prove your points are scientifically valid, white advocates will never, ever go mainstream.

This is because America is nearly 50% non-white already, and over 50% of its youth are already non-white.  The idea that you can merrily just prance into the presidency on the message that America should champion the cause of whites at the expense of non-whites, no matter how it is phrased, is obviously and totally a non-starter.

And if you don't say that whites have a special position in the USA that should be preserved into the future, then you're no longer a white advocate.  Watering down a position all the way down to non-existence in order to go mainstream is just a polite way of phrasing 'turning traitor,' 'turning cuck,' or 'converting to liberalism.'  Like that awful Derek Black who betrayed his own father in order to appease his Jewish friends at college.  He just kept watering down and watering down his message until he was a complete liberal and saying ridiculous shit like 'race doesn't exist.'  There is nothing more infuriating than Derek Black's behavior.  He had all the advantages, the truth was set forth in front of him in a way that anyone could understand and reinforced throughout his entire childhood, but just because he wanted to make friends and date girls and have fun in college, he threw all his beliefs and values out the door, turned his back and denounced his own family, and conformed to the liberal system in order to get ahead in his own personal life.  He is the definition of a traitor.  He's also an apostate, but this time not to a false religion like Islam but basic scientific facts like the Minnesota Trans-racial Adoption Study, for which denying has no excuse.

It is in the interest of women, gays, blacks, hispanics, Jews, Muslims, etc, to pretend to be the victims of cis-het white males and get special legal and cultural privileges as a result.  This will never change.  They are the majority of the population of the USA.  Therefore we can never beat this coalition of the fringes in elections.  Trump bent over backwards for all these groups, promised that things would be better than ever for all of them, and even then he only just barely scraped through for a win.  Every election after this is going to get even harder for the white-male favored candidate to win, as we grow into an ever smaller minority.

You can't beat 'vote for me and we'll give you free stuff, including high status and honors,' with any amount of persuasive reasoning or scientific data.  It is in their interests to believe the lies and therefore that is what they will believe, or at the very least 99% of them, to the point that the remainder that can be convinced is immaterial to the outcome.

White advocates will never go mainstream and they'll never win a democratically elected seat of power.  They'll be lucky to get one or two congressmen into the House.  Their brand is toxic to the majority of America.  It doesn't even matter if they gain a grudging respectability from the media and are allowed to have their full say without being demonized, like libertarians.  Libertarians can never win power in this country either, because the majority of people benefit from government more than it harms them.  Or at least, in a direct and visible way, they feel that this is true even if in indirect and invisible ways they're actually worse off.  Water down your message enough and maybe you can make speeches and get interviews from CNN and C-Span, but you'll never get more than 1% of the vote, just like libertarians are stuck at and will always be stuck at.

Everyone keeps insisting we tone down our message and water down our demands until we can get over the 50% hump and start enacting our wonderful policy ideas in a democratic and peaceful manner.  That may have been a good idea in 1980, when the country was still more or less all-white, but it's an amazingly retarded and delusional stance in 2016.  Who are these potential 50% of Americans who would benefit from white nationalism?  Who are we going to convince to vote for us?  It's just so ridiculous.  There simply aren't enough whites in the country left to carry out this plan.  And by every single metric, whites have become less and less opposed to gays, miscegenation, desegregation, etc, meaning that no matter how quickly you water down the brand, people are watering themselves down even faster and you'll still be considered extreme.  At this point in time, you're a Nazi if you don't support open borders.  I'd love to see a white advocate somehow go mainstream by embracing open borders and still retain any shred of benefit to the white people they're somehow advocating for.  You cannot square this circle.  If you aren't a full on liberal you're a Nazi, there's no room left for all these cuckish equivocators.  The liberal media and culture doesn't allow for any more room, and the people have long been convinced by the media, hollywood and the like that this is indeed the case.

Americans will never elect a party that champions white men over the coalition of the fringes.  The sooner people can cope with this reality, the sooner they can move on to real strategies with real opportunities.

Real strategies don't need 50% of the population.  They work just fine with 10%, 3%, or 1% of the population.  But what we need, correspondingly, is a great deal more fervency and passion from this smaller population pool.  Force equals mass times acceleration.  In human terms, political power is equal to the number of your adherents multiplied by what they are willing to do to get their way.  (their will to power.)

In the most extreme case, a single white Nazi could invent a biological weapon that only targets the DNA of non-whites and kill off all his enemies on Earth, all on his own, simply through his own will to power.  It turns out that one person with a Nazism level of over 9,000 is perfectly capable of changing the world on his own.  So it isn't numbers we need.  There's no point mainstreaming or watering down if it dilutes our passion and fervency more than it attracts recruits.

In any multiplication, the highest total will be when both numbers are closer to each other.  So ideally we would match our numbers and our fervency for a perfect balance.  However, if the numbers simply physically aren't there, because the type of person we're appealing to that would benefit more from our new world than the status quo is very thin on the ground, per force we are required to just maximize fervency and never mind about recruiting.

So in fact, the more dire our situation gets, and the fewer racist-nazis that live in America, the more we should be ratcheting up our rhetoric and the more extreme we should become, in order to make up the difference.  Mainstreaming is just a recipe for irrelevance, whereas even one single Nazi is still in the game until the bitter end, given enough extremism.

Obviously neither the numbers nor the fervency are at the levels they need to be for the white race to be saved, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.  Since the numbers will automatically be declining no matter what we do for the rest of time due to demographics, the only way to get our cause over the top is to increase our fervency.  How does that happen?

For one thing, people feel more passionate about things when they believe it's honest and not phony.  Therefore, watering down your message and mouthing pieties and stepping on fumie will get us nowhere.  If people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they go with the strong horse.  A strong horse is a group of people who aren't constantly apologizing and backtracking and trying to weasel out of criticism instead of just embracing their enemy's terms.  If you say, "I'm a neo-nazi white supremacist, I make no apology for it, because it's the truth, and the truth is the only world I'm interested in living in," liberals can't say anything more against you.  They can't make you squirm, apologize, or backtrack.  They can only gasp, clutch their pearls, and go into temper tantrums, making them look weak while we look strong, cool, collected and in control.

So first, become the strong horse.  I don't care how many de-racinated cucks this turns off.  They were never any use and never could achieve anything anyway.  We're better off without them.  Just a bunch of sunshine patriots who would have betrayed us at the first sign of danger anyway.  Traitors like Derek Black.  God forbid we gathered millions of them to our standards.  That's like purposefully importing millions of termites into your own home.

Next off, fervency levels will increase naturally as life becomes worse for white men in America.  Currently, life is not at all bad for white men with college degrees.  As for white men with high school educations, they're so disorganized and self-destructive, so uselessly stupid, that no movement can rely on them to begin with.  A revolutionary force cannot build anything if they can't even take care of themselves.  There's no use recruiting from the ranks of people dying from alcoholism and heroin overdoses.  They're not going to be the foundation of any utopia.

Which means we have to wait until the white, college educated men are made to be as miserable as currently white, high school educated men are.  Because their response won't be to overdose on heroin or alcohol, because they're intelligent and strong willed people capable of more and better.  They will demand better for themselves because they will know themselves capable of so much more.  And that fervency will be an effective force, backed by the intelligence, discipline, organization and skill to achieve real results to whatever project they put their minds to.

At some point, liberals will demand that all positions of status, wealth and power be handed over to their coalition of the fringes, via their demographic swamping and victory in democratic elections.  White men will become unable to succeed within the system, no matter how hard working or intelligent they are.  At this point they'll have to turn to the only alternative offering them a way out and a way up again, which is Nazism.  It took Weimar Germany to convince the original Germans to embrace Nazism, we need something at least that strong to affect college educated white men before our worse is better movement can get off the ground.

Liberals can push too far in any number of ways.  They can box white men out of prestigious colleges via affirmative action plus insanely high numbers of Jews and Asians.  They could raise taxes to 90% of a college educated white man's income.  They could disallow white men from getting promoted to the higher echelons in the business field, always favoring women and minorities.  They could ban white men from ever appearing as the good guy in a tv show or movie.  They could require white men shoulder all the burdens of marriage while getting none of the benefits.  (Currently white, college educated men can generally find attractive and loyal wives, but it's questionable how long they can live in this time warp when marriage has become such a joke in every other section of society).  They could require white boys go to public schools where they are beaten up by non-whites daily and taught by their teachers that they are the root of all evil.  They could be required to house refugees and immigrants in their own homes in a new, open borders America of billions of new arrivals.  I can see a lot of things liberals could overreach on that would amp up counterrevolutionary fervor to a level never before seen in American history.

The anger burning in the hearts of these men will surpass anything the Confederacy felt towards the Union.  Remember, we were willing to engage in the bloodiest war in US history, and get virtually all of our fighting age men killed, wounded or captured over slavery.  The South was plunged into poverty for 100 years after losing the Civil War, so it's pretty clear slavery was important to the region, but poverty is not the end of the world.  It isn't remotely as bad as any of the scenarios I just listed above.  No one in the South suffered remotely as much after losing the Civil War as whites in the future will be suffering under liberalism.

In Changeling, I believed that a requirement to interbreed would be the last straw that would spark a revolution, as whites would not simply shrug and keep watching football when it came down to their own genocide.  This is definitely one scenario I could easily see liberals overreaching and demanding from white people in America.  Such is the magnitude of their hatred for us, and such is the volume of their rhetoric towards us already.  But I don't think it will come to that.

It's obvious whites would start fighting back if their very existence were threatened, if they were willing to rebel over a wee bit of poverty and lost status from the slaves being freed.  The question is what, exactly, is our tipping point?  How much will we have to suffer before college educated white males get that this isn't going down a road they will like?

I don't know the answer to that.  What I do know is that liberals overreach so much and so often, that we'll inevitably reach this boiling point.  The America liberals wish to build is not a livable future for white men of any type, college educated or not.

Nazism needs to be waiting with open arms for all these smart, disciplined white men to rebel towards.  And to do that all we need is the willingness to act, so they know they aren't wasting their time by throwing in with us, and a genuine strategy that will see their lives improved at the end of the road.  Based on our manpower at the time, the strategy can deviate all over the place (see Kickstarter Nazism, but the same shared sense of urgency and extremism will always be there.  The real, visible benefits of throwing in with our cause will always be there, and thus always an attractive inducement to these people who have no other hope left.  At the very least, we need to be a more attractive alternative than alcohol or heroin, and the only way to realistically break free of liberal overlordship and thus offer these people some sort of reprieve from their liberal-induced suffering will be extremism on level with the Nazis.  I think everyone in the back of their heads knows this, which is why everyone is afraid of Nazis rising again, but no one is afraid of cuckservatives or 'white advocates' or 'race realists' or whatever flag they currently want to fly by in order to disassociate from Nazis.

There is one ironic possibility -- science advances so far so fast that the singularity occurs before the liberals overreach and ruin the country.  In which case Nazism will never become popular again and we'll never have to do anything.  Even in this scenario it's better to be a Nazi than a white advocate, however, because at least you know you aren't a sniveling coward.  You had a spine and you stood up for your real beliefs, you didn't try to conform and become popular by sacrificing the truth.  So whether the future is bright or dark, you're always better off a Nazi.  This tends to be the case no matter what truth you cling to.  For instance, it's better to believe in chemistry whether the future is bright or dark.  It's better to know how to farm whether the future is bright or dark, etc.  There's no substitute for Truth.

This is why I fully support Richard Spencer's NPI speech, and am tired of the 'nice white guys' routine that keeps disavowing the likes of Spencer and trying to get on the liberals' good side.  Not gonna happen.  Not in a trillion years.  So you may as well board the Nazi train and be done with it.  We're the only way out of this tunnel of eternal politically correct liberalism that's descending upon the entire white-inhabited world.

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